• Ooh, big day for George Bush today, when he will be informed that despite whenever epigram he was forced to write out 100 times in Dick Cheney’s Schoolmaster Assistant Spellings & Geographies Primer, there is a difference between “authoritative” and “authoritarian.” [Daily Intel]
  • Nancy Pelosi is upsetting the entire world by posting YouTubes of her boring cat dressed up like a demon hybrid of James Joyce and a leprechaun. In other words, Nancy Pelosi is the only person in the history of recorded time to put cat-related content on the Internet and have it be met with disdain and not a book deal and a Bloggie. [Gawker]
  • Mickey Kaus is still mad about that JournoList thing! Why is objectivist robber-baron Ezra Klein “privatizing” the Internet by emailing his friends??? [Kausfiles]
  • Barack Obama does this quaint populist ritual in which he reads exactly 10 letters from the pile of 40,000 that are mailed to him everyday. Barack Obama is impossibly weird. [Top of the Ticket]
  • AIG has a new friend in Rush Limbaugh, who will defend the company from Obama’s “lynch mob” by unwisely conflating Barack Obama the leader of an activisty band of racist vigilantes. [HuffPost]
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  • Serolf Divad
  • comradepaulson

    Fat Man and AIG are BFF? Perfect.

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    Ginned up lynch mob? Where do I sign up? I’ll bring the heavy duty rope for Rush.

  • Hooray For Anything

    I guess this means that the Republican Party are soon to become pro-Bonus.

  • Nerdalicious

    “AIG chief says he asked execs to give back half their bonuses” ~CNN

    AIG Chief: “Hey Executive, give back half your bonus”

    AIG Executive: “No, my contract legally says I don’t have to”

    AIG Chief: “O.K.”

  • jagorev

    Truly, Ezra Klein is one of history’s greatest monsters, right after Mexicans and poor people.

  • Nerdalicious

    NBC Chief says Jon Stewart “absurd, unfair”.
    Daily Show should be fantabulous tonight..go Jon!

  • TGY

    there is a difference between “authoritative” and “authoritarian.”


  • Come here a minute


  • One Yield Regular

    Sweet feline jebus – did Nancy Pelosi purchase that outfit at Cat Prin, site of some of the greatest Engrish to ever hit the web?:

  • DustBowlBlues

    Why no mention in the misc. section of wonkette about Evan Byah and the Democrats who are out to fuck hopey? Time for Obama campaigns online friend, unions, and anyone else who can be rallied to butt fuck the hell out of these lame dickwads.

    Democrats–always their own worse enemy. this is so crude because I’m on my way out the door to fertilize my grapes.

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    [re=268150]One Yield Regular[/re]:
    Dressing up cats is just wrong and I have scars to prove it.

  • Min

    Has the revolution come yet? Because I have a wall with Rush Limbaugh’s name on it.

  • masterdebater

    Mickey Kaus? You’re making that up! Wow, and I thought Masterdebater was a tough name to grow up with?

  • CorkPopper

    So Mickey Kaus is OUTRAGED about something not involving immigration or teachers’ unions? Nice to see he’s switching it up. Still a tard, though.

  • hobospacejungle

    I called Senator Bayh’s office, started crying about how much I love my country, and ended with a warning: we surround them (you.) Not sure where I got the idea from but, uh, feel free to use it.

  • mylesfromnowhere

    Rush announced today that he would surround AIG and teabag himself which brought Glenn Beck to tears as he finally found something to believe in, even if it is just wrong.

  • Zorg

    You can take the Bushboy away Dick Cheney, but you just can’t take the Dick out of Bushboy…

  • medici

    Or did dubya sort of mean what he said, as in Freudian slip.

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