It was pretty useless and unnecessary for Barack Obama to go out of his way to give a major economics speech at one of Georgetown’s most haunting, gilded Jesus chambers on Tuesday and request that all symbols there be boarded up; because except for a few libtards, who cares if the three letters, “IHS,” are written on some wall. THEN AGAIN maybe he had those letters covered for the express purpose of watching National Review‘s Kathryn Jean “Jonah Goldberg” Lopez flip out, which she did, providing ample entertainment for the American Internet during these tough economic times. So thank you for that, President Abortionist!

Barack Obama has personally trashed K-Lo’s faith before: by accepting an invitation to deliver the commencement address at Notre Dame University, which K-Lo still conceives of as a medieval Jesuit eunuch colony where female trespassers should be grateful to be immolated and eaten in the name of Him. Notre Dame embarrassed itself by allowing Barack Obama, an abortionist with few other professional credentials besides all of those abortions, to speak to the students. They can watch that smut on the television set on their own time, for Heaven’s sake. (Although they shouldn’t do that either, because they will go to Hell.) Every decent Catholic school should settle for nothing less than Jesus himself as commencement speaker every single year.

And now this Georgetown nonsense too! She wrote the following yesterday when she was literally inside a church:

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City — On Tuesday the president of the United States gave a much-anticipated economic address at Georgetown University. While speaking there, a usually impossible-to-miss “IHS” — a common monogram for Jesus Christ — was missing from its perch at the center of the auditorium stage.

Georgetown is, of course, a Catholic university, and the fact that Jesus Christ is represented prominently in the school’s much-used auditorium is no surprise. And it wouldn’t come as a shock if someone from the school — perhaps aware that a defender of infanticide was coming to speak — attempted to remove any sense that Jesus might be endorsing the president (or his Sermon on the Mount-metaphor speech).

That the president’s people might have asked the school to remove the IHS wouldn’t come as a shock either. After all, a speech on the economy is no Passover Seder at the White House, and who knows who might be offended. As it happens, the White House did request that the IHS be hidden during the president’s appearance. But Georgetown officials should have reacted immediately by asking that the speech be delivered elsewhere — anything to avoid obscuring the school’s reason for being.

Blind party pride is a big enough obstacle, but with K-Lo — the editor-in-chief of the most well known conservative commentary site on the Internet — there is nothing Barack Obama could ever do that would please her, because she thinks that he KILLS INFANTS. One by one, line ’em up, chop chop chop! This is what he does to “blow off steam.” And that’s not a very good lesson for him to be imposing on these modest eunuchs at our most prestigious Catholic educational dungeons.

Opening the Door with Timothy Dolan [NRO]

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  1. Awww…K-Lo: you so cwazeee! She’s gonna FLIP when when she finds out NOBAMA has been putting ground-up unborn snowflake babies in her Twinkies for the last five and a half years.

  2. [re=293471]WadISay[/re]: Oh, I wish I had written that.

    Maybe the White House was just hoping to avoid any more of those embarassing “Messiah” parallels.

  3. K-Lo always forgets that the presidency is not a religious office.

    “President” and “Pope” both start with “P,” so she gets confused.

  4. Having trouble with the news. Take Infanticide (TM). It will cure all of your ailments.

    Yes sir! With infancticide, even the worst rash, the nastiest cold, or having a baby, can be history! Look for Prescott Pharmaceuticals “Infanticide” on your local shelves.

    (Side effects may include internal bleeding, increased wing nuttery, or severe loss of all logic).

  5. Wow — in one fell swoop (okay, one fucking interminable fell swoop) she made Michael Gerson look like a writer, John Ziegler look like a Constitutional scholar and Sean Assity look like an atheist. Jay Bybee probably approves.

