Meh, gotta use some photoOkay this explains basically everything written on Wonkette for the past few months. Ron Paul is getting himself a little following among his colleagues on the Hill, see? He’s been throwing fancy weekly luncheons for a dozen-ish of his minions to discuss the exciting lunch-hour topic of Austrian economic theory (laissez faire/sound money/central bank causes inflation/FREEDOM!). And who, who is his prized pupil? Michele Bachmann! Ron Paul loves her because she’s a good studier! OH MY.

Ron Paul’s libertarian circle jerks are easily the hottest ticket on the Hill!

And then there are the luncheons. The off-the-record talks have brought in speakers such as ex-CIA counterterrorism expert Michael Scheuer, libertarian investigative reporter James Bovard, iconoclastic terrorism scholar Robert Pape, and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley. Perhaps the most influential guest has been Thomas Woods, a conservative scholar whose previous books include “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History” and “Who Killed the Constitution?: The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to George W. Bush,” and whose current book “Meltdown” has inspired Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) to question Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner about economic fundamentals.

Let’s roll that clip again hmm?

Remember when Michele Bachmann made America laugh again, with this? We laughed out of confusion, and sadness! Because it looked so much like Michele Bachmann had simply read a neat-sounding sentence or two in her wingnut conspiracy lunchtime book without really understanding it, but wanted to sound smart and so just went for it in her afternoon hearing. And now we know that this is exactly what happened.

Anyway it’s pretty hilarious how patronizing all of these people sound when talking about Bachmann and her Paultard homework. She’s a real quick learner! We just give her all these books and it makes her have a happy! She gets a check-plus for both note-taking and punctuality!

Bachmann “goes to these luncheons on a weekly basis,” said Debbee Keller, Bachmann’s press secretary. Keller noted that Bachmann was reading “Meltdown,” which argues that the New Deal failed and that the Federal Reserve is responsible for the current economic crisis. “Just as Austrian theory suggests,” wrote Woods, “the Fed’s mischief was responsible for the Great Depression.”

“I had a feeling she’d have some interest in the book,” said Woods, “because she asked some good questions. She was taking notes. She was asking if this or that point could be found in the book. I thought I recognized a sincere person who wanted knowledge, not the usual politician who couldn’t care less about what the truth is and just wanted to propagandize.”

Paul didn’t take credit for turning Bachmann on to Austrian theory (”He’ll give credit to everyone on the planet except himself,” laughed Woods) but said he was pleased to see more members of Congress delving into economics. “She’s very open to studying,” said Paul. “In fact, she’s been working really hard to get me back to Minneapolis. She says, ‘You’ll get such a great reception there!’”

We love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings Doctor Congressman Ron Paul, but this lady, Bachmann, she will not help you, with the rEVOLution. She is not *real.*

Ron Paul’s Economic Theories Winning GOP Converts [Washington Independent]

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  1. Michelle Bachman: Apes don’t read “brilliant” ekonomics theeri.
    US America: Yes they do, Michelle. They just don’t understand it. Now let me correct you on a couple of things, OK? Aristotle was not Belgian. The central message of Buddhism is not “Every man for himself.” And the London Underground is not a political movement. Those are all mistakes, Michelle. I looked them up.

  2. Wait a minute — where in the Constitution does it provide for Congressmen to entertain their colleagues with lecture/luncheons? Ron Paul — Constitutional minimalist, hypocrite.

  3. NEW PLAN: Wonkette will buy, with commenter donations, hundreds of cheap vibrators. They will be shipped to Bachmann’s offices in Minnesota and DC.

  4. Ha, ha! Barney Frank RAWKS. That’s why I’m so happy to live in a congressional district that’s right next to his. He shut down the Bachmann turn overdrive.

  5. [re=308358]ManchuCandidate[/re]: i don’ know what kind of books yer reading, but my books all say the opposite. i think the UN wrote your books, you should burn them and buy new ones.

  6. [re=308353]hobospacejunkie[/re]: We hit it because she speaks Austrian. What fascist dominatrix fantasy is complete without it?

  7. This makes sense…
    If your a wingnut politician trying to understand economics, it just stands to reason you’d study wingnut economics.
    “she read”
    I found this part especially informative, I had no idea she could that.
    Thanks Wonkette.

