In early March, a gal named Rosanna Pulido won the Republican primary for the upcoming special congressional election in Illinois’ District 5, Rahm Emanuel’s former kingdom. She will lose. But not before making the funnies! She was the founder of the Illinois chapter of the Minutemen, because she *hates* the Mexicans. Once in a CNN interview she described John McCain as “just another politician that acts as if he was elected to represent the Mexican government.” Well maybe he was! AND YET, her most delightful comments came under the name “chicagolady” on the Free Republic website, where she wrote hilarious racist blather for five years until being recently outed.

While it would be quite unusual to say that Pulido likes black people, they are her de facto allies in the more important battle against the Mexicans, who have a secret plan! As “chicagolady” wrote last October,

The TRUTH is, Obama will legalize 12-20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS, and THUS SELL THE BLACKS, His own Race BACK into slavery!

The Illegals coming over pretty much hate African Americans.

He is going to unleash REAL racism upon his own people as they fight for jobs with the illegal aliens.

It has already happened in LA, just ask Ted Hayes!!

Ha ha, who else said this?: “The Illegals coming over pretty much hate African Americans.” Mark Penn!

Also, the housing bubble was caused by Mexicans giving Mexican money to other Mexicans as a “diversion” for the upcoming War on Blacks.

Thanks for posting and verifing what we we thinking. BUT you missed something! A lot of those loans were made by Mexicans preying on Mexicans. Not white Americans preying on Mexicans. What is being exposed here is a diversion created by the Hispanics who want money at any cost and the corruption and culture they are bringing with them. They would sell swamp land in Florida to their own grandmother.

I lived in Mexico for a year as a missionary. I was ripped off the worst by the Bible students. It is so cultural to rip people off they do not see that it is wrong. It’s culture.

Oh and she hates the Muslims too, but probably only because she thinks they’re Mexicans. Here she jokes about how funny the Muslims look when they pray to their Mexican God:

It reminds me of my dog, smelling buts.

Ha ha, she can’t spell “butts” correctly, because she’s illiterate.

Official Republican nominee for Congress, everyone!

Pulido Apologizes for “Crude Joking” [Progress Illinois]

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  1. ZOMFG! She so needs to be elected to Congress. We can’t let talent like this fade away. She makes Batshit Bachman look/sound SANE!

  2. Thank God Illinois has a Minutemen chapter– who else is going fend of all the illegal immigrants crossing over from the Indiana border

  3. [re=277678]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: It’s also a cultural thing among Bible students to have sex with other Bible students, regardless of gender.

  4. [re=277685]jagorev[/re]: She’s probably Puerto Rican and Puerto Ricans hate Mexicans because they’re black and work for ACORN.

  5. I think I’ve finally figured it out. For the past I don’t know how many fucking decades, Republicans have been touting themselves as promoters of “common sense” this and “common sense” that. “What the fuck is that supposed that mean?,” I’ve often asked myself. But now it’s clear: “Common sense” = racism.

  6. Pulido … she might be Italian, but you wouldn’t catch any of THEM putting those weird spices in their food or anything somesuch … would you?

  7. From the Larry Craigs/Bob Allens to Michael Steele to this puta to the Rich White US Americans who hated money so much they wrecked the economy, the Republicans have been a party of self loathing.

  8. [re=277680]Hooray For Anything[/re]: yeah, but the folks in Wisconsin want to fortify their border to fend off the FIBs. Although that would cause some problems for the folks in Door County.

  9. I’ve only been to Mexico once, but I spent as much time as possible looking for opportunities for price haggling. There is no way I got ripped off by Mexicans. I would humbly suggest that it is they who are the suckers. I even pulled the “no honey, let’s go look at that other vendor’s stuff over there” move and it worked pretty much every time!

    Then I got home and everything I bought fell apart and/or caught fire. But still.

