Beautifully influential, that is!Most people, if asked, can say a lot of things about Sarah Palin: she’s snowbilly trash, human garbage, a religious nutball who protects the American airspace from Putin’s rearing head, a fake celebrity, a proudly ignorant “mean girl” who never should have won a promotion beyond head of her local neighborhood association, etc. But most politicians, if asked, cannot say any of these true things, so they fall back on what they believe to be an innocuous remark about her looks.

On Sunday, Mitt Romney suggested that Sarah Palin was “beautiful.” This was very sexist, because everybody knows Palin is famous for being a thinker and a statesman, not for being, say, the most attractive female pro-life Republican governor available to give the McCain ticket some “juice.”

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney joked about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s place on Time’s list of influential people, saying, “But was that the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people?”

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” broadcast Sunday, Romney was responding to a question from the moderator as to whether Time’s inclusion of Palin and talk show host Rush Limbaugh on their list of “The World’s Most Influential People” was a positive or negative thing for the Republican Party.

Set aside for a moment the very important questions of whether Rush Limbaugh is also one of the most beautiful people in the world. Doesn’t Romney sound quite a bit like the incorrigible sexist Joe Biden? Just last summer Biden said this:

“There’s a gigantic difference between John McCain and Barack Obama and between me and I suspect my vice presidential opponent,” Biden said at an outdoor rally Sunday, getting ready to hit the GOP ticket for their economic policies.

“She’s good-looking,” he quipped.

Conclusion: Romney is a secret DEMONcrap, which we all knew anyway.

Romney Suggests Palin ‘Beautiful,’ Not Influential [Newsmax]
Biden: Palin’s good-looking [Political Ticker]

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  1. Of course she is influential. She induced John McCain to destroy the Republican Party by picking her to be his running mate.

  2. She’s never so beautiful as when she’s talking nonsense while a turkey is being beheaded in the background. Mona Lisa eat your giblets out.

  3. Millions of Russian hookers and all of Berlusconi’s mistresses are far more beautiful than Palin and none of them has ever heard of Rush Limbaugh (or would want to fuck him, for that matter).

  4. Huh, breeders think fecundity is teh Hott, I guess. Mitt went on to say:

    “That lady also knows her monosyllabic baby names — just like me!”

    “She has all the fiscal sense of a mormon with a fraudulent personality running for office.”

    “Nice rack.”

  5. That photo of her in the ads that run along the side of Wonkette look like she’s in about to announce she uses the Bump It hair gadget.

  6. If I didn’t know about her or hear her speak or now of her crazy hillbilly family or her vindictive krazee then I’d want to hit that.

    In leadership terms, bang-ability, er, going by on one’s looks really is futile as pushing for affirmative action in the KKK or handing out abstinence pamphlets at a Porn Shoot. Unfortunately for everyone, idiots seeing starbursts, uh, the average GOP voter, fall for it.

  7. Her lips in that picture remind me of Angelina Jolie. Perhaps she now wants to be like Angelina so she got assfat injections into her lips. Soon, it wont be adoptions, but instead she’ll have 9 children at the completely biologically and morally appropriate age of 45.

    OctoBilly/Bachmann 2012!!!1!1!eleventy

  8. [re=308217]tsunami[/re]: “I’d do her,” would suffice., Word, but in three years? Gravity, like rust, never sleeps.

    then what does she have?

  9. Big Love, starring:

    Mittens (husband) and his wives–Sarahpac Shakira, Michelle Crazyeyes and Rush Limbaugh as the (surprise!)pregnant third wife.

  10. [re=308235]Terry[/re]: Ha! Though I think Palin is more a regular at the Wasilla Busy Bee Hair Hive, where they back-comb the bejebus out of her head.

  11. Mitt and Sarah
    Sitting in a tree

    First comes love
    Then comes marriage
    then comes Joe the Plumber
    in a baby carriage.

  12. She’s kinda pretty, kinda hot on the outside, in stasis. But as soon as her mouth starts moving, she’s one of the ugliest people around. I think this comment suggests that perhaps Mitt Romney sees people as 2-dimensional avatars. At least people that aren’t wearing their garments.

  13. Prayer to Teh Lego Jesus/Buff Yellow Armless Florida Car Tag Jeebus:

    Oh hear my prayer, Lego/Armless one.