  6. I am writing this live from the Holy Regis Philbin Theatre on Notre Dame’s very very holy site of worship ( The football stadium and more importantly Gipper’s Lounge, conveniently located right on campus, and I am not making this shit up!) and praise of our Lord and Savior. ( Rockne/Reagan/ etc) As the four horsemen of the apocalypse draw nigh unto our campus, we prepare for battle. This godless hour will be recompensed anew .(Altar boy! fetch me my mediaeval warrior vestments, and baby walk a little slower, daddy wants to watch that caboose rumble outa town) Domino-Papa John-Digorno-Flagrante! The Dead Language Lives Motha Focka!

  7. Give him a break K-Lo, He may be the SPAWN OF SATAN, but is that any reason to be so intolerant? My family regularly has foetus forlunch and my son goes to a Catholic Primary School.

  8. And yes heretics, there is a Regis Philbin Theatre at Notre Dame’s campus. I watched them persecute Galileo there two weeks ago. It was stunning.

  9. From a rant:
    Barack Obama declares the end of Judeo-Christian influence in the United States:

    “Whatever we once were, we’re no longer just a Christian Nation; we are also Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu Nation, and a nation of non-believers.” Barack Obama in an email to CBN News, June 2007

    “we’re no longer just” declares the end of? When the Cuban embargo is lifted I’m moving there.

  10. I got a newsflash for Miss K-Lo. There are still some parts of the south where Catholics are not considered to be “real” Christians and are thought to be going straight to Hell.
    Do not pass Go.
    Do not collect $200 dollars.

  11. [re=293474]drrty martini[/re]: “We’ve replaced Kathryn Jean Lopez’s regular coffee with new Espresso Roasted Blastocyst Crystals – let’s see if she notices the difference”

  12. [re=293498]PopeyesPipe[/re]: It’s a remix of Jim Carroll…”They were babies that died, died. They were all my babies, and they died.”

  13. Jesus was a liberal radical leftist hippie who loved everyone. They don’t know nothin’ bout no Jesus. Not funny. I’ll do better next time.

  14. Pfft, the only reminders that Georgetown is a Catholic school are:
    A) the twisted form of Jesus adorning a cross on every classroom’s wall (motivates the learnin’ process I hear!)
    B) occasional priests wandering about
    C) stickers that adorn every bathroom stall, including in men’s rooms, with the word “PREGNANT?” prominently featured

    Plus there always seem to be a lot of Muslin students there, what with their shawls and funny languages and heathen customs, so it’s easy to forget. Perhaps that’s why Obama felt comfortable there?

  15. I don’t think Barry will be able to win over the Opus Dei types until he personally acts out the Stations of the Cross as directed by Mel Gibson and then molests a few altar boys.

  16. [re=293530]Neon Trotsky[/re]: Georgetown does have the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding and Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, so perhaps that is why the HALF-BREED MUSLIN thought that he might fit right in.

  17. I love that she shoehorned Passover (aka Jewish Infanticide Week) in there. Think about how much Christian baby blood must have gone into Hopey’s matzah.

  18. If she were a real Catholic, she would know better than to confuse a Jesuit school with an actual Catholic institution.

    Hoya Saxa, bitch!

  19. IHS… I was supposed to BE Catholic, and it took Wonkette to teach me why I say “Jesus H Christ.”

    Jesus H Christ. We are all abortionists now.

  20. Every decent Catholic school should settle for nothing less than Jesus himself as commencement speaker every single year.

    Jim, you go to far! The Holy Spirit would be a decent second choice.

  21. Has there ever been a woman more in need of a good stiff cock?

    If she dies, I’m thinking the answer is Mann Coulter, in the Conservatory, with a strap-on.

  22. I’m confused. Is she saying people SHOULD have been offended by the Passover Seder at the White House because it was some sort of blatant religious display?

    Eh, if they’d left IHS uncovered we’d have gotten a column about how Jesus would never have approved of the Muslim’s socialist economic policies, or some bullshit. Shut up, you overweight baboon.

  23. So he personally kills infants with a hammer and sickle, and then redistributes the remains evenly throughout the community… Good grief! “Let he who is without baby-murder cast the first Luo spear.”

