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  1. tunamelt

    [re=320732]tunamelt[/re]: Or maybe not. But the Korean bbq taco truck is the Kogi one.

  2. hobospacejunkie

    Anyone know the percentage turnout of eligible voters today? In my burg, turnout for elections not involving presidents or senators = ~15% at best. So the future of municipal government gets decided by a few cranks who actually read the local monopoly paper. How does California compare?

  3. chascates

    [re=320744]hobospacejunkie[/re]: via LA Times:
    “By 4 p.m., voter turnout in Los Angeles County is about 11.57%. Turnout in Orange County is similarly scant. Those who vote seem unhappy with the budget-related propositions.”

    Looks as bad as Austin’s mayoral race. And I kept meaning to vote but kept forgetting my card and then blew it off.

  4. Da Derga

    She must not know about Proposition 78-W: All municipalities with a population over 5,000 must have a taco truck on every third street corner. Of these, at least 60% must be Korean BBQ.

    Get out there and vote people!

  5. hobospacejunkie

    [re=320752]chascates[/re]: Thank you. For some reason I thought it’d be higher, since they seem to have elections every other week. Not sure why I’d think that would make a difference. Or why I didn’t look at the LA Times myself.

    I didn’t vote in the mayor’s race, either. But at least Brewster didn’t win. Not that I know anything about his opponent, the winner. All I know about local politics I learn from my wife, who seems to know or be acquainted with a lot of local politicos via her work, and the stupid ‘parties’/fundraisers she’s forced to attend.

  6. catsonmars

    Debra, that’s not how it works – you’re supposed to let Twitter tell YOU where the Kogi truck is.

  7. Jukesgrrl

    [re=320767]catsonmars[/re]: Public official doesn’t know how to use Twitter. What a surprise. The big fail: she didn’t write, “What is a FUCKING Korean BBQ taco truck?”

  8. OnTheLoose

    When every day is election day the secretary of state can afford to go on a taco run.

  9. Judas Peckerwood

    When the Revolution comes, the government officials who polluted the world with their twattings will go up against the wall right after the lawyers. You heard it here first

  10. Lionel Hutz Esq.

    When I lived in Portland, OR, there used to be a Teriyaki/Mexican place (that might have also served fried chicken). Either way, it was a great place after a night of drinking.

  11. norbizness

    I think A Tribe Called Quest should change the line “Ya lyrics is plain like 8-ball jackets” to “Ya lyrics is plain like a politician’s Twitter feed.”

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