Here is something fun to lighten the mood on the day before the weekend! How to explain this one … It’s sort of like if the Scissor Sisters met Omar Sharif and directed an intergalactic cruise together, with a backup singer wearing cave-lady rags. Cocaine would almost certainly be involved. This might be talking it up a little too much. [YouTube]

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  1. Is Dick Clark dead yet, or is there a way we can bring these guys overseas for an American Bandstand revival? Be sure to bring plenty of mescaline.

  2. Hello right back atchya, big fellow. You know, don’t you, that this video will be used by wingnuts to prove to themselves that our Prez is a secret muslin terriss, whose secret muslin code name is Obama Sin-Laden and who is receiving secret coded messages for our annihilation in this very video, which they don’t need to prove because they have faith in its so-ness, and faith is all you need to laugh in the face of reality, unless you’re playing hide-and-go-seek on the freeway or sumpin’.

  3. [re=292982]Nigel[/re]: Also, in Turkey the sun rises in the West and sets in the East (see spinning globe at 1:47). Is Obama messing with the time-space continuum? Someone should probably investigate.

  4. In the future, I’ll be showing my children a scrapbook of terrible, terrible music videos inspired by the most wonderful man in history.

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