    Let a playa’ play! Or kill babies.

  24. Yeah, if Obama really did request that IHS be boarded up, it’s pretty ridiculous. More likely it was some clueless advance guy who thought it would clash with his tie or something.

  25. Turns out this is much ado about nothing. They covered up the one monogram with a set of Jesus’ monogram satin sheets, so it was still there, just smaller.

    [re=293471]WadISay[/re]: I thought in the Catholic church, IHS stood for “I H(eart) Sodomy.”

  26. [re=293630]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Jesuits are part of the Roman Catholic church. They’re the smartypants faction, a monastic order formed when the church decided it better take the Reformation seriously and meet it with scholarship instead of might.

    So of course they run the universities.

    Jesuits are super-cool. Except for that guy who shut down WGTU in the ’70s. He was an asshole.

  27. Ha ha that is fucking funny. Total WIN, Eddy.

    And fuck k-lo referencing the Sermon on the Mount. If there’s one thing republicans/fundies don’t do it’s pay attention to the actual fucking teachings of Jesus. I’m sure k-lo was cheering on the Iraq war, which Jesus would’ve totally supported. He’s against infanticide but he’s got a fucking hard-on for killing Iraqis, not to mention the death penalty. Go fuck yourself k-lo, you self-righteous fat fucking cunt. And I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: the people who post on the The Corner are fucking cowards for not leaving space for comments.

  28. [re=293493]Edywin[/re]: Sorry, Eddy, meant to reply to you there. Total fucking WIN. That was funny, this part, I mean: baby walk a little slower, daddy wants to watch that caboose rumble outa town

  29. [re=293635]hamletta[/re]: Not quite…they are not a monastic order. And actually they were originally the “Pope’s soldiers”. Once the major northern princes switched to Luther, there was really not going to be facing the Reformation by “might”. The Jesuits in America are fairly rebellious, as much as you can be still wearing a collar.

    And they don’t run all the universities, see Notre Dame.

  30. Keep it funny folks….if I wanted ignorant libtard rumbling on Romanism, I’d go visit Kos where libtard crazee matches K Lo crazy anyday.

  31. My fave quote of the day from on this subject..

    “We are in a world of poo we need to take a stand”

    Turn that around in your head for a bit. Anyhow, lots of fun over there, this Georgetown thing has the birthers and the anti-christers and the anti-muslins all in a tizzy….

    I wonder how many of these people there are, and where they are? Secession fever is sweeping thefoxnation and the hannitees, and THEMS THE PEOPLE and all…Also

    I didn’t see the reports of Obama’s civilian corps rounding up the teabaggers last week, is that being surpressed by the MSM? We’re in scary times indeed.

  32. [re=293530]Neon Trotsky[/re]:

    D) “Teh Gheyz” don’t have a full LGBT resource center in line with other civilized schools

    E) Pro-choice on campus cannot use Hoya in their name; must call their abortion-loving condom-distributionists “H*yas for Infanctcide”


  33. [re=293475]Min[/re]: I don’t think they’ve been EMBARRASSED by the “Messiah” parallels because it sure ain’t progressives or liberals who are making those parallels. I’d say they are mildly ANNOYEd at the childish constant repetitions by the right-wingnuts who’ve been making these parallels.

    I can thoroughly understand why the White House might not want some creative and snarky photographer to crouch low and take a picture of Obama with the “IHS” right behind his head, and send it virally around the Internet for other equally creative and snarky Photoshop enthusiasts to tweak to their hearts’ content.

    Why give the right-wingnuts more ammunition than they have already?

    Oh, yeah, that’s right, what the right-wingnuts don’t have, they make up…

  34. The difference between this messiah and the original? The original messiah could put a cabinet together. This stupid bastard can’t put a sentence together without stammering and halting (uh, uh, uh, uh) Anyone who has to speak that slowly and choose his words that carefully must not believe what he is saying. It always flows more easily when that is the case.

