HMM. Michele Bachmann’s got her name in the newspapers again! This happens very easily: go on the wingnut’s radio show, get asked “what’s the reaction” in Minnesota to the fact that the state has an “openly” Muslim congressman (Keith Ellison) who knows Muslim people (Barack Obama?), and argue that the liberal media is not concerned enough about this very obvious terrorism, what with the Flying Imams and stuff who probably all know Ellison from Muslim parties and Al Qaeda.

Here’s a rather lengthy transcript excerpt, which is worth reading in its entirety, for hilarity:

LR: Minnesota is the first state to have elected an openly, avowed Muslim to Congress, Mr. Ellison. The word is, he is heavily involved in what amounts to a talent search for Muslims to fill jobs of some importance in the Obama administration. What’s the reaction to that back in Minnesota?

MB: You know, I think our, our news media hasn’t, hasn’t put that message out. We have a very liberal new media here in the state of Minnesota and that message hasn’t gone out. I think that most people probably aren’t aware of that.

LR: I, I, I’m gonna ask you about some things that are probably old news to you, but to, uh, to the rest of the country, especially here in the western part of the country, uh, there, there are still some mystery attached. For example, that uh, airport taxi driver controversy at, uh, the major airport, Minneapolis airport, did that ever get sorted out?

MB: Ah, yes, ah, the, the taxi drivers were required to go ahead and give people rides even if they carried alcohol, so that was sorted out. And we also were the site of the six flying imams, I don’t know if you remember that-

LR: Oh yes.

MB: The imams, the imams were actually attending, ah, Congressman Keith Ellison’s victory celebration, when he won as a member of Congress. [Ed: This is a lie.] And the imams went to the Minneapolis airport to leave and go home. While they were there, they were shouting phrases anti-Bush, anti-America and they laid their prayer shawls—er, their prayer rugs out on the floor in the airport terminal, were having their prayers, and um, were making these statements and when they got aboard the airplane, they switched seats, they didn’t go to their proper seats, and they went in the pattern of the nine-one-one uh, um, terrorists who were on the airplanes, and they all asked for seatbelt extenders on their seats, in the airplane, and these weren’t large people. So, uh, there were people on the airplane that became very nervous about these public displays and they alerted the airplane authorities, and so, these six imams were taken off of the airplane. Well, the imams ended up suing everyone on the plane, the whistleblowers, and they said that their civil rights were violated. So that’s been a big mess, that case, and I don’t, I’m not sure, but I don’t believe that that’s been resolved yet.

…the fuck is she babbling about?

Bachmann Claims ‘Flying Imams’ Were Attending Victory Party Of Muslim Congressman [TPM]
Transcript of Michele Bachmann on KSGO AM San Francisco [Dump Bachmann]

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  1. Does her district not have electricity? How the hell did she get elected?
    I’m guessing the presence of Hmong and Somalis in the state has just flipped out her core constituency.

  2. For one thing, what if they had been there at Ellison’s party? Who the fuck cares–they weren’t charged with anything. Why the hell is Bachmann in the gay porn/marriage/librul elite capital of the world, San Francisco? Did she get lost on her way to DC?

    OT but the “Flying Imams” would be a great name for a rock band. Also.

  3. Ehh this story rates a 2.2 on the Bachmann scale. She didn’t even say anything about Ellison trying to get them into flight schools at FEMA camps?

  4. Fucking bigot. Fuck her. I’m so sick of her bullshit. This is either an act or she shouldn’t be in Congress. I swear to God, if I ever meet this bitch, I’m gonna punch her in the face.

    I want every one of my Muslim American fellow countrymen and women to go the her office and just stand there. Don’t do anything else. She’ll flip her shit and die of a heart attack. She’s such a paranoid freak.

    I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I can’t bring the fucking snark anymore.

  5. Whistleblowers? Whistleblowers are (were) typically individuals who reported corrupt or unethical practices by a corporation or agency. You know, the David in the David vs. Goliath scenario. Not surprising that it’s been altered to mean a paranoid member of the majority using their fear as an outlet for xenophobia.

  6. [re=292163]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I guess by the picture maybe she called in. Sorry, I can’t listen to that broad talk so I refuse to click the linky.

