Si se puede!Oh boy, even on the NPR they are saying, “Sonia Sotomayor is a loudmouth who thinks she makes better decisions than white men.” (“I’m paraphrasing,” says the commentator.) The nerve! This whole scenario is playing out exactly as ordained in Christopher Buckley’s latest fictional opus.

10:15 AM — Well goddammit President Obama has been a good ten or fifteen minutes late for every announcement he’s made since he became president, and here he is at 10:15 AM on the nose and your editor must decide between scarfing down an English muffin and typing. GUESS WHO WON.
10:17 AM — He looks pretty pleased, so that’s nice. Fun fact: Judge Sotomayor was appointed to various positions by both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. She is certainly NOT an affirmative action pick, education-wise, as she attended those elite universities and law schools that all the elites go to — including Yale Law School, the Harvard of law schools.
10:20 AM — “Some say that Judge Sotomayor saved baseball.”
10:20 AM — Blah blah blah, a long and distinguished resume. And a distinguished biography.
10:22 AM — AWW Sonia’s mom! CBS is only showing the back of her head. It is a very empathetic head.
10:23 AM — Overcome the odds, lived the American dream, etc. Yes, except that Rosen says she doesn’t really have any friends. (This is also the American dream, to be free of friends.)
10:24 AM — He finally broaches the very difficult topic of her SECRET DIABETIC SHAME, which kept her from being Nancy Drew.

10:25 AM — Standing ovation. Did Biden lean over and say, “I think they like you”?
10:26 AM — Her turn to talk. Her whole family is here, including twin nephews with proper yuppie names.
10:28 AM — Upholding the law, more resume recaps, a wealth of experience, blah. Remember John Roberts and his two cute kids who like ran around the stage when HE was introduced to America? Judge Sotomayor should have hired those kids for the morning.
10:32 AM — “An ordinary person who has been blessed with extraordinary opportunities and experiences.” Translation: a radical leftist lesbian radical who will take away your guns, force your children into kindergarten abortion parties, exhume the corpse of Ronald Reagan for the purposes of urinating on it, and surrender in Iraq.

10:40 AM — Quick analysis: A pretty goddamn dull introduction, both from Obama and from Sotomayor, but that was probably the point. All that stuff about “And then she had this job, and that job” is just supposed to suggest that, in spite of her lack of whiteness and male parts, she is actually qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, and in fact is quite comfortingly boring.

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  1. Freepers heads are exploding…Obama just said he wanted someone with a “common touch” and someone compassionate.

    Doesn’t he know those qualities are ANTI-AMERICA????!!!!

  2. She’s fast at deciding baseball cases.
    Not sure that’s enough to put her on the Supreme Court, but it’s good enough for our Hopey.

  3. She read Nancy Drew? I hope those books are better than the Hardy Boys tripe. That was imposed on me in third grade (my teacher looking askance at me reading so much Faulkner, not like the regular kids) and I found it so dull that it was the one book all year that I could barely recall the details of after finishing. No, I’m not still bitter.

  4. She came up out of poverty? That sort of thing is sentimentally appealing, but utterly irrelevant to a SCOTUS justice’s qualifications. Unless of course, it’s Clarence Thomas, in which it’s an aspiring example of rugged individualism.

  5. Um, dear President Blackman: A judge like that would kill your brother. Forget that judge and find another-one of your own kind, stick to your own kind.

  6. [re=324164]SayItWithWookies[/re]: There was also a sci-fi sort of thing series (Tom Somethingorother?). Almost but me off sci fi. Then I got my hands on the Foundation Trilogy.

  7. [re=324164]SayItWithWookies[/re]: You had the Hardy Boys forced on you and were denied Nancy Drew? That’s just another sign of white male privilege. I blame Mitch McConnell.

  8. Mara Liasson on NPR said President Obama was trying to portray Sotomayor as a pragmatic centrist, emphasizing the limits of the law and being appointed by George the First. Silly — don’t they know the only centrist they’ll accept is a hardcore right-wing Republican type of centrist?