  10. [re=277676]BitterDwarf[/re]: [re=277695]Jukesgrrl[/re]: According to Wikipedia, she is indeed Mexican. Apparently her own father was one of those “anchor babies” or whatever the racists call ’em, born in Texas and raised in Mexico.

  11. Why is the granddaughter of a Mexican farmer who came up to meat pack in Chicago telling other Mexicans they are not worthy of the same dream and sparkle ponies she got?

    Come on Rosanne, are you calling your grandfather a tinto indio? You are not nearly white hispanic for that, or Cuban.

  12. Is it me, or does this nutter bear a striking resembalence to that
    hideous Jonah Goldberg/K-Lo creature posted on Wonkette a while back?

  13. She’s not Mexican; she’s Puerto Rican, so it’s not pitiful self-loathing but good old-fashioned, we’re-closer-to-Spain-so-you’re-a-filthy-mudblood loathing. She probably hates Cubans, too. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to say she’s a racist since she seems to loathe teh colurds in general, there being a form of equity in uniform scorn.

  14. I hate white, Christian, Republicans like she hates teh Mexicans and the Muslins. Does that make me a racist, or simply an elitist with good taste?

  15. [re=277720]Uncle Glenny[/re]: Swampland in Floriduh is ALWAYS a good investment. You can either build yourself an impregnable compound, wait a while and sell it back to the Indians (casino not slurpee), or you can become a gator farmer – them gators gonna be real good eatin’ when the Bitterz can no longer afford beef.

  16. The comments on the CNN link are pure gold, even including some all-CAPS stuff. The consensus seems to be that the US isn’t ready for such a talent as her and Barry’s Muslin mafia, realising they can’t beat her fairly, will tamper with the votes. Awesome.

  17. But actually, her being Mexican herself makes sense. Minority Republicans seem to be the most virulent racists of the bunch. My belief is that it stems from them being treated as a negative stereotype by other racists. Rather than rejecting these racist assholes as being full of shit like a sane person would, they start to hate others of their race, both to prove that they are not like the negative stereotypes, and out of hatred for having to battle against said stereotypes.

    Basically, she’s like “Those god damn Mexicans! THEY’RE the ones who are lazy! Not me, I’m Mexican-American! It’s all their fault that everyone thinks I’M lazy just because I look like them! They’re the worst, I hate them so much!”

  18. [re=277718]Merry Christen[/re]: It makes you a gay abortionist liberal fascist whose gay and is also an abortionist. Also, an elitist with good taste, also.

  19. [re=277695]Jukesgrrl[/re]:

    Out here in California, Pulido is definitely of Hispanic heritage. My councilman’s surname is Pulido and he’s definitely not Italian. Probably Hispanic, maybe he’s filipino, but it’s kind of the same thing. My best friend is filipino and we refer to each other as “mah negro” so by the transitive property of pulling stuff out of my ass maybe Rosanna Pulido is African American.

  20. Mike Steele on the case baby!
    Just a lot of misunderstandings!
    Gonna make the case for my girl, Rosanna!
    Obama won’t return my calls but I’m
    the RNC Chair, baby!
    Got my OWN turf to watch, Baby!
    ’bout my girl, Rosanna — just a lot of misunderstandings!
    Right Rush?
    What’s that boss?

  21. Man, what is it with Skokie, IL, that they get all the whack jobs? First the Illinois Nazis, now the Minutemen. If only Kentucky were better about controlling the drug cartel violence on their side of the border, suburban Chicagoland wouldn’t have to mobilize its sons in its defense.


    Like most people living in the United States, Rosanna Pulido is a descendent of immigrants. Her grandfather was a Mexican farmworker and her father, who was born in Texas and raised in Mexico, moved to the Chicago area as a young man to find work and make a better life for himself. Despite Pulido’s proximity to this quintessential American immigrant experience, she has viciously lashed out against those following in her family’s footsteps and captured the spotlight as one of the most vitriolic anti-immigrant leaders in the Midwest.

