Ha ha geddit???? Because who would let a black person be president?
How are the Republican politicians doing with the email today? Not too good, as usual! It’s a busy Monday, as one Republican official already got busted doing racist anti-Michelle Obama stuff on the Facebook, and now we’re learning about some super-funny racist emails sent out by a Tennessee GOP legislative staffer for Republican state senator Diane Black. Let’s meet the charming Sherri Goforth, who sent the image above to god knows how many people because, ha, a Negro in the White House?

Nashville Is Talking reports:

When I asked her if she understood the controversial nature of the photo, Goforth would only say she felt very bad about accidentally sending it to the wrong list. When I gave her a second chance to address the controversial nature of the email, she again repeated that she only felt bad about sending it to the wrong list of people.

“I went on the wrong email and I inadvertently hit the wrong button,” Goforth told NIT. “I’m very sick about it, and it’s one of those things I can’t change or take back.”

Yes, yes, Republicans must be careful not to hit the “wrong button” when sending out the racist bullshit. Sadly, our liberal technology sector has yet to create a button that would only send your racist fuckwad idiocy to fellow mouth-breathing racist cretins who think there is NOTHING as funny as the idea of … people with dark complexions. Even when you’re just sending the Funnies to proper white folk, there is still often a “N.L.” who will complain about old-fashioned Southern comedy.

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  1. Okay, about this Republican propensity for unrepentant racism, at first I thought “This can’t be for real”, but Wonkette has proven me wrong in spades. Oh, sorry.

  2. I don’t feel bad about calling Sherri Goforth a klansman humping fascist pig-dog. Only that I forgot to send the comment to Don Lemon and Rick Sanchez’s Twitterbookspaces.

  3. the Democrats should just give each and every Republican a blackberry, and they would win the elections forever.

    leave the twitter for the twits, i say, and for the guys getting shot in iran.

    How do we play the iran thing, anyway? The “reformer” had everyone taken out and shot in the 90’s, so it’s noit like he’s a walk in the park

  4. What nobody wants to really say: Unfortunately, there are many people out there who do not like Barack Obama because of the color of his skin. There are many people who did not vote for him and will not support his policies because of the color of his skin. However, Obama did win the popular vote by a huge margin, and it’s obvious and apparent that the majority of Americans who took the time to vote in November, 2008, voted for Obama–so it’s obvious that the racists are in the minority.

    This is at least the third, or fourth, racist mailing about Obama that has hit the internets in just the past few months. It’s worth thinking: how many more of these things are floating around out there? And how many are from politicians’ offices?

  5. After she gets canned she can fulfill her dream of starting her own law firm with two friends as partners. It’ll be called Goforth, Haight and Lynch.

  6. Her photoshop skillz really beg an apology… is it that hard to resize and crop to a rectangle shape? Who’s the president between Bubba and W? Dukakis?

  7. It is stupid stuff like this that makes me want them to NEVER fix e-mail programs to prevent unwanted e-mails from blasted to the Wrong People. It’s like kicking over a rock and watching the creepy-crawlies run out. Go forth, Sherri, and e-mail no more.

  8. What is it with old white people and the mad urge to use their $5,000 supercomputer to chain letter old nigra jokes to everyone on their Xmas card list?

  9. I would like to take this moment to sincerely apologize for my state. Although it’s a wonder that any Republican staffer has time to send out racist emails, when there are still a few places in Tennessee where you cannot carry a concealed handgun.

  10. [re=339029]thefrontpage[/re]: This comment is what your Wonkettz would look like if that anti-snark guy got his way.

    I do not like.

  11. We need even more advanced technology that automatically reads these people’s minds and broadcasts their thoughts over the internets, thus ensuring the Republican Party will never get back in power for the next two thousand years or so.

  12. …I inadvertently hit the wrong button This trouble with even the simplest technology is yet another reason why I’m uncomfortable with Republicans in the White House.

  13. Sometimes, when you renovate a building, a nice clean building, you uncover a whole nest of rats and other vermin. It looks like the rats came out of nowhere, when in fact they were always there. Now’s the time to bring out the glue traps.

  14. [re=339037]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Damn! You don’t say? Ah, well, I suppose in this case the stupid was merely misdirected. Next time they’ll get it right.

  15. If I hadn’t told my crazy aunt to stop spamming me with this crap on her “family” email list, I could be lording over Wonkette with a diamonique encrusted enema wand.

