RNC comedy act Michael Steele has delivered his very hyped speech to state GOP chairmen about how… today… today the Republican Party rises anew! RIGHT NOW, baby. Craziness! What’s different? Well: abortions for all! Free hamburgers and catsup! 9/11? Huh. Steele believes that “the future of the GOP,” starting today, “lies not in looking back but in pushing forward.” Time to insult Ronald Reagan!

“Ronald Reagan never lived in the past,” Steele will say. “Ronald Reagan was all about the future. If President Reagan were here today he would have no patience for Americans who looked backward.”

And by “Americans who looked backward” he means “the lower and middle classes of America.” The GOP should run with this!

Chris “The Fix” Cillizza suggests that the time has come, for Michael Steele, to do whatever baby:

Steele, on paper, can still be the right man at the right time for the GOP. He is a charismatic public speaker and television presence whose career is evidence of the possibility of Republicans getting elected in blue states.

And, his call to “take this president on with class….take this president on with dignity” strikes the right tone for Republicans seeking to score political points off of Obama as hard partisan attacks seem to glance off of him without leaving a mark.

So that’s Michael Steele’s new plan for the GOP: “Let’s stop being dicks about everything.” Worth a shot!

NO, WAIT. Michael Steele’s new plan for the GOP: “This change, my friends, is being delivered in a tea bag. And that’s a wonderful thing.”

Steele Tries To Turn The Page [WP/The Fix]

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