On Tuesday, Arlen Specter shocked America’s unions by switching sides on the Employee Free Choice Act and promising he would vote “no” if it ever came to a vote, on which he may have been the filibuster-breaking vote, thereby most likely killing the legislation for at least this year. In response, Joe the Plumber has organized a “grassroots” tour across Pennsylvania next week in which he will demand Arlen Specter promise to vote “no” on the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s almost as if Joe the Plumber does not follow the news! ALMOST.

Aside from the horrendous timing, this is amazing because the right wing’s make-believe “blue-collar worker” mascot — this ignorant plaid-shirt who has basically never worked a day in his life but more or less looks the part — is now traveling across central and western Pennsylvania at the behest of Fat Cats and business interests to rally “Real Americans” against… union-enhancing measures that they want.

This is funny:

Joe the Plumber may not represent the average worker — or at least not the average plumber. Remember that Joe never had a plumbing license, and many of the people in that profession are members of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry (UA). UA political and legislative director Rick Terven responded to the latest news, saying, “Real plumbers want and need the Employee Free Choice Act as a way to empower themselves to join a union, without fear of intimidation or losing their jobs. Joe the Plumber doesn’t speak for real plumbers.”

Real plumbers rip Joe the Plumber for shilling against the Employee Free Choice Act. [ThinkProgress]

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  1. Given JTP’s powers of persuasion, this may be the most effective way to get Arlen Specter to change his vote back. Godspeed, dildo-face.

  2. Alas, Joe the Plumber’s Right-wing fanbase will be completely obliterated when they find out how he really made his money, in the least plumberesque way possible: modeling new kitchen gadgets and Mr. Clean products.

  3. Silly libtards, JTP transcends time and space therefore he may be off a few days because of the timing of his last “leap”. It is clearly explained in the recently de-classified Republican budget diagrams.

  4. when will Joe be given a more appropriate signifier: Joe the GOP’s Paris Hilton?

    though this doesn’t really work because Paris Hilton is, arguably, more politically astute.

  5. I heard an exciting rumor: J the P is planning on lending some of his political might to pressure McCain to pass over his true love Vinegar Joe, and select a conservative woman governor to be his running mate in ’08.

    This is all hush-hush at this point, so I won’t name names yet.

  6. I’m trying to remember when the Respected Moderate Senator Arlen Spector ever pretended to cross the aisle but finally wound up licking Rush’s boots for issues that really matter to the non-rich public.

  7. That is so funny, I can’t stand it. So, Joe the Plumber who’s not a plumber and who got famous for saying he wanted to buy a plumbing businsess (thereby becoming management), but who really couldn’t do that because he’s a. not a plumber b. ignorant, and c. lazy, is representing big business in a “grass roots” campaign against unions. This is real?

  8. I[re=275200]Mustang[/re]: Speaking of Joe being ignorant, I heard on the Mike Malloy show that he went to speak at another one of these right-wing conferences, apparently where people have IQ’s ABOVE thier shoe size (G. Gordon Liddy was there). He said to the crowd (paraphrasing), “all the love in the room is making me horny.” Malloy said, he wouldn’t be surpised if every woman in that room ran for the doors to get the hell out of there.

  9. Sorry, I’ve been a passive observer. But, seriously, there needs to be a threshold/standard for JTP posts…we are running on empty on this Bousche-Dag and need to conserve the little snark we have left for this fool…I suggest only posting “I’m horny”/”He’s actually addressing repubs in an official capacity as a keynote speaker” material.

    I reference the 14′ tv (which reminds me of freshman year), and the public access tv green screen background. C’mon people, they’re not even putting effort into this one.

    I suggest no JTP material on this site until Doocy does a, “very special fox-n-friends episode” with the twat and we discover how a shortage in global teleprompters has created a socialist induced crisis for “American workers” living in tent cities and a shortage of work for plumbers who make less than 250k a year.

    Doocy 2012.

  10. [re=275138]watershed[/re]: I think he went rogue in that sense when he awoke one morning unemployed, bought the Time Life Home Repair book set from a yard sale, and began calling himself a “plumber.”

  11. Wow. 32 posts and no one has told JTP to eat a generous bag of dicks. Fine, allow me:

    Eat a generous bag of dicks, “Joe.”

