Two issues “on the table” in this week’s heads-a-bloggin’ exchange between your editor and Choire Sicha: that goddamned White House Correspondents Association Dinner/Jerkoff, and a curious new marketing video put out by our former employers at Gawker Media. Who will win?!

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  1. a little tip, you smegma leftist cocks, when you pull back the curtain and attempt to humanize yourselves it is painful and less than beneficial to all involved.

  2. I fucking have an interview with Neal Horsley at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, AND IT WILL ALSO BE WEBCAM. So therefore, everyone in Georgia should vote for Neal. I even SPOKE TO THE MAN ON THE PHONE.

    God save us all.

  3. OK, I watched a couple of minutes of it. Between Ken (voice) and Choire (goofy tie, smoking, drunk) I think they are collectively channeling the spirit of the late, great Tom Snyder.

    (OK, so I’m really stretching for something nice to say. Would it kill the rest of you to do that too? Remember, we like Ken around here…)

  4. [re=311928]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Neal Horsley? Toughest “get” in the newz biz, huh? It’s possible that not even Fox takes him seriously, but then again I saw Hannity’s “Tree of Liberty” on Colbert and it’s evident that sane people aren’t in charge.

  5. [re=311935]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: The cat was nice, but I clicked off as soon as Choire hurled it out of camera range. Does that count as “saying something nice”? And is s “saying something nice” the kind of thing we’re good at around here?

  6. [re=311935]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: I love them, but then I thought the first, thirty-minute epic was hilarious. I’m kind of a loser.

  7. Well, I for one prefer my “fantasy” Choire and Ken who look like Iggy Pop and Anthony Stuart Head repectively. Now I am just sad.

    Jeez Choire, I hope that poor cat shits in your shoe.

  8. Poor kitty thought he was there to do an “Awl and the Pussycat” routine when he was unceremoniously exited stage right.

  9. Ken, you are both visually and auditorily pleasing to my senses, however, these videos really scream for better Choireography.

  10. OMG! Why are you guys forcing us to listen to your video love chats?

    Do what other closet homos do and do it in the Capitol building.

  11. [re=312013]Bearbloke[/re]: Downright inspriational. (BTW, I was totes bluffing on the beard thing, as I don’t currently have one. But when I grow it out, it looks pretty much like Ken’s if I don’t trim it. My neck is incredibly fertile soil for growing the hair-plant.)

  12. I watched the video again this morning (since my coffee had failed to provide its usual laxitive effect, I was searching for alternatives), and this time I clearly heard Choire say, “I like the guys,” so Tommcatt, it looks like your chances are definitely better than mine.

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