This Gallup poll was conducted Tuesday, the day of Sonia Sotomayor’s announcement, so the Average American should have had plenty of time to comb through and analyze Sotomayor’s legal opinions before discriminating between “good” and “only fair.” [Gallup]

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  1. Well you know, the average American, having heard a week or two ago that she was rumored to be the pick, got out to the library to dig through old legal journals, and spent many days with the teh googles searching for analysis of her legal career and past judgements.

    Either that or they saw something on FOX or CNN. One of those.

    So they know all there is to know about this lady.

  2. Gallup should have included one other option: “No idea what I’m talking about, but I’ll pass judgment anyway.”
    If those polled were honest, I’m sure that would have garnered about 99%.

  3. If a poll were conducted and US Americans answered honestly 19% would say that they had an excellent chance of finding their ass on the first try if they got to use both hands.

  4. That 20% in the middle? That’s all the beaners in the sample, who thought the question was, “Isn’t about time one of La Raza got nominated for Los Supremos?” And they answered unanimously, “Si. After all the grief we’ve taken, it’s only fair!”

  5. Anyways, she is of the wrong ethnic group. Sotomayor is not sufficiently fat to empathize with the morbidly obese, whose rights are being trampled upon by the airlines, who squeeze them into tiny seats. We need an unborn baby on the Supreme Court. Also.

  6. Anybody who wants to get rid of white men is a-okay by me. And I’m every bit as informed as the retards that participated in that survey.

  7. El grupo Gallup also polled in Columbia Heights, where the choices were
    1) Excellente
    2) Muy bueno
    3) Guatemala
    4) Guatepeor
    5) Ay, Chihuahua

    99% of the responses came back excellente, but Fox says they really don’t count ’cause they’re “panny.” And – as Republicans in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado can tell you, them messicans don’t vote. The other pannies don’t vote either. Also.

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