  12. If Joe was a surfer, I’d admire his ability to ride a single wave longer than previously thought humanly possible, while enjoying himself the whole way. Listen, if you were an unemployed plumber sitting on your fat ass on some couch in Ohio, until disocvering some wingnuts were willing to pay your freight to fly you to Israel, DC, and Philly, while stroking your ego more often than Anne Coulter’s cock, you’d get horny, too.

  13. I’m trying to be snark free here. He’s just trying to stay relevant until Snowbilly Grifter (I HATE that bitch) becomes president in 2012 & he can be appointed Secretary of Labor.

    What’s that you say? He’s just a stupid, fucking lazy freeloader whore who would be the Democrats poster boy if he’d happened upon Walnuts path during the primary.

    Agreed. Also.

  14. Ohh. And I make my remarks, with all do respect to Mr. Newell (who I understand won the Nobel Peace Prize/Pulitzer/Freedom medal of the District of Columbia the other day). Jim Newell is the Michael Phelps-Desmund Tutu of blogging. Also.

  15. Boy this makes the election feel like it happened a decade ago. Back then I kind of understood why McCain was using this dickhead in his campaign. I “got” the idea. But what is Joe’s stated goal or purpose now? Shouldn’t he just get on with it and start an AM radio show and leave us in peace? How the fuck is this guy making money? I’m still unemployed and I’ll gladly take a check for spouting my uninformed, wonkettefied, and twisted, liberal mantra. I’ll even do it without the TullyPrumpterz.

  16. Where did the “also” craze begin? I need to tell Doc Brown so I can use the DeLorean to go back in time and empty a clip into the grandfather of the person or persons involved.

  17. [re=275307]norbizness[/re]:

    FEY AS PALIN: “Like every American I’m speaking with, we’re ill about this. We’re saying, ‘Hey, why bail out Fanny and Freddie and not me?’ But ultimately what the bailout does is, help those that are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore up our economy to help…uh…it’s gotta be all about job creation, too. Also, too, shoring up our economy and putting Fannie and Freddy back on the right track and so healthcare reform and reducing taxes and reigning in spending…’cause Barack Obama, y’know…has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans, also, having a dollar value meal at restaurants. That’s gonna help. But one in five jobs being created today under the umbrella of job creation. That, you know…Also…”

  18. Ok, I won’t kill Tina Fey’s grandfather, but anyone who uses it at this late date for no reason must forfeit annoyance at being informed that IT’S FRIDAY by co-workers. In addition.

  19. [re=275307]norbizness[/re]: It’s a Palinism. When speaking extemporaneously, our gal Sarah used to stick the word ‘also’ inappropriately on the end of sentences. It was really her most adorably annoying verbal tic. Also.

  20. The idea of JtP isn’t about what he is, but what he isn’t: educated, interesting, nuanced, consistent, coherent. All of these faggy ideas must be destroyed in order for the Republican party to regain power.

  21. [re=275382]El Pinche[/re]: Sam? I’m not sure who that is but if it’s Specter, yeah, I say it too, so we both can go to hell–but in a union-made handbasket.

    No snark here: Fuck both these guys and the horses they rode in on.

  22. [re=275343]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: That he’s considered moderate says more about his party than it does about him. If compared to, say, Jeff Sessions or Jim Inhofe, Specter’s a paragon of virtue and moderation. When compared to actual human beings, it becomes less obvious.

  23. I’ve got a lo-cost dental plan I’d like to share with Sam here. It involves a large pipe wrench. By that I mean I’d be willing to perform the initial extractions for free.

  24. I asked my own plumber what he thought about “Joe” the “Plumber.” At that very moment, the pipe he was attempting to loosen under my kitchen sink came free, and its contents – several days worth of backed-up kitchen scraps and sludge – glopped right into his face. His answer was just the one I expected to hear.

  25. I always thought the terminal “also” was just because of the high immigrant German population of Wonkette.

    Wondering why the name norbizness rings a bell… Did you used to post on Portal of Evil?

  26. Arlen Specter is a major tool. Joe the fake Plumber needs tools. Let them go fit pipe together and leave the rest of us alone.

    A Concerned Pennsylvanian

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