Wonkette new media operative “Will C.” points out the very tech-savvy Washington Post coverage of a shooting. Liveblogging, Twittering, videos of unemployed chicks singing in the bathtub about murder, it’s all there. Things haven’t been this exciting since the midnight launch of Windows 95. [Washington Post]

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  1. ‘Send us news’? Here’s some news, Washington Post… your editorial page is a vapid, brain-melting wasteland of old curmudgeons, shithead neocons, and King Dweeb George Will.

  2. Considering the crazies a regular newspaper website attracts, the live blog will not end well. Among the commenters will be like 5 pacifists decrying humanity’s desire to hurt humanity and the need for people to hug each other while 185 shut-in fatasses will blame the Jews/Libruls/blacks/Muslins/AQ/Barry/MSM/Nazis/Communists/Catholic Church for causing this and saying the old Krazy racist fucker didn’t go far enough.

  3. Amazing what gets posted in the Post comment section- the things people wrote as soon as the news came out about who they were sure the shooter was and other similar crap.

  4. [re=335918]TedTheLightBulbSalesman[/re]: Newell was probably 5 years old that hot August night — it may be his first memory.

  5. turn over the stones on the right side of the highway and all kinds of vermin comes skittering out, some of it making twittering noises.

  6. [re=335919]norbizness[/re]: ‘Magine what fucking Broder would’ve been writing during the actual Holocaust? I hesitate to even parody. Lots of “Goering has shown himself to be a true grownup” this and “the shrill left has shown itself to be unserious” that. Boy!

  7. Gramps didn’t really plan that out too well, did he? Those museums are worse than airport security. I almost got waterboarded for trying to smuggle a half drunk Coke in my backpack. 88 and a shotgun? Weak dude, weak.

  8. Places sane people should now avoid

    unitarian churches
    gay bars
    abortion clinics
    holocaust museums
    museums with fossils and other atheistic artifacts
    broadway theaters
    the lobby of MSNBC
    airline ticket counters – (if the airline charges extra for fats)

  9. James W. von Brunn holds a BachSci Journalism degree from a mid-Western university where he was president of SAE and played varsity football.

    SAE president!

  10. Saw this story in a bar that had Fox News turned on. Is anyone surprised that I knew it was a whitetard from Fox’s lack of a chyron about the suspect?

  11. He believes the same things Michelle Bachmann believes about one-world government, etc! See his posting at

    Just as certain, One World ideologists of all stripes are financed by the International Banking Cabal, in which the Federal Reserve System (FED) plays a major role… One reason was given by Rheinhold Niebuhr: “…. Marxism is the modern fulfillment of Jewish prophecy.” James Warburgh, son of the principal architect of the Federal Reserve Act, stated before the U..S. Senate: “We shall have One World Government whether we like it or not. The question is, shall we have One World Government by consent or by conquest?”(1953).

  12. Fox News website’s comments were all “TERRORIST! TERRORIST!” until you get about halfway through and it turns out it was a white guy.

  13. [re=335922]ManchuCandidate[/re]: The Post comment section always is exactly like that. Are the commenters actually people I am riding on Metro with everyday and the people who I might be sitting next to at Starbucks(or does it depend on which starbucks)?

  14. There was a Congressional event scheduled at the Museum for tonight – two Congressmen and the Attorney General were supposed to attend.

  15. Dear crazy people — calm the f*** down. Newt and Rush and Assity don’t really mean any of that crap they’re spewing. Okay, Michael Savage is probably sincere, but he can contradict himself in the same five-minute rant without batting an eye, so don’t pay attention to him, either. They’re just pulling the strings of people dumber than they are and incapable of critical thinking so — oh, crap. Nevermind.

  16. [re=335943]Zadig[/re]: The only remotely funny things I could possibly say about a murder liveblog, specifically a HOLOCAUST MUSEUM murder liveblog, made me feel horrible as I typed them out. So really, “WHAT.” will have to suffice for my reaction.

    Oh and look, they have typos in their reports and everything. At the Washington Fucking Post.

  17. Let us make this an international day of mourning, a day where internet slobs everywhere remember and sigh because the actual Holocaust could not be Twittered.

  18. I wonder if somebody will now build a museum within the Holocaust museum to commemorate this shooting, then somebody is killed inside THAT museum and there you have it: the plot for “Synechoche, D.C.”

  19. I assume this incident is a result of the mandatory concealed-carry and shoot-to-kill policy you DeeCee types have brought upon yourselves?

  20. I’m wondering how long it will take before someone — most likely on RedState — tried to pin this on Obama’s Cairo speech.

  21. [re=335960]Thatcher[/re]: Looks like Obersturmbannführer Von Brunn has a problem reading his watch. He’s so confused, but at least he knows who to hate.

  22. [re=335940]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Tuesday Night Takedowns at “mid-western university” circa 1943?

    Are these unreformed old coots going to start coming out of the woodwork, Joe/Al/Willie Going in Style-style?


  23. Janet Napolitano says in April that maybe, just maybe, a few disaffected wing nut losers might go postal.. The righties go ape shit. Now a doctor is dead and we’ve seen an armed assault on a museum some 88 year old freak show wants to deny. Damn!

  24. [re=335957]InsidiousTuna[/re]: The proper terminology is weiß douchebeutel terroristischen alt; Fox ‘n Friends should probably be notified…

  25. [re=335976]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Anne Frank was not like a tweeting celebrity. Anne Frank’s Diary was more like a Netflix for the Dutch Jewish community.

