Here is your Minneapolis man Prince, on the Jay Leno (!) show, just cold singing about AIG and income inequality and hard times and such, with an honest “but me” when he mentions the old neighborhood. Good or bad? We are not sure! Not bad, though. Dylan and his three gospel singers, pretty much, 1979, + Stevie Wonder harmonica, Joe Strummer guitar toss, ice cold. Uhm. OPEN THREAD. [via Tony Pierce]

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  1. I’m enjoying Ken’s utter indecisiveness on this one… And I agree! It’s kinda “uhh”, but then again, kinda funky!

    But wait, does this mean that Jay Leno has acheived a hat trick of late-nite political trenchant-ness??

  2. Seriously, for such an A-List weirdo it’s nice to see he can get in a groove like a normal person. And by normal person I mean talented musical robot.

  3. Prince singing about social stratification is laughable. I liked him better in those bare-ass yellow pants singing “Cream.” Smokin’ harp though.

  4. It wasn’t any “Dance, Music, Sex, Romance”, but it’s good to see that Michael Jackson lite (on the weirdo scale) can still rock. At least he wasn’t bitching about gay marriage again.

  5. I have very fond memories of being about 17 and sneaking in to First Avenue to see Prince.

    Fun fact! Prince and FOX’s piano playing Lauren Green went to elementary school together. He asked her out in 6th grade and she declined….mainly because she was about 12 feet taller than him.

  6. Sumbitch stole the philosopher’s stone from Dumbledore. No way he’s 50+.

    [re=274840]watershed[/re]: Agreed; that Hall of Fame gig was the best guitar solo ever.

  7. Class warfare IS funny from a guy that made $85 mil in just the first year off Purple Rain, then built a giant purple mansion on the shores of a lake inhabited by white bread CEO’s. Come to think of it, that was the coolest thing he ever did. Ghettofabulous!

  8. God I love, Prince. I would so do him. He’s a sexy motherfucker, no?

    I wish Barry would have sent us some goddamn stimulus checks, because The Purple One is playing 3 shows Saturday night in LA (yes, all the same night b/c he is that fabulous) and I want to go, but my music budget has been tapped out by Coachella and the Hollywood Bowl. $77 + Ticketbastard fees to see Prince! I’ve already seen him twice, but seeing him live is always an amazing experience. Why? WHY!

    I also love that you love Prince, Ken. You’re always sneaking in a post here or there, which I appreciate since I love Prince and trucknutz.

  9. [re=274794]Atheist Nun[/re]: Don’t you know that Money Don’t Matter 2 Night?

    [re=274839]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I never believed the gay marriage hate thing. Prince was basically gay in the 70s, straight in the 80s, and sexual deviant throughout. He’s fucked everyone. I equated the weird quotes to the same confusion and misunderstanding that spawned some of his lesser albums and the “artist formerly known as…” confusion of the early 90s. Prince is an enigma.

  10. I thought the neo-purple rain intro was great-not sure I see Ken’s Bob Dylan comparison, although those born-again days were dark ones for Minnesota’s other famous guy, IMHO

  11. [re=274840]watershed[/re]: oh my goodness.
    Prince is one funky pocket rock star. He could be 93 years old drooling and hideous and I would still let him do disgusting things to me because the little man is just made of sexy.

  12. [re=274840]watershed[/re]: When I watch Prince play guitar, I want to kneel in front of him and scream, “Come on my face!!!!”

  13. [re=274926]NoWireHangers[/re]: Don’t you mean he’s a a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma? Because he’s small enough for that to be true.

  14. It’s always been inconceivable to us rock fans how anyone on the planet could ever have been a fan of, a follower of, and bought records by, and attended concerts by, this guy who goes by “Prince.” Ugh. Not only that, he’s about the worst live performer many of us have seen. But maybe it’s just a rock vs. whatever thing. But we’ll tell you–real rock fans can’t stand this guy. And he keeps trying to do funk-rock, but he fails at that, too. What a weird thing this guy is for a lot of people. Strange.

  15. [re=274840]watershed[/re]: You’re about “Weeps,” on which he loosens up the other entrenched rock egos onstage as well, and about Prince’s guitar playing, which gets lost in the welter of showmanship (no small part of solo guitar). It’s not just technique, which Prince has plenty of, but he seems to be able to improvise as well as jazz players, with ideas coming in torrents. His solos on “Weeps” are based on three very different approaches to the melody, very cerebral, yet he isn’t afraid to just kick back and riff when in between. His playing is as solid as his shows are silly, all of which has worked just fine for him. It’s probably just me, but I always hear a hint of the Flames’ (James Brown’s ultra-tight band) lead player in his guitar work, which can be surprisingly and delightfully tight.

  16. [re=274982]thefrontpage[/re]: “Us rock fans”? You mean Harley-riding, ponytailed middle managers who think Clapton is the shit and get mad ’cause they can’t find “Disco Sucks” bumper stickers at their local head shop anymore?

  17. Yeah he’s showy and short, but Mr. Prince-a-la is a synthesist of the highest order. His stuff funks, rocks, and is chock full of different musical approaches occurring in rapid succession. For him to offer his own slammin, cracked version of Strauss’ ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra,’ familiar as 2001: A Space Odyssey, again puts him in the realm of artists reaching for something beyond the hollow commercial approaches of the past. Don’t be fooled by his over-the-top artifice and posing. Note the connections between the images of the music from the film to 2001 & Preznit Hopey’s campaign logo. The energy is the message.

  18. [re=275005]Astrobastard[/re]:

    Wondering if that was real rock that was stolen from them blacks once.
    Then when that got stale they stole some more.
    And then sole some more when that too got stale.

    Which was the real rock? I never knew.

  19. [re=275064]Bearbloke[/re]: Very con. Somesuch about it not being in the Bible & being yucky. Which is very ironic considering the source, eh?

  20. [re=274822]ServiceJervixJuice[/re]: Clearly you missed the Superbowl halftime Prince. I longed for it this year while watching Springsteen gasp for breath.

  21. [re=275092]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: well, in that case I won’t be bothered about not spending $$ to see him on this tour – but I do have my sweet memories of seeing him in the ‘1999/Purple Rain’ and ‘Glam Slam’ eras…

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