Well this is just a great photo, right? It’s the part of a shoot when the photographer tells everyone to “go nuts.” For Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi this means “molest everyone,” while China’s Hu Jintao decides to look as boring as possible and the Arab guy gives a shady, mischievous look, just to freak out Americans. There is too much to say about this, so LET’S JUST DO THIS SHIT: BLINGEE CONTEST. RIGHT NOW. TIME. TO. THROW. DOWN. Send submissions (links and/or attachments) to, subject line “I <3 GORDON BROWN’S ANAL POISON,” by 4:30 ET (ONE HOUR) 5:00 ET and we will post some of the best. The prize is an “iPod.” [TNR]

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  1. Wild and Embarrassing. A little.

    So, that’s how they ‘go crazy’ in Saudi Arabia, eh? Looks like he wants to draw his drapes for greater anonymity.

  2. “and the Arab guy gives a shady, mischievous look, just to freak out Americans.”

    I disagree, that looks more like his “Flirtatious come and kiss me you bad, bad boy” look!

  3. Keep the red & white headress dude in full eye shot whatever you do!

    Can anyone guess which countries are legalizing marijuana? (hint middle 3)

  4. That pose reminds me of Barry’s speechwriter groping Hillz’s cardboard cutout. Where exactly is Barry’s left hand?

  5. Yeah Hu isn’t down with thumbs up smiling shit. “Rest of G20 Summiteers Fat, Lazy & Hepped Up On That Legalized Marijuana, Me Hu, I here to wook on evil plot with Medvedev to subjugate the woold.”

  6. OMG! They are totally going to crack up over this at the closing dinner slide show. I wonder who will win the conference door prize?

  7. Ah, the word “semi-formal…” our chapter was so goddamn broke most of the time our semi-formals involved going to the local seafood fry pit and having the first ten dollars of our meals covered. Dates too…. if you had a date.

  8. [re=279759]bitchincamaro[/re]: I’ll take it. (I’m assuming that’s a metaphor. If it’s an actual iPod, I’m less enthused.)

  9. [re=279754]Reefpilot[/re]: The only boyfriend I had in college belonged to a Christian frat that didn’t allow dancing or drinking. Most boring frat invite ever.

  10. [re=279778]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: You do not have a life.

    Seriously though, can the second prize just be like, some hobo beans and grain alcohol. Because I wouldn’t mind winning that.

  11. [re=279792]tunamelt[/re]: You are right. Blog, Wonkette and now Blingee. I should hire a Messican, illegally, and then join Barry’s cabinet.

  12. Angryblackguy: The nerd in me feels the need to let you know that’s Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Meles.

    He’s trying to look amused, but I suspect he’s a tad bit peeved that he’s been a black world leader for so many years and nobody ever wanted to take a frat-boy pic with him. Ethiopia may just have to invade Kenya now and kidnap Barry’s 14 illegitimate siblings.

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests – we did.

  14. Does anyone else wonder if Berlusconi, Medvedev, and Obama knew each other when they were kids and traveled along some railroad tracks one summer with River Phoenix to see a dead body?

  15. Newell, you are TEH SUXOR! I leave for one fucking hour to go and renew my medical marri gee juana license and you up and pull the MOST EXCELLENT BLINGEE COMPETITION EVAR shit on me and I can’t play for a chance to win your damn socialist iPod which I could have sold for a can of Hobo Beans. NO FAIR.

    Doesn’t matter anyways cause[re=279943]Atheist Nun[/re]: is clearly the winnar. Even with the presence of Jar Jar Binks it is the winnar.

  16. Y’all stop playin. Their over there on RedState planning a march of some kind. Something about

    ‘Course that would mean missing the Tax Day Sale at Walmart. And one would actually have somewhere. And buy tea bags instead of Nestea.

    But still…

  17. [re=279766]MargeSimpsonsBlackFriend[/re]: Damn, just now saw your MOST OFF DA HOOK BLINGEE and I’d have to say it is the winnar. Also.

  18. I just realized why the G20 is so much fun. There weren’t any Republicans there. John Boner and Mitch (no lips )McConnell make Hu look like Mr. Chuckles and the scary terrorist a character from PeeWee’s Playhouse. (I mean, the scary terrorist in with the thing draped over his head).

  19. [re=280050]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Boner is HOT, though. He is SO Western Ken Doll. Who’s hotter than that? Uh-oh…damn my fascist neighbor and his Military Special vodka.

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