Who knew the Saudi King was so leetle!
We were sort of saddened the other day to find Barack Obama’s White House Flickr account pretty much filled with serious-looking sad people having “listening tours” in abandoned offices and warehouses in places like Sacramento. COME ON we see that in real life, every day, not fun. Today, official White House photographer Pete Souza gives us the glamor and style again, with this adorable photograph of Barack’s comical dwarf twin, “Mini Poupon,” giving him a noogie. [Flickr/The Awl]

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  1. The Chosen One has planted his big foot square on the symbol of the United States to once again show his hatred for this great nation. The kid was invited to the Oval Office because he survived the slaughter of innocents in Chicago by the Obama daughters.

  2. Goddammit, how can I ever get angry with this mean ol’ cautious centrist when the cameras catch him in such adorably precious, unscripted situations? I’m a big tough manly man and this just melts my cold cold heart.

  3. [re=320736]Dave J.[/re]: Those are Remingtons that have been in the Oval Office for decades. Barry just got rid of the few that depicted the hog-tying of young negroes.

  4. Careful— Michael Patrick Leahy might sue you for this photo, somehow.

    Also, it belongs to the White House, and there hilarious disclaimer is something like “DON’T USE THIS TO SELL SHIT, YOU BASTARDS.” But whatever everything should be fine.

  5. The caption on the Flickr page says “The youngster wanted to see if the President’s haircut felt like his own.” And yet if a middle-aged white woman — Peggy Noonan, say — asked to touch the president’s hair, or her maid’s hair, to see what it felt like, she’d be branded a racist. Where’s the JUSTICE?

  6. “. . . and her name was Monica. She had to crunch herself up just like this to fit in that little space under the desk. And while she was there, she . . .”

  7. All you libertardes with your fancy lattes and Volvos have been once again fooled by the cutesy-pie kiddies playing with the Head Commutard’s head! What you neglected was to see our lyberties and our nashunal soverinnety have been given over to the Somalia Pyrates!
    And it was on the same websight, and you OVERLOOKED IT!
    Here he is cutting the deal that will change our country ferever…

    See the truth atheist buttsectsers!

  8. [re=320757]Nerdalicious[/re]:

    It doesn’t say, but Crist is actually powering those sparkles with his inner homo. The technique takes years to perfect.

  9. [re=320741]Mr Blifil[/re]:

    Blifil, you say it’s a Remington and has been there for decades — which means, probably, it was selected by the Gipper and has been there ever since. I was happier with my little fantasy; this one is not so much fun.

  10. [re=320774]artbot2000[/re]: Sleep easily, The Bronco Buster was presented to Teddy Roosevelt by Remington himself. So it seems to have preceded ol’ Alzheimer’s Head by a few years.

  11. It’s definitely a Remington. The Gipper is a good guess as to who donated it if the artist was still selling his own work when Teddy Roosevelt was in office. Someone knows. It’s not a Henry Moore.

  12. [re=320779]Chief Grinning Eagle[/re]: Hmm…not sure. The Carter Library has a copy (this was one of the most popular sculpture reproductions of it’s day). Presumably Carter liked looking at it. Which would suggest it predated Reagan, because, you know, the hostages.

  13. First he bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, now Webster. Who won’t he bow to?

    George Bush would never bring dishonor to the White House like this. At least he made out with the King on his ranch.

  14. [re=320738]hobospacejunkie[/re]: I’m a big tough manly man and this just melts my cold cold heart.

    I love ya’ dude, but anyone with a pwecious widdle pussycat as their avatar, and repeatedly admits living off the the labor and good graces of an honest working woman is not a “a big tough manly man.”

    It’s funny how we all envision ourselves here. I envision myself as cynical and sometimes funny. A case in point, perhaps.

  15. [re=320779]Chief Grinning Eagle[/re]: [re=320778]Mr Blifil[/re]: Heh, it’s pretty cool in a tacky-piece-of-shit sorta way. My drunk uncle who once had a partnership in a furniture store gave a 1/2 scale replica of the same piece to my dad and it (dis)graced our mantle for many years until somebody broke into our lake place and stole it.

    (Took my pellet gun, shitload of LP’s and all our our liquor, too. The bastards. I still miss that pellet gun.)

  16. [re=320774]artbot2000[/re]: It’s a Remington, though probably not the one that was presented to Teddy Roosevelt. White House records show that a likeness of that one was purchased through the Franklin Mint in a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition set complete with a certificate of authenticity by the previous inhabitant.

