Blog on, blogger.Those of you who follow “actual news” in the “real world” probably noticed that Iranian election deal on Friday, and the accompanying freakout when Ahmadinejad was very suspiciously re-elected by a wide margin despite pre-election polls showing the other guy, Mousavi, winning. Anyway Andrew Sullivan has been so on top of this story you could be forgiven for wondering if Trig Palin’s birth records were buried somewhere in there with the Iranian election returns, but now The Daily Dish is loading hella slowly, possibly because of a digital attack. And THAT is what you get for messing with Sarah Palin. [The Daily Dish]

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  1. I’d click on the link, but I know what a page loading slowly looks like. It’s probably as slow as my coming to grips with the idea that if you wanted to get news about Iran, The Daily Dish was one of the best places to go.

  2. No, no, no. It’s Bear Week in Provincetown, that’s all. Andy is out at a naked bonfire beach party and Blackberry service is questionable near Truro. Trust me, you don’t want him using the Blackberry after his fifth mojito, cuz he’ll send pics.

  3. Sully is mad at Mahmoud for being secretive about their relationship. Although, to be fair to Ahmadinejad, he did say that there are no gays in Iran.

  4. It’s possible that it’s not an intentional DoS/DDoS attack, but simply a massive and unexpected traffic increase over at Sully’s place.

    And following “#iranelection” on Twitter has been amazing this morning.

  5. Andrew soldiers on with the power of teh gay.
    How else can you explain Iran being able to jam satellites-but the Daily Dish, while slow, is still standing

  6. [re=338744]Crab1[/re]: No way… really? I mean c’mon… they could not have said that. Although it would be AWESOME if they did.

  7. [re=338742]Saragon[/re]: I’m not twitter-savvy but I did get amusement out of the fact that the Iran election twitterers are also popularizing the tag #cnnfail.

  8. [re=338743]4tehlulz[/re]: “Nah, it’s just /b/; everyone knows that Ahmadinejad is a /b/tard.”

    Worse, I heard Ahmnotgonnaworkhereanymore is actually goatse man.

  9. [re=338740]shortsshortsshorts[/re]:
    I was all set to just say something snarky about Andrew Sullivan, and we all know have difficult that is. Then I looked at that Twitter page and came to the realization that some stuff is actually serious. And now I’m feeling a lot of shame.

  10. [re=338749]sati demise[/re]: Well there are a couple of advantages to jamming a sat over jamming a website, not to poo, poo the power of teh gay. If you can point your emitter at the sat, you can basically shut it down (they never mentioned that when they were spending money on star wars, did they?) with about two hundred bucks of equipment. Persian bunny herders have bigger problems which is probably why it’s not as effective as it could be. I’m pulling 88ms on the last two bounces so they are probably hitting the networks external switch but not hard enough to block the down channel.
    Bandwidth…when you absolutely, positively have to sling packets, accept no substitutes.

  11. [re=338804]dijetlo[/re]: would a tin foil hat be able to reflect the emitter?

    thanks for explaining that! even though I have no idea what 88ms bounces or an emitter might be.
    tech illiterate and proud.

  12. It’s all my fault- I finally achieved a life-long dream in getting one of my comments to him posted on his web site and the Mullahs were so dazzled by my brilliance that they’re messing with the web site.

  13. [re=338755]SayItWithWookies[/re]: This is the first time I’ve bothered to read anything on Twitter. And the ‘#cnnfail’ tag is damn appropriate given what I’ve seen of their coverage in the past 48 hours. I guess they think another Middle Eastern war will be better for their business model.

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