  23. [re=277733]Godot[/re]:

    Kind of like how the biggest homophones are closet Republicans who dream of remaking the ending of “An Officer and a Gentlemen” with little boys?

  24. Isn’t Pulido a Spanish surname?

    Also, what a racist bitch. Also.

    Isn’t a requirement of serving in the House that parts of your brain be damaged? So many nuts in the House. So many…

  25. There was some blather a couple of weeks ago on teh conservitive blogs that this was a big opportunity to blast Rahm and Barry by her winning the seat and that the ‘pubs were salivating at the opportunity.

    Well if there was ever a story that deserved teh words “Epic Fail” on the internets, this would be it.


  26. [re=277717]Aloysius[/re]: My Puerto Rican significant other loves to laugh at the intricate Latino racial/cultural hierarchies he heard from his relatives growing up: Cubans are communist liars (as in “speaking Cuban”), Haitians all have AIDS, Colombians have hairy nipples, and anyone from the continent is a backwards, jungle-dwelling savage. Puerto Ricans, on the other hand are Spanish and from Europe and therefore superior.

  27. Oy, Chica! She is muy coco-loco in the mafongo, if you know what I hablo. Bu, then, she spent an entire ano in Mexico in the missionary position so she must really know her informacion! Oy, who to vote for? Help us, nuestra senora de la Wonkette!

  28. [re=277836]SomeNYGuy[/re]: Yes, but only if they’re living in DR. If they came here to Merca you can be sure he’d hate them. Unless they’d waive their fee, of course.

  29. Bibles are the most stolen items from the library, it’s true. Many theories as to why although Mexicans have never come up. Perhaps we need to expand our thinking by shrinking our minds. I’d pray on it, but all of our Bibles are gone.

  30. But seriously folks-

    Can you imagine the invective-filled, misspelled racist ALLCAPS overpunctuated scree of a bill this loon is gonna write?




  31. She is indeed Mexican and she is indeed crazy.

    She used to be on Lou Dobbs and CNN a lot, back before the campaign coverage (remember then??) when it was ALL Illegal Immigration, all the time. Every morning at the gym I would watch the prerequisite illegal immigration story – Illegal immigrants to get driver license, Local police to deport immigrants, Pizza parlor now accepts pesos, Illegal alien Mexican highway to connect to Canada. Then Tony Harris would trot out the two talking heads – someone who wanted to completely open the borders to Mexico and Rosanna, the token Mexican. She sat on the board of a group called “You Don’t Speak For Me” that was very PUMA-ish (meaning started by white people, but ostensibly led by Hispanics) and I think had a Black counterpart – “African Americans against illegals” or some such nonsense.

  32. The GOP has been exploding with flavor lately! A self-loathing Indian, a self-loathing chocolate man (Michael Steele is NOT African-American, he is made out of chocolate), the self-loathing Hispanic above, and Sarah Palin, who I cannot call self-loathing but definitely hates women.

  33. [re=277690]hoosiermama[/re]: Here’s the big secret “they” don’t want you to know: ALL REPUBLICANS ARE ‘SELF-LOATHING.’

    Teh Maths: Anyone who is not a ‘republican’ loathes ‘republicans’ + ‘republicans’ loathe themselves = Universal Loathing We Can Believe In.

  34. [re=277927]problemwithcaring[/re]: I can never hear the phrase “illegal immigration” anymore without also hearing the faint waddle of Lou Dobb’s jowls in the distance.

  35. [re=277676]BitterDwarf[/re]: hispanics are all people of spanish decent, whatever their race or nation. it is a global term. by “Illegals” she means brown, indigenous people who don’t fear our borders the way they should. she is a capital H hispanic, in other words, she sees herself as a settler and conquering of the Illegals, a modern conquistador.

    i hope she dies from a fall down some tall stairs.