    Oh, also — and not joking this time — that is Dubya’s rug with the sunburst design that he had Laura purchase. It looks optimistic, as he was so fond of saying to tour groups.

  17. [re=320818]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Don’t make me come over there and kick your ass!!

    And my precious little pussycat died in 2006. I honor his life by propagating his image across the internet. Plus that photo full-size is one of my best, a kind of mug shot of a cat. Plus cats are way better than people, as friend or foe.

    I may not be a tough manly man, but I am 6’3″ 220lbs.

  18. [re=320736]Dave J.[/re]: Even more disrespect. Barry ‘returned’ the statue of the great Winson Churchill, insulting the hated British and went Brokeback – why??

  19. If it had been GW Bush, the little boy would have been knocking on the Presidential head to “see what hollow sounds like.”

  20. I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but it was too tempting.

    I glanced at the comments on Ben Smith’s post about this, and have now lost all faith in humanity.

  21. [re=320740]maven[/re]: No, he’s checking his skull for bumps that show he’s a terrorist.

    Actually, having grown up with the incredible amount of b.s. people generate over hair texture, this picture is very powerful.

  22. [re=320738]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Yeah, basically. No doubt through a failure of the political system that has served us so well for so long, we somehow elected a human being as president.

  23. My God, people! NONE of you realized that this the child soldier of the Secret Muslin Army is sending a signal out to the TERRISTS!!!!!!!one111

  24. This ritual is merely Barry’s morning toilette, that tiny gentleman is his hair-dresser-in-chief, plucking the grey hair that comes from worrying about Bank of America, Pakistan, CO2 emissions.

  25. What the White House is trying to cover up is not about the President’s hair but that the kid just can’t believe that anyone has ears that big.

  26. Yeah. I saw this on the internets yesterday and my uterus fell out of my skirt. You take one look at their photo and an involuntary squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! pops out.

  27. HEAR THIS, O INFIDELS AND TREMBLE BEFORE THE LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH! The Glorious Appearance of the Hidden Imam has occurred, in the form of a young boy. Barack Hussein Obama, former leader of the Great Satan of the West, has embraced his Muslin heritage and righteously given himself AND the government he formerly led into Submission to THE ALMIGHTY, and The Almightly’s cute lil’ Prophet who’s gonna some milk & fresh-baked cookies from Granmomma Obama as soon as they finish the ceremony of The lil’ Prophet’s investiture as Supreme-Caliph-for-Life and subsequent his marriage to the Noble Virgins Sasha and Malia. Allahu Akbar, D.C.!

  28. The Remington of a cowboy falling off his horse must be replaced by a more contemporary work, like a statue of St. Ronald Reagan in naked repose, sans figleaf, smiling on America. Or a simple head and shoulders of Malcolm X.

  29. I am surprised this is the first time this ritual has been caught on tape. He is the new Tree of Hope, so every Black person does that now – just like at the Apollo.

  30. [re=320864]SkimLatteModerate[/re]: I read the comments from Flikr and noticed this one:

    I pity all the sad people commenting who see this and twist it into something negative. Your lives must be pretty lame if that is how you view everything, even a kind moment between the President and a child.

    Typical droll internet comment. It only struck me because of how quickly my own thinking traveled the enormous gulch between “OMG! What a simply adorable representation of who this President is and what he stand for, for all of us” to “OMG, brain-overload at all the comical ways to view this through the jaundiced eyes of racist bitterz.”

    An internet comment sent me soul-searching for three seconds, which is like a record for me.

  31. [re=320835]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Yeah, yeah. We’ve read the whole story of why you’re a pussy your pussy on other threads…

    By the way, my cats (they hunt as a team sometimes, which I’m told is unusual) brought me a mostly-dead mountain beaver through their cat door the other day. Just another reason I love living in the woods. Usually it’s just a maimed bird, or the back half of a squirrel, but hey! Mountain beaver! Don’t see those every day.

    I’m trying to figure out a way to teach them to run down a deer for me. My yard is lousy with them.

  32. [re=320736]Dave J.[/re]: I’m with you on this–it was cool that he was so busy doing the country’s business that rearranging the furniture would appear trivial. But come on–the Smithsonian and the White House vaults are full of good stuff–it is time to get rid of Bush’s middlebrow take on patriotism (keep the carpet by all means–it is pretty cool.)

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