  9. I almost pity anyone who would try and shoot her down in confirmation hearings.

    It’s hard to believe, Republicans, but you might be called “racists”…I know, right? I mean, you have a negro heading the party!

  10. Hey, I read Nancy Drew when I was a kid, but only for the chapters where she got hit in the head with a rock (which always happened midway through the books). It remains a guilty shame of my childhood.

    Can I be on SCOTUS? Also?

  11. [re=324169]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Win. But she’s obviously an elitist if she doesn’t bring illustrations/muppets or thank JESUS.

  12. She seems like enough lady. But she’s not very bright, according to the guy on MSNBC. I thought, however, that crazy hispanics were all named Sanchez. Since she’s not that, I figured she wasn’t the ass hat I’d seen on wonkette because of the name. Then the picture was the same. Damn. Was there no mexican Bader Ginsberg?

  13. [re=324179]x111e7thst[/re]: Wasn’t that Tom Swift?

    [re=324185]Larry McAwful[/re]: The sexist hegemony of the time mandated that I read boy books, since girl books had cooties.

  14. From WaPo: Judge has stirred controversy by saying that judges’ legal findings are informed by their own life experiences as well as their legal research.

    Similarly, I have stirred controversy by drinking red wine with fish.

  15. If you are going to live-blog ANYTHING, you must tell us all if there were TElePromPterz present!!

    Where are the TelePrompTeRz
    Send in the TeLepRomPterz
    There should be TelEprOmpterZ

  16. [re=324190]Blender[/re]: I believe that the same publisher did the “Tom Corbett – Space Cadet” series (and Tom Swift, as well as the Hardy Boys). I read every one of those books when I was a kid…

    SO, if you can be on SCOTUS, I get to run NASA!!

  17. I love this ‘not very bright’ meme – WTF? I think this stems from Republicans having been told “Summa cum laude” is a dish with chicken and two kinds of beans.

  18. [re=324200]loudmouthredhead[/re]: let’s see….she graduated summa cum laude from Princeton, won the Pyne prize(highest award given to undergrads) and was editor of the Yale Law Journal.

    All of the above point to her general lack of intelligence. That, and the fact that she’s a mexican-ish, foreign chick.

  19. calm down folks. “not very bright” went to arguably the two best schools in the U.S. America, except not because her father was running the CIA or because she was descendant of Franklin Pierce. (her dad was actually dead by then.) she’s plenty fucking bright; and besides, the clerks write the opinions. jeb bush could nominate monica goodling or pat robertson’s right nut in 2018 and he still wouldn’t have nominated someone as unqualified as harriet freaking miers.

  20. Everyone knows that Nancy Drew is code for “lipstick lesbian.” Her best friends was a girl named George, fercrysake, and she was frequently known to wear something called a “gay frock.” She had no living mother, and therefore no breeders for role models. Wake up, depressed America!!!

  21. a radical leftist lesbian radical who will take away your guns, force your children into kindergarten abortion parties, exhume the corpse of Ronald Reagan for the purposes of urinating on it, and surrender in Iraq

    FINALLY, a Supreme Court justice I can support.

  22. [re=324199]SayItWithWookies[/re]: God, did you bring back memories about cooties! EVERYONE (but especially girls!) had cooties in my day (with the exception of the members of my very exclusive club consisting of nerdy 8-year-olds!). God, life was simple back then…

  23. If you’ve spent your career explaining complicated things to juries and criminals you’re perfectly prepared to speak to the press. Go slow, assume stupid.

  24. While Sotomayor may have the requisite Latina background and mocha skin tone to achieve auto-liberal support, I do hold out the possibility that she might be a temperamental d-bag, and ‘not very bright’ as well. Such things have been known to happen.

    Still, it’d be sooooo cool if she got in a clawing, spitting cat-fight with Clarence Thomas. I’d pay to watch that.

  25. OH NO…she has a “strong” personality…which FOX is telling me is a bad thing! Vote her down, people…we need more warm, fuzzy and docile judges like Scalia.

  26. Fuck, I’ve already heard her name pronounced three different ways in the last 10 minutes – maybe she should change it to something easy to understand, like a real American.