  8. The theory has worked particularly well in formerly powerful Austria, a small, bankrupt and now irrelevant alpine nation known as the home of Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lesser lights Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk and Ludwig von Mises have a spiritual heir in the person of seriously demented Murray Rothbart, whom Paultards evidently look upon for guidance in these troubled times.

  9. [re=308358]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Those are all mistakes, Michelle. I looked them up.

    Ah, there’s your problem — Michele doesn’t LOOK things UP, she FEELS them AT!

  10. Michele Bachmann = MILF-y, elected, wing-nut/Paultard with a penchant for VERY public outbursts of stupidity and/or religiosity.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved Grand Unification, Wonkette-style.

  11. “Their training program is simplicity itself. You just stick a cattle prod up their ass and you can get a horse to deal cards.”

    But I have no doubt that Bachmann fully understands economic theory.

  12. Is Austrian Economic theory the one where they march in wearing brownshirts and take all the businesses from teh Jews? Laissez-faire, uber alles!

  13. Okay – all you men can now fuck off. Your consistent valuing of looks over substance – regardless of the situation- has led to this cunt’s incomprehensible (on many levels)rise to power. This empty-headed twat is an expert in pink outfits and poofy hair – period. She does not belong behind any microphone except at her local karaoke bar. This is complete and utter bullshit and I’m calling America on it right now. Thanks to all the men in this country screaming “show us your tits” we now have boobs like this in office. Thanks the fuck alot.

  14. I think a heady cocktail of hard-right religious social policy and Ron Paul economic theory has “electoral success” written all over it.

    For the Dems.

  15. [re=308353]hobospacejunkie[/re]: If by “hit it” you mean, punch her in the face, over and over, yeah, I’d hit it too.

  16. [re=308374]jagorev[/re]: Umm no…Bachman’s so called display is like that of a trained seal, whereas Waters, although she might not always be eloquent, sometimes actually has something of value to say and it’s coming from her own head.

  17. He makes gaining Michelle Bachmann as a follower sound like good thing. Don’t fool yourself, Mr. Paul. That’s not a blank canvas you’re working with. It’s one that has had bat shit tossed at it for many years

  18. [re=308385]Custerwolf[/re]: And she’s not even the #1 expert in pink outfits and poofy hair – Rudy Giulliani holds that distinction.

  19. Great, Ron. Now why don’t you take her, along with your other libertarian followers, and run off to Paul’s Gulch and leave the rest of us alone.

  20. [re=308385]Custerwolf[/re]: Mitt Romney. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Aaron Schock. It’s not just men who vote with their little heads.

  21. [re=308395]mookworthjwilson[/re]: Give me a break, a seal can catch a flounder in it’s mouth with their wings tied behind their back. Can Bachmann do that?

  22. [re=308385]Custerwolf[/re]: Are you saying that our paternalistic society, with occasional condescending, token nods to vagino-Americans such as Snowbilly and Bachmann, has not been a rousing success, bringing peace and prosperity to all?

    Well, you’d be right.

    But still: Old fat white guys are running everything. I see no reason to change that.

  23. [re=308385]Custerwolf[/re]: A mojito will be consumed today in your honor.

    [re=308415]V572625694[/re]: I think Bachmann is a dick, therefore disqualified as vagino-American.

  24. [re=308385]Custerwolf[/re]: Come on now. She would be first rate as one of the Foxette spokesmodels on my favorite network. Maybe a little long in the tooth, but just as cute and perky as any of those bimbos.

  25. [re=308385]Custerwolf[/re]: But seriously: the electorate rejected Snowbilly. It wouldn’t even have been close if the Demo candidate had been any random white guy who wasn’t a child abuser, instead of our wonderful Hopey with is partial negritude and his threateningly gorgeous and accomplished wife. Bachmann’s district in Minnesota is sociologically identical to rural Alabama (totally dependent on extraction industries and Federal pork).

    Now can we get back to the woodworking? I want to tell you about the Swiss-made INCA jointer-planer I used to have.

