By the end of the election last year there were millions of these YouTubes where a liberal or a communist (or a moderate!) would hang outside Sarah Palin rallies — public domain! — and just roll the tape for a few minutes while people spat out hilarious racist violent nonsense about ACORN and the Muslim race. But the original couple of videos that started this trend were Blogger Interrupted’s “Sarah Palin Parking Lot” classics, one of which was embedded in a Huffington Post article the other day for the purpose of comparing it to the Teabagger crowds. Then came this new comment on the video’s YouTube page: “I have asked you three times to take this fukkin video down. Now it is plastered all over that libnut webiste Huffington Post. TAKE THIS FUKKIN VIDEO DOWN NOW. P.S. I hope you know that you can get sued, and thrown in jail for using this video without our permission.” Comical negotiations have ensued.

Blogger Interrupted’s Tim Russo sent an e-mail to this anonymous commenter basically saying, who the fuck are you, there are a lot of insane people saying insane things here, directly into a video camera, in public, during a huge presidential election, and it was all obviously going to go on the Internet for laffs, and education.

Her amazing response:

How much money would you think it would cost for you to take the video down? It is not like we are willing to pay it. But i am just curious?

Hmm, a real State Department-trained negotiator here. (SHE COULD MEAN ANYTHING.) Again, Russo asks who the hell she is.

She says something about her sister being the one who was “tricked” into screaming vulgarities into a camera in a public place, and again asks him to “take the FUKKIN VIDEO DOWN,” or she will have YouTube murder him.

You’re an idiot, he responds, and then she responds with THIS:

Ok, then how much money would it take for you to take the video down? $75.00-$100.00? Times are tight, and that would be a nice tidy profit for you just for a few hours of work, if you ask me. I can type up a contract, and have the money and contract wired to you by Monday morning. That way everybody can be happy. We can have peace of mind, and you can have some extra walking around cash.

Now Wonkette is, at the end of the day, a Children’s Educational Reading Blog, so we hope that the young children out there can learn a lesson from this saga: do not shout racist violent extremist lies into a video camera, in public, outside a major politician’s political rally, near the end of a hotly contested national election. Because it will be an actual historical artifact forever! Or at least until George Will turns off the entire Internet to punish people for wearing jeans.

Wingnut offers me $$$ [UPDATE $75-100] to take down video of her being a wingnut [Blogger Interrupted]

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  1. One hundred whole dollars! If I were him, I’d take that contract, take the video down, and then put it back up. Then bring said contract to court when she inevitably sues for a whole lot more than she was willing to pay to have it taken down.

  2. I dunno. It’s hard work taking a video off of Youtube, lady, more than a few hours worth of work. It could take several business days.

  3. Democrats don’t just put words in people’s mouths, they put TEABAGS in people’s mouths! Enough of this propaganda! Trucknuttz. Teabags.

  4. If she’ll send me her account and wire transfer info, and also that of all her relatives and friends (if any), I can so take care of the financial side of this for her.

  5. There’s something extremely pussy-ish about not being able to bite the fucking bullet and swear in your internet comments. If you need to curse, curse, goddammit.

    “Fukkin” is not a word. It’s the name of a Hobbit.

  6. You know, all the stupid shit that comes out of this lady’s mouth hardly negates the fact that dude is stone-cold beggin’ somebody to kick him in the balls.

  7. Did I read her words right – it costs a hundred bucks to walk around? That tells me she must have been born somewhere just beyond that curb in the background.

  8. OMG! He should put it on EBay and let her bid for it. Of course, idk why she’d try to buy a vid that has probably been duplicated numerous times already, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt EBay.

  9. That “anywho” fella sounded extra-Black towards the end there, didn’t he?

    I SAID GET OUT MY FACE, MAN!!! *angry stare*

    Way to stand up to the man, Toby.

  10. That brother was definitely a Log Cabin Republican. The tight gold chain about to burst around his fat neck globule totally outs him. (That & the self loathing part.)

    [re=293388]Custerwolf[/re]: The baby comment is a high-fiver!

  11. Jesus, I just realized she looks like a ‘feminine’ (& I use that word loosely) version of Joe the Plumber…okay, what JtP would look like if he had hair. (She could probably bench press JtP.)

  12. You know, generations from now people are going to watch videos from the 2008 election and wonder how the fuck this many people could collectively lose their minds. These videos should be in the Smithsonian or something so we will always be forced to remember how damn stupid these people were. Okay. Now I’m crabby. I don’t like to think about these people existing, despite how amusing they are.

  13. [re=293400]ReverendJeffy[/re]: She might not have $150. I bet she’s got a couple hundred (used) sets of TruckNutz though.