    May this endless stream of cartoon drama also known as the Republican Party (also)just come down over this great great great great great country and just bless each and every demoncrap who believeth in thee (thees?)…

    And Jesus/Jeebus? Could you also allow Teh Great Ozbo to live longer than expected by his team of ‘science’ people? Teh Bitterz will haz a sad if he should spontaneously combust as predicted, and the sadness will dampen the crazy, and the lack of crazy will dampen the happys of teh godless demoncraps, and then we will all haz a sad.

    For we have seen the beautiful mountainous vistas where the windmills of the minds of the prayer warriors of the seven mountains of the apocalypse gallop toward each other to mate in heaven. And it is AWESOME. So we’d like some more of that, too. Also.

    And one more thing, Jeesbus: Could you bring back blackberry citrus Fresca?



  14. Mitt better be careful — if keeps insulting the Snow Queen he may find himself shoved into a crab pot and dumped overboard in the Bering Sea. Talk about “Deadliest Catch!”

  15. [re=308235]Terry[/re]: And I bet she walks around the house in Wasilla in a Splanket while she mops up Trig, Tripp and Tropps pees with a Sham-wow.

  16. [re=308261]Baritone46[/re]: There’s nothing wrong with her mouth moving. It’s the screeching noises that come out of it that make me want to, as National Lampoon once said, “saw off my schween with a rusty razor.”

  17. I don’t car how statesman-like or foreign policy literate Palin becomes. Everytime I see her I flash to that video of the full-glossolalia, African witch doctor exorcizing demons from her in that Wasilla Assembly of God church where she receive her indoctrination. It was a beautiful experience, I’m sure.

  18. Mitt Romney’s evil honesty clone quote on why Sarah Palin is the future of America: “She’s an arguably upstanding woman with an unarguably sideways vagina. Mo’babies, mo’ babies [raise the roof]”

  19. Rush calls Palin “the most prominent, articulate voice for standard, run-of-the-mill, good old-fashioned American conservatism” per CNN.

    Four more years!!!

  20. [re=308260]zenferret[/re]: Nothing worse than crabs in your eyebrows. Thats probably why she plucked them and had replacement eyebrows tatooed on.

  21. MITT!!!!
    Your coveting another mans ass!
    I think that’s #2 on the list of no!
    You’ll be wishing you never started sniffing after that frost-bitten pu-tang when your down in the burnie place having teh buttseks with the Demoncraps!
    Come home to Utah, Mittens where there are a passel of 12 and 13 year old girls ready to marry you and whelp your your offspring instead of finishing middle school. Don’t give into evil Mitt, god only want you to bang small children, not some frozen reindeer muffin from the far north!!!!

  22. Maybe Mitt meant “beautiful” in the same way I would say that word upon seeing one of the dogs has eaten my underwear, one of the cats has puked up a hairball in the bathroom sink, and I’ve just stepped in a tremendously squishy pile of horseshit on my way back to the trailer after the morning feeding. In which case, Mitt, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  23. Forgive Mitt, he can’t help himself. He gets teh bonerz imagining Snowbilly covered head to toe in teh majik underwearz. It makes him want to touch himself and say teh stupids on CNN.

  24. Going by the sidebar ad, the people at SarahPAC intend to carve an Alaska-shaped hole out of the Plains region. Which would pretty clearly drain and collect any rain, runoff, or standing water west of the Mississippi, including THE GREAT SALT LAKE.


  25. As soon as Guv Palin said she was joining the GOP “All White Guy” re-branding effort, I started a pool on first cat-fight between her and Mittens. Does this count as first?

  26. Admittedly I don’t know much at all about how business and advertising purchasing works. But I have to say I’m a little baffled that SarahPAC is advertising on this of all sites. If there’s any way for anyone to track it, I’m sure we’ll never find out, but I’m curious to know how much money SarahPAC’s ad on Wonkette actually pulls in.

    Are they maybe doing this so they can write it off as a tax loss or something? Can PACs even do that?

  27. Hey would somebody be kind enough to tell me where the ‘also’ thing came from? Yes, I’m a new poster, and yes I know I’m a dumb. Also.

  28. I find it very ironic that pretty-pretty Romney would play the “looks” card. This is the man out of central casting who could cut cheese with with Bruce Campbell movie star chin.

  29. [re=308314]Custerwolf[/re]: How did you train your cat to throw up hairballs in the sink? (See, life could be more “beautiful”.)

