Yes: more Americans would prefer to have Satanic pharmaceutical/insurance corporations — entities that exist solely to profit from the nation’s poor health, ones that would choose to see eventual government debt default & apocalypse over the creation of a public, non-discriminatory health plan to cover actual sick people — as one of the two major American political parties debating health care reform, instead of the Republicans. (Not that the Democrats in Congress fare much better, and they shouldn’t!)

But really now, how could as many as 40% of Americans think, “I am confident that the pharmaceutical companies will recommend the right thing for reforming the U.S. healthcare system.” Do we need a little National Conversation on the competing goals of profit vs. non-profit players when legislation to slash prices is the game?

[Gallup via Ezra Klein]

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  1. I can’t imagine why you all aren’t liveblogging the Senate healthcare bill markup on C-Span 3 right now. Is it because you hate America?

  2. People Trust Overtly Evil, Profiteering Money Corporations To Reform Health Care More Than They Do Republicans

    I’m amazed anyone can tell the difference.

  3. A recent study which compared Republican leaders to the pharmaceutical products found Republican leaders are much more likely to cause anal leakage.

  4. It’s time for hospitals, insurance companies and pharma conglomerates to overthrow Congress — hell, if you want something done wrong, you’ve gotta do it yourself.

  5. There can be a somewhat fine line now and then between “trust the greedy pharmaceutical companies” and “enjoy using some of their products”.

  6. I had Pig AIDS two weeks ago and went to a doctor here in SF. In the waiting room were 5 Pharm Reps and 3 patients. TRUST YOUR DOCTOR.

  7. Just the name “Kaiser Permanente” is bad enough.
    Naming a health-insurance corporation to sound like the eyepatch-wearing
    supervillian from some alternate-history Steampunk universe
    doesn’t do much for their image.

  8. As someone who is under the influence of at least 4 big-pharma products right now, I say the dogless libruls and the repuglickuns is the uh hmm.

    What now?

  9. [re=341222]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: And sadly, they are one of the less Overtly Evil, Profiteering Money Corporations in the healthcare industry…

  10. The way to cut the cost of health care is to disband the AMA. Witch doctors deserve the right to practice witch doctorin’, let the market decide who provides the best product for the best price.

  11. “People Trust Overtly Evil, Profiteering Money Corporations To Reform Health Care More Than They Do Republicans”… IS there a difference?

  12. Do you know why WASP’s like going to the hospital?

    (Think about it)

    Because the food is so tasty!!

    (It’s all right ma, I R 1)

  13. I love that this is tagged primarily under ‘We Trust the Uighurs Most’, which is totally true, because Uighurs are the new Lizard People.

  14. No “National Conversation” needed here, Mister Wiseass McWiseass. This is all simply “trickle-down health care”: the pharmaceutical dealers get barn-silos full of money for working a couple of single-mom paper-pushers into early graves, right, the savings of which helps our nu-Founding-Fathers to pay 5-year-old Chinese kids to make my Frito-sprinkled chocolate-covered Slim Jims, which sedate me as my teeth fall out, my chest-plate slowly separates from my ribs, and my ass falls off. Ergo no pain, also sprach no deductible, everyone wins.

  15. We’re fucked. Doctors are the problem, not the solution. You want effective, affordable health care, you’re going to have to fuck the doctors over the way they do in Japan. They get BOATLOADS of health care there, including every diagnostic test in the universe plus free drugs, for peanuts. And how? Doctors get paid like schoolteachers.

    On the downside, they are having a little trouble recruiting kids into med school.

  16. Republicons giving a shot in me ass? Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. 8 years of bending over for Bushco was quite enough, thank you.

  17. Speaking of teeth, apparently the British health care system covers most things but not dentistry, which is considered cosmetic. Maybe Reagan was right! Or maybe we just need to just need to subsidize even more.

  18. [re=341380]Lazy Media[/re]: but doctors here have a protected market. No doctor immigration, rules discriminating against foreign doctors practicing.
    Too bad if we need more doctors. Scarcity=higher prices, =the magic hand of the free market.

  19. Doctors are much more progressive than the organizations that purport to represent them, like the AMA, which actually represents less than a third of doctors (many of whom actually support a public plan). What the AMA needs is a Twitter Revolution and a severance of its cozy relationship with Big Pharma and the insurance companies.

  20. [re=341207]digibal235[/re]: “No birth certificate” is well-known code for “I hope Obama follows in the steps of MLKing Jr” Now we’re both on a list!

  21. Wait…I was called on Saturday for this exact survey. I took the 25 minute phone survey and swore it was being funded by the Republican party.

  22. [re=341528]desertwind[/re]:

    Does the wilderness have a wilderness? Because if it does I’m pretty sure the wilderness cast the Republicans there around the time Michael Steele apologized to Rush Limbaugh.

  23. The survey should’ve asked “Which of these groups care if you die?”

    Would’ve been a much shorter robopoll as the answer is an obvious None of the Above.

  24. [re=341400]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: KaYUTE! It’s not like anybody in America gets orthodontistry covered by their health insurance. That shiz comes out of Daddy’s pocket.

  25. [re=341559]Lazy Media[/re]: I have dental insurance through my wife’s work. Doesn’t cover all costs but still saves a few thousand a year on both our rotting mouths. Of course she works for a ’boutique’ law firm that can afford these little luxuries.

  26. What kind of brain dead buttfuck thinks the drug companies are going to have great ideas for reforming the system? While we’re at it, let’s have the oil companies design our infrastructure. No wait…

  27. big pharma
    insurance corps
    extort blackmail bribe

    liars or truthers
    anthrax cover-up of 911
    israel-first dual-nationals of aipac
    the non-federal reserve w/no reserves

  28. Really the only thing to do is grab a gin and tonic and a cigarette and watch the health care clusterfuck descend into chaos. We’re fucked, and I accepted that long ago. It’s liberating.

  29. Ummmm. People trust doctors more than a healthcare professor to reform healthcare? Seriously? Speaking as a future doctor, people are retarded if they expect doctors to do anything other than make sure they have 2 audis and a BMW in their garages.

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