But these are just Devil Goats, or what Virginia calls “the new slave.” Now we are going on a SEG-WAE tour.

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  1. [re=301983]sanantonerose[/re]: Is Segway pronounced with a hard or soft G sound? I have a bet riding on this.

    Hard G sound. A good way to remember it is think “Hard to look cool if you are within 50 feet of one of these things.”

  2. Ah, this article made me feel blissfully confused and totally like I have no idea what anyone is talking about, kind of like meetings at work.

  3. You know that little voice in your head that said, “Maybe I shouldn’t post this story?”
    I’m just saying, what’s next photos of your shoes and one of your cat.

  4. My boyfriend is related to Commodore Uriah Levey, the jewish guy who saved Monticello.
    Owned it for 70 years before granting it to the state of Virginia.
    A well kept secret even now ’cause of teh jewishness,
    do tell, any current references to Levey at Monticello?

  5. As a Richmonder, trust me guys..go to Cafe Rustica on 5th and main downtown, and be sure to hit Carl’s Ice Cream on the the way fom as you pass through Fredvegas

  6. haha this Rick guy on CNN just totally cracked me up by asking some dumb Rep what the hell he meant that Americans are wanting freedom. haha

  7. [re=302008]sati demise[/re]: I don’t recall him being mentioned on the tour I took, but it was focused mainly on Monticello as a working plantation/slavery/Jefferson’s architecture. The Levys have a page on the website, though, and per Wikipedia Rachel Levy’s grave has been marked.

  8. My God, why did Virginia tourism ever think it was a good idea to have the snarkiest site on the planet go on a junket? Unless they’re operating under a “any snarky PR is good PR.”

  9. Can I get a postcard made of that? I take it that this is Virginia equivalant of the ‘Mexican Nakid on the Beach with 2 Hats’ postcard

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