  16. just go take a look at diane black’s website and it shouldn’t surprise you she’d employ a racist. jesus, i’m fucking SICK of republicans and their holier than thou attitude against everything other than a white christian.

  17. What a pity it is for the Republicans that Microsoft has yet to invent a “racist check” in Microsoft Office to alert people that there is something of questionable taste in their email and that they should make sure they’re sending it to the right list

  18. JFC. The only problem was she sent it to the wrong list. Not that it was stupid and racist, because only PC fanatics would fail to see the all in good fun part of this. Hardee gd har har. They live and breathe racism and cannot see it because, like the air, it is invisible to them.

  19. You know, I’ve seen and read a lot on the internet, but this just makes me sad. What a great guy to be depicted in this way.

  20. [re=339029]thefrontpage[/re]: [re=339035]WestEdEd[/re]: there is this little blog site called MyRightWingDad, & this is but the tip-o-the-iceberg, believe me. In fact, a version of this particular rightwingforward (RWF)was there today. But since Nov 08, I have seen, literally, dozens of emails like this, and MANY, MANY that are far, far, far, far worse. There is usually at lease ONE RWF per day that is all: booga booga nigra in da white house hate hate har har. It’s pretty disgusting and 99.99% of the time, not even remotely funny.

  21. Who’s the sneering baboon with a flaming case of hemmorhoids in the pic to the right of Bill Clinton?

    Oh, and PS to Sherri Goforth: FOAD.

  22. [re=339054]Hooray For Anything[/re]:

    Actually, there was a feature like that in one version of (i think) Eudora many years ago. It would analyze the language of your email and look for words that indicated that you were either upset about something or about to say something offensive. So if you used too many words like “idiotic” or phrases like “what the hell”, when you hit “send” a window would pop up saying, basically, “You seem to be a little angry right now. Are you sure you don’t want to wait a few minutes to cool down before you send this email?”

    Of course, the technology to eliminate a significant amount of right-wing idiot spam has existed since the very beginnings of the Internet. It’s called “Hitting Michelle Bachmann’s Computer Repeatedly With A Brick.”

  23. [re=339069]american mutt[/re]: No.

    Southern + white + hates and fears and secretly loves and is jealous of the Black Man = racist and shitty bar pool player.

  24. I thought for a second that was a gallery of all the Republicans who’d been busted for “accidentally” sending along racist emails – but there were far too few pictures for that to be the case.

  25. [re=339039]Min[/re]: And to think Curry Todd (Wingnut-Collierville) sponsored that POS legislation. He really needs to go back to his day job selling used Ford Broncos for Homer Skelton.

  26. OBVIOUSLY, they mean to imply that Obama’s likeness can only be captured in the dark, because he is a communist vampire from hell. Nothing racist about that.

  27. After all the bullshit I’ve seen the Republicans pull my whole entire life, they have now officially pissed me off. They call just fuck off and die,and I truly hope there is a hell so they will go straight there. There is absolutely NO excuse for this bullshit. Un-be-fucking-lievable. I can’t decide if I’m more angry or more sad. Seriously, this is the country I live in? Thanks for pulling me off the cliff, but did you have to bitch-slap me repeatedly on the way up? Jesus Christ.

  28. [re=339067]Frampton Comes Alive[/re]: Her district’s office is located at 819 Plantation Boulevard. Hang a left at S Browns Lane and look for a brick shit house with a big tree out front.

  29. [re=339076]chapka[/re]: Oh yeah, it would show little fire icons!

    I had to disable it, finally, as every fucking email I write is full of threats and vulgarity.

  30. [re=339067]Frampton Comes Alive[/re]: From State Sen. Diane Black’s website:

    What are Diane’s values?
    I believe the family is the most important aspect of our society. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I am pro-life and believe marriage should be defined as being between one man and one woman. All decisions that I make at the legislature are based on how they will affect the family.

    Translated from white racist to English, it reads, “I can’t stand the idea that the damn Negro in the White House done went and proved a black man can have better family values then Newt, McCain, Vetter, Craig, or any other white Republican. How dare he marry the mother of his children several YEARS before they were born, stay married to her, support those kids, and raise them right! How dare he!

  31. [re=339067]Frampton Comes Alive[/re]: as per:
    What are Diane’s values?
    I believe the family is the most important aspect of our society. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I am pro-life and believe marriage should be defined as being between one man and one woman. All decisions that I make at the legislature are based on how they will affect the family.

