Barack Obama went to what he fancy-calls a “Muslim-majority” nation today, Turkey, to hock his “legacy assets” under the guise of “reconciliation” after years of “Overseas Contingency Operations.” In other words he gave a speech to the Turkish Parliament in which he “promoted terrorism against white Christian landowning Americans.” Everyone should thank our President for this devastating Freeper bait.

  • “Obama’s message to start attacking. Doing the work Osama was doing.”
  • “Would you expect less from a Muslim?

    If he bowed down any lower to a Muslim King, he’d have fallen over. All of the sudden PROPER etiquette kicked in. How amazing! With “white folks” he couldn’t be more insulting in gifts or more casual. Obama is a Muslim and a racist.”

  • “He has alays been a Muslim.

    “‘So let me say this as clearly as I can: the United States is not and will never be at war with Islam,’ he said.”

  • “How would he attack him self? Since he is a goat loving mooselimb.” [HA HA “MOOSELIMB” — Ed.]
  • “This a$$hat is going to get us all killed. The muzzies can smell the weakness in this guy and his administration. I have this sick feeling that it’s only a matter of time before we are attacked again.”
  • “He was probably in Kenya campaigning for his Muslim cousin when 9/11 happened.”
  • “What planet is he living on??? does he forget 911?”
  • “He is the Manchurian candidate, I’ve been saying this for two years now. I also have reason the believe that his education and political career have been funded by Soros and other Communist benefactors within Russia.”
  • “Dumber than a bag of hammers, he is…”

President Barack Obama rejects allegations that US at war with Islam [Free Republic]

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  1. It’s good that we throw a steak to the freepers every now and then. It’s good to let the little nuts tire themselves out by running in idiotic circles. Imagine what they could accomplish if they didn’t devote all their anger, fear, and energy to minor memes like this. AND we get a laugh.

  2. I have this sick feeling that it’s only a matter of time before we are attacked again.

    This guy’s 100% correct (or 1000%!!! can you be 1000% correct? If so then he is). The best way to ensure that we don’t get attacked again is to visit a Moslem nation and loudly announce that we are at war with Islam. Had Obama just done that I’d sleep better at night knowing we’re safe.

  3. [re=281808]Serolf Divad[/re]: Its a known fact that the only thing the Muhammadeins understand and respect is a White Man telling them to straighten up or he (He?) will explode them with fire and righteousness. And he better damn well be speaking English when he says it.
    And That’s how you keep Amurica safe.

  4. “I have this sick feeling that it’s only a matter of time before we are attacked again.” Yeah, when Cheney is good and ready, he’ll pull another 9/11 no doubt.

  5. “This a$$hat is going to get us all killed. The muzzies can smell the weakness in this guy and his administration.”

    Wow, I guess George W. Bush must have been as rancid as 3-day old fish left on top of a radiator for another 3 days then.

  6. “How long til this phoney Christian “converts” to islam???”

    What’s the conversion rate for Ameros into Christians?
    Then, Christians into Islams?
    First things first.

  7. “I have this sick feeling that it’s only a matter of time before we are attacked again.”

    Hey smart guy, you are right! it is only a matter of time before there is another terrorist attack. it is also only a matter of time before someone dies of a another heart attack, and the sun again rises. i’m hoping you give yourself a stroke, in a matter of days, like two of them.

  8. My personal fave:

    “Islam is a very serious mental illness.”

    Thanks to their complete lack of self-awareness, these cretins just keep providing us with comedy gold. GOLD, Jerry!!!!!111!1

    Fuckin’ lunatics diagnosing other people’s “mental illness.” HaHaHaHaHa.

    Have to go now. MY Gawd is demanding that I get busy killing off all the abortion-having, gay-marrying, atheist, gun-banning, communistic muslins and other ferriners infecting us with their homosexualistic agenda and intolerance.

  9. He is the Manchurian candidate, I’ve been saying this for two years now.

    Come on, people. He’s been saying this for years. Let’s give the person credit who gets his political wisdom and conspiracy theories from a movie which played on the fears of a gullible public, which had been spoon-fed commie fear for almost 20 years, in the heat of the cold war.


  10. [re=281816]mdotsota[/re]: Actually, it’s Mahomedean, Mohammedan, Mahommedean, or Mussulman.

