Oh this is a necessary post. You all do want to see the Obamas meeting our colonial Queen at her Buckingham Palace, don’t you? Because they do just that. Check out the Queen, still hangin’ in there. She could stand on top of both Malia and Sasha Obama and still be shorter than either of their parents. CNN did a great job covering this event, too. Its daytime anchor shouts for a while, and then a drunk limey comes on to shout some more. [YouTube]

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  1. That had all the awkwardness of being at a family function and being forced into having a conversation with your senile great aunt and uncle who you haven’t seen in about 20-30 years

  2. I don’t watch a lot of cable TV, but just how damn casual are CNN anchors these days? Dude narrates this thing like some neighbor telling you about his jagoff kid’s soccer game last week.

  3. The New York Times is all pissed off because the British Press (being the host country) got 4 questions and the American press only got 3.
    The New York Fucking Times.

  4. I love the giddy high-school girl excitement of whatshisface–“Oh, she doesn’t meet with everyone, but she’s clearly excited.” OMG WE’RE POPULAR!!!11!1!! “There it is! There it is!”

    Really, America, you could have had her as your Queen too, if you hadn’t had that silly revolution. We Canucks didn’t bother, and we have healthcare AND legal buttsex.

    And also: the stress isn’t on the HAM. It’s on the BUCKING.

  5. [re=278987]Scandalabra[/re]: Ummm, Cronkite is still alive?
    [re=278982]Tommmcatt[/re]: Yeah, I never heard anyone refer to the Service entrance as “special” before. Payback for giving Gordo those NTSC DVD’s I reckon. Those wacky Brits!

  6. [re=278982]Tommmcatt[/re]: Not to be a bigot or anything, but I do wonder if Obama is the first black person who the Queen has considered important enough to receive in person, in the castle? Normally, doesn’t she go visit the black leaders when she goes on her “worship Me, brown people” tours of the EmpireCommonewealth?

  7. [re=278985]Dave J.[/re]: They’re all like that on teevee any more. Remember how stupid and perky local TV news was 20 years ago? Take that, times a million, and that’s everything on cable now.

  8. [re=278991]gurukalehuru[/re]: The NYT has taken the Obama administration as a sign that they can be whiny and self-righteous about their TRADITIONS and IMPORTANCE. No wonder newspapers are doing so well!

  9. [re=278995]Bearbloke[/re]: Yes, because the Empire/Commonwealth was so very very far behind the US in terms of things like, oh, slavery and segregation . . .

  10. Tony Harris. STFU. Worst anchor EVAH.

    Regarding Mr. Quest — why was there no VIDEO of him? HMMMMM? WEARING A NOOSE AT THE TIME, THERE, BUDDY??

    And Susan Lisisisisi — old bag. STFU to you too.

  11. [re=278980]Buzz Feedback[/re]: Thank the baby Jeebus we finally got that gift thing right!

    [re=278987]Scandalabra[/re]: Cronkite doesn’t have a coffin … yet. He is so very much with us that he is having a “relationship” with Joanna Simon, Carly’s sister. If we could only get them to the alter, Uncle Walt would be James Taylor’s ex-brother-in-law. And Wonketeers might want to check Joanna’s Wiki listing. It contains the word “whilst.” Trucknut fans might never have seen such a thing.

  12. Phillip: “How the bugger did you tell the Soviets, Nazi, Frogs, and the Slants apart from one another?”

    Man he makes Biden look like a little bitch when it comes to making gaffes

  13. [re=279009]Rukasu[/re]: Biden would have to go full retard and stay awake for a year to get within spitting distance of the Prince Philip Gaffe Level.

  14. [re=279015]Dave J.[/re]: Right, you never hear Biden going on about Hindoos and Mussulmen and other toffy terms for H.M.’s former subjects.

  15. Damn. Barry one-upped me. I only met Princess Anne last year and now he has to go ruin the ride by meeting the Queen. At least I have the pleasure of being a nobody who can comfortably ‘mingle with the locals’, if you know what I mean

  16. The pants pissing glee that CNN anchor exhibits at the thought of the Obamas meeting the Queen (“This is really what I’ve been waiting for TODAY!!1!”), is the same squeal-y delight most Americans get when confronted with any form of Royalty. Europeans don’t understand it. We’re all giggly and stupid about castles and princes and dukes and shit (even though we would NEVER NEVER want an American King because everyone in America is equal). The Obamas and the Kennedys are the closest we’ve come to royalty so naturally when Barry and Michelle met the Queen seats were gonna get moist.

  17. [re=279023]NoWireHangers[/re]: Well, if it’s a lame-off you’re after, you should have seen the coverage on Australian TV when our PM met with Barry last week. “ZOMG the meeting ran 20 mins over schedule! He must totally want to go steady with us!”

  18. [re=278992]Origami[/re]: Although they have no written constitution, it is widely believed that if the Queen appears in public without her purse, the monarchy will be defunct and they will all have to move into council flats.

