Ahgh!Jesus christ, this whole country is drowning in its own blood. We take a day off — the Sabbath — and there are another half-dozen gruesome murders or murder-suicides. Cops and the families of the killers seem to be particularly common targets. We don’t recall Homicidal Frenzy as being a normal part of, say, the recessions of 1981-82, 1991-92 or 2001.

There’s the Binghamton, New York slaughter, 14 dead including the nut killer, an immigrant who apparently didn’t like people mocking his limited English, so he, uhm, killed immigrants, at an immigration service center.

Next, a basic domestic violence call in Pittsburgh, where a 22-year-old monster was waiting with an AK-47 to mow down the three cops who showed up to, you know, resolve a domestic violence incident. The shit wounded another two Pittsburgh police before he, unfortunately, failed to kill himself or be killed. That will sure be a happy trial for all involved.

Onward to Washington state, where a charming father murdered his five children and then, hooray, himself.

Add these to the truly incredible list of 2009 mass murders and family slaughters and the Oakland killings of four policemen in a single insane day (by one career criminal) and you’ve got to wonder if this whole country isn’t close to a total bloodbath. We’ve missed some, sure. But still, Ugh:

  • 7 residents, nurse die in NC nursing home shooting. [AP]
  • Man kills wife, five kids, himself after being fired. [CNN]
  • Six dead and one critical after Santa Clara massacre. [Register]
  • Ohio family found dead in suspected murder-suicide. [CNN]
  • Funeral for four slain Oakland police. [MSNBC]
  • Shootings, murder-suicide raise broader question: Is violence linked to recession? [Christian Science Monitor.
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  1. If God had tasked Hollywood with drawing up the details of “the passion,” Jesus would have died in a Monterrey monastery, in a hail of gunfire, surrounded on all sides by over 200 Mexican Federales and a corrupt but dogged Narcotics agent who’s been chasing him all the way from Provo, after framing him for the theft of 800 kilos of Colombian cocaine stolen from the Provo police dept. evidence room. Along the way, Jesus would have left a rather impressive body count comprised mostly of the corrupt Narcotics agent’s co-conspirators in the Provo police department, along with a hand-full of gang-bangers, pimps and rapists thrown in to add a touch of “local color” to the various cities and town he passes through while trying to avoid law enforcement and make his way down to Rio de Janeiro. In the final confrontation, before losing his own life, the Redeemer of Mankind would have wiped out one hundred or so Federales on-the-take from the local drug kingpin. The blurb for the movie poster would read: “Jesus mighht have to die for you sins, but he’s going to take out as many corrupt cops, pimps, pushers, and gang-bangers as he can before he goes.”

    We’re addicted to violence in this country. Every aspect of our culture celebrates it, on a grand scale. We’re one of the few industrialized nations that still puts criminals to death. And we love… just love our personal arsenals of military grade personal arms.

    So is it any surprise, really, that this sort of shit is so common in this country?

    Just remember, though: guns don’t kill people… exit wounds kill people.

  2. I think this is what happens when a people stop being capable of governing themselves. Oh well, whatever. It’s not really our problem anymore. Let our new Euro-Chinese masters figure this one out. The bought it. It’s their problem now ;P

  3. Pittsburgh cop killer said this according to the AP: Poplawski had feared “the Obama gun ban that’s on the way” and “didn’t like our rights being infringed upon,” said Edward Perkovic, his best friend.

  4. But, of course, no one ever talks about gun control. But that’s cos people kill people, not guns.

    Strangely, a lot fewer people tend to get killed in Europe/Canada . . .

  5. That’s crazy — who would attack an entirely innocent party on the basis of a paranoid fantasy whipped up to keep the people distracted? Hold on a second, that sounds familiar.

  6. I expect more insane, generally right-wing Militia-style domestic terrorism, fueled by nutjobs who think that a ‘half-breed socialist muslin’ in the White House is a sign of ‘teh end-times!’ and gives them a green-light to ‘Protect the 2nd Amendent’ or ‘Save America’ or ‘Defend Jesus’ or some such combination of madnesses, like that Hannity-fan who shot up that Unitarian church last summer.

    Then there’s the ego/economically-driven trope of the rigid, bitter loner/nerd/geek/freak who doesn’t get a (literal/figurative) straight-A and FREAKS OUT ala Virginia Tech.

    Fortunately for us, heavy military-style weapons aren’t available at (barely-regulated) gun shows in this country, since… what?… oh… well… ok, never mind…

  7. [re=281328]Serolf Divad[/re]: Sold! Green-light that baby! Can we get DiCaprio do Jesus? How much CGI do we need? Get ILM on the line!

    Great pitch kid – errh, watsyer name again? – Divad? Great, great – Kid, yer gonna make a million!”

  8. [re=281331]coldbrew2[/re]: I guess he figured he’d get all the murderin’ out of the way before they confiscate his guns. Where is the NRA and do they denounce and reject??

  9. Boy, those AK-47s may not be much to look at, and kinda cheaply made, and fire a relative low power round — but man, do they WORK!

    [re=281328]Serolf Divad[/re]: Stop TALKING about that idea, and come down here to Hollywood and take some meetings. Mel Gibson may be sober enough to sign a deal memo for “Passion of the Christ II: The RESURRECTION!”

    [re=281331]coldbrew2[/re]: Good luck with that “Obama Ban.” Thanks to Scalia and Roberts, et al., owning a gun is a fundamental right. The same fundamental right that sodomites have to get married — at least, according to the Iowa Supreme Court. (The California Supreme Court decision on Prop 8 is pending — but from the oral argument, you’d be better off trying to marry one of those AK-47s.)

    [re=281334]Bearbloke[/re]: Most Uniterian “ministers” should be shot. More than once. Sean Hannity, too, for that matter.

    [re=281332]Canuck13652[/re]: A lot fewer people do get killed in “Europe/Canada/” But the “Death by Boredom” statistics are through the room.

    You know, like the yearly massive waves of gun crime in Switzerland — which has the highest per capita private control of military rifles, etc. in the world.

  10. Don’t forget Leroy, Illinois:,0,5524878.story, Shelbyville, IN:, Nacogdoches, TX (only a murder, not a murder/suicide but hey, I’m only 2 degrees of separation from the alleged murderer!)

    Even Lake Wobegone, MN isn’t safe:
    (“It’s been a tragic week here in Lake Wobegone…”)

  11. Other unintended consequences of the recession (seriously):

    Shark attacks are way down, as noone is going to the beach

    Traffic accidents and fatalities are down, as few people have jobs to drive to, money for gas and repairs

    An epidemic of broken teeth and jaw injuries cause by stress grinding

    I wish I was kidding, but those are all real.

  12. [re=281343]Bruno[/re]: I know we’ve probably all seen the footage, or the whatever, but they are seriously proud of how many guns they’ve sold since Bush left.

  13. [re=281340]Gallowglass[/re]: Hey, fewer people going to the beach sounds wonderful. There’s probably nobody there but dentists who’ve made money fixing people’s broken jaws and teeth.

  14. What drives me insane is knowing that if just ONE of these shootings ends up taking place at the hands of an Arab-American, we will completely lose our shit and pass another USA PATRIOT ACT quicker than you can say “homegrown terrorist cell.”

    But as long as whites, asians or blacks do it, we won’t change shit. Bunch of random innocent people are murdered, and no one will dare suggest that we change a gun law because of it. We understand that this sort of crazy thing happens from time to time, and we move on.

  15. [re=281328]Serolf Divad[/re]: Win.
    Of course I could go on a tiresome rant about how much I hate the easy access to guns in this country, but it’s late, I’m way overtired so: I think everyone needs to have some butt secks and we’ll all feel much better. Top or bottom, whatever gets you hot.

  16. [re=281332]Canuck13652[/re]: Yeah, but Canadians have access to guns, as do some European populations (most notably the Swiss, who are required to keep and train with fully automatic weapons). These mass killings have a lot more to do with a certain type of murderousness than with access to guns. Malcolm Gladwell persuasively argues that it’s a fad among a subculture of depressed people with violent fantasies; they do it because they’ve seen a teevee story about someone else doing it. Similar to the epidemic of teen suicides in Micronesia. They used to never have teen suicide, then a couple young celebrities did it and the rate climbed to a high level. Every school shooter, it later turns out, was obsessed with the Columbine kids.

    There aren’t any proposed changes in gun laws that would prevent this sort of thing (“banning” certain cosmetically challenged semi-automatic rifles sure won’t work, especially if it’s like the last “ban,” where manufacturers made a few meaningless changes and tada! legal “assault weapons”). The only thing that would have a major effect is a total ban on personal firearm ownership. Even without the Constitutional challenges, good luck passing that and making it stick.

    On the plus side, your chances of being killed in a shooting spree are still infinitesimal compared to your chances of being killed in a car wreck, so yay?

  17. I’m guessing that marijuana was NOT a factor in any of these shootings.

    Also, we made the trek up to Prague Castle this morning, saw the size of the crowd waiting to get through security, and left.
    Since none of the news networks are saying that he announced the imminent legalization of aforesaid solution to all aggression in the world, or his intent to prosecute Bush Administration officials, I’m sure I would have been disappointed with the speech anyway.

  18. Man kills wife, five kids, himself after being fired.

    This is the Republican unemployment plan. He’s just being a Real American, not one of those Obama welfare kings.

  19. Many European countries give “legal” access to guns; the difference is that their sale is much more regulated. You have to have permits and background checks and psychological exams and waiting periods out the wazoo, and even then there’s no guarantee you’ll get one. Despite these regulations, occasionally some madman will still go on a rampage, like Johnny McPsychodork in Winnenden, Germany. But at least you don’t get 3 Winnedens in one weekend, with many more to come before year’s end.

    The US masses are addicted to guns in the same way they’re addicted to oil and junk food: because it’s all cheap and available everywhere. Europeans aren’t born thinner, non-violent fans of public transportation; the related statistics in the EU are just better because their governments have the goddamn COJONES to treat their populations like adults and say, you know what? Some humans are just fucking crazy and/or completely retarded and so that means they spoil the party for the rest of us. Deal with it! So the governments tax the bejesus out of gas and cars, and make getting a doctorate in neurobiology easier than getting a gun. (Obesity is on the rise in Europe, but look for stricter new laws soon that Americans will decry as “socialist” as they eat their way to an early death.)

    Frankly, I hope the gun nuts ARE right and that a Hopey presidency DOES mean the beginning of the end of easy gun access in the US. Because all these senseless massacres have to stop. Seriously.

  20. Colander, I admire that you are sending posts at 4:00 a.m. That is so early!! I imagine that you are reading the works of Herbert Marcuse or something.

    Usually, that is the time when I am just getting up to spit-shine my Steyr Aug before heading out to my job at a daycare center.

  21. “You know, like the yearly massive waves of gun crime in Switzerland — which has the highest per capita private control of military rifles, etc. in the world.”

    The Swiss all do mandatory military service, are subject to military discipline, etc. They are not a bunch of small-dicked whackos, talking about how they need their guns so they can have a second revolution if they like, and then shooting their girlfriends or their neighbors.