    I actually had a professor in college who referred to Muslims as Mohammedans. Srsly. Then again, he was Austrian.

  11. They talk smarter here on pajamasmedia (linked from Main Yahoo site this AM), but the reasoning is just as dumb.

    Obama is in the process of disappointing me on some issues, sure.

    But I liked the “pitchforks” speech. It was only the truth. The “talent” in the financial sector, that believes itself entitled to huge “competitive” salaries and “bonuses” for their oh-so-special industry, even when they fuck up, needed this little reality check.

    And I liked his speeches in Turkey.

    Please join me in irritating them.

    But yes … too bad they vote and have guns and are so angry about the result of the first not-completely-stolen election in 8 years that they’re fomenting armed revolution. That could get icky.

  12. [re=281827]cranky[/re]: When we are “attacked again” by terrorists, I’m betting $20 that it will be by folks like these Freepers, all het up by Michelle Bachman or Glenn Gould or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or one of those other “Superpatriots”. Who’s with me?

  13. “muzzies”? Seriously?
    I’m not sure why this struck me amongst all the other stupidity, but “muzzies”??
    Anyone in there remind themselves that they lost, yet?
    Because they did. Badly.

  14. [re=281820]Red Zeppelin[/re]: Yeah, when Cheney is good and ready, he’ll pull another 9/11 no doubt.

    Yeah, when he tells all his stay-behind sleeper agents in the Pentagon to stand down. Then Jon Voight will swoop in & gas us all with a biological agent to show what a great patriot he is.

  15. [re=281841]iolanthe[/re]:
    i’m thinking that someday our great-great-grandkids will read all about the Red and the Blue the way we read about the Blue and the Grey in school.
    if there’s anything left.

  16. These gremlins are just amazing. Some days I can even get over the fact that they vote and have a zillion guns, and just love every single damn thing they say. Yesterday was not, but today is most definitely one of those days.

  17. [re=281841]iolanthe[/re]: Wait a minute. What freeper would listen to Glenn Gould? And how worked up can you get from listening to the Goldberg Variations?

  18. “What planet is he living on??? does he forget 911?”

    Ha Ha jokes on you dick mouth, tell your dead son thanks for playing soldier.
    911 was an inside job!!!1!!1!

  19. I thought the last quote said “dumber than a bag of hamsters,” which would have been awesome. I plan to use that phrase from this point forward. Freepers are dumber than a bag of hamsters.

  20. [re=281808]Serolf Divad[/re]: “I have this sick feeling that it’s only a matter of time before we are attacked again.

    This guy’s 100% correct (or 1000%!!! can you be 1000% correct? If so then he is).”


  21. [re=281838]iolanthe[/re]: My favorite


    Compounding it is how the press still sucks up to Obama and Michelle. Havent’ heard “President” used so much in eight years.”

    Why thanks Minerva, cause we have not had a “President” in like 8 years!

  22. It’s comments like this Freeper sampling that make me wish that sometime someone would actually try, y’know, for real, to take away their guns. That’d make for one helluva fun hornet’s nest, I’ll bet!

    We don’t need to go that far–yet. They’re still kneejerkily hyper over such little things as being nice to non-Americans and not declaring global jihad against Islam.

  23. “He is the Manchurian candidate, I’ve been saying this for two years now.” Yes, diabolically clever these Soros-controlled Russian commies. You see, in 1961 Khrushchev and a 29-year old Soros, in league with the KGB and rising, three-year-old junior case officer V. Putin, cooked up the whole Kenyan dad / anthropologist mom, Hawaiin birth, early education in an Indonesian madrasah, South Side Chicago community organizer, Bill Ayres / Rev. Wright friendship cover story. Their intel convinced them that, 48 years later, it would be unlikely to raise suspicions with real Americans. Personally, I would have gone with something not so obvious. Maybe a son of a patrician New England family, Yale / Harvard-educated, baseball club owner, entrepreneur, tough-talking, conservative, Texan thing, but, hey, I’m not very creative.

  24. [re=281853]Cape Clod[/re]: Oh, shit! I *did* say Glenn Gould! Bach on the brain … what can I say. (And I don’t like Glenn Gould, either. He plays too much like a machine, and he should stop that fucking humming! ;->)

    Nothing like screwing up a good rant with a Senior Brainfart.