  35. [re=293696]bubba[/re]: Odd string of images, but very creative.Thank you.So tell us who do you want to be president? We need a name from you.Jesus already said no thanks. So?

  36. I’m unconvinced there is an individual as of yet revealed to us I believe is worthy of the post. The same can be said of nearly all senators and representatives. Unfortunately, politics seems to be made up of the same caliber of individuals who make up most of the juries in our courts. And they happen to be the ones who are available during the day for days on end. So much for being judged by a group of your peers.
    For me, it matters not so much which party for example but only the policies and positions he holds. In general, I feel government should function in much the same manner as a good referee in a prize fight. You hardly even notice them as they get involved only when necessary and only long enough to separate the opponents. The rules are in place and known by all and he’s there to ensure adherence. Recent history however has given “referees” who are adding new and redundant rules in the ring during the fight and even applying them retroactively. We the people (has a nice ring to it) …(ring to it…..) are the boxing the commission in this scenario. Our job is to make the rules and install the referees. We have however a growing number of commissioners who object to boxing in the first place, so they revel in making rules and providing referees accordingly. Too often, our fellow commissioners vote only for a party and have little or no knowledge of the issues. Both sides of the aisle are guilty. These people need find another sport and do themselves and us all a favor in the process. It has gotten so, as a consequence, I’ve begun to prefer to see the boxers clinching (political gridlock) because it keeps them from doing damage.
    I’m no apologist for the Clinton(s) or Bush(s) or the rest. They ought all be judged according to their deeds balanced by intent. I don’t anticipate there is a perfect candidate out there. But I was suspicious in November and am now absolutely convinced we can and must do better than this. From his obvious need to appear as JFK to his love affair with the press and his lack of commitment to what he says (campaigning words versus elected words). I can’t help but believe there are psychologists salivating like Pavlov’s dogs at the idea of getting this cat on their couch.

  37. I stopped by a McCain rally and an old lady told me she thought Barack Obama was a communist and a Muslim. (Socialist would’ve been my choice of words.) I was willing to give him the doubt as far as his professed Christian faith at first. But since being in office he’s been showing a level of hostility to any things or symbols Christian. Catholics have an inherent problem with him on the partial birth abortion issue so the President’s ambivalence toward them is to be understood.

  38. Let’s be honest here. If he had appear in front of it, they’d be claiming he was the anti-christ or trying to make himself into the Messiah.

  39. [re=293731]bubba[/re]: You’re post was too blocky – thus making it as unattractive as it was nonsensical, but just for the record, psychiatric patients don’t actually lay on couches. You’d have discovered that had they not just tossed you directly into the rubber room after the electro-shock session.

  40. Every decent Catholic school should settle for nothing less than Jesus himself as commencement speaker every single year.

    Represented, I guess, by the Dalai Lama, since he is the closest thing we have going.

  41. [re=293731]bubba[/re]: Anarchist. I’ve read Russian novels that were shorter and more cheerful. I’ll stick with the slow talkin’ smart bastard unless you can give me a name there is nothing to debate.

  42. [re=293696]bubba[/re]: “The original messiah could put a cabinet together.”

    Uh – well, as far as his advisors went, I’d say he had some pretty lousy picks – especially in regards to that Judas fellah.

  43. [re=293740]the closet conservative[/re]: Tell me about this “partial birth” please. Because until I actually see a woman walking down Broadway with half a kid hanging out of her goddamned twat, I’m calling this one an urban myth.

  44. [re=293696]bubba[/re], Sorry, you actually HEARD, personally, those Jesus speeches? The only real comparison would be to wait 90-150 years for someone to write down Obama’s speeches, without any recording devices to help remember them. THEN compare. Get a century of retelling intervention in there. That’s where the good stuff gets added.

  45. Excuuuuuuuusse Meeeee! Custerwolf in an homophobic burst has apparently confused me with his ex-cellmate from the time he did for bestiality. The good book says something like (and I do NOT quote) it is better for your seed to fall in the belly of a whore than on the ground. Well, perhaps not in you fathers case. But at least his rant serves a purpose. Typical of the oba-maniacal faithful, when confronted on issues and threatened, he resorts to verbal sticks and stones. My. Aren’t you a big boy! Mummy must be so proud.

