This is simple enough: Joe The Plumber gets asked about the Employee Free Choice Act — the piece of legislation he is on tour rallying against, for a corporation — and does not know what it is. He tells the cameraman here, “Drop it, brother, drop it. I never said I was an expert, man.” Yeah man he’s just an average guy and stuff. But he is “for America” though, which is better than any of you dirty fucking hippies can say. [Greg Sargent]

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  1. Say it ain’t so Joe. If you aren’t a hexpurt on Tax Law, US America politicals, economicys, jornalmalism, war and HDTV then what the fuck you doing here?

  2. Gotcha journalism at its best — imagine having the gall to ask someone who’s opposing something to actually know anything about it.

  3. On a side note, I find this “brother” business even more unsettling than McCain’s “my friends” jive. Probably because of the implication of biological kinship with this simian buffoon.

  4. …can we just trade him for the 2 journalist that are being imprisoned in N.Korea? I will even throw in pack of gum and some used toilet tissue paper!

  5. Heh, they were surprised that he almost got tarred & feathered in Pittsburgh and didn’t even bother to show in Harrisburg? Yins don’t tahk ’bout unions that way in the Burgh and get away wid’ it, ‘nat.

  6. This is a shocker! Joe T. Plumber is misrepresenting himself as someone who knows something? And he got busted at it? Again? Stop the Internets!

  7. I want to say that if we stop paying attention to this guy, he’ll just go away, but I clicked play just the same as all you motherfuckers.

  8. So he leads a Republican wing-nut strategy meeting as a new-found “expert,” but he can’t answer any questions?

  9. …whoever it was that asking the questions, should have responded: “Do I look like I want to give you a handjob in the shower?! Then I’m not your fukkin brother!!!”

  10. I think Michael Steele and Joe the Plumber should team up and start making movies as a new comic duo. Steele will be the hip black guy cracking jokes and Joe the Plumber will be the tough-minded white guy. They could do a remake of “48 Hours” or one of those Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor movies.

  11. It’s times like these when a little LOTR references come in handy. Look, he’s the equivalent of a Cave Troll – a big lumbering hulk sent out to wreak havoc by sinister, much smarter forces who are seeking to gain ultimate power. He shouldn’t be expected to KNOW things, that’s not his purpose. They probably don’t let him bathe very often either – if at all.

  12. [re=278681]turdsandwich[/re]: Not me, I’m resisting the urge for now, so I, like Sam the Plumber’s Assistant, can comment on something without knowing anything about it.

  13. He’s like Hulk Hogan with all the “brother”s.

    “To all my little Wurzelmaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins, also too Ronald Reagan.”

  14. The catch-all answer.

    “Joe – what do you think about plumbing?”
    “I never said I was an expert, man.”

    “Joe – what do you think about taxes?”
    “I never said I was an expert, man.”

    “Joe – what do you think about the economy?”
    “I never said I was an expert, man.”

    “Joe – what do you think about the situation in the Middle East?”
    “I never said I was an expert, man.”

    “Joe – what do you think about being named Joe?”
    “I never said I was an expert, man.”

  15. I never thought I’d see the online equivalent of crackheads shambling down Telephone Road in Houston to spend their hard-earned pay at the local abandoned tenement, but I think Joe is just that to certain sites.

  16. I just don’t like all these politians who paid me to come here and pretend I represent the common man. It’s those guys I can’t stand.

    Wow, he’s so deep.

  17. In his defense, Joe never claimed that labor relations were his speciality. He was gunning for State; Labor was promised to Billy Ray Cyrus. In any case, when the inkstained wretches are done tailing this sage, they may want to interview my cat in re normalizing relations with Cuba.

  18. I’m was beginning to think that just maybe Sam the Unemployed Handyman(1)is crazy like a fox — letting Repubs and Corporate America ferry him around in airplanes/limos/black SUVs, enjoying the free food, nights in good hotels, and even, maybe, some pre-paid female companionship.

    But, after seeing this, I’m back to thinking that when Joes says “it’s about America” he really means “it’s about what the corporations and Glenn Beck tell me to believe, and I can check my brain at the door.”

    (1) Registered Trademark, Local 50 of The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry, Toledo, Ohio.

  19. I love how irritated Joe looks while being asked questions about a topic that he is being paid to travel the country and rail against. The nerve!

  20. Mickey Rourke’s character in The Wrestler used the address “brother” quite a bit. I believe that the term has found its way into the public lexicon in a way that does not have any racial implications, and is much more pleasant than the dreaded “bro”. Also.

  21. [re=278827][/re]: I did have to laugh at the union supporter who was talking about cases of intimidation and “corrosion” – er, corruption. I’m guessiing he actually IS a plumber, as opposed to Joe Blob the professional attention whore.

  22. [re=278876]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]: And I loved Joe’s sneering contempt for the blog. Sorry, Joe. We can’t all work for a prestigious outfit like PJ TV or whoever it was that sent you to Gaza to die.

  23. In the screen-shot, Not-Joe has a huge crater just above his right eyebrow.

    I thought he’d been shot in the head. So I watched the clip. (SPOILER: He didn’t die!)

    The disappointment has blackened my soul..

  24. Ugh. Still can’t believe they trotted Joe the Plunger out as some avatar of the common man.
    Now cons bitch about people making fun of him even though they created him as an icon of small business.

  25. This man supposedly wanted to “open his own plumbing business”
    one day, and feared Obama’s “socialist” policies would make
    that impossible.

    Since McCain conceded defeat, this guy hasn’t put his hands on
    a wrench, a pipe, or on a toilet (other than to take a dump).

    Where did all that AMBITION to be his own man go? I’m not eager
    to belittle another man’s ambition, but this guy was NEVER anything
    more than a bullshit artist.

    If the Repubs had even a LITTLE bit of imagination, they would
    encourage him to follow up on his claims, follow him around as
    he tried to get his business off the ground, then record the
    travails of the stymied entrepreneur — that would require a
    man of real ambition and ability, however.

    Never mind.

  26. This should serve as a cautionary tale for all would-be minor celebrities: If you absolutely insist on overstaying your 15 minutes of fame, expect to get called on every stupid fucking thing you say. After that 15 minutes, we’ve lost our patience with you and we won’t hesitate to throw you to the wolves… or in this case, well-informed organized labor.

  27. But didn’t Joe get famous for asking questions and perplexing others? (of course the perplexing part is how to I dumb down the answer so this guy might have a vauge clue about what is being said).

  28. DON’T PARSE ME, BRO!!1!11!

    Wow, Amurrikan Journalism is off the freakin’ hook, man! Come ON now.

    Asking JTP an actual question? Jesus – that’s like drop-kicking a baby. Everyone who’s awake knows damn well that he needs a step-by-step diagram on every third sheet of his toilet-paper, & he’s supposed to know labor law? LOL!

    Yeah, what the hell, go on – kick that sulky brat once or twice for me while you’re at it.

  29. joe the dumb-ass starts the “brother” crap when he feels cornered and threatened. when he’s really in a tight spot it’s “man”.

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