  26. [re=308405]Lazy Media[/re]: Aghhhh!!! Mitt=yuck; Schwartzenegger=yuck; Schock=yuck. Two are faggy queens, one is an overrated movie star(Arnold and his wife could be used as anatomy book illustrations specifically pertaining to the musculo-skeletal system.)Charm is great – but when it comes to directing our society’s course, they usually have their backs turned to us, so who cares what their goddamned tits or face look like. We are supposed to be directing their actions not looking up their skirts or gazing at their man-parts. So Meg’s McCain deserves a big “fuck you” in all of this too. Paris Hilton was too busy doing amateur porn to get involved in politics, but now that problem has apparently been solved. And Americans are so goddamned stupid – instead of taking the time to plan an appropriate assasination, they just say fuck it and blow away their family members.
    [re=308400]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: I stand corrected.

  27. [re=308385]Custerwolf[/re]: Look, even in a perfect world, there will be a few Republicans elected. Am I selfish to say I’d like those few to be fuckable and dumb as a post? You’d rather have Trent Lott?

  28. [re=308431]V572625694[/re]: Ooohh…okay, I just have to make sure the dog isn’t eating another pair of my undies and I’ll be right back.

  29. [re=308436]Accordion-o-rama[/re]: I just think it makes women who are truly interested in SANE politics give up trying. Maybe politicians should have their own officially elected cheerleaders. That way Sarah and Michelle and Hasselbeck could fill a more appropriate niche. Megs may or may not make the cut.

  30. [re=308385]Custerwolf[/re]: i feel compelled to take issue with your pointy finger. i am a hetero male,and as such am a walking talking boner much of the time (sorry). i am unable to understand how anyone can find that woman attractive. she has been as repulsive as a litter box to me from the moment i first saw her. we live in a sick society with skewed priorities (otherwise you and i would be king and queen of the world). there are plenty of examples of “attractive” shit heads of both genders holding public office. i agree infinity percent with you that we all need to call bullshit on america when someone such as this comes to the fore. didn’t journalists used to do this? (p.s. i’m still ashamed for being such a meanie about the bad art.)

  31. [re=308431]V572625694[/re]: “I want to tell you about the Swiss-made INCA jointer-planer I used to have.” Oooh, do tell!

  32. I just think that it’s odd that a woman who believed seriously enough that the government was going to replace US currency with foreign currency that she actualy introduced legislation banning such action and is now in love with an Austrian economist.

  33. My favorite part about this clip is that she asks question after question, but absorbs zero (0) of the answers. 1) Ask question. 2) Wait for a while while the evil “Dem-o-rats” say fancy words. 3) Ask next question.

  34. [re=308469]engulfedinflames[/re]: No shame is ever necessary – you’ve been forgiven many times over. I do find it interesting that you are repelled by this woman, however. As a woman it’s clear to me that she’s totally working the girlie thing. She KNOWS that she is where she’s at due to her looks and charm, believe me. And she’s prepared to see just how far she can take it. We are creatures drawn to pretty, shiny things – which is fine, it’s our nature – but we also have the ability to discriminate wisely, and to determine what actually serves our greater interest. None of us knows where any of this is going, but if you are acquainted with as many stupid people as I am, you know trouble’s coming. The dim bulbs are draining the life force out of the rest of this poor country.

  35. Dang, This didn’t work for me either, the other day when the meter maid was writing up my overtime-parking ticket.

    Where in the Constitution does it say I’m not allowed to park all day long in a 2-hour parking zone? Where?” I beseeched her.

    Now I owe ten bucks. Sheesh.

  36. [re=308431]V572625694[/re]: was it a 570? Have a 2200 TS that I love more than life itself. Bet Bachmann owns the Hammer line – cause 1) MILF’s go for that shocking turquoise color, and 2) it’s manufactured in Austria. This explains much. Bet she’s caught kick-back in the forehead more than once. Thinking about all this has given me a woodie…

  37. @Custerwolf

    Even if women were to enter politics on the basis of their brains instead of their bodies the media and the populace would chide them ad nauseam. I mean look at Hillary, good lord. She had some good ideas (i dont remember them) but all people EVER talked about was “oh look she’s too MANLY, using her BRAIN AND ALL.” or “SHE’S TOO OLD” or “She’s complaining about being picked on! HOW WHINY OF HER, WHAT A GIRL”. Because, y’know, men never complain. And for fucks sakes people, Strom Thurmond was 8 billion years old and was in office for 7 billion years.

    Patriarchy isnt going away, and you cant blame men in general. Society has taught them for centuries that they are special and that their dicks are like the treasure at the end of the fuckin rainbow. It’s horseshit, but it’s what keeps getting cycled back into norms and values all across the globe.

