We saw this about an hour ago and OMFG these people are actual dangerous insane freaks who should be rounded up and buried alive at the landfill. [CNN/YouTube]

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  • chascates

    Wasn’t Lincoln the first President to enact an income tax to help pay for the Civil War?

  • CaliforniaMike

    Jeez, all the teabaggers are going “full retard” on us.

  • Real Talk

    It’s amazing how they’ve convinced the Poors that someone is going to take their non-existant money from them. SMH

  • SuperRounder

    Why would anyone introduce facts into this situation?

  • P Drizzle

    Santelli for President? I guess these people all built their own homes from mud, twigs and horseshit.

  • danadevin85

    she better get out of there before she catches a beat down
    but im glad she told it like it was

  • cal

    Does NASA really have a space treadmill?

  • youknew

    Angry, frustrated white dudes. What can you say? Nothing more frightening. Welcome to my world.

  • Serolf Divad

    Lincoln would have sent Sherman to burn down Fox News.

  • karen

    Nice CNN lady? She’s a heckler, and you know it :P BUT, that’s not to say that i do not agree with her heckling in her quest for truth and meaning among America’s mental rejects.

  • Colander

    Man, people are so bored. Is there no weed in Chicago?

  • Custerwolf

    Dude is definitely overtaxed. Calgon take him away.


    [re=290385]chascates[/re]: Right in one, Chas.

  • youknew

    I’d like to see some FOX news coverage, but I’m too afraid to look…oh and I’m at work.

  • twowheeljunkie

    [re=290385]chascates[/re]: Homerun.

  • LittlePinky82
  • Come here a minute

    I hope she got out of there before she asked her next question, which was, “Sir, do you realize you are a fucking moron?”

  • sezme

    Ma’am, Ma’am, Ma’am! That guy must have been a real joy to teach in grade school.

  • Woodwards Friend

    Not to defend the teabaggers but if you ask a braying idiot a question don’t act all outraged when his answer happens to be braying idiocy.

  • Noodle Salad

    Dad needs a pacifier, too.

  • Nerdalicious

    [re=290395]P Drizzle[/re]:
    I went to some wingnut websites to lurk. They are all “Rick Santelli blah blah blah, like Santelli gives them gravitas because he’s a screaming ranting lunatic on Catch Nothing Before It Crashes CNBC. I love how they sway from one loser to another Palin…Limbaugh….Steele….Beck….Santelli. Sad.

  • TGY

    Man, that woman is a graduate of the Liz Glover School of Daredevil Journalism.

  • hockeymom

    [re=290410]youknew[/re]: I just watched Shepard Smith (liberal plant) and a guest discuss the need for people to read and watch news that presents information OTHER than what they agree with.
    This was in response to the report put out saying right-wing extemist groups might be stepping up recruitment.

    The guest, a former FBI type, basically said that if people stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh 24/7, the world would be a better place. And then went on to politely bag on typical FOX viewers, with Shep egging him on.

    It was fairly amazing.

  • Man Without Qualities

    [re=290385]chascates[/re]: Indeed, and nothing says “state intervention” like declaring war on a separatist government.

  • Accordion-o-rama

    Love Al Gore waving at the camera near the end.

  • DagNabbit

    WTF. Just smash his babies head in and save this poor child a life of “Is that REALLY your lame ass Dad?”

  • danadevin85

    20 years from now his kid is going to look back on this tape and be so embarrased

  • lampadadog

    You’d think they would welcome the media coverage, so that CNN’s vast audience could see what nice, reasonable, yet unfairly-taxed people they are. Just like everyone in America, right? But no, apparently the thing to do is make the average viewer think you’re one hair away from outright violence, because that makes your message so much more palatable.

  • Atheist Nun

    “Uh, I’m mad at… uuuuuuuuh…. and I want it to stop… and it’s makin’ me mad… and it’s not right… and it’s unfair… and Lincoln… and taxes… and my kid… and it’s makin’ me really mad… and.. uh… duh… HURR DURR… and… uh… I’m mad… uh… LOOK AT MY SIGN… yeah!”

    That about sums it all up, doesn’t it?

  • youknew

    It’s tyranny when the muslin does it, but liberty when the white dictator does it. They really can’t admit the sickness can they?

  • CaliforniaMike

    [re=290437]danadevin85[/re]: Nah, by then he’ll have smoked weed, listened to Black Sabbath, offed his parents and joined the Taliban.

  • youknew

    [re=290429]hockeymom[/re]: the grinch’s heart twinges? you shit me.

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    I have never seen a guy more in need of a teabagging ever.

  • P Drizzle

    [re=290425]Nerdalicious[/re]: heheh. But I do take umbrage at your slighting of Real America’s first lady. Where is your executive experience, sir?

  • Mustang

    This guy has a future doing catoon character voices. I have to note –What’s with that “nice lady?” She was pretty aggressive in her anti-teabaggingness. She didn’t seem to be very worried about appearing to be unbiased.

  • thefrontpage

    Anyone out there protesting today is an asshole, pure and simple.

