Sold, to a foreigner probablyIs that insanely cheap for commercial real estate? Seems like! Anyhow, the haunted million-square-foot carcass of the former AIG headquarters at 70 Pine and 72 Wall Street in beautiful New York City appears to have found a buyer for the bargain-basement price of $100 million. Who’s the lucky winner, Donald Trump? The Cato Institute? The buyers “would have been carefully vetted,” a source told the New York Post, from which we can conclude it’s just Tom Daschle wasting the last of his lunch money. [New York Post]

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  1. If I’d only heard about this sooner, 3 square feet of that bitch would have been mine! Just need enough space to keel over and die on.

  2. Someone said it’s going to be either a Starbucks, a CVS, or an Olive Garden–you know, because we don’t have enough of those already.

  3. [re=330822]Larry McAwful[/re]: Well, damn. Maybe we could go in together and they’d cut us a deal. 7 square feet for the price of 6.

  4. “The buyers would have been carefully vetted because neither AIG nor the brokers at CB Richard Ellis want to have egg on their faces”

    Well of course — AIG has a reputation to protect, and they certainly don’t want to be known for diving into a deal without being aware of the consequences.

  5. The only biz that’s up in this economy is either porn or booze. So I’m hoping a ‘full-service’ bar/resort/IMAX porn theater… with Swinger’s Suites. Elliot Spitzer will be your Activities Director.

  6. If they’re selling trade fixtures, I would be interested in the solid gold urinals and the alter where they sacrificed recent Harvard MBAs in front of an image of Gordon Gekko.

  7. appears to have found a buyer for the bargain-basement price of $100 million

    You mean they’re getting the whole building for the price of the basement? That’s some shrewd haggling, right there. Do you think the new owners would have time to run GM?

  8. That makes Manhattan real estate cheaper than my house in DC. Apparently DC really is now the world’s financial capital. How depressing.

  9. [re=330866]DC Hates Me[/re]: Poor crazed unsexed MALE losers. Poor crazed unsexed FEMALE losers have what? Oprah? Eckardt Tolle?

  10. It’s probably AON, since they also took over AIG’s sponsorship of Manchester United. And think of the savings in only needing to replace two letters on all the signs!

  11. Can’t the US Government hire a bunch of jihadis to bring the thing down, or use some kind of super secret controlled implosion?

    It’s gotta be insured for more than $100/sq foot.

    (but send out a super secret twitter to all the Jews to make sure they don’t show up for work that day)

  12. That’s an awesome Art Deco building with gothic influences, one of my favorites in the city. (I think the building in the photo Sara put up there is AIG’s London headquarters, not the NYC one.)

  13. Also the building was originally built in the 30s as Citgo’s headquarters (some oldsters still call it the Cities Service Building). Maybe Hugo Chavez will want it back.

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