    In short: Switzerland is nothing like the USA and Swiss gun ownership is nothing like American gun idolatry.

    Zhu Bajie

  22. Colander,
    I am just jesting. I don’t have a Steyr Aug, I don’t spit, I don’t work at a daycare center, and I DO like the works of Herbert Marcuse.

    I was trying to put myself in the shoes/Weltanschuuang of a NRA-type person that probably voted for George Dumfuck Bush two times.


  23. This is really surprising. I mean, a whooooooooole bunch of people buy a whoooooooooole bunch of guns, and then suddenly they murder a whooooooooooole bunch of innocent people. If I was Tim Geithner, I’d say, “Wow, never saw that coming.” But Paul Krugman probably predicted it on November 4, and will win another Nobel for it. I have a solution, though–get a list of all the people who bought a whooooooooooole bunch of guns. And then send them messages (through their fillings or tin hats) that Limbaugh, Hannity, Reagan etc are really secret FBI agents and are “softening them up” so they can come take their guns personally.

  24. In celebration of Barry’s election, South Carolina had a tax holiday on gun and ammo purchases. The Republican legislator who introduced the bill is a retired policeman. The holiday was opposed by the Republican governor.

    “‘Everyone is faced with tough times, and we believe, in addition to helping hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts, this will also help the local economy and merchants,’ said NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam.”

    Like teh undertakers.

  25. After FoxNews spoon feeds Michelle Bachmann the news and right before she closes those dead button blue eyes to dream of the Revolution and streets flowing with liberal blood, she prays and gives thanks to God.

    Speaking of FN, I wonder when Cavuto and friends will finally and officially start calling it “Obama’s recession.” The memo hasn’t arrived yet.

  26. [re=281359]Mr. Dick Sprinkles[/re]: Wrong. Europeans are born as thin, nonviolent public transportation fans. It’s genetic. They let the weak die out during the plague and killed off the lofty gene during witch trials and religious wars. They sent the remaining oddly optimistic, religious, can-do gene along with the gun/car/junk food loving gene to the US, the happy-go-lucky, ADHD, crocodile hunting gene to Australia and the wallpaper gene to Canada. They retained the snobbish, pretty, fashionable (all shades from tragically fashionable to elegantly fashionable), philosophical, cynical, godless and gloomy socialist gene. Despite their differences, all genes of European ancestry enjoy joining forces to screw the rest of the human gene pool.

  27. Why is it that when Mexican drug dealers shoot each other and the cops, they’re considered a failed state by the USG; when your average all-American next door neighbor kills his family, you, the cops, then himself, we think we’re any different?

  28. The only problem with these murder-suicides is that they insist on doing it in the wrong order.

    Next time you think about killing your family or co-workers or the folks down at the IHOP, trying shooting yourself first. Then if you still feel like shooting everybody else, go for it!

  29. Since I read Wonkette before my local news in the morning I had no idea that parents in my state were actually killing their children as opposed to just holding up convenience stores with them in tow.

  30. [re=281369]bitchincamaro[/re]: Mexican drug dealers buy their American guns on credit. Travis Buck paid cash and taxes for his (America forgives SC for its one day of socialism on guns).

    Travis (former Foxnews viewer) :1 , Mexico : 0

  31. Living in a town that is thickly populated with rednecks, I can tell you that there is NO way anybody is ever going to take away these fucker’s guns. We’re talking some seriously paranoid fucks, that’s the truth. So folks better start thinking up some other alternatives – really. Our gun shows are the biggest events held at the fairgrounds (with the possible exception of the fair itself). If you can’t buy a gun inside (felony record, etc.) the dealer will simply meet you out in the parking lot for the transaction. And these are the people who are spitting out the most young. What chance do we have? And speaking of obesity. If you want to see what FAT is, you gotta come see our fair. Nobody even bothers to walk the swine barn anymore because where’s the novelety in staring at a bunch of fat, pale-skinned mammals, encircled by their dozen or so little miniatures? This country needs an extreme make-over stat.

  32. [re=281374]Custerwolf[/re]: ” thickly populated with rednecks” …. isn’t their an over-the-counter ointment for that?
    Yeah, America is Stupid, Angry, Fat, and Armed.

  33. [re=281338]Neilist[/re]: Yes, the Swiss have a high rate of gun ownership. They also have universal conscription, which is why they have the high rate of gun ownership, and that’s something that would go over as well here as… well, gun control. Do you really think that the “private militia” members who make up the core of the NRA and the like would go for the idea of being pressed into government service?

    Heck, the whole “boot camp for everyone” is probably what helps them weed out the crazies and (gasp!) take away their guns. And the whole gun-ownership thing won’t seem as sexy after you see that left-leaning, tree-hugging, Obama-voting hippie in your squad (also there under protest) shoot better than you.

  34. [re=281356]snarkistani refugee[/re]: Yeah — you can’t shoot if you can’t see for mad spritez.

    Wonkette (as well as the Daily Show and Colbert) should be subsidized by government mental health funding, ’cause you can’t shoot straight if you’re laughing convulsively. (Tradeoffs…)

  35. [re=281379]hoosiermama[/re]: Washington state is also vying for top spot in the number of puppy mill operators. Cunty McFuckhead up the road from my house was arrested a couple months back for felony abuse of animals. The cops found almost 100 dogs stuffed in the attic in tiny cages (the actual broker kept her own neglected dogs in an underground bunker in her mansion in case the county came out to inspect), also they had dead dogs in their freezer. This is the kicker – these same smegmateurs, who had dumped their furniture on the side of the road, were raking in MILLIONS of dollars annually running this family operated series of puppy mills. Unmotherfuckingbelievable. Not to mention they shot all the bears in the neighborhood.

  36. [re=281327]obfuscator[/re]: You’re an Asian, not an Oriental. (My 40-year-old son has seen fit to correct me on this at least once, maybe twice, so I am dutifully changing my diction. Please set a better example for me. (Or is this newer usage now falling out of favor?)

  37. [re=281389]burton judson[/re]: It is when referring to PEOPLE that the proper term is Asian. When referring to THINGS, Oriental is used.

  38. April 20 is Hitler’s birthday, and if there is ever a Right Wing Violence National Holiday, that would be it. The Oklahoma City bombing was the 19th, and I am working up a dread for this year’s comemerations. Personally, I plan to spend the day in my bunker–er, basement.

  39. Ken forgot to note that the Pittsburgh shooter was apparently a gun nut who was worried that Barry Hussein Noobama would take away his guns. Chances of him being registered on RedState or FreeRepublic: greater than 90%

  40. [re=281390]Custerwolf[/re]: Then why do the Brits say the WOGs (wily oriental gentlemen) begin at Calais? The Brits know everything, just ask them…

  41. Over on Huffpo (I read it so you don’t have to) they have the news that Richard Cohen’s ex-wife, who apparently is nearly as politically retarded as he is, married some guy who was commenting on her blog. I am guessing that Richard Cohen does not care for this at all.
    [re=281389]burton judson[/re]: such cities as Athens and Budapest should be referred to as “European.”

  42. None of this would have ever happened if those damned, irresponsible victims had just been carrying concealed assault rifles and grenade launchers.

  43. This is why I never leave SEETLE, where my amoral sexual opportunist ass is safe-ish, except for when the sword-wielders come out, about once a year.

  44. [re=281403]animalmagnetism[/re]: [re=281404]Custerwolf[/re]: I’m from Kitsap (now living in Belltown) and no, you will never get the guns out of the county. My friends keep loaded shotguns sitting in the living room. So fawking stoopid.

    [re=281403]animalmagnetism[/re]: safe-ish? You must live in Fremont or Ballard cause shit is bananas around this mug lately.

  45. [re=281402]DC Hates Me[/re]: Don’t forget Kennewick Man.

    [re=281405]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: And yet these same people are terrified that the government’s gonna come for their guns. It’s a tough situation when the craziest people are the most likely to be armed.

  46. It all started with the BART cop in Oakland (as opposed to – the irony is rich) who shot an unarmed, unthreatening guy, who happened to be in the vicinity of a fight, in the back at about 2am on 1/1/09.

    Look, is anyone really surprised about all this madness? Glenn Beck tells his minions that “we surround them”, Michelle Bachmann implies that revolution is the only way to go, Hannity rants about batshit insane stuff every day, teabagging parties whine about socialist/fascist takeovers, Dr. Dentist Orly Taitz, DDS, JD, Esq tries to induce active duty military to directly challenge the authority of the Commander-in-Chief, and certain Jesus Goblins out there are convinced that the Antichrist will be a left-handed black dude.

    It’s like they want to immanentize the eschaton. Uh oh, “like”? Shit, they ARE trying to immanentize it.

  47. When thinking about these (nearly) snark-proof atrocities, it’s helpful to separate them into to two categories:

    (1) Crimes which would have occurred with our without guns; and
    (2) Crimes which never would’ve occurred had the perpetrator not had a gun.

    Guess which category is larger?

    [re=281399]gurukalehuru[/re]: You’re a bit late. I offered my proposal to SKS several days ago. No response so far, but I’m hopeful.

  48. [re=281362]zhubajie[/re]: “The Swiss all do mandatory military service, are subject to military discipline, etc. They are not a bunch of small-dicked whackos . . . .”

    Clearly, you have never served in the military. Of any country on this planet, anyway.

    [re=281380]Mustang[/re]: That’s funny! You don’t know that your screen is (1) a crappy Detroit POS; (2) an officer promoted from the ranks, i.e., a turncoat suckup; and/or (3) a diease and parasite riddled wild horsie that is about to be shot to make dog food.

    (Oh, and you don’t understand puns, either. That’s FUNNY!)

  49. [re=281409]V572625694[/re]: exactly, people are revolting, but it would be unlikely that any one of these nutbags would have the whatever-it-takes to strangle, stab, or beat all of their children to death. it’s unlikely that that 13-17 adults could have been stabbed before this guy was stopped.

    i’m not even a ban-the-guns sort, but i am a regulate the shit out of them, including limiting the number of guns one person/residence can have, types of guns legal to the general population, limits on ammo type, and no one with any criminal record, outside of traffic violations, should be allowed to have guns. training and licensing, at least equal to that of a driver’s license for EACH firearm. i’ll think of more.

  50. [re=281405]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: I guess I failed at my imitation of a STRANGER reader. Please forgive. I lived 14 years in Rainier Beach where I hit the floor at night with regularity. But it is a resort compared to sweet home Chicago. Plus, it is the most evenly integrated neighborhood in Seattle. 1/3 white, 1/3 black, 1/3 asian, which was important when I was raising my half-breed, muslin family. Now I’m kickin’ it on the Duwamish.

  51. [re=281362]zhubajie[/re]: the swiss are mostly hateful, it is a cruel place, filled with cruel people. very pretty though, if only the swiss would all fall down a mountain, it would be a great place.

