Sometimes you wonder if pollsters ask themselves “Is this an insulting thing to ask people?” before dialing up the opinionated American electorate. But no, not insulting, just revealing: “Given a choice of three options, just 24% of voters can correctly identify the cap-and-trade proposal as something that deals with environmental issues. A slightly higher number (29%) believe the proposal has something to do with regulating Wall Street while 17% think the term applies to health care reform. A plurality (30%) have no idea.” Hmm, looks to us like a majority (76%) “have no idea.” The other 24% are just queers. [Rasmussen via Yglesias]

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  • Come here a minute

    Sounds like a baseball thing to me. No? Football?

  • Tommmcatt

    In the land of the dumb, the half-wit guy is Rush Limbaugh.

  • frumious_bandersnatch

    I thought it was level four of that learn-to-put-a-condom-on-using-your-mouth game. No wonder folks stopped accepting my invitations to games night…

  • kudzu

    I think it has to do with buying and selling Truck Nutz, does it?

  • freakishlystrong

    The other 19% thought it was about Dijon Mustard on hamburgers…

  • 51dimes

    [re=313558]Come here a minute[/re]: All I know is that if my Seahawks don’t get in this, I’m going to be pissed.

  • Crab1

    Something about queers marryin’ like regular US Americans, right?

  • dijetlo

    where is the alt text for this picture?
    and why isn’t this dog playing cards?

  • Merry Christen

    Who cares what a cap and queer is, or whatever the fuck you said. All I care about is who’s dog is that!?!?! He is SO CUTE!!!

  • The Cold Sea

    Sounds like secret Republican men’s bathroom sexy time double speak.

  • Merry Christen

    Sorry again, grammer Nazis….WHOSE dog is that?

  • heuristicdevice

    To be fair, cap and trade advocates usually aren’t sure what cap and trade is all about.

  • bitchincamaro

    I thought it was “cap and gown”. Aren’t we all graduating this week?

  • SayItWithWookies

    I thought it had to do with the psychedelic mushroom market. Which reminds me, I’ve gotta see a guy about some T-Bills.

  • Accordion-o-rama

    I thought Cap’n Trade was a kids’ comic strip.

  • Custerwolf

    Isn’t cap and trade where you shoot someone, then switch guns with them? Maybe I’m thinking of something else.

  • One Yield Regular

    Yes, but to be absolutely fair, that 24% thought the pollster said “Carriage trade.”

  • SayItWithWookies

    [re=313652]Custerwolf[/re]: That’s self-defense, LAPD (Ramparts division) style. “The suspect was alive and pointing a gun at me — just not at the same time.”

  • Joshua Norton

    Dems make up limp wristed, dumb ass names for their bills. Repugs make up nice descriptive names. Cap and Trade? What the F*** are they talking about. They must try to use the word “death” in everything. Call it the “Keep all Americans from choking to death” Bill.

    If they had a bill called “Pass this bill NOW or all your children will die” it would have been a law now. Instead they pull something weak sounding like “S CHIP” out of their ass and expect us to pay attention.


  • V572625694

    [re=313657]SayItWithWookies[/re]: +1 !!!1!!one!uno!eins!

  • Uncle Sam

    I had to bang EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson to find out what it was.

  • boatapple


  • boatapple


  • engulfedinflames

    i rest my case

  • Jukesgrrl

    Cap and trade – card check x subprime redistributions + job losses = trucknutz for everyone

  • azw88

    I thought cap and trade was something you did with ugly women at wife-swapping parties. You put a cap over her face so someone is willing to trade his milf for your dog-faced skank.

  • Red Zeppelin

    [re=313781]azw88[/re]: [re=313781]azw88[/re]: That’s jes cold.

  • Zorg

    As Sir Winston Churchill once observed, “The best argument against Democracy is a ten-minute conversation with an average voter.” Or did he say “five-minute?” Damn. Either way, I miss the old Monarchy.

  • HipHopOpotamus

    I thought cap n trade was what those teenagers were doing when they get to school and change their outfits with friends so their parents didn’t know what they wore at school? I could’ve sworn I saw it on an episode of Degrassi.

  • Red Zeppelin

    Is that dog wanking, or what?

  • Mad Farmer Manifest

    This is why America will explode in a big fireball of doom, followed by zombies.

  • Bruno

    If you’re going to ask if people have no idea, you should at least come up with some better bullshit answers, like Outsourcing the Baseball Cap Industry to China, or something to do with tin-foil hats, or those pointy german military helmets (typically worn by those in motorcycle side cars).

  • ALIVE!

    [re=313678]Joshua Norton[/re]: Bullseye.

  • Custerwolf

    [re=313991]ALIVE![/re]: Thanks for pointing that comment out to me. Missed it somehow.

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