  25. [re=281853]Cape Clod[/re]: Indeed. I’d have pegged them for something more martial, like Strauss or more likely Wagner.

    But actually, OH SNAP! winwinwin

  26. [re=281871]Itsjustme[/re]: The bizarro world twist that makes me *cry* is all this umbrage about the press being too nice to the current Pres. My God, the entire mainstream press, it seemed, for about 8 fucking years, just got on their knees and gave Bush/Cheney the world’s longest hummer with extra tongue.

    And these guys didn’t get all exercised about *that*!!!

  27. [re=281884]Saxby Coburg[/re]: YES!! I’ve always asked idiot “birther” acquaintances, “If *YOU* were planting a Manchurian Candidate, sure to give America away to the Mohametan Fiends and sell us all into slavery to Satan, would *YOU* pick a black guy with an Arabic name? I mean, seriously … “

  28. [re=281884]Saxby Coburg[/re]: The most baffling thing about the whole “Manchurian Candidate” idea is that it seems to always assume that Muslims and communists are somehow in league. Going by the fact that communists are by definition atheists and Muslims by definition are not, I don’t quite see how this hangs together. Of course, I also don’t understand the value of the president of the United States going to a secular, majority-Muslim country and declaring war on the Dar-al-Islam, so what do I know?

  29. [re=281856]Itsjustme[/re]: I guess. Come to think of it, that site is Cheney’s brain.

    [re=281853]Cape Clod[/re]: Well, the Jonah Goldberg Variations are really gutbusters. Grilled Stuft Burrito, Fambly-size Double Whopper, deep-fried Ding Dongs, Fambly-size Double Whopper with extra pickles, batter-fried lard and hotdog pizza with sprinkles, raw rashers with Sonny Perdue Salmonella Peanut ButterTM, Grilled Stuft Moose Burrito in a Xanax reduction, a bag of dicks, Fambly-size Doublewide with extra foster children, deep-fried chili-Stuft Twinkies with cheese, Grilled Hobo in Michelle Bachmann Menses sauce, all washed down with a 55-gallon drum of Brawndo.

  30. [re=281907]user-of-owls[/re]: Oh, goddamnit you guys. My fingers have a mind of their own. And I moonlight as a half-assed music critic sometimes. ‘K? ;->

  31. I don’t think most of these freepers actually know what “Islam” is. As in, the actual definition of the word. They’ve just allowed themselves to be brainwashed by all the shit-spewing pundits to equate it with “evil.” I didn’t foresee that, in having an intelligent president, he would actually say true things (ie “The United States is not at war with Islam”) that would be refuted by dumbfucks like this.

  32. [re=281921]agentstinky[/re]: Just wait until he says “The US is not at war with Zoroastrianism”. That’s when the shit is really gonna fly.

  33. North Carolina: 8
    Binghamton, NY: 14
    Alabama: 10
    Oakland, CA: 4
    Santa Clara, CA: 14
    etc., etc.

    Dear Freepers,
    Please tell us how many of the dead Americans (from the last 2 weeks or so) have been murdered by ‘muzzies.’

  34. Michelle Bachmann may be barking up the wrong fire hydrant when she says Obama will put us all in re-education camps, but hell, a simple EDUCATION camp might do just fine.

    Also, there’s some consolation in knowing that none of these people will ever enjoy a genuine Turkish massage.

  35. [re=281813]trondant[/re]: Ouch my brain hurts.

    Freepers explaining how computers and computer memory works hurts me.

    Apparently to them the brain is the hard disk and some other part fo the anatomy does the thinking. This actually might explain freepers who seem to think with their assholes. They actually do.

  36. i don’t know if i’ll have to turn in my liberal membership card for this but i’m on the “prayer group for obama” mailing list and that gaggle of christians don’t have any fear about obama and muslins. what gives? why can’t these freepers be nice christians like them??

  37. [re=281927]user-of-owls[/re]: What’s the ratio of gun related deaths in the USA, to deaths in Iraq or from terrorism? It’s gotta be like 10-1?

  38. [re=281969]american mutt[/re]: American Mutt, tell me how I can get on that prayer group list!