  36. Being Latino, this ‘discussion’ regarding Latinos that are indigenous (to the states) versus the “border buddies,” a phrase a distinguished member of militant Chicanos stated.

    Yea, there is a cultural difference–like my grandmother scolding me to behave BEFORE we go into the store, versus most of the Latinos letting their kids mischief around until the store gendarmes come a-runnin.’

    But I saw the same behavior from ignorant Virginian Rednecks and their spawn, versus the proper, Iron Magnolia & Southern Gentleman types with their well-behaved Children…as I worked as a stocker for Wal-Mart…go fig.

    And the rednecks didn’t have trucknutz…they had Jonny Reb flags EVERYWHERE…

  37. “I am learning some hard lessons and so be it. We all have joked and said stupid things. I am having a human experience. ”

    Yes, can we please pay you as an elected offical so you can learn some more lessons and have some more life expieriences?

    Also, paying someone to be a student sounds socialst.

  38. Can someone explain how she got ‘outed’? Was it some kind of IP Logging Hackin’ or something simple like using her work email? Given she’s a Republican, I’m guessing it is something simple, like guessing Snowbilly’s password.

  39. Always refer to us Coloreds as “THE BLACKS” to win us over. Bringing up slavery is epic winnage, also fer sure definitely.

    Sheesh. This woman is the Hispanic Michael Steele, baby.

  40. Oh, shit. Reading this made me realize I have no chance of being elected to replace Dr. (Spooky) Tom Coburn or Jim Inhofe. Just as I’m about to win the election, some teevee evangelist with a calculator will “out” me for saying fuck 345,149 times on wonkette. Bye bye, political future.

  41. [re=278101]Schadenfried[/re]: no, because hispanic is a cultural identity as well, and, as i said before, not a racial fact. one may identify as Hispanic against or in addition to any other identity or reality.

    that is why Latino people take the distinction seriously, as do Chicano and indigenous people. generally, latino and chicano people assert that they are mixed-race or mixed-culture people, and not strictly “european”. if one identifies as hispanic, they are insisting on a european-spanish identity, which may be accurate, or perhaps self-loathing.

  42. I was born in the Fighting 5th. The district of Boystown, Wrigley Field, and Lincoln Park has also generated THE greatest people Illinois has to offer:

    Dan Rostenkowski (1959-1995)
    Rob Blagojevich (1997-2003)
    Rahm Emanuel (2003-2009)
    Rosanna Pulido* (2009- )

    *If every voter in the district except her suddenly died, by Mexicans.

    I kind of want her to win just the keep the fun times going.

  43. cranky wrote: did you tell them never to identify that way? because some haitians are confused about your rules.

    Have you ever met a Haitian person who self-identified as “Latino”? Because I never have, in all my years of living in a city with a giant Haitian community.

    Haitian people don’t self-identify as Latino because they a) don’t speak Spanish as a first or second language, and b) would be unlikely to self-identify as what Dominican people self-identify as, because there’s a lot of longstanding animus between the two national groups.

    The world is a large and various place, so I accept that there may well be Haitian people who do self-identify as “Latino” but I have never encountered one.

  44. [re=278119]Bruno[/re]: She outed herself on Free Republic, we just went through and found her posting history under the name “chicagolady”. The stuff we found, with screenshots, is all at – there’s a whole lot more batshit crazy there, including Pulido taking on the Catholic Church in Chicago and getting bitched out for it by the GOP.

  45. [re=277692]Serolf Divad[/re]: Common sense is the superior intellect of the less-educated. You lose it when you poison your mind with all kinds o’ fancy book-larnin’.

  46. [re=278170]FreepGawker[/re]: “She outed herself on Free Republic, we just went through and found her posting history under the name “chicagolady””

    Nice work, I knew it had to be something simple like that.

    Note to Wonkette commenters: start setting up fake republican identities for future takedown of candidates.

