Not cynical!Man, we kinda liked this guy! He was (is?) dating that pretty gal from the Clinton campaign, and he recently dared to say something not entirely positive about Jon Stewart, and hell, he is not Michael Bloomberg, all of which made him a refreshingly human-seeming type to run for New York Mayor. But he will not do this thing, for several reasons.

Number one, he does not have a BILLION DOLLARS unlike certain other candidates, and “there is no escaping the reality that political campaigns have become longer and more negative.” Who has the stomach for a long, vicious, ad-heavy battle with a plutocrat when the alternative is hanging onto your nice job as a Washington congressman and maybe actually accomplishing something?

Anthony Weiner seems like a pretty sensible person, which means he is probably doomed, politics-wise.

Why I’m Not Running for Mayor [New York Times]
Weiner Gives Up [Cityfile]

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