Here is an image of the much-anticipated explosion on the Potomac River today that was filmed for some new teevee pilot. It was still confusing to D.C. residents even though they had been alerted beforehand, because why the fuck is a rowboat being blown up? Should be a real winner of a show, although Obama will probably just preempt it every night to read more lies off of his Tellyprompter. [Flickr]

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  1. Please, please let this be a sequel to the unintentionally hilarious Rowdy Herrington movie where Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker played cops patrolling the three rivers of Pittsburgh in a sexy speed boat. (As a Pixburger I can assure yunz there is no such thing as either police speed boats OR sexy cops). In the original, Robert Pastorelli took a hiatus from painting Murphy Brown’s walls to play a serial killer who lived on a houseboat. In this version, we can only hope the crazed criminal is knocking off Congressmen.

  2. [re=273386]One Yield Regular[/re]: Jinx

    [re=273514]Mr Blifil[/re]: Note to self: read at least first 15 comments before favoring the world with your deathless humor. You suck also.

  3. [re=273427]Knob Gobbler[/re]: It’s not a kayak it’s a rower’s scull. Let’s just put it this way: whatever type of show it may be it is definitely designed to be a cautionary tale to our ruling elites.

  4. Non-humor entry: This particular shot was filmed for a scene of “Washington Field,” a television pilot currently being filmed by CBS-Paramount. The show is about an “elite” team of FBI agents who are mobile and respond to disasters around the world. Much of the crew of the show has worked on “24,” including the director, and the actors involved include Cole Hauser, Teri Polo and Gina Torres. They shot various scenes throughout D.C. for several days. The title, by the way, refers to the FBI’s term for their regional offices, as in “Washington Field Office.”

  5. Can’t they just blow stuff up with CGI now? Or is it do good computerized explosions have a bigger carbon footprint than just blowin shit up?

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