  7. LR: I, I’m gonna ask you about some things that are probably old news to you, but to, uh, to the rest of the country, …, uh, there, there are still some mystery attached. For example, that uh, airport buttseks controversy at, uh, the major airport, Minneapolis airport. Did that crooked lubrl police officer ever loose his job for saying that the Sentor was tryin’ to buttseks him?

    MB: So that’s been a big mess, that case, and I don’t, I’m not sure, but I don’t believe that that’s been resolved yet.

  8. These two jagweeds are just sitting there trading scary Mooslim stories like, well I saw one who was 15 feet tall and drove a taxi than ran on pages of the bible!

  9. although I believe Bachmann is totally insane (Bachmann/Palin 2012! woot!), Obama wouldn’t look so great if we included the “uh”s and “um”s in reports of his remarks either.

    Bachmann has a lot of crazy/indecipherable per inch but the “uh”s were needlessly included to make her look even worse…I’m just sayin’.

  10. You know, the scary thing is, there will be a time when some future president comes back and says: “Barack Obama was wrong, we are a CHRISTIAN nation”. I just hope the pendulem doesn’t swing back to far to the right when it does.

  11. “Minnesota is the first state to have elected an openly, avowed Muslim to Congress”

    Are there any secret Muslins in Congress? Along with teh Socialists.

  12. The other night I was flipping channels and came across CSPAN, and there was Crazy Bachmann on the house floor, looking straight into the camera, yelling about Chinese money. The rest of the room looked completely empty. She kept going, looking right at the camera, yelling, talking in circles. She is bonkers.

  13. Her dancing, happy, crazy blue eyes make me sad.
    For the love of Imam! puleaze get that hugemongouse smoking skull with the money growing out of its cranium off the frontpage! I think I’ve had some voodoo spell put on me already.

  14. [re=292184]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Well, you posted this about 7 minutes ago so I’m guessing a couple dozen conservative commentators have used the phrase since then at least 50-60 times.

  15. [re=292193]chascates[/re]: Barney Frank’s a secret Muslin. Wait’ll his rabbi finds out!

    [re=292197]Gorillionaire[/re]: If you were to watch more C-SPAN, you’d see that that’s what our Congress mostly does: declaim to an empty hall. It’s better not to watch.

  16. I just don’t get it. I think of Minnesota and I think of lakes; Garrison Keilor; prairie flowers; cheerful, moderate people with weird accents … they have a state muffin, for God’s sake! A state muffin! Blueberry!

    How the hell did they end up with this raving racist lunatic?

  17. She Talks to Flying Imams (from the Black Muslins)

    She never mentions Barack Hussein Obama
    In certain company
    Yes, she’ll tell you she’s from Minnesota
    After you meet her family

    She thinks her white nation is black as night, now
    Pulls her bangs down tight
    Yeah, she gives a smile when the insanity comes,
    The insanity gonna make everything alright

    Says she talks ’bout flying Imams,
    They call her out by her name
    She talks ’bout flying Imams,
    Says they call her out by her name

    She keeps a tube of lipstick in her pocket
    She wears a cross around her neck
    Yes, she talks crazy bout Muslin Ellison
    And the lipstick is for someone she has not tongued, not yet (oh Barry…)

    Says she talks ’bout flying Imams,
    They call her out by her name
    She talks ’bout flying Imams,
    Says they call her out by her name
    Oh, Imams
    They call her out by her name
    Oh, she talks to Imams
    They call her out
    Yeah, they call her out
    Dont you know that they call her out by her name

  18. [Ed: This is a Lie.] This is what I love about Wonkette; none of your namby-pamby, beating around the bush, all MsM-like obfuscating and hand-wringing when it comes to ferreting out LYING LIARS!

  19. Meanwhile, Somali pirates have just hit Norm Coleman’s house. Why isn’t Iman Barry doing anything to protect America? Why? Are you too engaged in training your hell hound to chew up your birth certificate, Mis-ter Pre-si-dent Hussein?

  20. Any of you moonbats ever see the movie “Sorry Haters”?

    I’m just sayin’. And I bet you a dollar that Michele is a cutter- I’d say, right around the inner-thigh area.

