Here’s your “Tuesday Lunch Video,” hooray! During today’s House Financial Services Committee hearings with archvillains Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner, Barney Frank interrupted each of them to admonish the daring Code Pink protesters in the room, who came with their usual cardboard signs and cat calls and what not. He told them to “grow up” because they were NOT HELPING THE BANKS with this behavior. More importantly, the CNN chyron brings us a crucial “UPDATE” during this clip: “Meghan McCain: ‘I support the president.'” So she’s a communist now, too. [YouTube, Salon]

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  • FreshCliches

    “I support the President” = “I’m shitcanning my sucky blog.” In a perfect world.

  • Doglessliberal
  • The Cold Sea

    There should be bus tours of the Code Pink houses.

  • Iggy Plop

    He could have flashed a sign that said “show us your tits” instead.

  • Delicious

    You’re all a bunch of fickle mush heads!

    He’s right! Give us hell, Quimby!

  • binarian

    You tell ’em, Barn!!!

  • Rukasu

    I think Medea Benjamin sleeps in a broom closet at Rayburn and just wakes up every morning, decides on a pink tshirt to wear and just walks into any hearing chamber that isn’t locked and just starts shouting. Oh brother, she’s a winner

  • Advocatus_Diaboli

    If they’re not careful, they’ll get 3 in the pink and one in the sti— oh wait, it’s Barney Frank. Nevermind.

  • Dave J.

    Here’s a tip for Rep. Frank: I learned on Free Republic the other day that you can really get those ladies’ goat if you call them Code PINKO, omg, get it???!1!?

  • comradepaulson

    Code Pink is so 2006. I’m waiting for Code Aquamarine or Code Magenta to really rock the house in 2009. And by really rock the house, I mean be fucking annoying and pointless.

  • NoWireHangers

    No Barney! Code Pink only exists by drumming up “controversy” by doing stupid/annoying/publicity whore shit like running around naked, wearing pink, and screaming about everything. When you acknowledge Code Pink you only acknowledge it exists, thereby giving them more power. No! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • hobospacejungle

    Medea Benjamin sounds like the recipient of a bukakke party. Looks like one with the pink shirt.

    Code Pink does mean vagina, right?

  • twowheeljunkie

    What does the sign say?

  • Dr Tobias Funke

    Silly townhallers- you wont meet anyone on the hill- Democrat or Republican who likes / enjoys or approves of the pinkos

  • Delicious

    [re=271913]NoWireHangers[/re]: Isn’t this why we have Gitmo?

  • 4tehlulz

    [re=271903]Iggy Plop[/re]: That wouldn’t be particularly believable from him. Michelle Bachmann, maybe, but not Barney.

  • AnnieGetYourFun

    [re=271927]4tehlulz[/re]: Michele was SO grand this morning, too. Both Bernanke and Geithner were looking at her like she had three heads as she repeatedly asked them the same retarded question over and over. Barney Frank snapped at her, too, but only because she asked for an extension on her time.

  • 4tehlulz

    Any organization led by Medea objectively supports child killing.

  • Gopherit

    [re=271913]NoWireHangers[/re]: But you can’t just ignore the Hot Flash Commandos. Look at the PUMAs? They will never go away, no matter how irrelevant they are. All we can hope is Barney will get the Capitol police to tase them enough that they lose the power of speech.

  • Mild Midwesterner

    The Code Pink gals are f’in morans. As I was sitting outside enjoying my coffee one weekend, they went by in their little pink bus and shouted that instead of drinking coffee I should call my Senator and encourage him to stop the war. I shouted back that DC residents don’t have a Senator and that they should read the Constitution. The end.

  • Come here a minute

    Mmmm…thanks for the Tuesday lunch video…I loves me some Barney Frank with my hobo beans!

  • Gallowglass

    Damned suffragettes! When will they learn that there will never be heavier-than-air flying machines?

  • heroinmule

    How long until the Boomers die off (and the adults get to take power)?

  • jagorev

    Even funnier was the Maxine Water routine… I’m starting to feel sorry for Tim Geithner:

  • Rukasu

    [re=271949]Mild Midwesterner[/re]: Brilliant!

  • Serolf Divad

    Why does Barney Frank hate the people who hate America?