  38. I wish the author had an as much of an affinity for the U.S. Constitution as he has for utilizing exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. [re=308509]Custerwolf[/re]: you’re too kind. re ; stupid people; i don’t think there’s ever been a shortage but it does seem that the celebration of ignorance is new, also the manipulation of morans has really been honed to a sharp edge, and we’ve never had a government sponsored media outlet (at least not such an obvious mouth piece). things will change but slowly , part of the problem is the right has had its views reinforced to the point that they came to believe that they really were the mainstream. life goes on.

  40. [re=308366]Airborne Toxic Event[/re]: No matter how hard Bachmann tries, there will never be a better Lili Von Shtupp than Madeline Kahn. The refrain of “I’m Tired” will haunt me today; I may punch a horse if I don’t watch it.

  41. She’s in great company. “Counterterrorism expert” (read: waterboarding technician) Michael Scheuer wrote that simply lovely column in the Washington Post arguing in favor of torturing prisoners. Such wonderful people running the Republican party these days. Sorry for the absence of any kind of joke, just blecchh.

  42. [re=308549]karen[/re]: Patriarchy exists only for those who believe in it. 21st century firepower has leveled the playing field.

  43. And where is your birth certificate, Congressman Bachman, to show you are not actually from Oklahoma?

    I love how Barney cuts her off and then lectures about the constitutional provision that she can’t use someone else’s time.

  44. and, please, I’m begging you. From where is that picture? If I don’t figure out the identity of that dude I’m going to lose my mind. He looks like Sean Bean, sort of but . . .the movie buff in me has to know.

  45. [re=308960]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I’m pretty sure it’s Viggo from one of the LOTR films with the Paultard Blimp ™ Photoshopped in. In any case it’s a nice dose of reality after hearing Bachmann.

  46. My Fair Bachmann

    (scene: fancy lunch)
    Ron: Now Michelle, repeat after me: “The Gold, once sold, stays boldly in the fold.”
    Michelle: “…the gawld once sawld, stays bawldly in the fawld.”

    /transformation from Bushtard to Paultard unfolds over 2 acts
    /couple falls madly in love
    /Paul-Bachmann 2012

  47. [re=308695]HedonismBot[/re]: But Jonathan Turley is great. I have no idea why he was there, though.

    [re=308801]Giant Robot[/re]: You’re damn right he’s a Kucitizen. Dennis is his Hobbit friend and Elizabeth is Elf(ILF).

    [re=309010]Mista Eko[/re]: Ha.

  48. Oh noes! Well, at least she is studying. That’s a serious step up on most political officals.

    People may not like the Austrain school, but it is at least intellectually coherant .

    I actually think it’s good that occassionally people ask “Gee, is this actually a good idea?” when the government goes balls-up nuts.

  49. “The most influential guest has been Thomas Woods”

    If this was the most influential guests, the repubs are in more trouble than anyone could imagine. That douchebag worked at my community college for a while. In all his bios he would omit this fact because he was embarrassed he wasn’t at any Ivy. He actually used to write for neo-confederate websites and wrote an article that the end of American values died in the antebellum south. For more info see:

  50. [re=308825]Custerwolf[/re]: Thank you. First, I think the excuse “patriarchy is what stops us and it’s never going away” only applies to people that refuse to give up the game, women included. It’s a cycle both men and women are guilty of, though the men could stop it if they cared…women that try to stop it are seen as feminazis, bitches, lesbians, etc…regardless of how “cute” or attractive they may or may not be. The simple fact is, the game works for men, so why the fuck change it? Unfortunately, it seems a lot of women in this country are fine with participating in the game, too, because it’s easy. You don’t have to be smart or interesting, you just have to be willing to bat an eye, shake a hip or flash a tit. Isn’t going to the gym and getting plastic surgery a lot easier than reading a book and actually having to think about what it said? They don’t give a fuck if they’re taken seriously, as long they’re taken to dinner.

  51. [re=308537]sati demise[/re]: i was confused by Turley’s inclusion on that list too. were they going to kill and eat him? was he there to tell them how fucking stupid they all are? did they think they were inviting former New Orleans Saint Kyle Turley? was it like Colbert speaking at the White House correspondents dinner? I just do not understand.

