Just watch, in full, and keep in mind that this is what Fox & Friends is like *without* Steve Doocy. Oh, and Brian Kilmeade, what’s confusing you near the end there: they’re called “hedge funds,” and they play a big role in stuff, much more than just one George Soros/Marlon Brando can do on his own. [YouTube]

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  1. PS – If anybody should know something about a “mob mentality,” is would be FOX. They’ve got one good brain between them, but they can’t figure out the operating instructions.

  2. The Cobama crime family. “What do you mean? Extortion?” “Decide 90% of your bonus belongs to him!” Of course this dude wants less government intervention in his life. HE IS A CONVICT! A MOB CONVICT! Teh idiot cancer is contagious!

  3. Just out of curiosity, does anyone who watches Fox News take this stuff seriously? Especially this incredibly dangerous and irresponsible madness about George Soros CAUSING the recession? That makes about as much sense as birds plus rocks equals rainbows.

    Also, a former mobster espousing conservative ideals is maybe not the best advertisement for a new GOP.

  4. [re=274415]GreatSatan[/re]: “a former mobster espousing conservative ideals is maybe not the best advertisement for a new GOP.”

    Sure didn’t work so well for the OLD GOP.

  5. @GreatSatan I dunno, when your other options are Rush and Michael “My Mouth Should be Ducttaped Shut for the Good of the Party” Steele… Well, mob boss seems pretty reasonable and tame, really.

  6. Up next mouthbreathers, Paul, Sr. from “Orange County Choppers” (he of the cock-duster ‘stache) complains about the stimulus package.

  7. Pure gold. It’s just missing Count Floyd saying how scary this all is, kids. Who’d have guessed a mobster would want less governmental control in his life.

  8. God that’s boring. It would be a lot better if he used a bunch of mob names like “the finger” or “the enforcer” or “jimmy short”

  9. Spying on people with no warrants? Silence.
    Arresting Americans and holding them indefinitely without charges? Nothing.
    Stop-lossing soldiers to keep them in combat forever, if necessary? Bupkus.
    Firing US Attorneys who refuse to illegally raid ACORN branches right before an election? Nada.
    Making elections unverifiable? Shhhh.
    Torturing people to death and covering it up? Nothing to see here.
    Giving no-bid contracts to your rich friends? The American way.

    Regulate the finance industry so another AIG doesn’t bring the entire planet’s economy down around it the next time some rich assholes decide to play Lotto with your money? AAAAAIGH! FOUR-ALARM FIRE! TO YOUR TENTS, O ISRAEL! TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS!

    So glad Fox News and an ex-mobster are the voice of sanity on this issue.

  10. [re=274430]Tommmcatt[/re]: Fox and Friends is possibly, with the obvious exception of Glenn Beck, the most wignutty (and therefore MOST AWESOME) program on Fox. Malkin was just on it, as well SEETHING about the coming “socialist non-profit media.” She really is the BEST.

  11. Awesome.

    What, amid such splendors, to choose from?

    That FOX is now turning to mob bosses for expert commentary?

    That “us mob guys” are “pretty patriotic” (to Italy?…)?

    That George Soros is “pulling the strings” at the same time that FOX’s splendid graphics department has him dangling from them? (Marionettes controlling marionettes is a daisy chain I just don’t need to think about).

  12. [re=274439]sati demise[/re]: Especially when the government gives them a cut of the action. They’re our own Sunni Awakening — not that that makes me feel better about it.

  13. Let’s face the facts; government meddling totally fucked-upped the Gambino Crime Family, and turned a lot of grease-balls into Reagan Mussocrats.

  14. The best joke the Rich ever played on the Poors (the Republican party) ended with the best punchline: shithead Joe the Plumberesque schmucks who don’t benefit at all, defending the kleptocracy.

    I wonder how much a FOX news reporter grosses in a year? Enough to make him/her elite?

    Newsflash: It’s hard to maintain a rock and roll lifestyle (which I’m sure they toooootally earned) when The Help can’t even afford to fill the gas tank to get out to your mansion to scrub the shitstains out of your toilet. TRUFAX!

  15. That’s a pretty weighty tome that Michael “The Author” Frazese and his crew cranked out. Let’s see here….the Mob’s got a hierarchy, and so does the government. The Mob wants power and control, and so does the government, and Obama probably invented that in the last two months! Garsh! I never thought of it that way.

    And by the way, Mr. Patriot Frazese, who set fire to the Normandie?

  16. How gullible are these people? If I write and tell them that I am an ex-satanist, and that the Obama cabinet is exactly like a satanist coven performing a black mass, will I get to be on the show?

    The e-mail to the show is: (from Fox and Friends website).

    Maybe the Obama administration is more like being in a polygamist marriage, or being addicted to meth, or playing linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, or….

    I’m sure that Fox and Friends is dying to hear your story.

  17. WE’RE SURROUNDED …. by idjits.

    Guess who’s on MSNBC right now? Tucker Bounds!!

    He says Obama is financially destroying the MSM media like NYT, WaPo, etc for not giving them access recently. Wow. He should go back his to fuckin hole.

  18. I really enjoyed the way he said the Mob was always patriotic. Curious how most Mob bosses met their end by NOT PAYING TAXES.

