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Learn The ‘Put A Ring On It’ Sexytime Dance So You Can Be Like Beyonce

This could be you.Overworked, Ann Taylor-wearing women of DC (and especially Hill Women): it’s time to learn a thing or two about sex appeal. Hip-hop dance teacher and choreographer Shira Goldberg will be teaching the dance moves from Beyonce’s music video “All the Single Ladies: (Put A Ring on It)” in a workshop this Sunday at First Class, Inc. on 20th St. NW.

Beyonce’s dance number is a three-minute blur of legs, gyrating pelvises and wild hair tossing. There is a lot of finger-wagging and talking-to-the-hand action, so if you can’t get the sex appeal part right, at least you can come out of it with a bit of sass. Yes, Your Wonkette can’t believe it’s real, either.

Sign up for the class here or call this number: 202-797-5102.

March 29, 2-4PM, $35, First Class Inc., 1726 20th St. N.W.

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  1. brown_recluse

    After an agonizing three days, I finally got that song out of my head. Thanks, wonkabout.

  2. PattyOrSelma

    Seriously, MG, what’s your problem with “Hill Women”?! Did a Hill Woman steal your man/woman/car/wookie? Sheesh.

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