  30. [re=308376]Clungebuster Jones[/re]: That would be a Palin verbal tic that a lot of us never got over being exposed to, also, too. *banging head on desk*

  31. [re=308240]Suds McKenzie[/re]: “I’d do her,” would suffice. Word, but in three years? Gravity, like rust, never sleeps. then what does she have?

    This is a sad fact. My own wife, who is a few scant months younger than Gov Snowbilly, and who has cranked out a few gerbs of her own, looks great with the right clothes/hair/makeup on. But underneath, its all just starting to fall apart.

    I practically beg this woman to get some exercise; come on a run or bike ride with me, even go for a walk after dinner, but to no avail. And I stand by helplessly as she slowly, inexorably turns into her mother.


  32. [re=308404]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: I’m hoping I turn into my mother. At 71 she’s still hot (my Joe always says he’d do her) and she’s one of THE funniest people I know. But yeah, you definitely have to keep active I think.

  33. [re=308379]smartypants[/re]: Two kinds of ads, click-thru or commissions. If it’s click thru we can support our Wonkette by touching Saras privates for a little “Sara-packing”, if it’s commission you have to give her money for our Wonkette to profit.
    The reasons it’s here, I’d guess, is this is a political site. If you look at the web traffic in and out of here, it looks appealing to the folks at Sarapac. Wonkette links to RNC and conservative sites all the time and the viewers click through to read and laugh. The web statistics don’t track laughter though, only traffic.

  34. [re=308314]Custerwolf[/re]: You’re listing the ingredients in Sarah’s Wasilla foundation, correct? If so, you forgot the pig-poo, which has excellent anti-shine characteristics.

  35. [re=308412]dijetlo[/re]: [re=308343]Larry McAwful[/re]: Also, since this site blabs so many column inches (to use the ancient phrase) about Sara Palin, this is causing the Googles to send ads here, assuming a significant number of readers here are interested in spending money on Sarah Palin.

    It’s like when you type “Sarah Palin” in to the googles, you get those links off to the right side of the screen that invite you to:

    “Shop For SARAH PALIN?

    Order SARAH PALIN now.

    On-line discounts on SARAH PALIN?

    Best deals on SARAH PALIN?

    Lowest prices on SARAH PALIN, shipped directly from Canada.”

  36. Yes, like Romney would be anywhere without his well crafted visage and his gorgeous wife?

    Oh, and the children who are so not white trash.

  37. [re=308446]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: is a top 5,000 site and No. 63 Technorati blog that reaches over 1 million monthly unique visitors, 88% of which are in the U.S. The site is wildly popular among a mostly male, very affluent and well educated adult crowd. The typical visitor reads Gawker and subscribes to the Economist and Vanity Fair.

    They’s pimpin’ us.
    “The site is wildly popular among a mostly male, very affluent and well educated adult crowd.”
    and they’s lying about it too….

  38. [re=308507]engulfedinflames[/re]: I think they meant to “effluent” dawg.
    We aint likely affluent, but we sure as hell are effluent.

  39. Ah, jealousy, much like Putin, rears its ugly head. Mitt’s hatin’ cause she’s got better (?)bronzer and higher hair.

  40. [re=308273]El Pinche[/re]: Revising ..

    he beautiful people, the beautiful people,
    Its all relative to the size of your sheeple.

  41. [re=308491]dijetlo[/re]: OK, that means that exactly one (1) reader of this site must be extremely, obscenely wealthy, in order to average out all of us broke losers.

  42. [re=308702]cal[/re]: Yes, for every 100 of us there’s one very wealthy person who probably can afford to subscribe to the Economist and Vanity Fair, and doesn’t subsist on hobo beans. I sincerely ask this person, from one loyal Wonkette reader to another: can I borrow some money?

  43. [re=308702]cal[/re]: Can that person please identify themselves and leave their phone number with me? Thanks. You won’t be sorry.

  44. Baritone46: “Mitt Romney sees people as 2-dimensional avatars. At least people that aren’t wearing their garments”

    Romney is a 2D avatar … without garments… spongy smokiness mirrors in de backa da headroom, max.

  45. [re=308491]dijetlo[/re]: Yeah, who are these people? I’m living off Barry Obama’s funemployment munnies, and female… (aren’t we all)… but I do read gawker too… Vanity Fair is booooring though.

  46. Well, CLEARLY Mitt is as AFRAID of her as WE ALL ARE!!! No one would say ANYTHING about her if they weren´t terryFIED of Sarah………….

    Sarah Palin-Tonya Harding 2012!
    JENNY JONES is gonna make a great Secretary of state!

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