  32. [re=339104]Ken Layne[/re]: Ken, it was the “flaming hot pepper icon.” It was on my Eudora email software. I fucking hated it. [3 hot peppers].


    you had to wait, like 15 minutes.

    and then say fuck.

  33. When GOPrs started firing randomly into their feet, I was amused — but when you see them emptying entire clips into both feet at point-blank range, over and over again, you realize that there is a profound illness at work, and it gets sad and scary. I’m not sure which is more pathetic, this self-revealed racist or the wingnut denier at Red States trying to make a case for Holocaust museum shooter as liberal (the blogger who claims that Jonah Goldberg, second-laziest columnist to Will, “meticulously documented” something or other, puh-leeze!).

  34. [re=339098]NotthatLC[/re]: GDTRFB = Going Down the Road Feeling Bad (Grateful Dead tune off unknown American origins). It was much more fitting during the Bush years.

  35. I’ve been on the internet too long. The first thing I thought of upon seeing the picture was something about someone charging lasers.

    Or at the very least, I need to frequent classier websites.

  36. [re=339124]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: They have hysterical self-hatred. There’s no need for them to hate themselves. We can do it quite easily for them.

  37. She is so, so so sick that she got caught. And can’t anyone take a joke (racist jokes) any more?

    She got a letter of reprimand. That’s a real slap on the wrist.

  38. Earnest comments on Wonkette posts gives me a sad.

    It’s why I don’t post here, only read. I’m too earnest. Stop being like me.

  39. I am sorry that I touched the wrong button and sent the mass email to the entire world that Missy Goforth is a stupid fucking redneck racist bitch who enjoys sex with her dog and should be tasered up her pearly white wazoo until her eyes bug out of her fat, ugly face. Sorry I hit that button. Damn.

  40. [re=339148]chascates[/re]: really, she actually got her wrist tapped (no, that isn’t an “I’d tap that” joke)??? Given the arrogance and in-yer-face-ness of the rightards’ racism lately, it amazes me that this dolt got any kind of repuke rebuke.

  41. Let us all say a big thank you to Harry Truman for alienating these corpulent pus-buckets with his communist intergrationism.

  42. [re=339156]paintitblack[/re]: One of the commenters to that article said that knowing the senator she worked for she’d probably get a raise as well though.

  43. Ya know…the worst thing I ever did at work was snort a little coke in an abandoned back cubicle…which would never have come to light if my boss hadn’t been napping in a nearby one. I suspect the main reason I didn’t get fired for that is it was the end of the dot com boom & we all just sat around all day and read the papers on-line anyway.

    Having said that, it’s a terrible thing to get fired for your own stupidity. Happy job hunting sweetie.

  44. [re=339149]saralovesyou[/re]: I was genuinely touched by the honesty and pathos of your comment. If only more commenters were able to reveal their true souls here. We could burn Wonkette to the ground in a day.

  45. I’m pretty sure that there is an app for the google tool bar that will make sure that you only send your racist emails to fellow Republicans.

  46. [re=339211]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]:
    What if John Boner was Prez? As Obama said John Boner is a “color not quite human”. If Ms. Goforth knew a rats ass about comedy, she would know that Obama’s statement is funnier & more cerebral than any 1880 Reconstruction humor from assback Kentucky that rethugs keep “accidentally” E-mailing out & then keep getting fired.

  47. [re=339044]BillyClubb[/re]: So did she “hit the wrong button” or send it to “the wrong list?”

    Of course, the implication here is that there is a “right” list.


    Can we just let the freakin’ South secede, already?

  48. [re=339197]user-of-owls[/re]: Apparently, my sadness also destroys my grammar and grasp of the English language.

    I just want to enjoy the schadenfreude, dammit.

  49. JFK seems to be either hanging his head in shame over the racism or else he just got a stiffie. At least Dubya seems comfortable enjoying all the harmless fun.

  50. [re=339214]Barrett808[/re]: Yes, whad you say. I go there sometimes bc it’s like the proverbial rubber-necking a car crash on the freeway. You don’t wanna look and yet ya can’t look away. Lots of shit in that lil blog. Today’s post was really tame, believe me.

  51. [re=339192]Crow T. Robot[/re]: “…it’s a terrible thing to get fired for your own stupidity.”

