... and handsome.We have had a new president for 100 whole days, and even though Teabaggers warn of creeping socialism, Barack Obama has somehow hypnotized 64 percent of people into thinking he is doing a good job. Republicans hate his guts, of course, but apparently there aren’t many of them left. [AP]

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  1. I wasn’t so sure, but then I saw him shirtless, and now I have his name tattooed on my shoulder. I can’t wait for his new rap CD!

  2. [re=297537]4tehlulz[/re]:

    It’s said that once syphilis had spread to Nietzsche’s brain he was driven mad. The final breakdown came when Nitezsche saw a man beating a donkey on the street. Nietzsche threw himself between the man and the donkey and, taking the animal by the neck, began weeping profusely. I could see Glenn Beck doing something like that.

  3. “A majority of Americans believe the Obama administration is following higher ethical standards than the Bush administration.”

    Just goes to show how ethically challenged the Bush adminstration was that they are viewed as being more corrupt than a fascist/socialist/communist, Muslin, birth certificate forger.

  4. [re=297546]Serolf Divad[/re]: yes but will Glenn Beck’s sister parade him around in his pajamas so people can gawk at the syphillitic looney-tune and she can cash in? oh wait, Fox is taking care of that angle nicely

  5. Apparently, Ron Fournier (a known winger, btw), lost all AP backfiles from pre-2001. He takes the fact that BUSH was universally unpopular, and construes it to imply that PRESIDENTS are unpopular, and Americans are generally pessimistic (as opposed to just pessimistic about Bushies). Wanker.

    Oh, and stop hotlinking to pictures of my van.

  6. [re=297566]DC Hates Me[/re]: You know what, even Beck, Hannity & Rush don’t bring up that fictitious shit. If you think you’re being funny, um…no–not at all. Go back to stockpiling your weapons for the march.

  7. Their general rejection will only make the remaining Republifucks the more desperate and angry. Be sure to provoke them whenever you have a chance!

    Zhu Bajie

  8. Now Cantor says the Republicans and Obama got off to a bad start. Like they didn’t contrive the bad start. I think some Republicans want to be re-elected. Hence, Cantor saying they need to do better with the Prez. They won’t be able to, because they can’t help themselves. They are duct-taped to that crazy base. So, go right wing base! Keep doing your thing! Keep having your tea parties! Especially July 4, when people will be annoyed at that junk, and will want some true blue corny red, white, and blue picnics and fire works.

  9. [re=297546]Serolf Divad[/re]: Unfortunately, you have greatly misunderstood the profundity of that act – and I’m NOT referring to Glenn Blechh.

  10. [re=297620]american mutt[/re]: I think I’ve got some huge old Pioneer speakers I can hook up to the stereo, so I’ll be cruisin’ with some sweet soul music!

  11. [re=297546]Serolf Divad[/re]: My ENT specialist said that if Rush Limbaugh came to her with the sudden accute hearing loss he described (singed big buck contract renewal, looses substantial hearing the next month) the first thing she would do is have him tested for syphillis.

  12. This popularity is pushing Drudge into overdrive:




    They got nothin’!

  13. [re=297707]JamesMichaelCurley[/re]: I thought that the hearing loss was linked to his Oxy habit. Fried the nerves or something. The syph takes a long time to get bad enough to damage nerves.

  14. [re=297553]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Nah Dawg, if he’d have just looked under the donkey, he’d a seen he was getting off on it.
    Just like Glenb Beck.

  15. Nice painting – in the “Jesus guiding the trucker through the storm” genre.

    I want to see more hot bathing suit pix of Obama. Maybe him shooting some hoops, or bitch slapping John Boehner.

  16. [re=297872]Custerwolf[/re]: See, that’s why I said clamshell — I knew someone with a dirty mind would be tempted to say that. Besides, K-Lo’s fallow clam is probably tiny, having only been penetrated by the slim brass crucifix hanging over her bed.

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