  26. [re=335983]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]: Oh the commenters on the WaPo story were already doing that — “This is what happens when you go around apologizing to everyone.” They’ve lost all notion of cause and effect.

  27. Hope all those wingnuts who complained about the gov. going after wingnuts are eating some shit today (instead of the usual KFC and Keystone).

  28. White supremacy and Holocaust had nothing to do with it. Y’all watch too much TV.

    The guard was hittin’ on vonBraun’s main squeeze down at the senior center. Grumpy old men.

  29. New DHS/USNPS likely-shooter profile: racialist Saving Private Ryan-era old, armed with his trusty old fascist killing machine M1 Garand…oh, the irony.

  30. Even though the nutcase was armed with a shotgun, the demand for outlawing “semi-automatic assault pistols” will begin in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . .

    And WHY do they always omit the really INTERESTING information? You know: Model of weapon; ammunition used; shot grouping; whether he was firing from a rest or offhand, etc.

  31. [re=335989]schvitzatura[/re]: The proper terminology is weiß douchebeutel terroristischen alt

    I tried douchebeutel on my native Hamburg friend and he gave me a puzzled look. Unfortunately I can’t remember what he suggested as an alternative. It sounds funny regardless, so I continue to use it.

  32. [re=335971]kudzu[/re]: I think you’re on to something. Instead of trying to ban guns, let’s just ban right-wing conservative fanatics! WE can even use guns to do it! Oh wait… um… nevermind.

  33. But has the Washington Post yet revealed that he was really a secret Muslim? Why does the press keep avoiding this? Or that he left a blog post sighting a Rachel Maddow Cocktail Moment as what set him off?

    I guess MSM stands for Muslim Supporting Media.

    [Sorry, I’ve been listing to Sean Hannity. What is happening in reality?]

  34. [re=336015]freakishlystrong[/re]: You mean FREEPERS are cowards? Stop the presses & alert The Corner! Oh wait, The Corner is so cowardly afraid of its own readers it doesn’t even allow comments.

  35. Worked at the museum in Visitor Services when it first opened in 1993. We were told in our training class that it was likely the #3 terrorits target in DC, after the White House and the Capitol. In the early months, we got a lot of those shitty Holocaust deniers in the place — we used to enjoy following them around just to screw with their heads.

    When first opened, the museum had no metal detector and did not search backpacks or bags — we used to make a lot of dark jokes about it while working the coat/bag check counter. Back then, the security guys were from a top-flight firm — almost all ex-military guys armed with 9mms. Don’t know if the museum’s guards still have high level training/expertise or if the museum went with less expensive rent-a-cops to save money.

    No snark, just very surprised that it took this long for an incident to take place. It would be interesting to know if Mr. Von Fuckface had cancer — I wonder if he figured he was going to die soon anyway and decided to go out in a blaze of glory.

  36. [re=335983]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]: Yeah, Michelle Malkin’s commenters have blamed the incident on the Cairo speech. They also manage to blame: Robert Byrd, DC gun laws (which they utterly misinterpret), Nazis (who, they remind us several times, are left-wingers), and even Obama. Finally, the conversation delves into a strange realm in which Nazis reappear (this time in the form of Muslims) and people get really angry at Daily Kos. The thing missing, as far as I can tell, is “Oh man, racists are bad and shouldn’t shoot people and maybe this gunman isn’t cool, you know?” Sigh. Every time I read this woman’s blog I get an acute case of depression.

  37. From Fox:

    WTTG, the FOX affiliate in Washington, has confirmed that the 39-year-old guard who was shot has died of his injuries after being taken to a hospital.

  38. Oh, Ms. Napalitano? You should be getting apologies any minute now from Wingnuts, who, inexplicibly, equated themselves to right wing extremists and were outraged at the DHS report.

    Wait, nothing? Carry on.

  39. [re=335958]finallyhappy[/re]: Terrorists on Metro? Depends. Orange line? Naw. Yellow or Blue? You betcha! Red? Depends which end.

  40. I would imagine you already have enough material to post “A Child’s Treasury of Wingnut Comments About the Holocaust Museum Shooting.”

  41. [re=336072]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Dark, and sadly true. A wingnut call to action, frothed by a steady diet of talk radio, Fox, and Carrie Prejean firings.

  42. What was that report put out by the Department of Homeland Security a few weeks ago about? It said something about the dangers of homegrown terrorists, who’d be from the far right, with military training…like the guy who killed Tiller and now this? Oh, never mind.

  43. [re=336050]S.Luggo[/re]: “Washington Times: ‘Old Man’s 2nd Amendment Rights Violated at Jew Museum.'”

    Oh, bravo! Well played, sir!

    :::Polite but nonetheless admiring golf clap, almost spilling G&T on madras slacks:::

  44. Heh. I just got the unemployed chicks singing in the bathtub reference. Yeah, I guess having a job does in fact take time away from throwing off cute songs intended to show your future husband that you are harmless.

  45. [re=336047]RedTape[/re]: Nazis (who, they remind us several times, are left-wingers)

    Well well well. I guess somebody read Jonah the Whale’s pseudo-scholarly misreading of 100 years of history. Or more likely heard some blowhard on FOX talk about it. Cuz, you know, since they had the word ‘socialist’ in their name that means they were left-wingers. And the DPRK is a shining example of democracy because, well, you know.

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