    Oh, she won’t get fired. Goforth will probably get a party and a gift of solid gold trucknutz. Republicans only fire people for dressing up in furry panda costumes and offering sexual favors to children. And even then, they get legal representation and a new job in a lower-profile situation.

  52. This is why I don’t get these type of emails.
    “Dear MS Slope head. . .”
    It goes down hill from there and my Wife; a really nice fundy; says that I alienate her friends and relatives.
    I tell her that I also alienate my friends and relatives but that doesn’t seem to help.
    (also; always hit reply all, heh.)

  53. I don’t get it…

    Looks to me like a photo of John McCain stepping into one of the many bedrooms in one of his many houses and catching Cindy in the act with the pool boy.

    Doesn’t the dumb bitch in Tennessee know that he wasn’t elected?

  54. I took the pic as a dilettantish, but edgy commentary on the lights being diminished on a fading American Empire….

    Srsly, though, what does it say about George W. that he looks less stately than the Pres-as-Nig thumbnail?

  55. The most offensive thing, to me, was the fact that George W.’s picture (the great one, not the 1st one) was twice the size of the others.

  56. I know we Socialist Commie Libruls are like, nonviolent and stuff, but can we start making exceptions for these fuckwits?

  57. Goforth is an idiot but the Dems aren’t the party from heaven either.
    Internally valid says it all at 3:40 pm, June 15th, 2009

    BTW, the white folks ain’t cornered the market on racism either, y’all.
    There’s plenty of stinky, raw hate to go around.

    Try reading MLK’s “I’ve got a dream” speech. Methinks he would be very disappointed with the brothers and sisters today.

    Things are so screwered up these days that I’m gonna just sit back and n_joy_d_ride!

  58. Hello you liberal loony lilly livered low life floor flushing commie losers. Don’t you all feel like morons for voting for that prompter reading fraud for President. Most of you a$$h@les will never learn but you will pay the interest on the debt in your shanty apartments for the next 25 years. WILL YOU EVER LEARN ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR FEEL GOOD LIBERAL SOLUTIONS. China is laughing at all of you fools as well as Turbo Timbo taxcheating moron and blundering Biden who can’t keep his mouth shut.. HA… HA… HA…

  59. [re=339444]sportnwoody[/re]: Professor Woody! So nice to hear from you again. How are things at Regis? I always smile when I remember your magnificent tattoo: Arbeit Macht Frei.

  60. Ladies and gentlemen, although there is something quite humorous in the cartoon depiction of our dear President, it still reeks of offense in quite a few ways: one being the fact that it is offensive to racially challenged people(yes, those of you who still play color-is-everything cards)but at the same time belittles a man who is working hard for our country to fix all the problems caused by the insensitive actions of the political majority of the past administration. Although we cannot ignore the fact that there exists in our country a racist and malcontent minority, still we must not bend to their infantile level of selfishness and stupidity by professing ‘hate’ for them. At the very least, they should be pitied. It is our moral right to assert ourselves justly in the context of all the wrong they do us out of their close-minded ignorance, yet it is our moral obligation as well to show them that we are better people in word and deed. Hopefully by upholding the truth and all that is good, we may inspire them to let go of their institutionalized biases and show them that the only way things will become better for them is for them to own up to their mistakes and find the heart to discard their rotten attitudes and values for what is truly better. It is with courage that we sought change by supporting a man who has reminded us of our ideals, and has countless times reminded us that the changes must begin with each and every one of us who still believes in the premises set forth by the founding fathers of the United States of America. If anyone begs to differ or show sympathy for what I have briefly presented here, feel free to email me at; I will respond as promptly as I can to your reactions. Thank you!

  61. [re=339491]bluefirebolt[/re]: NSDR (not snarky; didn’t read)

    Basically the things with the emails is that ALL CONTACTS comes up first and you have to scroll down to ALL RACIST TURDS, and such as. This is important to know these days, if you’re in the govment offices, also.

  62. [re=339502]DemmeFatale[/re]: Dear madam, a little reading comprehension would not hurt you at all. My nephew in 2nd grade could read and fully understand what I have written. =D Can I suggest you refer to a dictionary if there are any words I made use of that may not presently be in your vocabulary. My apologies for the way I write, it is a result of good education. =D

  63. [re=339502]DemmeFatale[/re]: My apologies Ms. Demmefatale, the previous message wasn’t meant for you. I got the buttons mixed up. =D

  64. [re=339524]Mr Blifil[/re]: Dear sir, if you are experiencing any discomfort with your perineum, please consult your local general practitioner or physician. He may be able to help you better. Good luck, get well soon!

