Peggy Noonan warped to MSNBC this morning for a pot of tea and pleasant conversation about the current Politicks, but what didst she see? The Devill-Womman, Mika Brzezinski, clad in vulgarian foot-leathers! “They were an X-rated fantasy walking on Mika’s feet,” our regina declares, and later she compounds that they are “a mortal sin, on her feet.” This demon bull whore Mika was later slaughtered, under Peggington’s watch. You may watch film-tapes of these events at the Arianna Huffington’s Internet Post, which darest not offer Em-Bed Code for its film-tapes. [Huffington Post]

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  1. “Vulgerian foot leathers.”

    The same shite that was coming from The Nooner’s piehole is now conveniently located in my breetches. Thank you.

  2. Neo-Edwardian prudery is so damn complicated. How is it that raping the cabin boy is okay but shoes that (one presumes) show a little toe are a crime against nature?

  3. Tsk! Dame Peggy! Shoes don’t walk on feet. No mater now thrilling and scandalous they are. Walk on feet shoe-leathers shall never do.

  4. Mika thought Peggy was wearing Louboutins, recognizable by their red soles. Turned out Peggy was just standing on her prolapsed uterus.

  5. By Set’s smegma-encrusted scrotum, what could the shoes have looked like? Were they emblazoned with stiched leather representation of ejaculating penises or something? Did they say “suck on my toes while you jack off”?

  6. Mika Hardlastname is the most innocuous, empty blonde in television news. Why would her Noonington bother offending the woman, who was utterly speechless. (I’m still depressed about the cat and turned on Morning Joe because the misery of it suits me right now).

    Would have been a cute joke done privately, but a William-Buckley-speaking-style-imitating, self righteous Pope-lover shouldn’t try for snark. It just comes out mean, esp. aimed at Barbie Doll. Mika probably thought, “Are orthopedic pumps before noon the new white after Easter, Peg?” but too late to actually say anything.

  7. [re=327363]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I’m with you on that. The most disgusting part of that clip was the fact that Mika APOLOGIZED. Wear your fuck-me’s with pride, dear wench!

  8. [re=327376]Serolf Divad[/re]: Dame Lady Nooningtonshire simply does not care for your scandalous implications of carpet munchery. She was clearly thinking of St. Ronnie Reagan tap-dancing in a 1940’s musical.

  9. I have it on good authority that the shoes looked like Clark Nova typewriters from Naked Lunch with Mika’s feet shoved into their anuses.

    At least that’s what they looked like to Peggy after she’d had her “medicine.”

  10. [re=327399]jetjaguar[/re]: Don’t worry, these idiots aren’t in control of anything. Except digging up Ronald Reagan’s corpse.

  11. I thought Pegs was looking pretty good today. On the Nature Channel, the V/O would be: “The female signals her receptivity to the male…”

  12. Mika thrives on her fuckability quotient. She wouldn’t be the first aimless child of an extremely accomplished parent to follow such a trajectory.

  13. Mika is going to have to show me a hell of a lot more than a pair of CFM pumps if they expect me to watch “Morning Schmoe”.

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