  52. [re=281357]gurukalehuru[/re]: I’m insanely jealous you at least you had a chance for a speech. All we got in London was smelly anarchists and pixxx of Obama turning around his ride at 10 Downing.

  53. [re=281409]V572625694[/re]: Semi-auto weapons (depending on the clip)guarantees your ability to kill at least a half dozen people without ever having to reload. As fast as you can squeeze the trigger, the bullets will keep coming. I doubt even an electric knife could get you those kind of results. Myrna the Minx is right. It’s only going to get worse.

  54. [re=281328]Serolf Divad[/re]: I remember when you used to post funny pictures with your posts way back when. But that’s the most detailed image I’ve seen from you. Kudos.

  55. [re=281340]Gallowglass[/re]: People listening to This American Life remains unchanged by the recession.


  56. [re=281409]V572625694[/re]: I just think we need to make more fun of Richard Cohen, and anyone who has ever been associated with him in any way.

  57. [re=281413]cranky[/re]: Wow cranky that explains alot. My pappy, who left my mom when she was 9 months pregant with his 3rd child (me), fled to Switzerland seeking asylum with his new Iranian wife (a Prime Minister’s daughter) back when the Ayatollah lost his shit. I always wanted to go there for a vist but never have. I’ve seen pictures, though, and it is a FANTASTICALLY beautiful land of assholes indeed.

  58. [re=281419]gurukalehuru[/re]: Ridiculing Cohen is like Truck Nutz — a limitless source of joy.

    [re=281415]Custerwolf[/re]: Dontcha love these gun nuts that say their little toys will help keep the country free? When the revolution comes, I’m heading over to the National Guard armory or Reserve Center to lay hold of a MK-19, essentially a hand-grenade machine gun, or maybe a modest little 120-mm mortar. Makes a nice pop!

  59. [re=281391]WadISay[/re]: It’s also the 10th anniversary of the Columbine killings. I’m sure law enforcement is really looking forward to the 20th.

  60. Pittsburgh is one of the safest most non-violent cities per capita in the country, so that is very scary. Where is Glenn Beck crying & weeping over all this gun violence? Dobbs will try the immigration approach, but that guy in NY was a US born citizen. So the loonies will surely ignore. This is the remants of Bushville, fear, fear, degradation, hopelessness, soulessness. I study this very subject. The world needs new thinking on this. It is about the annihilation of people’s souls from birth. These are pressure cookers that started brewing a long time ago. Prez is an original thinker & doer, I hope he brings new light, thought & action on this subject.

  61. [re=281381]Guppy06[/re]: I saw a story yesterday about that dude in Pittsburgh that said he had actually been in the Marines for awhile but got booted out for throwing a cafeteria tray at a drill instructor. Those are the guys who need a few years of discipline, confinement in the brig, and getting up at 4 A.M. to clean toilets with their tongues the most.

  62. [re=281370]Leopolt[/re]: Old Buddhist saying: Go out alone and you’re a hero. Take someone with you and you’re dogshit.

    Looks like quite a competition already for 2009’s Dogshit of the Year.

  63. [re=281431]imissopus[/re]: I think we need to try extra hard to get this meme to take hold of the American psyche (and psycho). Fuck this Killah nonsense – Dogshit be thy name.

  64. [re=281336]naveed[/re]: The NRA denounce and reject? Certainly not. In fact, every time one of these things happens, the Crazy Right and NRA types infect all the common threads saying stuff like, “Now the Liberals are going to use this as an excuse to take all our guns! They’re going to try to make it seem like the *guns* are responsible!”

    That’s what happened when some Right-Wing Asshole kid up in Seattle, a little Tim McVeigh in the making, decided to shoot a houseful of ravers at an afterparty a few years back.

    Also, because some of the dead were teen girls, and some were 30-something men, (although most were in their 20s) the Right Wing Commenters felt that the Shooter (who killed himself) was a Martyr, since he’d obviously gone into the house, where people were dancing, smoking pot, and drinking coffee at 6AM, to shoot Pedophiles!

    These commenters all thought The Shooter as the hapless victim, just another good boy driven crazy by the Evil Sinful Society in which the Liberals force us all to live.

    Fuck, I wish I was kidding.

  65. Non humans who are broadcasting hate & fear every day non-stop into the minds of pressure cookers & whipping them into a frenzy:
    The List:
    Eight Years of Hate & Degradation of the “Little People”: Darth Vader, Dumbya & Cohorts ( Darth Vader still won’t STFU)
    Rush Limbaugh
    Sean Hannity
    Glenn Beck & the entire “You’re F****d Network
    Joe The Plumber
    Sarah Palin & Her Minions
    Pat Buchanon
    CPAC Psychos
    Your Friendly Neanderthal Cave Dwellers in The Red States
    All The Knuckle Draggers in “Right America, Wronged”
    The List goes on & on & on ad nauseum………………………………………………………

    The fact that Prez could be elected in this sea of p***, is an act of God.

  66. [re=281436]FlipOffResearch[/re]: Which of Glenn Beck’s 9 Values and 12 Principles was the shooter practicing when he killed those cops?

    And to think, a generation ago, the band Judas Priest was accused of murdering 2 kids who committed suicide after listening to a Priest album.

  67. [re=281347]DC Hates Me[/re]: Hip-hop music creates violence
    Michael Steele proposed a new Republican party for “urban and suburban hip-hop settings”
    Prominent incidents of homicidal violence have emerged since then
    Michael Steele is to blame for these recent shootings

  68. Also, all evidence points to the Pittsburgh shooter being a white supremacist nutjob whose “best friend” was also a wingnut webtard with a MySpace page that advocated (IN ALL CAPS) that visitors should Google a laundry list of anti-semitic and white supremacist trash.

    But of course these people are the TRUE PATRIOTS, what with their patriotic wanton murder of police officers, as outlined in the Constitution…

  69. [re=281434]kapish[/re]: Thanks for the link!
    Being an old hippie, the one I was referring to was Leon’s version (Asylum Choir II,1971, with Mark Beno)which was written in regards to the 1968 Democratic Convention gone awry. Some of the lines..
    “’s such an unconventional friendly city.
    Hey man, here’s what to do: you got to see Chicago Zoo.
    They got the flying northern redneck
    and the goosestep point of view.”

    It’s a great album. “Down on the Base” is another good tune.
    “When things are slow down on the base
    we can shoot tear gas in the dummy’s face.
    We can stick our bayonets in the ground.
    When the President comes we’ll stand around.
    He’ll give a dollar for your fingers
    two dollars for your eyes.
    You pay the price for freedom boy, so realize.
    Well, I guess I’ll help in Viet Nam
    teach em how to vote and how to bomb.
    My life’s a small enough price to pay
    to teach those commies American ways
    So I’m laying on my face
    with the death explosions every place
    I thought I heard the medic say he’s blind.
    I guess I’m next to stand in line.
    I could see the world’s a better place
    if I could see at all.
    I hear my German Shepherd coming down the hall.”
    With funky Russell singing the tunes, it’s really a nice piece of vinyl.

  70. [re=281437]iolanthe[/re]: You left out the fact that he has a surviving identical twin. Someone needs to keep a close watch on that dude.

  71. [re=281436]FlipOffResearch[/re]: Good find, although if you read the comments there, the majority of them appear to be by wingnuts convinced that this was a BLACK OPS SET-UP…9/11 THERMITE INSIDE JOB…”BANKSTER [sic] FASCIST OLIGARCHS”

    Jeebus, cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing…

  72. [re=281335]Bearbloke[/re]: [re=281328]Serolf Divad[/re]: (I’m late to this party but) Boy, that’s great stuff. I see it as a rock-musical, call it “Jesus Christ Superstar II: Second Coming” and hell yes, find out if Leo can sing! This will be bigger than “Titanic!”

  73. [re=281448]Nerdalicious[/re]: It’s very painful to lisen to that song. One of my brothers, a beautiful brilliant man (technician on a nuclear sub), and crazy-paranoid as these godamned mass murderers, turned a gun only on himself. He was a gentle soul tormented by fantasies that the world was on the verge of economic and social collapse and that soon it would be every man for himself. I don’t know how people become so alientated or what can be done to fix it, but I think we are going to have to learn how to talk to people with guns or we are in for some kind of shit storm.

  74. [re=281452]Nerdalicious[/re]: Unfortunately, we’re the fools for believing that the military will always support the president or the country. I have read reports that senior military are actively undermining Obama’s legitimacy, harassing non-christians and non-believers, forcing attendance at evangelical meetings, teaching that the military should be the obstacle to the liberals’ imminent takeover of the coubtry, etc.

    And they have even more guns – legally!

  75. Coubtry-that’s the northern states. Liberals would never want to take over the southern ones. Too many fat people and Palin followers.

  76. [re=281346]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Yeah actually, my dentist is at the beach and can’t fix my broken crown for four more days. Again, I wish I was joking.

  77. [re=281454]Custerwolf[/re]:
    I am so sorry about your Brother. That must have been devastating for You, Your Family & Friends. What a shock that must have been. There has been several documentaries on the high incidence of suicide on Service People coming home from the war. It is alarming. You might want to go to to look them up. The are really very enlightening. You are right. The real war is here on our hearts & souls. I think people by nature are very sensitive, & that this is a pressure cooker on some people, that eventually explodes. The non stop hate speak certainly doesn’t help & I believe is part of the fuel.

  78. [re=281446]Neon Trotsky[/re]: Holy Christ those comments are scary.

    I’m starting to wish these conspiracy theories were true, just so I could think there is a chance that the military is going to lock these nuts away before they get organized enough to do more than rant on blogs.

  79. [re=281408]President Beeblebrox[/re]: I’m thinking rather it all started Xmas eve when a guy snorted coke, dressed up as Santa Claus and shot up his ex-wife and 7 of her family members at their holiday party, then set the house on fire. News dubbed him the Santa Claus Killer. “Acquaintances were shocked, describing the killer as ‘an unassuming, religious man, who tended to his garden and served regularly as an usher at evening Mass at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Montrose’ and ‘the nicest guy you could imagine.’ Police say a search of Pardo’s home has revealed evidence that the attack was pre-planned.”

    To me, that incident was a bit of a red flag for horrors to come. What’s it going to take for this country to focus on some serious gun-control in the form of waiting periods, background checks and psych evals? Maybe hopeless. Even that attempt on their beloved Ronnie Reagan’s life didn’t inspire the wingnuts to support greater oversight.

  80. “If somebody was allowed to keep a concealed weapon at work, then tragedy X would have never happened….” WHO DOES THAT??? How fucking scared of the whole world would you have to be to think that is a good idea? How small is your penis? Must be related – I don’t see many “Woman goes on gun rampage” headlines.

    There’s strong evidence that suicidal people just think of their plan to die and follow only that plan. If anything gets in the way, which forces them to think they give up on the plan. Put a suicide net around a famous-for-suicides bridge, the number of suicides will drop, even if there is a similar bridge nearby that would equally kill you if jumped from.

    For the same reason, you should always store your ammo in a hard-to-reach place away from your gun. If the NRA had any moral decency, that is the advice they’d be giving their members.