  65. Think how much could be accomplished if we worked on real problems instead of peoples’ ethnic backgrounds and political affiliations.

  66. This is MUCH less distasteful than Letterman’s comments about Palin’s daughters! Unlike Letterman, who thinks he’s funny, this picture is somewhat funny!

  67. [re=339192]Crow T. Robot[/re]: I fell asleep under my cubicle after eating a brownie one morning during my short (9.5 months) tenure doing phone tech support for Apple. My boss didn’t fire me but I had some ‘splainin’ to do, which consisted mainly of lies.

    Looks like some lonely masturbaters found their way here late at night. Let me tell you that you guys are teh brave, taunting a bunch of people who are asleep and won’t ever come back here and read this because there will be plenty more posts tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. But my compliments on your use of DemoFags. That really hurts. Who taught you how to use words that hurt so? Was it the uncle who butt-fucked you when you were 10 or the grandfather that forced you to blow him when you were 15? Either way, that shit fucks you up on so many levels so you have my deepest sympathies.

  68. I just LOVE your icon “That’s Right!!”

    If it, indeed, accurately portrays you, then I suggest you lay off the high fructose corn syrup.

    Merely a healthful hint.

  69. Well I’ve said it before Southern Republicans wonder why the rest of the country considers them toothless, inbred, ignorant racists, just like that clown from South Carolina, this woman does not see anything wrong with what she did only that it went to the “wrong list”. It is difficult to change the way people think, if they spent their entire lives living in a bigoted society that believed African-Americans, Jews, heck Catholics are somehow lesser than them…those beliefs are hard to get rid of. That is why the Republicans want to see them remain uneducated. Yes friends this is the “base” that Palin, Gingerich, Scarborough and the rest keep talking about.

  70. [re=339582]hobospacejunkie[/re]: You have MY most deepest sympathies! I’ve never seen a group of people so preoccupied with their anuses!

  71. I think it is funny how easily you attribute this stupid email to a “Republican Racist”. THis person is just a racist, who happens to be a secretary…er…executive assistant to a State Senator in Tennesee. That being said, by no means justifies, or relieves her from the responsibility for sending this ridiculous, racist, hateful email. But piling on Republicans for this is asinine. Idiots exist everywhere and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and political affiliations. Both sides need to realize 95 percent of us (on either side) are rational, decent people. Too often we focus on the 5% that are jerkoffs.

  72. says at 8:41 am, June 16th, 2009 said,”Yes friends this is the “base” that Palin, Gingerich, Scarborough and the rest keep talking about.”
    –and these same boobs won the presidency for the past 8 years and they’re still out there.

    but ya’ll gotta admit. it’s been fruggin’ funny watching these rightwingnuts—just lose it. it’s grand!!!
    but a lot of you “liberal” but not open-minded individuals are spewing the same hatred. ya’ll i’m from the south and you “northener’s are just as racist if not worse, cuz here in the south we’ve had to get along fighting tooth and nail–and yes, the majority of the blame[murder, lynching] goes to “whitey”. but you northen folks gotta shut-up. a lot of ya’ll hate the brown skins aka Meskins(—it’s the true Moctezuma revenge, the Meskins=Aztecs were here long before the Mayflower) like you think whites hate the blacks down here. and when the Meskins finally get firmly entrenched–most of ’em will be hating somebody(a scapegoat) for taking their job–and good lord—meskins, muslims, others, blah, blah are all getting americanized–the true evil–losing their culture, language; their minds( look up Malcom X–great man!)–becoming fat, lazy, spoiled americans–so STFU!!!!PLEASE!!! look in the mirror and go help the poor and sick–why am i on this stoopid machine? i’m about to do and have done what i stated last—we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers you schmucks!! Arrivederci, America!(father guido sarducci)

  73. [re=339045]sezme[/re]: I love the image of Reptards wriggling on glue traps. Thank you for the brightest spot in this sorry sack of crap.

  74. You’re right, VeniceGuy; you see SO MUCH of this racist crap flying out of Democratic congressional offices. And so she works for a Reptard; surely that can’t be read back into her attitudes. Or her 4th-grade ethics. But 5%? Isn’t that just a little generous in a ridiculously-too-small sort of way?

