Here, kiddies. Masturbate to this Friday Liberal Pornography while we look for some “real news” to make fun of. [YouTube]

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  1. For realz though, why did Stephen introduce himself as “Cole-bear”? I thought that was just his character’s name, and IRL he pronounced it “Cole-burt.” Me confused.

  2. RE: “look for some “real news” to make fun of. ”

    Have you read talking points memo today – there are like 12 stories there for you.

    Another Backmann story: “Rep. Bachmann (R-MN) pledges not to fill out her census form as a challenge to government tyranny.”

    And some great stuff on the Ensign affair.

    You know, TPM has really been getting better and better – and no I am not plugging for them.

  3. one take for Barry. bravo. i think i’m going to go to my local old school barber shop, i.e. the one with penthouse AND penthouse letters, watch and nod to fox news, and get “a colbert” for solidarity.

  4. Sara, did you mean ‘haircut porn’ in the headline? Fix immediately, you’re missing out on all the ‘Obama, Colbert, porn’ search hits!

  5. [re=342921]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Internet meme fail. pr0n is the preferred spelling to get through teh filters, which any teen-aged boy could tell you. Or so I hear.

  6. [re=342951]Lazy Media[/re]: Oh, I am so old & out of the cool/hip loop. And I obviously don’t ever search for porn. (I’m a journalism/communications type–that typo sent all my sensors haywire!)

    Sorry Sara K. Smith–I stand duly corrected, chastised & mentally flagellated.

  7. Sara K. Smith, thank you for this. Just…thank you. The warm feeling will carry me thru the rest of my boring Friday afternoon.

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