  • Mad Farmer Manifest

    [re=271960]heroinmule[/re]: What with being all overweight and everything that goes with it–not too long. We’ve got plenty of real toolbags in the Gen X stable, however. At least we (for the most part) aren’t afraid of gays and environmental regulation.

  • Keram2

    As I said in an earlier post “Frank/some Bear ’16!”

  • davesnothere

    OMG OMG OMG! Meg’s on board – we can all get back to work now.

  • Mad Farmer Manifest

    Yeah! Screw people who try to make a difference. Those Code Pink ladies are stupid. Their time could be better spent making sarcastic comments on the internet that accomplish nothing.

    Well, time to get back to making sarcastic comments on the internet.

  • June Cleaver 2.0

    I enjoy watching Barney Frank. Somebody is always going to get lectured to about the rules. No one can roll on him.

  • ThePerfesser

    [re=271903]Iggy Plop[/re]: Actually Barney’s best comment was last week, when the Pink Ladies were holding up signs and blocking camera shots, etc at an AIG hearing; Subcommittee Chairman Kanjorski demanded the “ladies” surrender their signs – and hand them over to the Capitol Police. They did so.

    Chairman Frank then noted it was a good thing the slogans weren’t on their T-shirts.

    You didn’t have to be gay to strongly agree.

  • Fear of a Black Reagan


    Jesus God; we just found 2009’s “don’t tase me bro!”

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    If those protesters had been young, hot dudes, me thinks Barney would have been a little nicer. Unfort. they were old, ugly, saggy boobed, ex-bra burning Cindy Sheehan look-alikes, so they get no sympathy–from anyone!

  • comradepaulson

    [re=272049]Mad Farmer Manifest[/re]: But they don’t make a difference. That’s the problem. “Trying” is not enough. This ain’t 1968 (see: buses in Connecticut). Intentions and ideas are one thing. I may fully agree with them, but all they do is make a laughing stock out of my ideas. Or put another way, how do we actually change shit, instead of making sure our point is “heard” but no one taking us seriously?

  • Doglessliberal

    [re=271988]Mad Farmer Manifest[/re]: sadly, that is not just the Baby Boomers. There was a story on NPR last night about the thousands of young people being turned away by the Army…because they are too fat. And the Army’s definition of “fat” is even more generous than the usual standards, so these are some pathetic young people. One guy attributed his physique to the fact that he would come home, “drink a 12 pack of beer and play X-Box” with his friends every afternoon. He was 5′ 10″, 274, and the Army only needed him to get to 204, which is still big if he is not an athlete with dense muscle making up that weight.

    Though I don’t need NPR to tell me this–I just look around at the hordes of teenagers on class trips in DC right now. At least 80% of them are overweight or obese. Unreal.

  • viciouslies

    Medea Benjamin is punk rock. I’d like to see any of you nimwits sneak your way into the DNC, RNC and Bush’s second inauguration without pissing yourselves. And I have nothing for respect for the Code Pink ladies, trying to get the real news out there instead of the weak pro-corporate kool aid the MSM is serving up. They’re right up there with John Stewart, in my book.

    Snark is cute and all, but lay off the ladies trying to get people to wake up and do something positive instead of frittering their lives away in front of the teevee, at dead end jobs and making pissy comments on the internetz. Or don’t. It’s your sad little life.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=272186]viciouslies[/re]: They’re making laughingstocks of themselves because no one takes them seriously. Their way of getting attention is not productive & the attention they get is all negative like today. When is the last time someone said “those Code Pink ladies got XXXX accomplished” other than just making clowns of themselves. When they act & dress as they do, they invite ridicule from both political sides. Sure, give them kudos for making the effort, but Jon Stewart they aren’t.

  • oaklandrosie

    Texan Bulldoggette nailed it. I give them one star for effort. But other than that, since absolutely nobody takes them seriously, they’re nothing more than pink noise. They smack of ego, stomping about, having tantrums to get noticed. “Oh loooookie, we got on the interwebs!” Wow.