    From now on, I’m taking my cue from biketoolbuyer’s inspiring homily: “WE ARE OUR BROTHER’S AND SISTER’S KEEPERS YOU SCHMUCKS!!” Words to schmucking live by, by golly.

  75. [re=340019]jimh[/re]: I am sure you meant “northern morons” right, just thought I would help with your education.

  76. I ROFLMAOed when I saw that sorry-ass photoshop pic.
    Laughed as in “oh, lookathat! Teh Republikans are so cute when they try to be funny but end up being teh fail as racist fuckwads !”
    I think these forwards are a secret left-wing plot.
    Can people really be this retarded?
    What part of “WORLD WIDE WEB” did they not understand?

  77. Bonjour Amis Américains,
    Il faut savoir qu’en France, on va au tribunal pour des idioties pareilles. On pense, ici en Europe, que le racisme était en train de disparaitre chez vous.
    C’est incroyable que de tels propos soient tenus par des gens qui représente un parti politique !

  78. To all my Tweeters!

    Join the movement and RT #firesherrigoforth!!!

    Help me send a message that RACISTS will not be tolerated in public office!

  79. The gov wants us to be devided so thay can have more power of us. If you choose 4 the person we think is best not dem or rep than we would be in better shape.

  80. It was soo bad that the person on the phone would say i vote only republic but when i ask them if thay want to be connected to the state senater thay dident even know his name. Then thay think we have to pick a side to be safe. Well got bad news dem and rep sold us out. Hello think about it why do u think that people say that the independant dont even have a say in the matter. Well listen to this. Thats because thay are not being led by dem or rep that means the gov have no control over them so gov calls them out cast but realy the independant have more power over them all

  81. [re=339039]Min[/re]: I was/am considering moving back to Tennessee, which is my home state. Currently I am in the SF Bay Area. I am starting to think of TN like I do Mississippi and Texas, which is like another country. I guess that I will have to re-consider. Now I am really pissed at the thought of possibly having my SUV rammed by some southern klansman, or having a cross burned on my lawn or even me being burned alive as I am hanging from a tree.

