Mmmm, tea.Wonkette operative/Capitol Spy “Valkyrie” sends this chilling report: “Just saw Capitol Hill police officers surrounding a guy and checking inside his metal basket cart. As I passed by, I looked inside, and the cart was filled with confiscated tea bags in little evidence bags, and the police officers were taking their pick. Fat cats.” Thanks, teabaggers, for providing our nation’s Capitol Cops with a selection of tasty herbal teas!

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  1. I’m still pist because they are supporting imports from Muslin and Commie Countries. Buy American tea so that you can truly teabag Americans’ teabags.

  2. [re=291908]A Better American Than YOU[/re]: Funny that! Because coffee and tea are probably the only two beverages that cannot be grown in this USAmerica…(unless you have a very expensive greenhouse)
    No such thing as ‘American tea’
    unless you are talking about Mormon tea, which is a desert shrub=no caffeine.

  3. [re=291932]sati demise[/re]: There’s tea grown in South Carolina, American Classic. It goes well with Freedom Fries and it has a nice, Christian flavor to it.

  4. [re=291908]A Better American Than YOU[/re]: You’ve got a great point there. The prostesters should have been dumping American-produced cigarettes (symbolically, a HEAVILY taxed item!) and the hobos would all have free smokes for at least a couple of days.

  5. [re=291932]sati demise[/re]: SHUDDUP!! Don’t confuse us with your facts! Tea is Muriken, dammit, and don’t you forget it! TRAITOR!!

    I just informed that the original tea party was held to protest the Republican and Democratic parties. Obviously by a libtard who majored in Muriken History.

  6. It just dawned on me (because, you know, I majored in U.S. ‘Merican History way back in college) that by using tea and tying it to the Boston Tea Party they are symbolically protesting against protectionist tariffs which keep hard working blue collar ‘Mericans employed…


    Police officers should buy their own tea instead of expecting the taxpayers to subsidize their tea drinking activities.

  8. [re=292011]A Better American Than YOU[/re]: Even if it were an unknown fact, it would still be true. Some of the best tea your black market dollar can buy is grown right here in the land of the fee and the home of the knave. You can brew a tasty cup, bake a batch of cookies that will take you to the higher ground, or just fuckin smoke it like a genuine lover of the red, white, and blue. And green. And it’s all tax-free, so far.

  9. I find it very, VERY disturbing that these American heroes who are our last defense against Socialist Muslin have been using HERBAL tea bags. Don’t they know that Real Americans drink only caffeinated black tea from such fine American companies as Tetley and Lipton, and that herbal tea softens your brain and causes you to have abortions? Someone has clearly formed a fifth column within the teabaggery party.

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