  46. [re=293765]bubba[/re]: I seem to recall once falling on the belly of a whore – but it was purely accidental, and if she hadn’t been dead already she’d have skooched out of the way. But anyway, as far as your “good book” – the most I ever got out of those pages was no more than two good wipes before tossing em down the shitter.

  47. [re=293769]bubba[/re]: sooo…….visual in addition to auditory hallucinations now, eh?…tsk…tsk. Remember: just because no one else sees it- doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  48. anarchy defined by wikipedia: Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal. I couldn’t have said it better. If men (generic) could be trusted to let each other live freely without infringing on anothers freedom, it could offer wider appeal.

  49. [re=293772]Custerwolf[/re]: Well, when I was an anarchist in the last part of the 10th grade I did have a very cool black trench coat and tall black boots and a lot of black eye makeup so it can be fun. Then I lost my virginity started hanging around the public library and I’ve tended socialist ever since except for my shoes which are fascist and cruel.

  50. I’ve obviously stumbled into the detention chat room for the most recent incarnation of the gay breakfast club. You losers have no idea what’s on the outside. Go back to watching Dr Who and playing quiddich. One day when either of your testicles finally drop, you’ll venture outdoors and …………………no. No you won’t. Just as well. Stay indoors safe in your bubble. Any further comment from you will go unnoticed by me (as it would in outer space).

  51. What bubba doesn’t realize is that you can perfectly articulate the facets of any perceived problem without ever actually allevieting- in the slightest- the stupidity that holds it all together.
    So my question is: if you’re not here to laugh – why bother at all?

  52. [re=293804]bubba[/re]:

    Holey smoley crapoley, bubba, you’re absolutely right. I never get outside. Other than the 12 hour shifts I’ve been pulling this week at the plant the last time I’ve been away from the computer was the week before that, which I spent fishing in the Smokies. But other than that (and the ski races this past winter and the going door to door last Fall organizing on my days off for Barry) I never interact with the real world at all (if by the real world you mean Redstate and the Free Retardlic).

  53. [re=293894]larry2[/re]: I am concerned that you have a conservative agenda and want to shove your religion down my throat (I’m thinking here about the last eight years of religion based policy decisions) and you wish to force me and my children and future grand children to practice a religion other than the ones they wish to practice. Meanwhile the majority of American Catholics practice pick and choose Catholicism and do as they see fit as to matters of conscience.If you can’t get Catholics to practice what you think is Catholicism then why should I be forced to practice it? In our immediate family we practice seven different religions including our own good natured open minded Catholic,an Orthodox,Episcopalians,Jews,Hindus,Sikhs and Atheists.We have some great parties and fabulous weddings.Obama loves the Catholics and wants the best kinds of things for them.That’s why so many of them voted for him, that and them wanting to be able to get an abortion if they want one.BTW, do you still eat no meat on Friday?

  54. [re=293804]bubba[/re]: Don’t invite yourself to a comedy site unless you can be funny on purpose and try and cheer up a little it’s better for your health.

  55. [re=293740]the closet conservative[/re]: does being a “closet conservative” equate to being openly gay (and hating taxes)?

  56. [re=293765]bubba[/re]: “The good book says something like (and I do NOT quote) it is better for your seed to fall in the belly of a whore than on the ground.”

    I believe that would be Spitzer 3:22.

    [re=293804]bubba[/re]: “I’ve obviously stumbled into the detention chat room for the most recent incarnation of the gay breakfast club.”

    Hey, that was vaguely amusing! Not very funny, mind you, but kinda funny, which I fear may have used up your allotment of funny for the decade. For better results, try adding Trucknutz and furries. Or closeted furries wearing Trucknutz. Or Eric Cantor in his jammies. But I repeat myself.

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