Shut up, Twitter.
Iranian media crackdown prompts Tweets and blogs [Christian Science Monitor]

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  1. If Americans ever decided to overthrow their government, censureship of the airwaves wouldn’t be needed – AT&T and Verizon would simply crash under the load of text messages.

  2. Sure it redeems the Twaddle network, but only if you add the qualifier “despite the fact that overrepresented urban technophiles are working crypto-conservatives like Andrew Sullivan into some sort of impotent, counterproductive, pro-military action lather.”

  3. Speaking of Iran, I know Armardinnerjacket says there are no homosexuals in Iran, but I mean, really, those cops on motorscooters in the “Starlight Express” uniforms – are pretty gay looking….

    Just saying…

  4. that does not mean CB radios were ever anything more than a stupid gimmick for idiots.

    i call bullshit. did you not see sam peckinpah’s finest, coke fueled moment “convoy?” they BANDED together to fight the man with CB radios. and kris kristofferson is infinitely fuckable in that movie. also.

  5. [re=338865]CrunchyKnee[/re]: Jesus twits between the first and second coming? There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, or maybe just a joke.

  6. Iantenna: Sorry, you posted while I was looking up an English trailer for Convoy; I failed, leaving us with the German version (but the original song intact). Them chicken coops wuz fulla bears.


    about 30 minutes ago from web

    about 1 hour ago from web

    about 1.5 hours ago from web

    about 2 hours ago from web

  8. Let me preface this by saying, unequivocally, that I love Wonkette. And I understand how twitter can be a great annoyance. However, I do not understand likening twitter to the macarena here. To begin with, Wonkette doesn’t base every fourteenth post on a Republican using the macarena in a silly or incriminating way. Also, my macarena feed does not receive multiple macareets a day from Wonkette. And so, based on the evidence provided, I would infer that Wonkette is more pro-twitter than macarena.

    Evidently, however, this is only true in Iran.

  9. Twitter is a pet rock wearing a mood ring. I think that is the venture capital pitch of the day. But what does that make Facebook? A subprime mortgage singing tunes from Les Miserables?

  10. Like Twitter, CB radio was never cool. However, unlike Twitter, at least CB radio spawned a mediocre show like BJ and the Bear and a truly awesome one, Sheriff Lobo.

    Bring back Sheriff Lobo!

  11. [re=338929]Jim Newell[/re]: Or the Ralph Nader of the anti-automobile industry movement. And now we have to save the automobile industry. Ironic. WHO WILL SAVE THE TWITTERS??!!??

  12. Perhaps Twitter has found a business model. They can go around the world causing riots and send content specific ads for tear-gas cures or local trauma wards.

    [re=338903]RedTape[/re]: You should have read Wonkette back in ’96 when all the post were about Republicans in toilet stalls doing the Macarena.

  13. Meghan McCain’s pet rock’s mood ring has over one million followers on Twitter:

    Unsettled Mixed Emotions
    about 2 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  14. Say what you will about Twitter, but a recent run through the channels showed some hotties CNN having a serious conversation on Iraq, MSNBC was discussing the outrage of Leon Panetta saying something bad about Dick Cheney and Fox news showed horrifying, awful footage of the Bushes on a golf outing. Whether twitter is worse than the twits on cable news is debatable at this point.

  15. Breaker one-nine,we got a great big convoy, truckin’ through the night. We got a great big convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight…convoy.

    Right now there’s like several hundred twats/minute about/from Iran. And it’s been like this since sometime during the weekend. All the while our national press slept through the weekend. If I have to choose between the cable news networks or Twitter surviving, I choo-choo-choose Twitter, with all its faults and useless garbage which can be easily ignored. I learned more about Iran from Twitter this weekend than any other source except maybe Andrew Sullivan. What that says about this world I don’t really want to think about, but if it hastens the decline & death of pro-Amahdinejad NYT and the useless news networks I have no problem with Twitter existing for now.

    The NYT just embarrassed itself yesterday, running a story co-written by the executive editor with the tone of “now that Amahdi’s won…” Only they allowed comments on the story and were thrown down like a bad Mexican wrestler. Less than 24 hours later the ‘story’ is nowhere to be found on the NYT front page. So not only are they pro-Amahdinejad, they’re cowards about it, too.

  16. [re=339010]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Apples and oranges. Twitter sucks on something soft and limp, while cable news sucks on something hard and stinky.

  17. does use of twitter during Iranian riots in some way absolve twitter of sucking?


    And we will find out how much absolution is necessary in Iran after the twitter blackout tonight.

  18. Remember, in Tiananmen Square, when that one guy put on some Z. Cavaricci pants and solved a Rubik’s cube in front of those tanks?

  19. Isn’t there a conspiracy theory story here? People start to realize Twitter is not so much. Stocks drop. Revolution in Iran only available on Twitter! Coincidence? I wonder?

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