    Congrats to that brave CNN reporter for sticking it to these psycho morons.

    And no sane person takes AN INFANT, A BABY, to a street protest–seriously. That is just plain stupid–and child endangerment. It’s just psycho.

    What a bunch of flaming, pathetic morons.

  • DagNabbit

    Call Chris Hanson.
    Dude is a baby snatcher.

  • Paterlanger

    Dear fellow Wonketteers (sic), I would like to delicately broach something that I suspect has occurred to all of you as you follow the adventures of the teabaggers. Is it possible, and I hate to even ask it, but is it possible that all this (sudden) angst over the size of the federal deficit and the accompanying irrational fear of tax increases that have yet to be even proposed is due to…the presidents skin color? Just askin’.

  • 19kevin8

    After reading all these comments I really wish I coiuld get the youtubes at work. damn thing must be clogged.

  • wonderboom

    Fuck! He’s right. He’s fucking right.
    It’s all there — Lincoln, Freedom, Something, Pause, Blank Stare — How could I have been so blind?

    Holy shit! Where am I? Why am I wearing a madrassa? And where did all this arugula come from?

  • MarSF

    The State of Illinois needs to take that baby away from that insane, angry person.

  • President Beeblebrox

    Wait, I think I saw the Bluesmobile crash through the Honorable Richard J. Daley Plaza there.

    That’s where they have that Picasso thing.

  • Hooray For Anything

    [re=290461]Mustang[/re]: I like how both the reporter and the CNN anchor could barely contain the fact they think this whole thing is the most idiotic thing they’ve seen in awhile.

  • The Helvetica Scenario

    [re=290461]Mustang[/re]: Poochie, perhaps?

  • Decker

    I thought the point of teabagging was gratification. Nobody there seems very happy. Maybe they’re doing it wrong.

  • Lazy Media

    Bad interview, all the way around. Typical ratings-driven teevee journalism. She could have just let the wingnut finish his stupid point, instead of interrupting him with non sequiturs (he wasn’t talking about taxes, SHE was), and she didn’t have to holler at him, but that’s what makes teevee nooze EXCITING. Mike Judge is a prophet.

    Ow, my balls!

  • DagNabbit

    Where are those nice black Muslim angst-ridden teenage pirates who are distraught over the LAST time we went into a country fucked everything up and left, but now are pissed off, well armed and looking to spill white blood, at when you REALLY need them?

  • danadevin85

    [re=290486]Lazy Media[/re]:

    yep it’s best not to interrupt
    and just let an idiot babble on national television

  • President Beeblebrox

    Dude sounded a lot like John the Stutterer from Howard Stern, particularly when he kept saying “Ma’am”.

    OK, so the Chitown teabag fest looked a lot like the Dee Cee one, except with no rain, viz. about 100 to 200 angry white folks with Gadsden flags and handwritten signs expressing their unbelievable anger at our new Muslin overlord. Win!

    The funny thing is that Lincoln, the dude’s hero, was arguably one of the LEAST liberty-friendly Preznits EVAR, since he was a War Preznit and did things like suspend habeas corpus and suppress domestic disturbances with Federal troops (NYC Draft Riots of 1863).

    [re=290467]Paterlanger[/re]: Naw. Never, ever would any Republican judge someone based on the color of their skin.

  • Uncle Al

    [re=290475]wonderboom[/re]: /Hilarious. I kept wondering where he was going with that Lincoln stuff, and never did find out….

  • Buzz Feedback

    There is no greater oppressed group in the history of humankind than white, Christian males. How the fukk do they find the will to survive?

    P.S. Nice dragging the kid to the tard-fest. You’re going to turn him gay before the end of Hopey’s second term.

  • P Drizzle

    [re=290467]Paterlanger[/re]: Do you dare question the obvious fact that black people can’t manage money? Don’t say Mark “just like Zimbabwe” Sanford didn’t warn you when inflation reaches 5000%.

  • Lazy Media

    [re=290497]danadevin85[/re]: Well, the point of the story seemed to be, “These people are morons,” but instead what we got was “These people are probably morons, but jeebus, what a bitch this reporter is.” If the story is about babbling idiots (and what ELSE would Tea Party coverage be about), you should let them babble.

  • Custerwolf

    [re=290486]Lazy Media[/re]: Will Fresca short out my circuit board??

  • Roger Williams hates your ways

    [re=290486]Lazy Media[/re]: Ummm, why are you under the delusion that this guy actually had a point? It’s TAX DAY and these guys are protesting, so naturally the reporter has the right to ask the moron what the fuck any of his rambling has to do with taxes.


    Nice place to take your baby.

    It’s a shame that this guy is the only one who ever has had to pay taxes. Lincoln would be really pissed.

  • Portugal (The Man)

    [re=290517]Lazy Media[/re]:

    That’s what YOU got out of it sizzle chest.

  • Custerwolf

    [re=290507]Buzz Feedback[/re]: That’s not his kid, he operates a daycare.

  • Min

    I’d harass her, too. She’s an asshole. But he’s an idiot, so I call it a tie.