    Kilmeade is a dumbass. Brian you reading this? Tomorrow when you and the Judge go off on your Socialist Bender, say hello to me and remember I know you’re a dumbass.

  19. [re=274429]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Be careful. You’re raising the quality of dialogue on this website. Then again, maybe we can apply for grant monies??

  20. Is Fox News serious? No, that’s why it’s Fox Noise. But seriously, that is the dumbest clip. Or are they just going for camp? That’s scary. Do people look at that as if that’s the news. And a conservative gangster! This is just camp.

  21. This is off-topic, but I think it would be nice to have a post pointing out that the GOP released their budget proposal today WITHOUT ANY NUMBERS. Just windmills, windmills whirling towards freedom. Anyway, I want to point and laugh at them, again. Wait, I think I just did. Nevermind.

  22. Jesus, considering he spent time in the hoosegow, he apparently wasn’t even good at being a mobster. So this makes him an expert on exactly what?

  23. [re=274446]shortsshortsshorts[/re]:

    I despise Ping-Pong Balls, I really do….she alone suspends my liberal avoidance of racist terms, mostly because she is a Asian-American Anchor Baby who defends the internment of the Japanese and attacks the parents of, um, anchor babies. She’s just that evil.

  24. So Soros breaks this guy’s knees for talkin’ shit, am I right? Eh? You know his knees need some bleeding after some loose lippin’ lye gat.

  25. Don’t forget to read the GLORIOUS comments on the page. Even by rightwing nutjob standards, they are fantastic. “OPEN YOUR EYES!” I love that stuff. How many idiots are there out there who really think they “get it”, while the “elite” eduated people are just stuck in teh dark. They really believe this. Amazing.

  26. What’s next? How will they top this? The Crucible?

    “I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!”

  27. I have fukin’ seen it all now! who believes this shit????? theyre bringin in mobstas to repute the Prez. fair and balanced??? come on! I’d like to slap tha biatch with that book and then send Rahm over to midget finger her!

  28. [re=274496]Jukesgrrl[/re]: I’m not worried about it — there are plenty of folks here sharper than I am.

    But just to balance things out — tomorrow Fox ‘n Friends is welcoming the guy on those enlarged prostate medicine commercials — the one who takes huge planets and shrinks them into museum dioramas — to offer his incisive analysis of what to do about the budget deficit.

  29. So the gumba mook on the couch has convinced the Albino Chick and the artificial life form sitting next to her that George Soros orchestrated the financial downturn from his secret lair in Cuba along with President Obama, Mickey Mouse, Hugo Chavez, one but not both of the Olsen twins, and the cancer that killed Babe Ruth.

    Now if in theory this was a ‘Fair and Balanced’ news network couldn’t one ask him exactly how his same Mob theory applies to not only Faux News but also to the presidency of Godfather/Darth Dick Cheney… Uh… I mean George W. Bush, or Jar Jar/Fredo in this analogy. I don’t know why I might make that mistake.

  30. As a Federal employee, I would welcome the chance to walk into some Wall Street office and knee cap a couple of the mo-fos who mo-fo’d the economy. Maybe after the “word” got around on Wall Street there would be a lot less mo-fo’n around with other people’s retirement money.

    By the way, why does Fox Noise seem to suggest that acting “liberal” (taking more chances) with other people’s money is “conservative,” but requiring bankers and the like to act more conservative with other people’s money is seen as liberal (and thus BAD)?

  31. The one thing that keeps me going is the hope that the people on Fox News – along with all the self-righteous prick journalists whining about TelePrompterz and Obama’s press secretary asking questions of Telemundo (gasp!) – will wake up one day and say “my God, my whole life is a joke.”
    What would they do then? I believe the good Sen. Chuck Grassley had some great advice for them recently…

  32. Mr. Franzese’s haircolor by Shinola, Autumn Russet Matte Finish with Cordovan Highlights. Hey, where’s that little dickwad who showed up Hopey? I need a place to piss.

  33. HOLY SHIT. This shit is bananas… B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

    Oh, and uh, this fucking guy here, this fuckin’ capo Geithner, this fucking wiseguy is collectin’ all the vigs for the Cosa Nostra. He’s a real fucking earner. But that Barney Frank, fuuuugggeeetttaboutit!. He’s a fuckin’ cafone an outta be wacked. Bafangool!

  34. I remember when I was young I worked for this butcher who started to get pressured by the mob. It was terrible. First they made him fill out Mafia Form 91-288302CDS/3, in triplicate, and the supplemental pages to Mafia Form 83-223JK84LS00284-3/5, rev. A. After six to eight weeks, they responded with a determination in lieu of actual smack down, which stated their cut would be 10% of our gross, as listed in Schedule A of the Standard Mob Take Down Form, or our annual books, based upon Schedule B, after taking into consideration the time/loss adjustments of Mob Publication 42 “Do I Want My Legs Broken,” which ever was bigger. Needless to say, we appealed.

    God, after seeing that, I can totally understand how Obama is Fat Tony.

  35. Fox’s strategy:
    Rely on your viewer’s mob mentality to get them all frothy over the headline “‘mob’ mentality?” in order to to draw them into a lame story delivered by some greasy ex-con mob flunkie.

  36. Next week they’re going to invite Bill Ayers over for him to discuss how Obama’s administration acts like a terrorist group. Then the ironi-circle will be completed.

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