Oh you laugh now ...The pineapple heads over in Hawaii have passed the worst piece of legislation EVER, worse even than the Fugitive Slave Act. They have decided to make September 24, 2009 into “Islam Day,” which will feature forcible conversions, public executions, and widespread consumption of halal meats.

Oh, wait:

The resolution does not call for any spending or organized celebration of Islam Day.

Well then fuck that holiday. It makes Kwanzaa look “serious.”

Hawaii lawmakers create ‘Islam Day’ [Honolulu Advertiser]

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  1. SKS? Sounds like the ANTI-muslin dream team. If we could elect the Palin-Bachmann team we could all wear aluminum foil hats on our heads, with underpants liners. And spend every night barking at the moon.

  2. This was done in collusion with Google Alerts to generate page views from all the wingnuts. Next the Hawaii legislature will pass Birth Certificate Day, which will also be commemorated with nothing at all.

  3. …and so it begins. The final days until the full Muslin takeover. Half breed only paved the way what with his fake BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Now, it’s on. To the store for ammo and hobo beans.

  4. It’s important to honor the contributions Islam has made to society — the Teleprompter, the forged birth certificate, the sleeper cell disguised as a political movement…

  5. One Freeper says :”I’ve never been to Hawaii, now I’ll never go! Perhaps Japanese occupation in WWII would have given them better insight to totalitarianism”


  6. I figured the comments on that would be filled with the crazy (and the random ALL CAPS), and man they do not disappoint:

    “I will fight to my death to stop this transfer of power that Muslim-bred Obama has begun—I’m serious, he is evil”

    And bonus racism:

    “No…….THAT’S been moved to 4:20 and will follow the PowerPoint presentation entitled “How to destroy your enemies economy – Mexicans are doing it and so can we”. The “7 steps of owning a convenience store franchise” has been moved to Wednesday.”

  7. LOL –

    *proudly puffing up chest*

    Yeah baby, that be my homies in the 808.

    In our defense, we also lead all of America in per-capita consumption of spam (the meat product, not internet advertising).

  8. Just a qualification: The first time I clinked on the link to Honolulu Advertiser the url came up as “”

    So I’m not a complete idiot. Actually, I may be a complete idiot, but it has nothing to do with my comment about The intertubes was not made for oldsters like me.

  9. According to the state legislation and the Governor’s Office, here are some of the planned public activities for “Islam Day:”

    –Public stonings, 1 p.m., 2 p.m, 3 p.m., free, State Capitol Plaza.

    –Public beheadings, 1:45 p.m, 2:45 p.m., 3:45 p.m., free, State Capitol Plaza.

    –Men-only driving contest, noon, 2 p.m., 4 p.m, $100 entry fee, Hawaii NASCAR Racetrack

    –Female public humiliation exercises, 8, 8:30, 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30, 11, through the day, free, State Capitol Plaza.

    –“How to Publicly Criticize Alcohol, Cigarettes and Women But Privately Enjoy All Three,” seminar, workshop and lecture, noon-4 p.m., State House Freedom Room.

    –Kosher Food Feast, featuring matzo-ball soup, knishes, latkes, brisket, matzoh, deli foods, pickles, State House Cafeteria, all day.

  10. And holy fucking shit, what now? This is undeniable unrefutable PROOF that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a goddam muslin. HE was born in that state people!!! Bill O’Reilly should call for a total boycott. Hawaii is so dead.

  11. [re=310704]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: No, no, and no. The first rule of Free Republic membership is that you may not admit that he was born in Hawaii — fake birth certificate, hello!?! Everyone in the Tundra-tard fan club knows that he was born in Mecca.

  12. [re=310721]Vewol Mevemont[/re]: Hey, I have no problem holding onto two opposing views at once. That’s why I’m smarter than you libtard bitches! So suck that! He’s a christian muslin, prooved by the fact that he went to that Jeremiah Wright’s church where he listened to “god DAMN america” and then thay went off to smoke hooka’s full of weed and drink tea.

  13. Time: one year ago
    Place: Hawai’i Tourism Bureau boardroom

    Chairman Pai’eke: “OK, people, as I said in the memo, we called this meeting to come up with an action plan that will help us deal with startling new market research that has troubling potential repercussions for our tourism paradise here. Manu, you want to want to give us a summary?”

    Manu: “Yeah, well here it is in a nutshell. Survey after survey has revealed that the number one thing that visitors say would keep them from coming back to our isles is the prevalence of old white people here. They’re everywhere, and they are perceived as a nuisance, at best. Lotsa reasons given; they’re ugly at the beach; lousy drivers (too slow even for Hawaii), always complaining, always whining about their goddam senior discounts, lousy tippers, smell funny … the list goes on and on.”

    Chairman Pai’eke: “Thanks for the summary. And now here’s Abdulla, with the first of many suggested steps to deal with this problem…”

  14. NO! I knew our muslin presnit was going to somehow ruin my birthday. Now all the freepers are going to take over the internet. Can’t Hawaii move this to some other day? Maybe two weeks earlier? And make it a three-day weekend by having it on a Friday.


  15. Wow, now it’ll be right up there with “Pleasant Holidays” day (December 9, 2005), a real holiday in the state of Hawaii when we gather together to celebrate a package travel company.

  16. [re=311458]Jukesgrrl[/re]: that’s only because they make every muslin, white.

    by the way, if you do a search for muslin clothes or fabric, google image with “correct” it to muslim clothes because it more likely that people are stupid than that they have an interest in fabric? so proud.

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