  81. [re=281459]Nerdalicious[/re]: Thank you so much, you’re insight is spot-on. My brother Tom died 23 years ago (he was 25), but time never heals those wounds, believe me. He was also an amazing photographer who was forever trying to teach me how to use a camera. After his death, my mother was hoping for some kind of explanation – a letter maybe – but when the Naval officers opened his safety deposit box (they were required to do so due to his classified status), the only thing it contained was silver and gold – his sense of security – nothing else. He had just returned home from a friend’s wedding, cheerfully saying “hi” to his two roommates as he walked past them into his bedroom, then shut the door and shot himself in the heart.

  82. I live in Upstate New York, which is thick with NRA clowns. I constantly hear them justify gun ownership as their right to protect themselves from the crackheads, the generalized term for non-whites so they don’t seem, y’know, racist. They will spin these incidents as a reason for their need for protection with firearms, obscuring the facts that the crazies are their own.
    The NRA has decades of experience in generating paranoia and is very thorough and effective in getting the hoople-heads riled. Most of the content in the NRA’s magazine is devoted to perceived threats to their ‘rights’. It seems that their goal is to have the Wild Wild West live on in perpetuity.
    It is amusingly ironic that the greatest threat to the gun nuts’ is their own fear and stupidity. Alcohol and genetic loops don’t mix well.

  83. [re=281463]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: A couple weeks after my brother died, I called my Mom (from Alaska) and was scared, saying, “Shit, Ma – what should I do if I start feeling really, really depressed?” And my mother (famous for her sense fo humor) said, “Hide all your weapons.”

  84. President Obama must order the arrest & prosecution of one Mr O’Shea Jackson, as he were the instigator of these events. He has written performances pieces to the effect of “ak47 is the tool… don’t make me act the motherfucking fool”. It is obvious. & if Obama refuses to prosecute, we will see his true half-breed Muslin, Black Nationalist-Socialist colours for what they are.

    This is Barack’s Sistah Souljah moment. Will he meet the challenge?

  85. [re=281381]Guppy06[/re]: I’m actually coming around on universal conscription in this country. Two years right out of high school. Some may find a career out of it, some may not, but they will be forced to mix with people who were not their neighbors growing up. If they don’t want military service, fine there’s AmeraCorps or some other way to serve out the two years (no kid is so smart that waiting on college for 24 months will deprive us of their great thinking). These types of outbursts used to be confined to “quiet loners”. I’m afraid the internet has helped make us all “quiet loners” in our own way. I do NOT advocate front porches, however. I’m just not that interested in what it was like in the “last Depression” or “how we tied an onion around our belt as was the style of the day”.

  86. [re=281463]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: My mom’s boyfriend (a depressed Viet Nam vet) was out fishing with my uncle when he decided to jump off a bridge. Not much of a plan, still, it was effective. Nerdalicious, you are on the right track – unless we want to arm everyone, we need to understand how to disarm everyone else. I live in a town without pity. The one that spawned the soldier who threw the puppy off the cliff in Iraq. Tell me your solution.

  87. [re=281463]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: A whole host of states are now passing legislation that allows folks to bring their guns on company property (most companies set their own policies — guns are not allowed). Down here in Texas, I imagine there were plenty of guns at work in violation of company policy. That changed two years ago and is about to be liberalized again (some exceptions were in the bill that passed two years ago — oil refineries for one). That changes this time. So, it means if X wants to run to his car to get his gun to shoot his boss, Y can run to his car to shoot X and, accidentally, X’s boss, secretary and the guy walking down the hall to the coffee pot.

  88. [re=281469]smellyal8r[/re]: You’ve got my vote. It would force my neighbors to look outside their own gene pool for procreation purposes. My neighbor (a great guy) is raising a grandson, the offspring of his 2 stepchildren. No shit.

  89. [re=281337]TexasCowGirl[/re]: Please never repeat that….We owe, Limpballs, the Manatee and That bat shit crazy in Minnesota a rousing round of applause for Pittsburgh. Now, How will they spin it into being Obma’s fault?

  90. [re=281334]Bearbloke[/re]:

    The one in Pittsburg was apparently upset over losing his job and the rumor that Obama would be taking his guns. Let’s hope that in a nice ironic twist, the City of Pittsburg using this tragedy to put in gun control.

  91. [re=281470]Custerwolf[/re]: from the AP: “COVINA, Calif. (AP) — A California coroner says a man who dressed as Santa Claus and murdered his ex-wife and eight of her family members at a party Christmas Eve used cocaine before the rampage.

    An autopsy report detailed Friday in the Pasadena Star-News says Bruce Pardo had low levels of the drug in his blood and urine.

    Laboratory director Joe Motto says it’s unclear how much influence the cocaine had on Pardo’s behavior, but that it’s unlikely it prompted the attacks.

    He says Pardo could have taken cocaine up to 12 hours before the attack.

    Authorities have said the 45-year-old Pardo may have been bitter over his divorce when he went on his murder spree in the Los Angeles suburb of Covina.”

  92. [re=281469]smellyal8r[/re]: yeah, i’m there too. everybody does it. no deferments, no way out. watch how fast the war cries die down.

  93. [re=281472]Custerwolf[/re]: I went to the filthy stench-ridden NRA website just to see if they had any sort of comment on this shit. No, didn’t see anything. But there was this: Their demented leader, dickwad Wayne LaPierre, talking about troubled war veterans and their right to bear arms: “…for many veterans, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is being stripped away by government bureaucrats. The Department of Veterans Affairs is arbitrarily denying Second Amendment rights to veterans who’ve appointed a fiduciary representative -because they’re deemed ‘mentally defective.’ To be clear, no court has declared these veterans mentally incompetent. They’ve simply designated a family member or other representative to handle their fiduciary matters. Which is resulting in them being found mentally unfit to possess firearms.” Domestic violence is increasing at an alarming rate in vets with PTSD… so sure, why not give them a ton of guns.

  94. These things do happen when the weather becomes slightly warmer. More often as the first hints of spring are in the air, less often once we get to the period when we have “nice days.” My personal belief is it has something to do with the flood of “I want to fuck something” hormones that rise up as winter gives way to spring.

  95. [re=281479]myheadsexploding[/re]: I tried coke once with my sister – who at the time was a full-blown fiend, snorting, smoking, and shooting it – and when I came down I instantly knew that I would be MUCH worse, doing MUCH worse things to get MUCH more than my sister ever would have dreamed(she’s 20 years clean now). So I never did it again. It’s the same with Oreos. I confine myself to only those embellishments that grow naturally out of the Earth.
    That said, we know this was not Santa’s first time doing coke. No excuse.

  96. I had an unprovoked confrontation at a liquor store in Oakland last night with a drunk teenager with a handgun. He threatened me with it and then went outside and shot it in the air as if to demonstrate that it was real. Glad this kid is bearing arms!

  97. [re=281455]Atypical[/re]:
    You’re only partly right. Most of the military is comprised of a rather accurate cross-section of the US population, which gives a numerical edge to those coming from working class and inner city homes. The military was their only career option.
    There was a news report on the religious harassment at the Air Force Academy in Colorado, long before Obama’s election. I don’t know what, if any, action has been done since. The chapel is very prominent on their website. The visitor’s center is named after Barry Goldwater. Nuff said.
    The Navy and especially the Marine Corps like to create officers from their enlisted ranks for obvious reasons. What better person to inspire and lead than one who has shared the experiences of those he/she leads?
    In contrast, a lot of Generals opted to retire under Bush because they stoutly (and rightly) opposed Iraq and, specifically, the Coalition Provisional Authority.
    Yes, there are a lot of brainwashed wingnuts in the military. However, there are many more that are simply doing a job.

  98. [re=281489]Servo[/re]: I have a brother who was in the Marines back in the 80s and he told me his drill seargent used to refer to a soldier’s girlfriend back home as “Suzy Rottencrotch.” I assume things have changed since then.

  99. [re=281476]Custerwolf[/re]: “The Buddha said that all our suffering comes from our inability to connect.”

    Was he trying to set up his new HDTV system?

  100. [re=281415]Custerwolf[/re]: Virtually EVERY revolver (most of which have six round cylinders) will enable the killing of “half a dozen people without having to re-load.”

    (*Gesh, don’t you Anti-Gun Nuts every bother to learn anything? Those kind of errors simply reveal ignorance, and make it easier for the Gun Nuts to make clear that your real position is “Ban All Firearms” – which now would violate a fundamental right under the US Constitution, among other things.)

    [re=281429]imissopus[/re]: Could not agree with you more: Long term military service would prevent these kinds of problems. Why, look what it did for Timothy McVeigh! (“Coming next: A call to ban the sale of nitrate-based fertilizers to untrained civilians!”)

    [re=281437]iolanthe[/re]: That would been a interesting argument, if McVeigh had used a gun to shoot down the Oaklahoma City Federal Building. Since he didn’t, the comparison lacks something, e.g., relevance. (“When fertilizer is outlawed, only outlaws will have fertilizer!”)

    On a slightly less snarky note: Having heard the arguments, pro and con, for years, I have concluded that the Gun Debate boils down to a matter of political philosophy.

    The “Pro Gun” side believes that civilian ownership of firearms is necessary to check the actions of potentially oppressive government, and are prepared to pay the social costs that such private ownership occasionally entails, e.g., tragic shootings.

    The “Anti Gun” side believes that government oppression is a “thing of the past”; and/or that, given their positions of relative social and political power, any such “oppression” will work in their favor.

    Because the Anti-Gun side sees no benefit to private gun ownership (to THEM, anyway), they are not prepared to pay the social cost of such shooting tragedies.

    And they are tragedies, as even the NRA types would admit.)

    ([re=281408]President Beeblebrox[/re]: Interesting you should bring up the Oakland BART shooting. Not very long ago, the Black Panthers were advocating arming the citizens of Oakland to protect “The People” from the ravages of the Oakland P.D. And the victim in the BART shooting was, as you point out, unarmed.

    But then, those were “just Negros,” rather that Nice White Liberals . . . . like most here in

    Because the Gun Debate ultimately is a philosophical/political question, it is unresolvable. But, as a matter of history, the Anti-Gun underlying idea that “Government Oppression Cannot Happen In America” seems a bit . . . well . . . naive. And certainly completely at odds with recent history. And past history, of course.

    But if you Anti-Gun types want to believe that you believe, you have that right . . . at least for now. Liberals typically seem to be willing to ignore the warnings that history gives us regarding human nature in particular and government in general, as per Sam Adams:

    “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

    But what do those Stupid Old Outdated Founding Fathers know about anything . . . .

    (Of course, nowadays the “chains” and “licking” has an entirely different overtone, one which I doubt old Sam ever contemplated.)

  101. Well, this is a lovely way to return from spring break with the kiddos.

    Here’s my report from the West Coast…all of the touristy places we visited were staffed by older folks. These jobs used to be filled by teens, 20 somethings and new immigrants. Now, people who look like my dad are working at Legoland, no doubt having lost their retirement savings.