  47. Well, she’s crazy, but a lot of illegal (and legal) Mexican do indeed hate blacks. It’s part of the culture south of the border. Black kids in Salt Lake City get harrassed by Mexicans quite routinely. And if you’re a mestizo or castellano from northern Mexico, you generally consider Maya-descended indians in southern Mexico to be subhuman.

    So that part of her otherwise nutty diatribe is accurate.

  48. [re=278404]Atlas Spanked[/re]: If by accurate, you mean completely general like in the way that a stereotype is accurate – like the exact opposite of accuracy – then yes, she is accurate.

    Srsly, though, it is as unclear to me as it every was how the fact that “a Mexican racist exists somewhere” should inform a discussion about policy. Even on the Free Republic.

    Original Mexican-American families in Southern California (the ones whose parents and grandparents were “Mexican”, then the US just moved in on top of them) have long been known to hold prejudices against braceros – the first Mexican migrant laborers in the 1940s. Since the inclusion of European quotas on immigration in and the exclusion of a Mexican quota in the1924 Immigration Act and the subsequent white outrage that followed, some Mexican Americans understood that increasing their diminishing soci-economic status meant disassociating themselves with the darker skinned negritas who worked in the packing houses or the sun-burnt fruit and cotton pickers .

    That’s the racist bullshit that Pulido and her family probably fell into and that plenty of others do as well.

    To me, that’s doesn’t mean of “a lot of Mexican [sp] hate blacks.”

  49. Maybe Rick Oberweiss, racist dairy owner and fellow mexican hater will bank roll her campaign.

    It will not avail her though, the IL fifth couldn’t get much more blue.

  50. No, no, no. You’ve all misunderstood. Her dog’s name is “smelling buts.” Rosanna is a fan of e.e. cummings and bell hooks, and thus eschewed the whole capitalization things in her pet naming. She’s also very suspicious of things that sound too good to be true, hence: “smelling buts” and her cat’s name, “sensing a catch.”

    Boy that was a long way to go for that one.

  51. Wow, these comments were illuminating for someone like me who is a Republican in the 5th IL Congressional District. It’s funny because it took Wonkette a couple weeks after I and others had already withdrawn our support of Ms. Pulido to grab on to this story. Kudos!

    It should also be noted that some of the comments made about this Wonkette post are just as intolerant as what Ms. Pulido said in her comments on Free Republic. I commend you if you can walk out your door with your chin held high after making some of these comments. You must be proud of being on the same level as Ms. Pulido!! Yeah, now I believe Democrats respect creed, color and religion…As long as those vote your way. Good luck crazies!

  52. Ms. Pulido isn’t racist. She’s Hispanic, and no one can be racist against his or her own race. She’s not anti-immigrant. She’s anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. She encourages immigration of people who obey all American laws.

    Many of the district’s voters think that their last two congressmen, Rahm Emanuel and Rod Blagojevich, were corrupt and liberal. President Obama says that we should change the government, and I agree. We can change it by electing more conservatives. If the district’s voters want to vote for a big change, they’ll vote for Rosanna.

  53. [re=279237]PhilCollins[/re]: heeeeeey Phil you’re also a Free Republic poster as well as Pulido’s campaign staff so I’m not terribly surprised that you’re defending her here, but how exactly do you defend “fudge packing” and “sniffing buts”?

  54. This is why poor people in general don’t get ahead in America: they spend too much time fighting with each other. The (mostly) White oligarchy benefits.

    Zhu Bajie

  55. [re=277862]populucious[/re]: About Bibles being the most stolen items at the library, the answer should be obvious: Bibles are big, fat books with a lot of very thin pages. So if you stock your sh*thouse with one, you are set for wiping material for a relatively long time. Plus you have something edifying to read while on the throne–assuming that you can read, that is!

    The Sears-Roebuck mail-order catalog was once commonly used in the same way; the lingerie sections were considered very “edifying”, so those sections tended to be “used” last.

    It’s a cultural thing, you betcha.

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