  • Custerwolf

    [re=290570]Min[/re]: More of a BOLO, I’d say.

  • Zadig

    [re=290429]hockeymom[/re]: How Shep hasn’t been outed yet is incomprehensible to me.

  • Buzz Feedback

    [re=290565]Custerwolf[/re]: This is what I get for watching with the sound off.

  • randem

    Dear god… that man is close enough to get me when I leave work. AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

  • scarymuppet

    Am I correct that this man is comparing taxes to slavery?

  • pat robertsons personal trainer

    damn. i’m pretty sure that’s the first time i’ve heard anyone on-air at cnn refer to faux news as “right wing.”

  • psilage

    Just so so much like the crowd scenes in Idiocracy.

    But I’m so happy that she isn’t pouring gas on the fire with false equivalency and polite questioning.

  • Itsjustme

    [re=290628]randem[/re]: Does his wife know he is using Junior as a prop?

  • kenskids

    [re=290654]pat robertsons personal trainer[/re]: I was thinking the same thing — often implied, never stated. It may be my poor screen resolution, but she looks a bit like Dana Perino, also. I am cognitively dissonanted.

  • greensprout

    [re=290517]Lazy Media[/re]: I imagine she’d probably already been out there long enough at that point to be at the end of her sanity leash.

  • DagNabbit
  • zenferret

    [re=290735]DagNabbit[/re]: Um… “Why did Fox edit”… Wasn’t that a CNN broadcast not a Fox broadcast?

    Are them Fox dudes editting for CNN now? Wow…

  • DagNabbit

    [re=290768]zenferret[/re]: That’s what I said. Fucking DailyJew fucks it all up…

  • dogscantlookup

    [re=290486]Lazy Media[/re]: teabagging has electrolytes! also

  • DangerousLiberal

    I, I, I, I ….

    Was that guy trying to make a point about Lincoln, or about to bust into a rousing version of “Crazy Train”? I’m guessing the latter, because if he knew anything less about Lincoln he’d be declared brain dead, by Bill Frist, also on tee vee.

  • DangerousLiberal

    [re=290410]youknew[/re]: Fox=NSFW or NSF people with brains.

  • decora

    whats up with the landfill comment. thats rather illiberal

  • Trace

    I know longer have the energy to troll the comments on that video.

    I just find it interesting that so many conservatives are crying foul about how they’re being called “teabaggers” and how “when you don’t have an intelligent argument, you name-call;” but then dozens of comments on there are calling this woman a bitch and accusing her of being biased.. then calling Fox news fair and balanced.

    *Le sigh*

    I don’t have the energy.

  • engulfedinflames

    i hate all these fucking fucks and their children

  • Manofsteel

    She’s got all the smart points, but her “I’m a JOURNALIST! Look at me be all JOURNALISTY with my microphone and my facts and also my haircut!” it kind of obnoxious. Granted, she’s surrounded by a sea of obnoxious, but still. Getting all IN YO FACE with my SIR DO YOU REALIZE tactics doesn’t make CNN look that great either.

  • mikeyboypdx

    [re=290405]Colander[/re]: I nearly spit out my orange juice, it was just that funny.

    No but seriously, I’m in Portland, and allah knows there’s a shit-ton of high-octane BC Bud, as well as the good shit from Humboldt County, as well as Maui Wowie out here…..and you know what? Our crowd was just as angry, racist, and ignrunt.

    On the plus side, I lost 8 pounds after watching all this proto-fascist crap because I couldn’t stop vomiting. Best. Diet. Ever.

  • bubba

    It is a perfect example of the perspective held not just by CNN but those bringing the stories to the network as well. (like hires like). If the left wing loons would step back (or if they could) they would possibly be able to see why the ratings are OWNED by fox. You, as a journalist, cannot make the news. If you ask a question, you either have to know the answer in advance or be ready to endure whatever answer you get. And do NOT interrupt someone of whom you have solicited an answer. Realize that the common man sees the difference between presenting the facts of a story and driving a story. These fools on the left have succeeded in electing a socialist agenda and its puppet masters. They now have to endure the ramifications of their actions. Winning an election does not make converts of the other side. Nothing these fools have done with the economy is helping to do so. If you don’t feel overtaxed, you are probably part of the problem. The load is being shifted to be carried by too few. The load is becoming too large to begin with. We (especially the non taxpayer) are asking and expecting too much of the government (actual taxpayers). You could confiscate all the wealth held by the the top 5% (paying over half the taxes annually) and it would not solve the problem. Recall that this is precisely one of the primary driving issues for the American revolution against Britain. And if they can take mine, they can take yours. And if I’m not there to hire you, who will? Not just anyone is qualified to run a business SUCCESSFULLY. This is best evidenced in those running this country (into the ground).

  • jus_wonderin

    [re=290467]Paterlanger[/re]: Honestly, just this morning I was thinking…will they all go away if Obama doesn’t get a second term? I bet we will see hide nor hair of them if the spendtrift Republicans get the WH back. This is more than the myiad of wild reasons each one of them gives for the movement. You might be right.

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