    I was also treated to the heart-breaking tale of the hedge fund manager who was sure he was going to lose his job in NYC. He and his wife were sad that they’d be forced to move to their summer home in Maine. Where he wouldn’t have to work, because he already made enough money off the rest of us to retire at 45 and raise his three kids on some sort of shoreside paradise in Maine. And he blamed Obama for this indignity.

  102. [re=281493]Neilist[/re]: Oh you gun fetishists do carry on. I’m aware that a revolver holds six rounds, however the mechanism on a double action or even single action revolver could spell the difference between life and death in some cases.

  103. [re=281374]Custerwolf[/re]: Srsly? In Georgia, the gun show loophole is pretty much moot, because only licensed dealers sell enough guns at a show to make it worthwhile buying a table. The hobbyists who don’t have to do the background check may do a little swapping, but 95-percent-plus of the guns for sale require the instant background check. And the ones that don’t are mainly antiques.

    There’s your loophole, wingnut killers. Buy pre-1898 guns and avoid ALL federal regulations. That or cap-and-ball replicas. You can shoot up a mall pretty good with a couple of Colt Navys.

    Mass shootings are gross and stupid, but it’s just a risk of living in ‘Murica. A really, really, really tiny risk. Our SUVs and chain restaurants are shaving WAY more years off our lives.

  104. [re=281444]Custerwolf[/re]: Man I love Leon Russell, the growling twangy voice, the Shroud of Turin beard, the cool piano chops. I saw him in concert about a year or two ago, the guy’s pushing 70 but still had a great show. I don’t think he really ever got the credit he deserved.

  105. [re=281493]Neilist[/re]: I have a .38 that holds five rounds. Does this make me pro-gun or anti-gun? Please reply soon as I need know whether to re-tune my talk radio stations.

  106. [re=281493]Neilist[/re]: Oh, bullshit. Not every “pro-gun” person thinks private gun ownership is a check on the government. Only retards think that; Iraq under Saddam Hussein was one of the most heavily armed countries on earth, with one of the most repressive governments. If the government wants to fuck you up, all the private gun ownership in the world isn’t going to save your silly ass. Two soldiers > one wingnut, no matter how well armed.

    (Full disclosure, I own upwards of 35 firearms, but it’s NOT AN ARSENAL. It’s a collection).

  107. [re=281451]Atypical[/re]: what they hell is with that group? There are chaplains, there are lots of prayers – my husband is in the USMC, and we’re both atheists, so we’ve had plenty of opportunity to be uncomfortable at functions that we were required to attend where we ended up awkwardly staring at the table during a prayer. (Actually, my husband usually has the cojones to not look down – I grew up in a much more religious area of the country, and have a lot more experience feeling like I have to go through the saying-grace motions.

  108. [re=281496]Lazy Media[/re]: Here’s the way it went down with my boyfriend. He was looking for a side-by-side shotgun (as a fashion accessory to go with our 3 Bloodhounds), so he went to the local gun show. Although for years he had carried a CPP (the P is for pistol – it’s no longer ‘weapons’) it had expired – and when they did the instant background check he failed it – and was required by law to leave the premises. The guy who had the 1922 shotgun simply had Joe walk off the property and sold him the gun (it was a legal deal, because it wasn’t sold on the premises where they were having the show). Joe later filed a Voluntary Appeal with the FBI (a lot of these instant checks fail initially due to similar names of felon, etc.) and was cleared 6 months later. Since I usually tune Joe out when he talks guns I may have missed a detail, but I don’t think so.

  109. [re=281455]Atypical[/re]: There *are* left-wing Obama supporters in the military – more than you would think. (Some started on the left when they joined; W helped push more over the line.) In fact, it’s important that anyone on that side of the spectrum who might have any interest in military service consider doing it – if we leave it only to the red-staters to join, we can’t be surprised if it turns into something very scary.

  110. Times like this, I always remember a line by the character of the judge in Nobody’s Fool:

    “You know my feelings about arming morons: you arm one, you’ve got to arm them all, otherwise it wouldn’t be good sport.”

  111. [re=281503]Lemming Caution[/re]: Whenever I’m at my sis’s house and they bow their heads for a 30 minute rendition of grace, I always like to look over and smile at my little nephews who bravely sneek a peek to see if Auntie’s head is properly bowed with eyes closed. I want them to know that someone they love and respect isn’t buying any of this malarkey – and hasn’t yet been struck dead by lightning. I really think they need that as they are scared shitless of God, the Incredibly Uptight Invisible Asshole.
    The whole thing will backfire of course should I ever be struck down during an electrical storm. Then my nephews will be totally fucked.

  112. [re=281505]Custerwolf[/re]: That doesn’t sound right. If the dealer had to do a background check, because he’s a federal firearms dealer license holder, he would have to do it anywhere he made a sale. If he didn’t have to do it, because he’s a only a CRL (Curio and Relic) holder, or unlicensed, then he shouldn’t have to do it at the gun show. Sounds like the dealer broke the law selling the gun without a background check, unless there’s some local law that requires unlicensed sellers to do checks at gun shows. That’s the kind of sale you mainly see from unlicensed guys: antique shotguns and that sort of thing. I’ve bought a few guns just from classified ads from private owners; no record of those transactions.

    The only big change I’d make in federal gun laws is to classify .50 BMG rifles as destructive devices, and require the Class III transfer license. It’s only $200, which is nothing on a $2,500 rifle, but it involves a SERIOUS background check. Those things are way more dangerous than a tommy gun, especially in the hands of a would-be presidential assassin.

  113. What were the Bush years but a murder-suicide spree of an entire nation? We murdered, and murdered, and murdered. Now comes the suicide part. No “Twinkie” defense for us this time.

  114. Jeebus, Weekend Wonkette has become a cross between a 12-step program and a “progressive” think thank. Thank god there is somewhere to retreat from the idiocy of the MSM on a Sunday. President Obama should conscript Wonkette for Phase II of his Global Assault on Stupidity.

  115. [re=281490]Custerwolf[/re]:
    You oughta hear what the female drill instructors say to their recruits. Wow.

    As certain as the rising sun, a gun nut draws parallels between an 18th century colony and a 21st century global power. Please spare this Marine of the repetitious NRA rants of fear and paranoia. I’ve heard them for decades and they have proven absolutely nothing other than a lack of supporting evidence. Any civilization that chooses to be so firmly footed in the past and vehemently opposed to any adaptation is certainly doomed.
    While I’m not anti-gun, it is obvious that gun laws need to be enforced, particularly amongst good ol’ boys of the NRA, who refuse to police their own and smugly abuse their self-imposed exclusive rights over others, damn the consequences.
    If the NRA refuses to discipline their out-of-control kids, we will.

  116. [re=281354]Lazy Media[/re]: “Yeah, but Canadians have access to guns, as do some European populations (most notably the Swiss, who are required to keep and train with fully automatic weapons).” Canadians do not have legal access to handguns, at least not easy legal access. There are exceptions, but you won’t find many Canadians who legally own handguns. Illegal handguns smuggled from the USA are an increasingly large factor in murders here. Draw your own conclusions.

  117. [re=281510]Lazy Media[/re]: Joe said the old guy was there mainly to promote his Blackpowder competition thingy-whatever-it’s-called (like I said, I only half-listen), so he was mainly a collector, I guess. The deadliest thing about that old shotgun (I had it wrong, it’s 1927) is the kick-back. It’ll knock you clear into last week if you’re not ready for it. The funny thing is, even though he failed the background check, Joe already owns a (German-made) PPK Walther and a Rutger .44 magnum (lest we have to shoot one of our horses should they break a leg on the trail).

  118. [re=281514]Servo[/re]: (!!!!)

    I agree wholeheartedly. Not more than 15 years ago, my 60 year-old landlord (father of 3) would come up from the city to stay on his property (I rented a small cabin from him)and he would bring with him every kind of firearm known to mankind – along with flamethrowers (no shit), a lifetime supply of porn (his “fuckbooks”)and liquor. His targets were mounted photocopies of silhouettes bearing Negroid features (complete with fros). He had these posted right out in the open for all his guests to test their racists skills upon – as if being big into real estate scams didn’t make him douchey enough. Local law enforcement wouldn’t touch him – he said because they were too scared. He would shoot any cat that crossed his property and no dogs were allowed (they scared off the deer he was trying to bait). I would literally get sick when he would come up – thank god it was only twice a year – and I finally moved out when he started having lengthy conversations with me regarding his wife’s vaginal dryness.

  119. [re=281499]Leopolt[/re]: Depends on whether it’s the same S&W Airweight that I keep in the office.

    Alhought they quit making the shrouded hammer model, the nitwits. I had to get the hammerless, which means that I have to murder my co-workers “double action” style, a la Custerwolf’s suggestion.

    [re=281502]Lazy Media[/re]: Rhetorically, the “not every” reductio argument usually doesn’t work very well. For example, “Not every Anti Gun Nut is a simpering craven ready to lick the hands of their oppressors,” etc. But certainly many are — or have not considered the issue, as per my initial comment.

    [re=281510]Lazy Media[/re]: The .50 cal. rifle is already illegal out here in California. So they came up with a .416 round that is virtually identical, but has better ballistics (i.e., it can kill someone further away, because the round is aerodynamically more efficient).

    In a race between technology and law making, technology very often wins — provided the societal need/desire is there, e.g., CD and DVD “pirating.”

    [re=281514]Servo[/re]: What other “18th century colonial” parts of the Constitution do you want to throw out/ignore/discount now that we are a “21st century global power”?

    How about if we start with the lst Amendment: Freedom of speech is a detriment to global power protection, as evidenced by the history of most empires. Including the American Empire. So I guess that has to go.

    And Freedom of Religion? Same problem. The Founder Fathers were Protestants. So all you MUS-lims will have to go. And you Catholics. And you Jews. And you Buddhists — particularly the ones who try to serve me tofu and brown rice.

    Freedom of Petition? Heck, access to the courts will just get in the way of that 21st century power thingie. No reason to afford anyone that right. Send them to Gitmo for indefinite detention.

    Speaking of which, Servo: You Marines are the warders at Gitmo, aren’t you? So I guess we’ll have to defer to your expertise at denying Freedom of Petition.

    (As Orwell noted, the military and the police always end up being the protectors of the ruling class, even when this cuts against their interests.)

    Well, got to get back to work in this brief. And you folks have to get back to your chains and hand-licking.


  120. [re=281503]Lemming Caution[/re]: [re=281506]Lemming Caution[/re]: The site I posted has provided evidence of what looks like a huge effort to turn portions of the military into “god’s army”. There is a video made by a religious org that was apparently filmed IN the Pentagon. It had field-grade officers expressing their commitment to Jesus, their saviour. This, I understand, is illegal.
    Yes, there are unbelievers and calm christians too. But the evidence does not seem to be based on only a few instances. Added to this are the examples that others here have posted and I have come to believe that the greater concern re terrorism should be directed toward our crazies.