  27. Judge Glenn said lawyers generally regard her as representative of what he said is called “a hot bench,” meaning that boy, when she sits on a bench for a while, and then you sit on it, you sure can tell she’s been there.

  28. Do you think she could hold her own in fight with Scalia? I mean fists in face punching not the debate the issues kind of crap.

  29. “Even the NPR”

    I don’t know about your part of the country, but since W took office and appointed board members National Petroleum Radio has been skewing to the right. Not that they were ever particularly left, but they were much more centrist in the 90’s. They rely the vast majority of the time on right wing think tanks for opinion and insight on issues and their general coverage skew right of center.

  30. [re=324211]proudgrampa[/re]: Or Tom Swift. Perhaps I tried both series, thus setting out on a whole lifetime of ill advised and dangerous experimentation.

  31. [re=324199]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Cooties could have been cured by now, but the PC liberal media won’t let the free market invent a vaccine.

  32. If she was a dumb, wouldn’t that be a plus for a republitard appointee? Or is she somehow simultaneously a dumb and an élite? But then wouldn’t that make her W?
    I haz a confuseded.
    PS fuck baseball. Shouldn’t she be into futbol?

  33. [re=324238]rev_matt_y[/re]: Are you being funny? Or maybe local programming varies a lot. Here in the socialist republic of New York, NPR is reliably left of center.

  34. What is the over-under on how long till the pubs insinuate that she was an immigrant of some sort, forgetting that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

  35. [re=324239]x111e7thst[/re]: “…setting out on a whole lifetime of ill advised and dangerous experimentation.”

    Yep! That’s what we did. Also.

    Damn near burned the house down, once…

  36. Blah blah most liberal person ever nominated in United States history, blah blah activist judge with no respect for the Constitution, blah blah radical Socialist agenda for country’s highest court, blah blah atheist with no family (lesbian). You’re welcome, Fox News!

  37. [re=324238]rev_matt_y[/re]: No shite. You can’t even have a discussion about the appointment for local dogcatcher on NPR without a rep from the Heritage Foundation being there to say that the founding fathers would have wanted a real Christian for dogcatcher and baring that the invisible hand of the free market will find a way to compassionately take care of the stray dog problem. BTW what does one of those Heritage Foundation shill jobs pay anyhow, that must be the easiest work in the world.

  38. [re=324184]Airborne Toxic Event[/re]: By “conducted” a partial birth abortion, do you mean leading the chamber orchestra that provides musical accompaniment for these events? Because that’d be awesome.

  39. I went to high school (and then the same university, one year after) as Sonia. What do I win?
    By the way, she was a leader even then. You could tell she was “going places.” I wish her all the best. She’ll need to withstand the GOP smear machine, which is not afraid of shrinking to the party of the Conferacy. Still, give them credit, they had the prescience years ago to see Sonia coming and did all they could to block her nomination to the bench — stepping stones to today’s nomination. Thing was Sonia had to wait awhile for both a Democratic president and a Supreme Court vacancy.

  40. “Even the NPR” #2

    These load of FOX wanna-bees just disgust me. My local KPCC, Pasadena, has this mourning show with a juan-williams-wanna-bee bending over backward for the right-wingers who call in from Orange County so they are sure to get the donations during begging-drives. This ass-hat keeps equally weighing FOX talking points with Truth; i.e. Waterboarding: A spash in the face or just merely uncomfortable… Hey, Larry Mantle, you are a douche bag.

    “SCOTUS” doesn’t ring Hispanic Woman to me in the least…German porn, maybe.

  41. [re=324215]pat robertsons personal trainer[/re]: Strange. When Bush floated Harriet (Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers) Myers name for a SCOTUS appointment the meme was that she was “unqualified.” No one called her unintelligent despite the fact that the avaerage residential washing machine could checkmate her in 12 moves.

  42. [re=324190]Blender[/re]: Dude, I’ve been reading Nancy Drew books with my youngest daughter at bedtimes for about 2 years now, and our Titian-haired young sleuth has yet to be hit on the head with a rock.

    It’s always something more like locked in a closet, or chained to a wall or something.