  82. GOP best ideas for Health Care Reform is to send me email stating that Obama is a {race-est] so please do not email me again. The stupid is as stupid does is that this lack if insite has placed Mr.Obama and his family in harms way, this is what you all have done {GOP}…..
    Conservative Blogger Calls For Obama’s Assassination On Twitter
    Now tell how the sam hill is this Health Care reform and I wonder is this how the murder of J.F.K. Came about ? And by the way this is not lawful and arrest should be made…..
      I found the need to go ahead and show this now it is important and it is a part of a blog  report…..
    Part of this issue may be my fault. Because I am dyslectic I am miss under stood when I write. And it took me over a hour to write this with the help of A.I.. I do not know if Officials used any or part of what I shared but this hate threats is not the way to bring a proper reform to Health Care or into the lost ways of { Government way of thinking. } So join us and share good ideas to help build a forum that will help every body. Just leave a great blog statement.
    As I read more of this Health Care Bill 101 I noted it was based on the same concepts as what I offered to the Obama Administration over 7 months ago , but something was left out { because none of these issues released by Officials see into the economic condition at the home. Do not for get why we are in a economic break down of our system. This would be cool if what was offered was used, but hey Guys you left out something …..
    A short re- cap, At average for people with Medicare Insurance, from what I have read is some people pay up to $500.00 per month, if insurance companies are forced to cover preexisting conditions at a rate that may increase coverage up to twice its yearly average on a scale that may effect other people coverages in order to maintain a dollar balance? And for the second time, but none of these issues see into the economic condition at the home !
    So welcome to FASC Concepts of a Economic Adjustment.
    We have got a lot of people who wish to know more about the function of the Federal Act Security Card. The FASC Card is merged with a Health Care Forum for the Poor and the Sick and people who have been impacted by the crash of our system. When we offered to the Obama Administration the concept of a 10% on a yearly income for Health Care Reform , our build blocks was to help the economic effected People Of The United States.
    A incentive program that states if you join the FASC and pay in for a certain amount of time you build a capital of a $10,000.00 dollars as a nest egg for you children after you pass away. Also if you pay in for 20 to 40 years and do not use the extra funds paid in the total savings oh, lets say $25,000.00 + the $10,000.00 goes to your family. The $10 thousand can never be touched by illness or Health Care issues, it is a secured amount for investing into a Concept of Country.
    As for the concept of the Patriot Act, to protect the Health Care dollars, a guide line of law to bring about a delay of fund being transferred out of this country , in order to give time for Government approval for the transfer of millions of dollar. And to make it a Capital Offense…….
    The basic blue print for security of this FASC Card is a 3 part potion, as follows /
     part a: Windows : a pin number /
     part b: BIOS a Social Security number and /
     part c : MS Dos a Letter from the alphabet.
    Pin number 0000 / SS# 000 00 0000 / Z
    , what is good about this is when the SS# when applied it could be in coded within the Government system as for a example 000 00 1362 will be in coded and what number you apply will inter face with the hidden SS# ? To put it bluntly If I can build a system that can not be hacked the at home Our Government should be able to, 2009® copyright / by Massingale United Internet Advertisement Programs, this copyright is placed on the security program listed above the name of FASC Concepts and toptentogo, and it should be noted that Microsoft has great health care ideas…..
    { Re- cape }To help cover the sick and the poor is a FASC Concept that states that to build a Health Care Forum within our Government Institution is a Peoples right to do so and this is Protect Under the Constitution as a Human and Civil Right. So in plan words if the poor and the sick could only afford to pay $5.00 to $10.00 per month this would to bring a balance toward the broken tax system, to add up this number 32 million to 100 million sick and poor people x $5.00 per month. This will place back into the system $116 million $to 500 million dollars per month. The cause and effect of this will reduce the purposed Health Care Tax Forum, to bring about a reduced effect so not to a over burden system. Take my faith in this and almost all the poor and sick would be happy to pay in and help rebuild the United States failed tax system. Also To bring about a balance of trust lost between the people and Officials.
    Under a Federal Health Care Group built by my friends and I, {You see the poor, as you see them}, as for them they see them self not poor, but of a different race of people and environment and have faith it that which was in the past that so many do not have a clue of what God and Country is all about. Those who you see as poor for most, we do not want to be took care of we wish to prosper so that our children will not be the next generation of the poor.
    Issue 1. Re caped in a short version because my little friend did not prof read before she copied and past in to the blogs ………so if Government Officials did take my 10% concept under advisement you all over looked what the purpose is. And do not for get even people who make a great deal of money some have been seriously effected by this system failure of crime and war…..
    FASC tax and pay in Forum, A Concept to help the Poor and Sick.
    FASC Concepts of a guideline of income and a fair payment for the poor to the rich.
    {A} format for people making up to $29000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to $40.00 per month
    {B} up to $19000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to $30.00 per month
    {C} up to $12000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to $20.00 per month
    {D} from 0.00 income to $9000.00 per year / cost up to 0.00 to $10.00 per month
    {A} {B} {C} {D} classification based on one person If married policy can be divided or stayed. These are concept numbers to open the mind…………..
    Now for those who do not know of me, my old Health Care page at the health care link on page 2 and 1 you will find the early writings by me, the miss spelled words and I am a bit dyslectic so statements are a bit off track. And for those who did read this information will remember how I struggled to use the Artificial Intelligence of my computer to communicate. I hope that they did use my building block for Health Care, that would be cool.
    But there are some issues to work on as in:
    #1. Is There A Constitutional Infringement of a Moral Value for Health Care vs. The People { considered Force Pay ? }
    #2. Concepts is the Freedom Of Choice, because we feel it is unconstitutional to force pay into the failures of Health Care Insurance Companies and then Tax that money. Even these insurance companies are filing suit.
    #3. Should there be a Prime Directive for Health Care Reform that is in the interest for the better good of Man Kind?
    #4. Should there be a web site to show the capital gain of the tax income from Health Care and what the money was used for ?
    #5. Should children be covered by their parents Health Care Coverage ?
    #6. Is the concept offered by us at FASC Concepts to cover the sick a good or bad concept ? I believe this information it is on p26 at the blue pill link , link is on page 100 at the main site.
    #7. Abortion ?
    #8. Sex Offenders ?
    #9. Was there a Unity lost with in Government between parties that made the public feel unsecured ?
    #10. Was this diversity with in the people created by the in perfection of conduct by Officials ?
    FASC Concepts in and for Pay it Forward covers the web see why we have become the Largest web site in the United States, join us in a trickle effect on p23 the blue pill link, ?
    on google , yahoo, and aol

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