  52. The problem here is that you liberal noodle-brains aren’t smart enough nor do you have the attention span necessary to get through the first 25 seconds of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory. I’ve been waiting 36 years for a critic of the ABCT to first bother to understand it. I’m still waiting. Heck, Brad DeLong is too dumb to understand it.

    Do you wise guys have any clue as to what AD HOMINEM means? Sad.

  53. I find it amusing that alot of you who have never read a word of Mises,Hayek,Rothbard or any of the other economists associated with Austrian economics would dismiss those who have read it and understood it. Maybe many of you just lack the intellectual curiosity or maybe your afraid it will contradict many of the endlessly repeated civics book platitudes that most of you swallowed whole. I would remind some of you that the people who understand this theory knew full well that the housing bubble was caused by the Federal Reserve manipulated rates far below their true market rate. You can’t replace real savings with artificial bank credit expansions regardless of what the adherents of mainstream economics think.

  54. Some of you need to look up the meaning of fascist economics. It is where the state acts in collusion with businesses,technocrats,and central planners to plan the economy.The whole NEW DEAL was patterned after the Italian Experiment and the what the National Socialists were doing in Germany.Economic Fascism is just collectivism.It came from the same intellectual wellspring as the PROGREESIVE movement in early 20th century america. Modern liberalism came out of this progressive movement and not out of enlightenment thinking.Those oy you who hate the collusion between govt,unions,and special interests can thank the New Deal and your own immoral ideology because you idiots and your intellectual heirs created it.

  55. “Wonkette, if you have the good fortune of not knowing, is a left-liberal site that manages to consider itself cheeky and iconoclastic while endorsing only the most exquisitely conventional, establishment-approved opinions. If you’re not located somewhere along that fantastic spectrum of genius that ranges from Chuck Schumer to Arlen Specter, Wonkette will expose you to the world as the misanthropic imbecile you obviously are….. The Wonkette kids are like the popular group in high school that wanted to belong to the fashionable causes, since that’s what the other popular kids did, but made sure they weren’t too ostentatious in their devotion to those causes. We can’t be too different, you understand. Just cool. Just different enough to be able to sneer at the rest of mankind and its stupid, unenlightened opinions, but not so different that we won’t get invited to cocktail parties at the homes of people who matter.

    Now imagine those people running a website, and you’ve got Wonkette.”

  56. I’m sure Bachmann is no genius… But please don’t bother trying to say you love Ron Paul at the end of an article where you basically take a dump all over some of his most firmly held beliefs.

    The goofs commenting on this page, and apparently writing the articles, need to stop using words like ‘wingnut’ and ‘stupid’ and start coming up with rebuttals to the Austrian theory of the business cycle. Also, stop fellating Krugman without understanding what he is saying.

    I’ll take Rothbard or Mises anyday over Bernanke, Geithner or Krugman… Bernanke was wrong about several things in the last two years. Not just little things, but big fat huge things. The same is true of Geithner and Krugman. Mises at least offers us an integrated and valid theory of why this whole business went down. If that’s ‘wingnut’, then I don’t want mainstream garbage.

    Suck it up, you whiny student council book-burners, and try to read a few every now and then….

  57. [re=308483]Cape Clod[/re]: There’s not going to be any Amero… But you’re going to need something to replace your Dollars with eventually. That is, if your heroes in Washington keep borrowing and/or printing trillions of them and giving them to America’s most clueless and incompetent. (Merrily Lynch, GM, ethanol, AIG, et. al.)

    Bernanke said there was no housing bubble, then said lending was fundamentally sound, then finally said that the housing market would bounce back by December 2008… And the Obama administration wants to give him a f#%&!ing medal?? Good luck, America… With leaders like this, who needs enemies? (of course, I would include the Bushies and his crew in this failure of leadership as well… But notice how Obama has kept some of them in his inner circle. Geithner used to work for Paulson… Apparently he likes Gates as foreign policy man, etc.)

  58. This is why I love being a regular reader of The Wonkette. We’re like the popular group in high school that wanted to belong to the fashionable causes, since that’s what the other popular kids did, but made sure we weren’t too ostentatious in their devotion to those causes. We can’t be too different, you understand. Just cool. Just different enough to be able to sneer at the rest of mankind and its stupid, unenlightened opinions, but not so different that we won’t get invited to cocktail parties at the homes of people who matter.

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