    Keep in mind, teabagging TruckNutz is sodomy in all southern states.

  14. [re=293377]P Drizzle[/re]: Seriously. “You’re African-American, why are you voting for McCain??” made me really loathe this video guy.

  15. Wait until she finds out this fukkin video is now plastered all over that libnut website Wonkette. Think about it, editors, that hundred bucks could buy a lot of margaritas.

  16. Ok, I’m confused. That is not the most hateful and racist things said at a McCain-Palin rally. There is far worse on youtube. This is mostly the question “Do you think Obama’s a terrorist?” followed by blank looks and weak attempts to parrot foxnews talking points. i.e. lot’s of people showing that they are ignorant and uniformed, but generally not any more malicious than the next partisan hack.

    Why would anyone want to pay to take it down?

  17. The joke is on Blogger Interrupted, because she was just offering Ameros.

    But, since I am never one to stand in the way of capitalism, for $25 each, paid in full, I will promise not to post an embarrassing web video of the wingnut of your choice. Just send $25 and the name of the wingnut of your choosing to me, c/o Wonkette.

  18. [re=293371]Bearbloke[/re]: Dear Mrs. Honorable Lady,

    I am in receipt of informations known but only to a few of lucky persons. This video not legally placed on the Youtubes is been put there by a mister involved in financial dealings awkward to even my personal situation. However, I represent a sizable interest of sum of money confiscated from this person, who has related to former sister of Chukwo Agosi Babalinda, higher up former minister of government in Nigerian, with whose bank assets are frozen amounting to $400 million United States dollars. I offer exclusive to you this only time opportunity to share in this glory sum, through my private councilor in law, as a consequence for video removal from your Tube. Please contact me immediately at your utmost convenience with name, bank account number, address, and other informations concerning you, such that I may expeditely reserve your claim of this money percentage. In God be with us this formidable opportunity to not pass up.

  19. I get tricked by racism all the time totally understandable its a sneaky one that racism! Cracker. Whoops there it got me again

  20. Well, I finally got the gumption to press the play button, and I have to say, kudos go to the fine performances of Laverne and Shirley, Richard Dreyfuss (and his retarded sister), Timothy Treadwell, Janet Reno (although she overplayed the gum-chewing a skosh), Shia LaBeouf, and Fat Toni (pictured in the still). They all did a fabulous job of protraying the future of an America that spends a gazillion times more $$$ on defense than on education.
    Envelope please.

  21. [re=293419]Prommie[/re]: I would hit the Civony chick so hard, whoever pulled me out would be declared King of Lower Middle Earth, or wherever.

  22. Um, have you guys noticed that the YouTube username of the woman who wants the video removed is “teagarden8650”?

    That’s right. teagarden.

  23. [re=293460]El Pinche[/re]: Great. Now I’m going to have to explain to my girlfriend why “Shia LaBeouf Bukake” is in our search history.

  24. Look, it’s all very simple. This women merely thought that there was FUKKIN in the video, but did not know how to flag it as inappropriate…

  25. Does this mean we can all save the video, upload it and extort 75-100 dollars from the crazy lady? I’m not sure she knows how the intertubes actually work.

  26. Don’t do it Tim!!!!!!!! It’s a fukkin valuable thing and you don’t give it away for nothing! keep uploading it to the intertubes and you can parachute your way there.

  27. See, but we could probably get some people together and give the guy $200 to leave it up, at some point this person will realize that to keep bidding they’ll have to pawn their Truck Nutz and that will be the end of it.

    But it is good to see how much FUKKIN smarter those right wingers are than us libtards.

  28. How about that black hatin’ Tub at the Palin rally with the Barack doll, “Yer bein’ deceived. Obama’s a terist”.

    hahahahahahaha…………….. The whole time Cheney’s limo is parked in front of the US Treasury for that quick run to the Swiss embassy. >snicker<

  29. I think the best part of this is that she’s ashamed and embarassed enough to WANT it taken down. That’s a level of self-awareness you just don’t really expect from wingnuts like this.

  30. [re=293414]PomPom[/re]: It was probably the 1000th time he’d been asked that by all of his black friends and relatives. I’ll bet his wife asked him too. I’ll bet everyone at the rally was wondering what the hell he was doing there too.

  31. [re=293843]american mutt[/re]: Important new detail: Chick wants Youtube to take down the ‘fukkin video’ and she’s willing to cough up a C, if that’s what it’s gonna take.
    So you see, these people are actually stupider than you once thought they were.

  32. The guy with the video camera is a douche bag too, btw.

    But anyhoo, what’s up with Ohio? Are they all mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging morons? And can’t they come up with anything new to say? Or think? Maybe even something that Fox News hasn’t told them? Talk about puppets.

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