    I’m an ex-Fundie, charter member of Focus on the Family, who still likes to say “fuck” a lot, but I could probably tone it down for prayer group. I left the Religious Right in the early 80s, around the time I realized they were asking me to pray to a picture of Ronald Reagan, and around the time a “guest speaker” came by our church, telling us that it was God’s Will that we Win America For Christ, despite the fact that there is not one word in the Bible about America or anything *like* America (unless you count the Whore of Babylon), nor one word in the Constitution about God.

    I never really stopped believing in the awesome dude described in the Book of Matthew, who would utterly hate all those folks taking his name in vain in the service of their venal and selfish politics. He chased people like that with a whip. FTW!

    If I met others like myself, I could come out of my semi-Christian Closet. For years now, I’ve been telling people I like the J-Man, I just hate his fucking Fan Club.

  39. [re=281993]iolanthe[/re]: well, on religious terms i’m the loathsome anthropologist who observes people as though they’re strangers to be studied (which to me they are) but i really just love the good vibes of prayer i can relate to. i am however, not religious. you’ll find it on the website when you sign up and search for groups. it’s combination of loving and creepy — which is quite normal. the group is the, “ObamaPrayerTeam”.

  40. [re=282022]american mutt[/re]: Yeah. Interesting experiment, I’m sure.

    I’m not even sure I believe in prayer or much of the supernatural aspects of religion anymore.

    But the vibe of a good-hearted like-minded group of people?
    Now, *that* can really change things.

    And it would beat the fuck out of having to go to *church* again! That was just horrible, I tell you. I have a form of church-related PTSD now, as do so many ex-Fundies. ;->

    Unless they made church more like a rave, where connecting with others and the Infinite and Unknowable are kinda fun.

    Or a blog.
    Something where you don’t have one asshole talking, and everyone else pretending to listen raptly and uncritically.

    Those forms of celebrating, exploring, or expressing faith, I could get behind.

    Thanks. I’ll look them up on the Obama site. It would be a good outlet for the more airy-fairy aspects of my nature.

  41. [re=281993]iolanthe[/re]: I think Focus on the Family is now praying to a picture of Sarah Palin… who focuses SO well on her family! You betcha!

    I’m related to these people to… I just love the fact that they ignore the Muslim Americans who we are obviously not at war with… not to mention that without Turkey to land our planes in, we basically screwed in Iraq.

  42. [re=281993]iolanthe[/re]: “pray to a picture of Ronald Reagan”

    So… the Second Amendment is inviolate, but the Second Commandment is more of a suggestion?!?

  43. Their comedy material is getting old: muslin, communist, teleprompters, anti-Christ, blah blah. I wish they could make up new stuff to entertain us. The last time I checked Turks were white, but obviously Muslimb is now also a race. Now that’s the kind of creativity I’m talking about. More of that please!

  44. [re=281927]user-of-owls[/re]: Don’t forget the three Pittsburgh cops ambushed by a racist, anti-Semite afraid Obama is going to take away his guns ’cause Glenn Beck told him so.

  45. [re=281813]trondant[/re]: Freeper humor is pathetic. You can tell how depressed they are when you read what goes for what’s funny.

  46. [re=281917]trondant[/re]: Grilled Hobo in Michelle Bachmann Menses sauce, all washed down with a 55-gallon drum of Brawndo.

    Brawndo…The thirst mutilator! It’s got electrolytes.

  47. Now I’m really confused. All along I thought McCain was the Manchurian candidate. His mother even likes solitaire and her favorite card is the Queen of Diamonds. Talk about a conspiracy?

  48. [re=281818]Red Zeppelin[/re]: “Mooselimb (n.)Imaginary penis sprouted by microphallic Freepers while adoring Sarah Palin, defeating Barack Obama, obtaining more guns, or practicing voter fraud.”

    Sadly, this is what’s on the Urban Dictionary site: “Mooselimb is a disrespectful phonetic spelling of the word muslim (or moslem). It has a subtext that implies both animalistic tendencies through the prefix “moose” and the moslem propensity for blowing shit up as in the word “limb.”
    Those fucking mooselimbs made me late for my flight by chanting from the koran and switching seats with each other.

  49. He ought to visit the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople while in Turkey. That will piss the Prot Fundies off no end, since they hate the Orthodox church as much as they do the Catholics or Muslims, yet they cannot say that his All-Holiness, Bartholomew I, is a Muslim. Visit Patmos, where St. John saw all the weird stuff in the book of Revelation, too.

    Zhu Bajie

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