• Secret Muslin Jew Barack Obama will host the first-ever White House passover seder. [WSJ]
  • The Treasury will delay those toxic-asset “stress test” results to avoid “complicating” the stock market. [Reuters]
  • “A decorated ex-cop who claimed he tested positive for cocaine because he ingested the drug during oral sex with his girlfriend can’t have his job back, a Manhattan judge has ruled.” [NYDN]
  • Sarah Palin wants you to know that Levi Johnston did not live with Bristol in a special teen fuck-room decorated in baby seal pelts by Sarah Palin herself. He just “stayed over” for two months. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Kenyan failure Barack Obama is soft on piracy. [RedState]
  • The terrorists/Chinese/Russians have installed spambots on our nation’s electricity grid, which is going to turn out badly for America. [WSJ]
  • Oh hey your Wonkette blogs on MacBooks just like every other Professional Blog Writer on the planet. [LaptopLogic]
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