Ha ha the very liberal Arlen Specter wants Norm Coleman to fight it out, up there in Minnesota! He tells the New York Times, “There’s still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner.” Hmm not really. Libtards are going nuts about how Arlen Specter isn’t saying everything the Democratic leadership wants him to say. But who gives a shit what Arlen Specter says about Norm Coleman? Party hacks, everywhere. UPDATE: HAHAHA, Arlen Specter was really just making a Jew joke. [TPM]

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  1. Isn’t there some kind of GOP Lemon Law where you can return him within 7 days if he turns out to be defective? I hope to fuck Harry Reid kept the receipt.

  2. You’d think we’d learn after Lieberman. Tweety nailed him pretty good the other day on Olberman’s show: he’ll do whatever he has to stay a senator, and doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass about “his” party.

    When you get a high-level defector you have to be careful he isn’t a mole. Anal probing at the least. Maybe Doctor Congressman Ron (father of Rand) Paul could be engaged to do the job. Because who knows what you’d find up there.

  3. StephanieInCA – I hate you. I thought you said “lemon party” not “lemon law”. After that I see the names Harry Reid and Arlen Specter. Ten gallons of eye bleach, STAT.

  4. [re=308961]StephanieInCA[/re]: He’s still a Republican until he goes to Pennsylvania and files a change of registration card.

  5. Are we sure ol’ Arlen isn’t acting so erratic because of a touch of the MEXICAN SWINE-FUCKER ZOMBIE DEATH PLAGUE Flu? I think he’s been in THE HOT ZONE all week, right?

    And speaking of theMEXICAN SWINE-FUCKER ZOMBIE DEATH PLAGUE Flu, here’s the real story your bread-and-circuses librul media WON’T tell you, until it’s too latethis was ‘accidentally’ posted to BBC News a few days ago, but The Men in Black made them take it down… stay asleep, Sheeple, stay asleep…

  6. At least he’ll have the Democrats’ backs if they decide to go to unilateral war again…unless something changed in the past 6 years I’m not aware of.

    He also started out as a Democrat which makes him the Congressional equivalent of a drunk college girl that can’t decide if she’s gay or just “bicurious”.

  7. Maybe, just maybe, Specter knows he is closer to leaving this mortal coil than he lets on. If so, Gov. Rendell would have no compunction about appointing a Dem to take his seat. Just maybe, but he is still acting mega-douchey.

  8. Hellooooo?

    Read the interview he gave to the NYT. The Norm Coleman response was a tongue in cheek answer to whether he cared that there wasn’t a single Jewish Republican left in the Senate. Can libtards not go the freeper foam-at-the-mouth way? Please.

  9. why do the Republicans still get any attention at all?

    They can’t seat Norm because by all recent accounts he probably lost and we are just waiting on the buckethead Minnesota Supreme Court to confirm it.

    Specter is acting very very O-L-D. Have we ruled out dimensia here?

  10. We may be making too much out of this. Specter is a senile cretin, but here’s an interesting comment from a TPM reader:

    In context Specter’s comment is clearly tongue in cheek:

    “With your departure from the Republican Party, there are no more Jewish Republicans in the Senate. Do you care about that?

    Specter: I sure do. There’s still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner.”

  11. He sold his whore votes on bills in exchange for getting to be senator again. He didn’t sell anything else but the votes.

  12. Libtards are going nuts about how Arlen Specter isn’t saying everything the Democratic leadership wants him to say.

    I think it’s more like the feeling you get when your old college pal unexpectedly shows up broke, smelly and drunk on your doorstep, and invites himself for an indefinite stay with the cheerful air of someone who thinks he’s doing you a favor.

  13. [re=309003]The Huffington Pogue[/re]: Nah, I wasn’t targetting Specter but the Senate. A little known fact: Shadow Senators are entirely made of offcast tumor cells.

  14. [re=308961]StephanieInCA[/re]: We’re talking about Reid here; he probably got talked into signing away on some odious senator loan with 85 % interest.

  15. [re=308980]Bearbloke[/re]: Holy Shit!:
    “If you feel yourself passing away, then notice your strength and vigor returning at an alarming rate, please attempt to restrain yourself to prevent infection and harm to others”

  16. [re=309021]Lazy Media[/re]: Joe has as many children as he has Plumbing businesses that net him $250k per year, total book sales and (non-troll) internet followers.

  17. i think i have idiot-fatigue, iit’s hard for me to be disturbed by anything today. the baptizing of a corpse came the closest, that one kind of made me shiver a little.

  18. The real story is Arlen saying “I didn’t say I would be a loyal Democrat.” That’s gonna play well in his primary. I hope the PA Dems run a real candidate against him so they can use this sound bite to bury his self-serving ass.

  19. I am really in need of a post in which Arlen and Sarah Palin hook up have a disfigured love child.

    Bonus if Joe the Plumber and Michele Bachmann can be written into the scene too….particularly if the words “cougar”, “kumquat” and “flaccid” can all be used in the same sentence.

    Go to it Wonkette peoples.

  20. [re=309009]Blender[/re]: He had that de-jewifying plastic surgery you know. They were having a special on Klingon that week.

  21. Ouch! You mean even Coleman’s hubby is telling him to get off the Crazy Train? Damn, that’s one cold woman right there. A man’s gotta have something non-lethal to keep himself busy with until the subpoena arrives, doesn’t he?

  22. Oh Spectral Being — Thou hast opened thyself for a great stripping of power. Yea, verily, thou shalt be Jr Dem Sen from PA and be kicked off your chairpersonships. Woe to you, Oh Mushmouthed hangdog. Ye shall rue the moment of thy misspeak.

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