  121. [re=281511]kipperthegod[/re]: win, except I’d push the beginnings further back to the Raygun era, i.e. when the ‘silent majority’ got its revenge on teh smarties, but also got suckered into the AynRandization of Merica.

    Instead of more gun control or upping SSRI prescriptions through the meds industry, maybe the gov’t. should consider spraying cannabis from crop dusters over large swaths of wingnut territory.

  122. Neilist, you have WAY exceeded your allotted nonsense-per-acre quota.
    On the other hand, keeping you preoccupied here, may just spare the lives of your hapless friends and neighbors. As you were.

  123. [re=281518]Neilist[/re]: How many years did you spend in law school learning to make straw man arguments? Is your law degree printed on the back of a placemat from Bob’s Big Boy? Which crayons are you using to write that brief? Remember, the brighter the color, the more likely you are to convince someone!

  124. [re=281515]sezme[/re]: Right, but we’re talking about spree killings. A bunch of those have involved rifles. Canucks don’t do that with their rifles and shotguns. It’s not the gun; it’s the people with the gun. Now, pistols ARE a major contributing factor to violent crime, because they’re concealable, but mass murder and crime are two different things.

  125. [re=281518]Neilist[/re]: Why did you “have to” get the hammerless, just because they don’t make the shrouded? My Model 38 was made in the late ’60s and I bought it 10 years ago. New guns are for suckers.

    You could define .50 BMG round and all equivalents to fit in the Class III law by round weight and muzzle velocity. Sure, somebody would make something that was a cunt hair lighter and less powerful, but you could keep hunting ammo in (all the way up to your Weatherby Magnum elephant killers) and still control anti-tank rifles.

  126. [re=281464]Custerwolf[/re]:
    I had to step out for a few hours. I’m sure your brother was artistic, & these tend to be the most sensitive people. It must seem just like yesterday for You, Your Family & Friends. These constant instances must bring it back for You time & time again. It must be awful. I believe the human soul is particularly sensitive & fragle. This song sums up my belief on this subject:

    “Fragile” by Sting
    If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
    Drying in the colour of the evening sun
    Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away
    But something in our minds will always stay
    Perhaps this final act was meant
    To clinch a lifetime’s argument
    That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could
    For all those born beneath an angry star
    Lest we forget how fragile we are
    On and on the rain will fall
    Like tears from a star like tears from a star
    On and on the rain will say
    How fragile we are how fragile we are
    How fragile we are how fragile we are

    If we don’t start dealing with these truths, wars & global warming will seem like a walk in the park compared to the destruction of the human soul.

  127. [re=281519]Atypical[/re]: There’s a LOT of that crap, especially in the Air Force, but the fad seems to be diminishing somewhat in the past 3-4 years. A lot of the crazier born-again converts have grown up and realized, oh, hey, maybe the Rapture ISN’T coming just this minute. And Bush’s demise has sort of taken the shiny off being a rightwing Republican in the military. The Pentagon cracked down on the loonier chaplains at the Air Force Academy, too.

    It’s like the Promise Keepers; a lot of them were CONVINCED they were gonna be Raptured when they did the big DC thing in the ’90s. Kind of took the steam out of the movement when nothing really happened. You have to realize, most field grade officers are, like, 30-32. People grow out of that stuff.

  128. [re=281464]Custerwolf[/re]:
    What you were describing about your Brother was most likely “flat or blunted affect”, also when a person is severly depressed then all of a sudden is extremely happy (without anti-depressant medication), are 2 signs of possible suicidal ideation. (I’m in the medical field.). I don’t know if your Brother had seen any intense combat:

    “Victims of post-traumatic stress syndrome are often said to display blunted affect. Veterans of intense combat have been described as having the thousand-yard stare (or thousand-yard gaze). Some of these veterans clearly suffer from a grave disorder commonly known as shell shock and may suffer from recurring nightmares or otherwise experience psychological distress. Others have developed less emotional reactivity as an arguably natural reaction to stress. Those displaying on this end of the spectrum may self-report dissociation but no psychological distress per se. At least one analyst of military basic training has described one primary goal of said training to be inducing this state of being, considered desirable for maintaining calm and rational decision-making capability during combat situations” ~Wikipedia

    Post Traumatic Stress can be a result of many experiences besides intense combat. Child abuse, psychological & physical abuse, substance abuse(which suppresses feelings & most importantly rage. Suppression of emotions & feelings (long & short term). There is a phenomenon in the U.S recently, that professionals are noticing Post Traumatic Stress in extremely young children. And they are seeing it younger & younger. All of this is of course the American Way.

  129. [re=281518]Neilist[/re]: Oh and I believe the Constitution has some stuff in there designed to keep me from getting a bullet in the neck because some loony decides to go off on the day I decide to buy stamps. Victims have rights too, YA HURRD???

  130. [re=281538]Nerdalicious[/re]: Everything you’ve written rings true. I believe my brother (actually my stepbrother, together since I was 2 and he was 3) carried a terrible emotional burden, due both to brain chemistry (his mom was institutionalized with schizophrenia) and environmental (familial) stress, which translated into cognitive distortions that produced paranoid fantasies such as imminent governmental collapse and chaos. I was the only one of our family (6 kids and my Mom – Stepdad died when I was 9)who seemed to notice that his worldview was becoming more toxically skewed. My mother saw his topical discussions as matters of debate rather than the signs of an increasingly fearful and alienated individual. But I knew his heart. Suicide is a terrible thing to inflict upon loved ones, but very few do it for the benefit of others. It’s simply a last ditch attempt when all hope is gone to stop an unbearable pain. It would be good every now and then to remind ourselves that we are all in this together. If these godawful killings have taught us anything, it is that.

  131. [re=281517]Custerwolf[/re]:
    Wow, you probably wanted peace & quiet in the wilderness! He must have been a politician of some sort. I had a patient who was a Border Patrol Agent (big surprise), that was completely off his rocker & started cleaning his 8 million guns out pointed in my direction. I shut that crap down immediately. I told him I was supposed to wear a white uniform, not a red one.

  132. [re=281523]Custerwolf[/re]: Oh, no, killing people takes but a moment. After all, virtually all of my pistols and rifles use magazines. So I don’t have to worry about that “half dozen at a time” limitation might slow down those equipped with antiquated technology.

    [re=281524]imissopus[/re]: “Straw man arguments”? Hmmm, what a interesting description to give the controlling law of the land, as recently recognized by the USSC. You must have graduated from Boalt or one of those other “policy” schools. :::Sigh::: I wish I could base my arguments on My Personal Feelings rather than citing all this statutory law and case precedent.

    [re=281530]Lazy Media[/re]: The hammerless was on sale, for one thing. But S&W doesn’t make the shrouded hammer Airweight any more. :::Sigh::: Nothing Good Lasts . . . .

    And in terms of “defining” the .50 cal round: Why not let Imissopus write the statutory definition? I’m sure s/he will come up with something useful: “Any cartridge, bullet and/or round of ammunition that is, in the mind of the arresting officer, bad, evil or otherwise nasty.

    “[re=281541]Mr Blifil[/re]: Two-handed hyping. The hammerless is in the desk, and my other “weapon” is in my shorts. Both are “safed” for the moment.

    [re=281543]Mr Blifil[/re]: No, you’re thinking of the common law “Writ de idiota inquirendo.” That would apply, regardless of whether you were buying stamps.

    [BTW: Benazir Bhutto is STILL dead.]

  133. [re=281532]Lazy Media[/re]: You sound as though you have some knowledge of the details. If you care perhaps a periodic check of this site, would be appropriate (they send updates if you sign up). The creator of the site is a former Reagan administration legal advisor. You might be able to contribute.

  134. [re=281546]Neilist[/re]: Are you honestly pretending that your arguments don’t stem from and reflect your personal feelings? Take some time to apply some more lube before replying.

  135. [re=281545]Nerdalicious[/re]: The ones who truly scare me are are the “disconnects.” You know more about those than I, as far as diagnoses, etc.. I’ve had encounters with a few – one was a young sociopath who tried to push me off a cliff “because I refused to have sex with him.” I was really angry after it was all over (I managed to talk my way out of the situation and he ran off) because I had nothing to defend myself with, and I could easily have been killed. I was hiking when the kid spotted me and began stalking me. Although he was unable to grab me once I’d regained my footing (I had grabbed him to keep from falling off the cliff), I really had no way to defend myself. I don’t imagine I’ll ever carry a gun, but had I not been able to turn the tables psychologically on this lad, I’d have been fucked (literally – and probably while I was dead). By the way, he was at this particular campground on work release after destroying another woman’s house – and he was under psych eval at the time. They helicoptered him off the island pronto and I have no idea whatever became of him. I did tell his caseworker (who phoned me for my input during his penalty phase)that I felt this kid was a killer in waiting – that I had seen eyes which revealed not a micrometer of empathy, and that I did not EVER want to hear a law enforcement officer say “we never saw this coming,” because I did. Hopefully, that determined the seriousness with which they treated his case.

  136. Please accept my apologies for the lack of snark.

    Mark Ames wrote a book called Going Postal that ties violence like this to the social, economic and political conditions people have been subjected to since Reagan destroyed PATCO. He says rage and anger dominate popular culture far more today than 20+ years ago.

    Seems like common sense analysis, but our media prefer to portray the killers as inhuman monsters rather than human beings pushed to the brink, in turn stifling public discussion about the real causes of rage killings. The media focuses on the individual, on how kerrraay-zee the killer is, rather than the broader societal trends that have produced killers. No surprise there, cuz TRUCKNUTZ is always more fun to talk about than actually addressing the fact that income disparity, homelessness, unemployment etc., have been used to discipline the workforce into accepting a smaller piece of the pie.

    /buttsecks /bag of dicks /TRUCKNUTZ

  137. [re=281550]Mr Blifil[/re]: You have done me the disservice of having to now imagine Neilist flumming his dummy whilst one-handedly typing each and every useless thought he pulls out of the idiotosphere. At least his posts are so long I no longer get caught reading even the first sentence, I just scroll on by.

  138. [re=281503]Lemming Caution[/re]: “what they hell is with that group?”

    What do you mean? Are you aware what the Military Religious Freedom Foundation does?

  139. [re=281553]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Which makes the problem that much harder to solve. Like substance abuse and poverty there is no simple answer and they might not be a complicated answer. And like abortion there’s going to be a group that will never, ever want to see the other side. And that applies to both sides of both arguments.

  140. [re=281555]Uncle Glenny[/re]: I’m not really sure, but it sounds like they are there to defend one’s right to prattle on about the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

  141. [re=281557]Custerwolf[/re]: Yes. It sounded like Lemming Caution thought they were promoting religion in the military. (Is my blood sugar – and other chemicals – getting to me?)

  142. [re=281557]Custerwolf[/re]: Nope. They are trying to keep the FSM out of the military and to defend unbelievers from being forced to eat that crap. The military should be, obviously, areligious.