    And may Sweet Baby Jesus watch over those poor 23 Bachmann foster children. Oh yeah, and about that:


  21. Her logic is flawless:

    1. America previously did good things.
    2. Therefore, America must never apologize to anyone, ever.

    Game. Set. Match.

  22. That “Christian Nation” stuff drives me apeshit. Ever heard of the Jefferson Bible, dumbfuck? The one he went thru all the trouble to write and take all the supernatural stuff out? You don’t respect the Founders. You don’t respect the Constitution. Eat a large bag of dicks and go to hell.

  23. The Flying Imams have an excellent record of not losing passenger luggage although they are the airline most likely to kill “infidels” (why I stopped flying with them).

  24. [re=292178]comradepaulson[/re]: I’m at a loss too.

    Essentially what she’s saying is “these people are different, we better keep an eye on them.”

  25. Guys, she was clearly talking about flying Imans, as in the regal old super model who has many clones. She was born in Somalia and her middle name is Mohammad, so clearly she’s a Muslin terrorist who needs extra seat belt extenders to make fashionable bombs.

  26. [re=292264]Deepthroat[/re]: PS: there’s some really fun nutbags in the comments there too!
    “Evolution defined as life developing out of inert gases and material is as fanciful a fairy tale as the talking snake, the walking fish and the trunk monkey. Science is just another religion requiring the same faith as it does to believe in a Supreme Being. Man’s attempt to try to reverse engineer the creation only proves how little we know about it. Carbon dating, the Earth’s age, and missing link are all based on self serving mathematical formulas deriving an end from a means. Face it; no one has any tangible proof. Since Mankind has proven just how dependable, honest, upright, and creditable we can be, I’ve choose to believe in God.”

    Um… WHY have i never heard the story of the trunk monkey? cause that sounds AWESOME!

  27. [re=292198]Nerdalicious[/re]: “Her dancing, happy, crazy blue eyes make me sad.”
    And they seem to get bluer everyday. I think she’s having visions of the Prophet.
    Either that or her Risperdal is no longer working. Or she’s become addicted to The Spice.

  28. [re=292256]bricks[/re]: Yeah, just six weeks ago. I think you’re onto something. You hold her down and I’ll strip her, see what we can find.

    BTW, them Penns be one mean acting couple.

  29. Flying Imams!
    I knew it, just frikkin knew it.
    1967 The US builds the first airborne ecclesiastical weapons platform – Sally Fields
    2008 The islamo-fascist hordes counter with flying Imams
    People we need move quickly here, The Imams have pointy beards which gives them a superior aerodynamic profile, greater range and a heavier payload… I mean look at this skinny little bitch.
    She cant even pick up a MOAB, how is she supposed to fly with it?
    Now look at this heavy duty weapons platform
    We only have one chance here people, we’re going to have to weaponize Pastor Rick Warren if we hope to survive the coming Clerical air armada

  30. (1) “…just as North Carolin–uh, I mean North Korea was launching its rockets…” Looks like we’ll be lighting up Matlock’s ass any minute now.

    (2) “Minnesota is the first state to elect an openly avowed Mooslin to Congress, Mr. Ellison.”
    Well, you crazy propagandist, Minnesota is also the first state to elect an openly avowed retarded baby farmer to Congress and yet, you don’t seem to give a damn.

    (3) “These were not large people.” And I know large fucking people. And jean shorts. I’m from Minnesota.

    (4) “[T]he imams ended up suing everyone on the plane, the whistleblowers, and they said that their civil rights were violated.” I’m an ambulance-chaser, and that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    (5) “Also, we also had Muslins working in Target and they would not ring pork products at the register.” Sounds like some fundie refusing to fill a prescription for the pill. I’ve often wondered if I could go to pharmacy school, convert to being a Christian Scientist, and refuse to do a damn thing.

    Michele is the result of what would happen if Marge Gunderson and Anita Bryant got gay married and used some of Ned Flanders’ sperm to gay-procreate and then raise & homeschool the nasty little shit.

    Finally, did anyone notice Michele bitching about how lib’rul Minnesota is? To a guy who lives in S.F.? there is just no end and no beginning to this personification of bafflement.