  19. [re=279029]grevillea[/re]: but that’s not really a Head-Of-State Formal Reception, now is it? – If it happened, it was probably more like some junior congressman getting to say hello to the President before a State of the Union address.

  20. [re=279029]grevillea[/re]: BTW, what’s with this colonial Attorney General crap – what happened to Her Majesty’s Minister of Justice?

  21. [re=279044]Bearbloke[/re]: Actually, no, I don’t imagine being knighted (baronessed?) by the Queen and sworn in by her as a cabinet minister and First Law Lord is very much like that at all.

  22. [re=278985]Dave J.[/re]: Amen! After listening to about 10 seconds of “Newsey Items of the Rich and Famous” I told my boyfriend that Peter Jennings is now spinning in his grave.

  23. [re=278995]Bearbloke[/re]: I’m pretty sure she’s received plenty of African leaders in an official capacity at Buck House. Undoubtedly that even includes President Mugabe. And he’s probably been there more than once in the last ~30 years.

  24. CNN didn’t pick up Philip’s aside to Liz as the Obamas entered the room:

    “I thought you said they were Americans. They’re wogs!”

  25. Nothing like being turned around with a wave of the hand by the “Royal Consort” and told to “face that way” for picture time. I love how she’s hearing who all’s in town and that Barry didn’t doze off and she’s just nodding her head, “ummm hmmm…yes, quite” She looks bored stiff. She’s probably quite interested in who he’s talked with and what’s new in the world economy, but has to endure all this chit chat before getting down to business. Also, Helen Mirren still looks great, no?

    CNN’s anchors have sucked for some time (especially the morning crew…they are hideous) and Richard Quest is just plain squirrelly.

  26. [re=279043]grevillea[/re]: It is the only decent meal made in England.
    The breakfast=super good!
    The rest, meh, go out for Indian food.


  28. [re=279100]fishandvodka[/re]: I simply KNEW that the British were still pissed about losing the war. WELL YOU HAVE IT BACK NOW ENGLAND ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT THIS.


  29. [re=279100]fishandvodka[/re]: Don’t be silly, everyone knows that MUSLIN JESUS CONTROLS B. HUSSEIN OBAMA AND THE LUO TRIBESMEN BORN IN USSR UNDER COMMUMIST ISALMO_FASCISM

  30. I loooooooooaaaaaaaathe Tony Harris. As whacko as cable news is, I was seriously addicted to it for a long time, and THAT MAN single-handedly made me kick the habit. He was always on while I was eating breakfast, and I finally realized that screaming at the television for 20 minutes every morning probably wasn’t good for the ol’ blood pressure.

  31. [re=279064]grevillea[/re]: It’s still not a Peer-to-Peer meeting, even if the Queen knighted one of Her subjects (or is the proper term in this case “vassals”)?

  32. Ah, the passive-aggressive festival that is our “relationship” with Great Britain is in full display: CNN’s faux giddiness, the garden entrance next to a towering series of scaffolds (wtf), the Prince ordering of the Preznit to turn around, even Michelle’s quaint eye-blinding black/white ensemble. Pictures of the royals for Barry as a “gift” and an ipod for the Krauten-heimers. The only thing that would have brought levity would have been Sasha and Malia. Of course that would threaten all the magical realism. Note no bodies are ever allowed to touch. I’m reminded of an old joke about a bread box.

  33. Pink? Serious, pink? For a visiting head of state? What, your charcoals were at the cleaners? You just come from the flower show? In an overhead shot she would look like a walking nipple.

  34. [re=279033]grevillea[/re]: Did you see Rove’s (McManus not Karl) thing about that? He said the Australian media were all in an uproar, “Obama wants to go steady with us” and the American press were, “President meets with odd-looking accountant”.

  35. Seriously, though, if anyone needs me I’ll be plotting a takeover of CNN.

    Ted Turner is fucking around with buffaloes in Nebraska, he’ll never notice.

    !Viva la revolucion!*

    Bring pitchforks.

    *My keyboard only writes in American. Sorry, Fidel.

  36. I don’t want to get all Miss Manners here, but shouldn’t the First Lady, upon meeting the Queen of England, refer to her husband as “The President”? as in “The President has been caught up in meetings”?. I would think that, even though they are married and intimate, this would be the proper formal way to refer to the President of the United States.

  37. Actually, I kind of used to enjoy Richard Quest’s breathlessly enthusiastic style when he was doing travel programs, and his getting busted in Central Park for being insanely weird only made me like him more.
    If he weren’t working for such a war-mongering neo-con tool network, trying to be the new Jim Cramer, he might not actually be so odious.
    It ain’t how you say it, Dickie boy, it’s what you say, in the end, that counts.

  38. DVDs and iPods?!

    a rather presumptuous gift when you don’t know if the Queen even has ears under those hats.

    has America never heard of books, gilded pill boxes or John Deere hats?

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