  • Pop Secret

    [re=272186]viciouslies[/re]: How anyone can think that, ahem, Jon Stewart, whose show is on Comedy Central, owned by MTV, itself a division of Viacom, is anything but the dreaded glass pitcher Kool-Aid Man of the “MSM” is beyond me. The fact that you can’t make even the grossest of distinctions between self-styled activists and a network television entertainer doesn’t lend much credibility to your screed, my friend.

  • hobospacejungle

    Cultural struggle against The Man takes all forms. None can be dismissed simply because of the form they take. So Jon Stewart’s show is on a channel owned by a multinational corporation. Does that make his informed criticism where he makes it a point to have guests with whom he disagrees less effective? Or has he, through his work, accrued credibility, so that those in power now must take into account how they will be portrayed on his show? Take a look at his guest list for the answer.

    The Code Pink folk, for all their good intentions, have how much credibility? They are using 1960s tactics in a 2000s world. The Man (the media in collusion with govt in this case) learned to deal with public protest a long time ago — ignore it, deny it protest permits, close open spaces at universities so only small crowds can gather, etc. It is ineffective and a good argument can be made that this form of protest does more for the egos of those protesting than for the cause they espouse.

    What is effective protest in the 2000s? Like him or not, Michael Moore makes films that lots of people see & believe. Cindy Sheehan, like her or not, brought a tremendous amount of attention to the plight of families of servicemen & women. That cute veteran guy who is a guest on Keith & Rachel is head of an organization of vets who keep tabs on representatives’ actions toward vets, and engage them on the issues.

    These are just three new types of protest that reach far more people and (ideally) make them think than wearing pink shirts & disrupting congressional hearings that all but C-Span addicts will never see. I respect their conviction to their cause but doubt its effectiveness.

    Apologies for no buttsecks, TELEPROMTERZ…ACORN

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=272313]hobospacejungle[/re]: Rock on, hobo. I don’t even get the impression they care about any of these issues; they’re just out to make a ruckus for the sake of getting a little air/blog time. Whatever credibility they may have once had is completely diminished by their current antics.

  • Zadig

    [re=272313]hobospacejungle[/re]: I love how every single person that bashes on the “MSM” tries to pretend their favorite pundits aren’t part of it. The truth is, being part of “mainstream” media is not necessarily a bad thing. Just as there are a good percentage of retards in journalism, politics, finance, and every other sphere of society, there is another (admittedly, smaller) percentage of actual intelligent, helpful people in the exact same circles.

    The Code Pink harridans piss me off, but not half as much as these geniuses like [re=272186]viciouslies[/re] who extol their virtues and decry the “MSM kool-aid” or whatever, and the corruption of all political figures everywhere. Apparently, asking about three-quarters of Americans to distinguish the good and bad elements of journalism, civilian protest, and basically anything else is slightly harder than, say, distinguishing between White, Off-White, and ‘Eggshell’ wallpapers (without swatches). Learn 2 nuance, and butsecks, also.

  • Mad Farmer Manifest

    [re=272083]comradepaulson[/re]: Agreed. Nuance FTW.

    [re=272086]Doglessliberal[/re]: It’s very sad. I saw a presentation from a Rooskie about “Collapse Preparedness” comparing the USSR and USA. Basically, Americans are fat and separated from extended family, so many of us will die sad, chunky deaths because we can’t do anything ourselves. For myself, I stay in shape because I plan to be the crusty old guy drinking whiskey and homebrew while telling stories about how fucked up things were when I was younger.

  • Uncle Glenny

    [re=272400]Mad Farmer Manifest[/re]: I remember reading a long paper which sounds like this presentation, although I don’t have a pointer to it, and I don’t remember the author as being Russian.

    However, the upshot was basically, if collapse comes, USA is hosed.

  • WickedWitch

    Barney Frank pwns Medea Benjamin AND those orange jumpsuit nutcases in front of the White House.

  • Jollity

    [re=272072]ThePerfesser[/re]: I think looks-based comments are a bit below the belt to be honest. I can’t see how it contributes anything to anything, and would probably only encourage the Code Pink people to respond in kind (always a risk when you make fun of someone’s looks, no matter what you look like). Also, it sounds like he has a bit of an “ew, GIRLS” thing going on there – and I don’t care how gay he is, that kind of eight-year-old’s misogyny is just pathetic.

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