  43. All that stuff about “And then she had this job, and that job”

    I was kinda expecting Obama to begin a list of “begats” after awhile.

  44. [re=324257]Rosie Scenario[/re]: In the end the GOOP smear machine won’t matter to Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation, what counts there is votes in the Senate, and the Repukes have too few for this filibuster. Where the smears may play big is in the next election, if enough hispanic voters decide they have finally had enough of this shit.

  45. I am Michael Steele, as you can see above. As my fellow commentors on Wonkette have come to know, I am all about da Big Tent. But this is ridiculous. A woman and a Puerto Rican? With feelings? In one person? How much can the right be expected to endure? I say we should filibuster. We owe it to our base. We can’t afford to ignore the core of the Party, who have brought us so far, lo these many years. Ignorant ass Southern whitey will not take this nomination lying down, and as RNC Chairman, I serve at his pleasure.

  46. [re=324263]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: “It’s always something more like locked in a closet, or chained to a wall or something.”


  47. [re=324269]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: “It’s always something more like locked in a closet, or chained to a wall or something.”


    Tell me about it.

    I’ll admit, there’s a whole lot of sub-texty riff going on in my brain when I’m reading these things, especially when it’s George and Nancy together; George being the ‘adventurous’ type of girl and all.

  48. The GOPers will filibuster. They will EPIC FAIL, and piss off their remaining nine Hispanic supporters. Obama wins Arizona in 2012, while the Republicans adopt “Totally Fucked” from Spring Awakening as their new campaign anthem.

    It’s all good, people.

  49. [re=324263]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Shit- if she doesn’t get hit in the head with a rock at least ONCE these books are all going back to the goodamned library.

  50. [re=324245]CorkPopper[/re]: Well, I’m in the Midwest. Where moderate democrats were proudly voting for McCain because they would not even consider voting for a non-white.

  51. If we are to take Lucius Shepard’s novel Life During Wartime as established fact–and if it’s good enough for Crichton, it’s certainly good enough for Shepard–we need to acknowledge that the Sotomayor is one of two ancient and powerful families secretly controlling the planet with low grade psychic powers gained from ingesting a simple weed that grows only on their property.

    Oops, spoilers.

  52. [re=324312]Custerwolf[/re]: To be fair, the short one and I have read only the first 16 or so of those books. Maybe they get more conventionally violent later on.

    There are apparently 175 of the things. Who knew?

  53. I just love how all these ignoramuses who dissuade their kids from doing well in school are bitching about how Sotomayor isn’t smart.

    What would they know about smart, except that they’re not?

    Just saying.

  54. Okay… I hate to bring it up, but how long before Scalia farts and he then says “don’t blame me, talk to Justice Taco.”

  55. Witch, to be fair, plenty of people who are of the intellectual class aren’t terribly impressed either. Not terribly depressed, but the issue isn’t if she’s smarter then Tom DeLay’s minions currently, but if she is of sufficent intellectual heft to persuade the other members of the court.

    Kinda a general problem with a lot of Hopey’s stuff, long on potential, short on brainpower (We all know how Keynesianism worked out for England). Scalia may be an asshole, but he can write an argument which influences Kennedy, who is the only man who really matters. She’s really a 2.0 of Alito, who has been a consistent vote for the conservatives, but really has been an overall fail.

  56. Yep-yep!

    The problem was going for a latino and a woman in the same round really limited the options. Although Thomas has not exactly “blackified” the courts in his time on the bench.

    Oh, Clarence Thomas, at least you won’t overturn Roe V Wade if the new lady turns out to be too pro-life.

  57. [re=324238]rev_matt_y[/re]: Listening to John Hockenberry fawn over Curtis LeMay’s biographer on that abortion of a public radio program known as the Takeaway was particularly vomit-worthy. I wish Joe Klein would make fun of Hockendouche’s wheelchair.

  58. [re=324263]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Re Nancy Drew and rocks to the head. I also recall that the Nancy Drew (and Hardy Boys) books of my youth were a lot more violent than the updated versions (they rewrite them about once a decade it seems). Anyway, maybe they wanted to stop glorifying concussions.

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