  31. So it’s a problem that Muslims cashiers to refuse to ring up nasty pork from Target/Walmart because of their religious beliefs? Does this mean she has problems with Christian doctors refusing to perform abortions?

  32. WOW

    I used to think Allan Keyes was the king of wingnut crazy….he needs to surrender the crown to this fool

    She believes EVERY SINGLE CONSPIRACY THEORY that the World Nut Daily dreams up, and just rattles them right off

    Also note:

    Muslims refusing to transport alcohol for religious reason is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT then Xtian pharmacists refusing to fill presciption

    BTW was this a shortwave radio malitia broadcast?

  33. Having these nuts around is just going to get worse. They whine about being ignored, about being laughed at and then act like children and expect to be taken seriously. Sullivan has a link to this post from Larrison. It is an interesting set of observations on the state of what passes for “conservative”. He writes:
    …Simply put, I think the reason there is so little “respectful engagement” between mainstream and dissident conservatives is that there isn’t much mutual respect that would serve as the basis for such engagement….
    what Larison refers to as “mainstream conservatives” are what we call “nuts”. He doesn’t see this changing and I don’t either. I think they will become increasingly hysterical and sadly (from our standpoint) less funny.

  34. [re=292264]Deepthroat[/re]: That site had this wonderful comment:
    “ALL THOSE QUOTES, ESPECIALY THE ONE ABOUT WASHINTON ARE ALL BULLSHIT.. This Country was founded BY CHRISTIANS and as a CHRISTIAN NATION period.. So get over it!!! To your false proof, theirs thousands of other proof to prove that this article is wrong.. THE UNITED STATES IS A CHRISTIAN BASED COUNTRY PERIOD!! My great great Grandfather was a Wampanaoug Indian Chief that sided with General George Washington in the Revelutionary War and our tribe fought with Washington and WASHINGTON WAS A CHRISTIAN!!”

    If his great, great grandfather fought with George Washington the writer must be, what, about 150 years old? Or has El Pinche or Shorts been there before me?

  35. A few years ago I heard two couples (one from California, the other from Minnesota) discuss their immigration problems. The Californians were sad about Mexicans while the Minnesotans lamented an “infestation” of Vietnamese.

    Republican is so much more genteel than racist douchebag.

  36. [re=292300]Gopherit[/re]: DOOOD! I would totally buy from Suburban Auto Group! They condone murder via chimp… that’s WAY better than that faggy OnStar shit!

  37. [re=292270]El Pinche[/re]: A couple of them at work the other day were saying that non property owners should not be allowed to vote. I was speechless.

  38. she was caught crawling around in the bushes at a gay pride rally at the capitol a few years ago. said her shoe broke. after a public speaking engagement near Mpls. she was followed into a public bathroom where she was confronted by two women who wanted to know why she was such a hater. she called 911 and said she was being abducted by lesbians. her district is renowned for its racism and xenophobia, even so she very nearly lost the last election after her “the press needs to look into the unamericans in congress on chris mathews. most minnesotans are deeply embarrassed by her, but you have to admit she’s hilarious.

  39. [re=292298]chascates[/re]: That’s the one that originally peaked my interest, but i was just so intrigued by the Biblical story of the trunk monkey somehow being just as realistic as say, gravity.

  40. ….meetings behind closed doors at the G 20 that will wreck American sovereignty?

    How the hell does she know about this then?
    Tin foil?

  41. Glenn Dick slobbering, crying again today. Someone puleaze remove his lacrimal glands. Teabag sign: Would You Like To Have Socialist Health Insurance & Have Glenn Dick Remove Your Lacrimal Glands So Only HE Can Cry?

    No, I’d like to have Barney Frank do my colonoscopy & have him remove you, a terminal dumb ass.

  42. [re=292302]Airborne Toxic Event[/re]: White pieces of Minnesota shit grousing about Vietnamese immigrants is sooooo thirty years ago. Contemporary Minnesotan racists blame everything on Somalis.