  143. [re=281553]hobospacejunkie[/re]:
    Trouble is, the fuckees always re-elect the fuckers to show their unwavering “integrity” on irrelevent issues.
    “Welp, lost mah job, mah house, and mah truck. I dunt think ah kin feed mah famlee. Mah brotha was kilt in Irak and mah sis got dibeetees. But we sure showed dem libruls that we wernt payn no mo’ taxes!”

  144. [re=281361]HoboNutz[/re]: I like the way you think

    Odd because I was talking to someone about this only an hour or so before the post was made. It’s really disturbing.

  145. [re=281420]Custerwolf[/re]: you have the idea. they aren’t neutral for peace-loving reasons, it’s just the best way to make money; you can focus on better on your accounting when you aren’t wasting time fighting fascism.

  146. From the New York Post (ugh!):

    Armed security guards opened fire on paparazzi at Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s nuptials in Costa Rica, blasting out windows of one picture shooter’s car, according to published reports today.

    Preemptive security?

  147. [re=281551]Custerwolf[/re]:
    I know what you mean. I wrote a story about it when I was very young. People with no conscience. Scary as hell. I’m glad you are o.k. That must have been horribly frightening. I had a similar experience. I screamed my head off like a banshee and ran like hell (it worked). I’m Irish. I called the cops the next day. ( I was living in a Red State). The good old boys dragged his ass out of a trailer & did whatever they do down there to pervs BEFORE they took him to the police station. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  148. I think there’s a correlation between the violence and the amount of Lady GaGa being forced down our ears. Everytime I hear pokerface, something dies in me .

  149. [re=281574]Nerdalicious[/re]: What worked in my case was a refusal on my part to let him define the situation, a sort of ‘re-framing’ of the events, so to speak. (I was raised Irish Catholic, so I felt too embarrassed to scream). I acted as though what he had done was accidental (even though he’d actually body slammed me HARD) and after using a little reverse psychology on him (I was scared SHITLESS), he became very distraught and began shaking violently. He appeared to ‘come back to his body’ and turned and fled. I’m glad you emerged unscathed from your ordeal as well!

  150. [re=281572]nowayinhell[/re]: Don’t get me wrong, dear heart.

    I care what other people think.

    Just not very much.

    And in law school, I knew a lot of people similar to those in here, e.g., ignorant of the facts; ignorant of the legal authorities; ignorant of history; ignorant of the principles of rhetoric and logical argument.

    You know, the kind of people who believed ad hominem attacks such as you used made them “advocates.”


    And Benazir Bhutto is STILL Dead!

  151. [re=281551]Custerwolf[/re]: “I’ve had encounters with a few – one was a young sociopath who tried to push me off a cliff “because I refused to have sex with him.”


    Your husband — i.e., the “young sociopath” — tells the story slightly differently.

    To paraphase a scene from “Key Largo”: He was trying to jump off the cliff — to avoid having sex, etc.

    But perhaps I heard it wrong . . . .

  152. How come all these homicidal/suicidal parents always have 5+ children? Maybe these lunatics ought to have stopped at 1 or 2 or zero like normal people.

  153. [re=281579]Custerwolf[/re]:
    Wow, that was a brillant tactic. I don’t think I would have thought of that. Long story short. Me & my friends planned a weekend out on a boat on the coast. I showed up first, so I was alone in a hotel room the first night. It was raining like hell (right out of a horror movie). My room was facing the ocean & was isolated. At around 11pm I looked out the window & noticed the porch light was off, then I tried to turn it back on & nothing. Then I looked out the window & saw a light from Norman Bates f*****g cigarette ember, he was apparantly having a wonderful time out there in the dark AFTER he unscrewed the porch light. Guess what? No phone in the room (a cozy lil beachside room). So I screamed my f*****g head off letting him know I was going to f*****g kill him if he came near me. Then I grabbed anything for a weapon & ran out the door screaming with my suitcase & hair dryer (weapons) flailing in the hurricane rain winds. There was only 1 road off the island so I just drove about 100 miles on a long torrential rain road of the island without any street lights (pitch black 50 mile jaunt) until I felt safe enough to get out of my car. I called the good ole boy cops the next day & they did a little number on him for me BEFORE they took him to the police station. Worse than a horror movie. I think you can actually kill a person with a hair dryer.

  154. [re=281354]Lazy Media[/re]:

    Hey, we have teen suicides too. And they are also on the rise. Comparisons with Switzerland are stupid and futile. Like apples and horse apples.

    The NRA clearly fails to honor the intent of the founding fathers. Because we will not be secure in our freedom unless every adult male perfects the martial skill set of an eighteenth-century soldier, federal law should mandate universal (male) ownership of flintlock rifles. Subsequent amendments could be said to require female flintlock ownership as well, but this clearly flies in the face of original intent.

  155. [re=281583]Neilist[/re]: No, Neils darling, that story you heard is a rumour. It’s a version told strictly by homosexual prostitutes. They like to recite it to their dates while having dinner and drinks prior to taking them back to their pads for some good honest buttsecks.

    Well folks, gotta run. It’s been sweet. Take care Nerdalicious.

    Oh – and Neilist, there is a plus side to making friends.

  156. [re=281518]Neilist[/re]: Ha ha, you’re awesome. Let’s define a straw man argument: Person A presents position x, Person B presents position y, Person B then attacks y, therefore x is incorrect. This is exactly what you did with Servo. He (let’s call him Person A) specifically said “only a gun nut draws parallels between an 18th century colony and a 21st century global power.” He was specifically attacking your position on guns (you being Person B). Let’s call this position x (I’m going to over-explain things so you’ll be sure to get it.) Instead of responding on the subject of guns, you bring up other constitutional amendments and prerogatives that no one has been talking about but that you ask Servo if he’d like to dump. Let’s call this position y. You then snark and snark some more about said constitutional amendments and prerogatives, thereby implying that Servo’s position (again, Person A who presented position x…you are keeping up, yes?) is somehow incorrect.

    And then for good measure you threw in that crack about Marines being the guards at Gitmo, thereby tarring the entire Corps, when you don’t even know if Servo was at Gitmo or agrees with what went on there. Guilt by association. A slick lawyer trick. Though I think calling you a lawyer would be an insult to any other lawyers reading this.

    I’m not even sure what the hell you’re talking about with that “controlling law of the land” comment, since I’m pretty sure I never implied the Constitution was anything but. Yes, the USSC has recently recognized that. I’m pretty sure they have been recognizing it for two hundred years or so.

    Good luck with your case, I hope your clients don’t have their hopes up.

  157. [re=281544]Custerwolf[/re]:
    One more note: Sorry, I missed your 9:02 post until now. I think you are right about your Brother. Many times though it is impossible to know. You must be very sensitive. One of my theories is: brain chemistry, plus childhood experiences (abuse causes brain damage), environment, crazy shit ass teachers (no offense to anyone but some of them can be crazy (also, children at school can be very cruel), our insane society, shake all this up in a test tube, & out comes a person. Who this person is & how they react to circumstances & life are ruled by these factors, just like a chemical mixture in a test tube. I believe it is unique to each individual, like fingerprints & dna. Although, there are commonalities, like what I said about all of our fragility, & the alarming fact that very young children in the U.S. are showing up with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome more & more.

  158. Jesus fucking christ, I’m pretty sure I need to make an extended stay overseas once I graduate, because this place is turning into a freaking nuthouse. Our entertainment business churns out the sort of cinema outlined by Serolf David up there, our media peddles paranoia and bullshit, the RIA fights for the duty of all citizens to have pistols hidden in their body cavities, and we wonder why America has a problem with violence.

    I mean, it’ll be weird as hell living in Japan, but it beats being killed by my “quiet, unassuming” neighbor who always tivos Glen Beck. Japan is safe until they relax their restrictions on giant war-robot ownership.

  159. If you only leave home every 2-3 days, for food & to play soccer, you lessen exponentially your chances of being the victim of a spree killer. My cats have sharp claws but they generally use them on each other, not me. Of course, if one craves more human companionship than your spouse can provide, then my method may not work for you.

    And I’m glad my wife doesn’t work in family/divorce law. Those are the ones where the distraught spouse (aren’t they always men?) walks in the office & starts shooting up the place. There’s much less emotion involved when Exxon is suing someone over oil & gas leases.

  160. [re=281493]Neilist[/re]: (“Coming next: A call to ban the sale of nitrate-based fertilizers to untrained civilians!”)

    More often than not, I appreciate your snark here, but lately wonder if you’re not just a Wonketteer in sheep’s clothing. Correct me if I’m wrong, please. Can I infer, from your quoted comment, that you would have opposed some kind of chemical tag-encoding of bomb-grade ammonium nitrate based fertilizers, which may have deterred assholes like Tim McVeigh, or the douchebags, here in NYC, in ’93, from inflicting death and destruction under the guise of, what?, the right to propogate soybeans, and kill humans?

  161. [re=281614]hobospacejunkie[/re]: “(aren’t they always men?)”

    Yes, but often behind every bad man, cowers a (beaten; scorned; liberated; abused; passive; complicite) woman. Just sayin’.

  162. From now on, I’m not reading anything longer than two (reasonably short) paragraphs. If what you have to say takes more than that, write a fucking book.

  163. [re=281583]Neilist[/re]: You know, after your retort to Custerwolf, officially, FUCK YOU. Stop your interloping and your slumming, and go back to your petri dish. end of conversation, asswipe.

  164. There’s only one reasonable response to the notion that “civilian ownership of firearms is necessary to check the actions of potentially oppressive government.”

    Which is: please, put it back inside your pants. No one wants to see that.

    The “oppressive government”? Yeah, they have real guns. You and your fellow patriots will be red mist. Red mist on PPV, under the new Muslin administration.

  165. [re=281583]Neilist[/re]: Hm. I’m torn between replying with “…Rush?” or “…Bill?”

    Which Neocon is more likely to reply with that particular brand of misogyny?

  166. [re=281596]imissopus[/re]:
    Wow. Thanks for the rebuttal on my behalf. Sorry I missed it when it aired. I was considering a very similar reply to Neilist but I realized:
    1. I would make nary a dent in that thick skull.
    2. I needed to get to bed.
    You were correct that, apart from the same uniform, I had nothing remotely related to Gitmo. I was an electronics technician and honorably discharged in 2000. I used the Marine Corps to break the cycle of dead-end jobs.
    Once again, thanks.

    P.S. I miss Bloom County too

  167. [re=281329]Blub[/re]: It’s true that Chinese people are not eager to kill each other. Whatever the other problems here, it is a very safe place to live.

    Zhu Bajie

  168. [re=281338]Neilist[/re]: Fuck you. I know some of those people in that Unitarian church, including the librul professor who helped tackle the redneck gunman, and just fuck you.

  169. The NRA sucks, but our shoot-em up culture can’t just be blamed on the guns. We had as many guns floating around in the 50s and 60s and we didn’t see blind massacares.

    I think its something to do with a culture of arrogant, individualist narcissism. In France, laid-off workers riot and and take their boss hostage. It’s disruptive but at least its a collective response to a problem. Here they kill their fellow workers to show what a tough guy they are and they don’t need any help with their problems.

  170. [re=281681]Hagar77[/re]: Backed.[re=281445]Custerwolf[/re]: Yep, the Seattle RaverSlayer *does* have an identical twin … who repeated the usual mantra, “Oh, he was the sweetest guy. Kept to himself. Never any trouble. Except for that time back at our ancestral home in Shithole, Montana where he shot up all the art at some art fair.”

    Just typical youthful Montana hijinks … blasting the hell out of an art show with a high-powered rifle. Boys will be boys. Golly, who could have thought he’d ever do anything *weird*?!?!

    Survivors of the afterparty shooting said he kept coming up to people all night and asking “What is really going *on* here??? What is going on here??”

    Here’s one I hadn’t seen before. In his suicide note he said he was enraged at the ravers’ “world of sex”. Um … ravers are *not* about sex. I know (and love) ravers. They are about dancing and getting high. Raver sex happens, sure, but it tends to be sort of accidental.

    So, to fight the horrible horrible sex and “hippie shit”, he had to kill two 14-year-old girls who were sitting on the porch, talking? Sigh …

  171. [re=281569]bago[/re]: So sorry. I didn’t know any of them personally, but I have LA Music Scene friends who knew them and have stayed in that house.

  172. [re=281558]Uncle Glenny[/re]: nope, my blood sugar and other chemicals were apparently faulty. I do so love to display my poor reading comprehension whilst-hungover on the internets.

  173. [re=281493]Neilist[/re]: So .., because they used different ammunition, you don’t see *any* parallels between Tim McVeigh and the RaverSlayer?? None whatever? Despite the fact that this discussion is largely about increasingly politically-related bizarre violence, nearly *ALL* perpetrated by right-wingers or extremist social conservatives?

    This discussion wasn’t just about guns. It was, among other things, about what happens when crazy motherfuckers consider themselves Morally Justified Revolutionaries, Saving the World From the Evil Horrible Liberals Through “Armed and Dangerous” Revolution, like Congressbitch Bachmann encourages.

    Huff, the kid who shot 9 people, killing 6 of them, including two children of 14 and 15, because he “hated that hippie shit”, and McVeigh, who thought he was beginning a revolution that would save the world from the Clintons, have *nothing* in common? You don’t see any parallels because you are simply fixated on defending unlimited gun ownership, and one of these two twenty-something losers used a different lethal *method*?

    Christ, for all your bloviating, you just aren’t smart, buddy.

    BTW, I’m a Second Amendment Supporter.

    But I’m in this discussion because I’m concerned about Right Wing Media and even some churches are stoking and encouraging “righteous” violence against Liberals … you know, the kind you find so cleverly funny when it’s directed against Unitarian Ministers?


    April 6, 2009
    BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – On the day of the first funeral for the massacred innocents, the store where the gunman had bought both murder weapons opened right on time.
    As the first customers strode into Gander Mountain sporting goods at 10 a.m., a voice over the public address system reminded them to check out the special sales.
    “Rifles and handguns,” the voice said.
    The handgun department that Jiverly Wong had come to know so well from his many visits is on the far side from the front entrance to the cavernous store. The people there had also come to know Wong.
    “Sometimes when he was there purchasing guns, they thought he was exhibiting some strange behavior,” Binghamton Police Chief Joe Zikuski reported Sunday.
    Wong is said to have become agitated when the sales staff had difficulty understanding his English. He sometimes became so riled that a clerk would pass him off to a colleague who might have better luck.
    But nobody declined to sell him even the most deadly automatic pistols. He repeatedly purchased a weapon only to come back days later and announce he really wanted another.
    On March 17, Wong settled on a new .45-caliber automatic. He had already acquired a 9-mm. automatic. He had both weapons when he arrived at the American Civic Association on Friday morning and killed 13. “The law is the law, and if you fit the criteria, you get a pistol permit,” Zikuski said in the aftermath, as if the law had not just been proven to be statutory madness.
    Sunday morning, the glass cases at Gander Mountain still offered the same wide variety of automatic pistols from which Wong had difficulty choosing. I asked the woman behind the counter how a gun buyer is supposed to make a selection.
    “It depends on what you’re looking to do,” she said.
    The two weapons Wong selected did exactly what he was looking to do. He somehow scraped together more than $1,000 for the guns, but even somebody out of work could afford the special “value pack” of a hundred 9-mm. bullets for $15.99.
    The resulting pools and spatters of blood were proving to be a big job yesterday morning for another local business, Disaster Clean-Up. A woman in blue coveralls was crouched just inside the double glass front doors of the Civic Association, scrubbing away gore from where two receptionists had been shot.
    She then set to work on the spattered blackboard from the classroom where 12 innocents were murdered. She proceeded to the base of the floor-to-ceiling windows at the front. She paused to swipe two bullet holes in the plate glass.

  175. [re=281792]iolanthe[/re]: [re=281569]bago[/re]: [re=281923]S.Luggo[/re]:
    Thanks for providing the human side to this story – something that I feel has been sorely missing from our societal landscape. Well, I have to get back to my life now (had time off when the old house fell in the river), but I’ll check in for the good laughs now and then. I’ll leave you with a great song and a little advice.

  176. [re=281331]coldbrew2[/re]:
    When bullet proof vests are banned, only cop-killers and driver-by shooters will own vests.

    Suspect In St. Pete Girl’s Death Says He Wasn’t Shooter
    April 6, 2009
    News Channel 8/ The Tampa Tribune
    The man charged in the shooting Sunday morning that left an 8-year-old girl [Paris Whitehead-Hamilton] dead in her bullet-riddled home told his sister he was there but did not pull the trigger.

    “My brother is not a killer,” said Lecia Simmons, sister of Stephan C. Harper. She has spoken with him several times since his arrest. He is in the Pinellas County Jail facing a first-degree murder charge.

    She said Harper was in the back seat of a car that drove by the home of Paris Whitehead-Hamilton about 2:20 a.m. Sunday. Police said 50 rounds or more from an assault rifle were fired at the house at 771 Preston Ave. S.

    At least one of those shots hit Paris, possibly as she fled her bedroom at the front of the house after the gunfire started. She died Sunday morning at Bayfront Medical Center.
    Simmons said her brother is not part of an organized gang and that the shooting was part of an feud between the neighborhood where Harper and his siblings live and the Preston Avenue neighborhood.
    On Sunday night, St. Petersburg police arrested Harper, 803 15th St. S, Apt. E-106. Police say Harper planned and participated in the drive-by shooting and was booked in the Pinellas County Jail after being questioned for several hours.

    Police seized three assault rifles, two shotguns and a bulletproof vest from an apartment at 711 15th St. S. Some of the weapons may have been used in the shooting. They also located the car believed to have been used.

    St. Petersburg Police Chief Charles Harmon said on Sunday it appeared the barrage of gunfire at the house came from an assault rifle.

  177. [re=281792]iolanthe[/re]: “So .., because they used different ammunition . . . .”

    McVeigh’s bags of fertilizer are, in your mind, “ammunition”?!?

    The Mind Reels . . . .

    But, under that theory, the sooner this Nation gets automobiles out of the hands of the Kennedy Klan, the safer we will all be. (Such a family of dangerous sociopaths clearly should not be trusted with “ammunition” such as the odd Prius and/or the deadly Oldsmobile . . . .

    God, I love watching the “Liberal Mind” struggle with Gun Control. It reminds one of Vonnegut’s description, in “Mother Night,” of the facist mind, e.g., the “Cuckoo Clock In Hell.”

    Anyway, got to run. I’m re-loading all my empty .40 S&W casings with double charges of “Readi-Grow.”

  178. [re=281583]Neilist[/re]: Willing to back you up a bit, but this comment was a total dick move. Letting some ugliness out here, bub.

    I think that the alienation and lack of empathy wrapped in a shell of bitter narsicism is the real problem here. Even if all the guns disappeared in a blink, we’d still have assholes beating their wives and sociopaths that rape vulnerable women. I have some weapons, and I consider it a sacred duty to only use them to defend my family and neighbors from a (theorhetical) person who has finally lost their long battle with fear. I hope that I never have to do so.

    As others have alluded to, elements of society are specifically designed to program the mind with fear, anger, and hate (looking at you, Fox News–but this problem goes back thousands of years). Think of a virus, hijacking a cell designed to create Beauty and Love and turning it into a factory to churn out more Fear and Hate. The heart and soul are what needs transformation.

    Peace doesn’t come from being anti-war or anti-gun; it comes from being peaceful. The real solution to emotional problems (violent thinking leading to violent actions) won’t be found by tinkering a little with weapons laws. It will be from kindness and understanding in the face of hate and fear. But that’s a lot harder to do than passing a law or making a cutting remark.

    Oh, and TruckNutz, etc.

  179. [re=282261]Mad Farmer Manifest[/re]: Let’s be honest: a little tinkering with lethal weaponry laws wouldn’t bring world peace, but a mandatory psychological evaluation for gun ownership would hurt absolutely no “responsible gun owners”, and would have definitely caught that shit in Binghamton before he could do any damage. I don’t feel that banning guns is necessary, appropriate, or practical; however, there is nothing so incomprehensible to me as people who don’t believe the purchase of instruments of death should be strictly regulated.

    And Neilist (a pun! hilarious.), I just want to be perfectly clear: your views on guns and their attendant nonsense/problems are not what make you a loathsome individual. It’s that you comport yourself as an utter asshole, and crack wise about rape, murder, and sociopathy. Classy. Maybe one day you’ll learn how to have opinions without being a complete shit.

  180. [re=281359]Mr. Dick Sprinkles[/re]: In Israel, you can get license to own a gun, but you must give a reason, and the license states the circumstances under which you may carry. Eg., if you are a kibbutznik and take a turn standing a watch at the kibbutz, then you may carry your gun, while standing watch, but at no other time. Of course, all Israelis must go through military training, be soldiers for three years, do (I think) at least 30 days of active duty service every year till age 60 or so. Most US gun nuts are NOT reservists, National Guardsmen, etc.

    In China, where I live, no one WANTS guns. People who are interested in self-defense look into martial arts. There’s not much hunting, but what there is involves nets and crossbows. The very few mass murderers satisfy themselves with poison or explosives. The police don’t carry guns.

    The US love of guns is like a religious cult or maybe drug/porn addiction. It’s very weird.

    Zhu Bajie

  181. And in Morrison, OK, two developmentally disabled boys murdered their saint of a foster mother. The lads were both under 12 years old. You’re never too young to exercise your Second Amendment rights, here in “real America.”

    The NRA’s slogan should be, “Kill Early, and Often.”

  182. [re=282509]Zadig[/re]: Agreed. I think it should be much harder to get a gun or be able to drive a car. It takes brains, a stable mentallity, and good reflexes to operate either one safely. I’d like to see less dumbfuck crackers with guns AND with cars. The larger issue is what can be done to heal and prevent the emotional damage that leads to persons committing violence by any number of means.

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