  43. [re=292345]Nerdalicious[/re]: Yes, but did you know that he feds “literally” came into Ted Nugent’s house and blowtorched his paycheck? My spurpeme fantasy is to pulverize into a thin soup Ted Nugent’s ugly fucking shriveley old-has-been-rocker face with the rotting corpse of Glenn Beck.

  44. [re=292358]Custerwolf[/re]: And yeah, I said “SPURpeme” cause while I’m beating to death Ted Nugent’s rotten saggy flesh, I’ll be wearing nothing but my silver spurs and a burkha.

  45. [re=292289]pat robertsons personal trainer[/re]: Haha, I LOL’d — “I’ve often wondered if I could go to pharmacy school, convert to being a Christian Scientist, and refuse to do a damn thing.

  46. [re=292358]Custerwolf[/re]: I received the Ted Nugent cookbook as a wedding present. You would be surprised at the number of things Ted has pulverized into a thin soup. He also hates vegetarians because they are pussies (yes, this was in a cookbook) and believes man evolved solely to shoot things with crossbows.

    The teatards have found their messiah, and he is the Nuge.

  47. This reminds me again of an adjunct prof (retired Navy guy, 20+ years at the Pentagon) I once had. He told of the PowerPoint he’s saw that alluded to a scenario where all the Somali parking attendants in DC rose up to “terrorize” the city. By doing what? It never really said and he couldn’t figure it out. They already wreak havoc on people’s expectation of early bird pricing fees. And someone not accepting plastic in this day and age, is pretty terrifying.

    Anyway, of course it’s just one of many jack-off fantasies in PowerPoints at the Pentagon and it’s not like they are Bachman-crazy or anything and would actually believe the shit is possible.

  48. [re=292394]Cicada[/re]: Thinking of his early music I’ve always wondered how such fine tunes could have come from such a putrid fuck. It’s the equivalent of a butterfly-shaped turd. Truly baffling.

  49. [re=292245]S.Luggo[/re]: “…eggs were thrown at former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman’s house…”

    That’s right, FORMER, biyatches!

  50. [re=292432]Custerwolf[/re]: While I consider him no musical genius, I too enjoyed Mr. Nugent’s early rock n’ roll stylings. I think it’s a truism that really colorful personalities tend to either

    a) Mellow with age
    b) Become obnoxious cranks, so everyone keeps paying attention

    I’m guessing he didn’t get enough of the right kind of loving attention from his dad whilst growing up.

  51. How dare you post nine and a half minutes of that raving bitch. As the saying goes, that’s nine minutes I’ll never get back. And the real story is the CHILDREN! 23 foster children have been brutally traumatized living with that family! Let’s find the children and write their story.. I see New York Best Seller!

  52. One Lutheran to another, Ms. Bachmann, you might want to consult the dear old man himself:

    “I would rather be ruled by a competent Turk than an incompetent Christian.” — Martin Luther.

  53. And BTW, what was a conservative Wisconsin Synod Lutheran like you doing at Oral Roberts University Law School anyway? Luther would skin you alive for bowing before that heretical spawn of Calvin, that church-state mixer, that faith-healing charletan, that Baptist version of John Tetzel. Jebbus, woman, your pastor really needs to send you back to Catechism!

  54. [re=292621]McDuff[/re]: Preach it, my Lutheran brother! Wisconsin Synod is all about the biblical literalism, the mere concept of which would probably make Dr. Luther’s head all ‘splody.

    And I don’t know if it’s a dog-whistle or what, but the term “flying bishops” sometimes refers to the homophobic African Anglican bishops setting up shop with (infiltrated) right-wing Episcopal parishes here in the U.S.

    Probably not, but I kind of recoiled at the phrase, having followed the mishigas in TEC with fear and loathing.

  55. Holy Crap, I don’t know which is scarier, Michelle Bachmann or the idiots who voted for her. It would be interesting to track down her former foster children and hear THEIR memories of the time spent in the Bachmann household…

    Well, someone should just teabag her, at least then her lunatic raving would be muffled – also.

  56. Ellison is a public figure, but the Imams are not.

    I would donate money toward legal expenses for the six of them to sue Michele Bachmann’s bony ass for SLANDER.

    Take the cunt’s house away and turn it into a fucking MOSQUE.

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