America Will Still Be Converted To Gmail

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Must kill Sarah ... Palin.Vivek Kundra, the nerd hired by Barack Obama to replace the United States with millions of murderous Flying Terminators called “cloud computing,” had to step aside for a week because, whoops, his former office in Washington was raided by the Feds. Why? Because it’s a D.C. government office, silly, so various staffers were involved in the usual D.C. government activities (graft). But Vivek, he had nothing to do with it — which is why the Washington Times was forced to dig up something bad about this fellow.

Kundra, who was praised for ditching all of Washington’s expensive broken-ass technology and basically putting everything and everybody on Google docs and Gmail, has a very dark secret: He was raised in Africa! Oh, also, dumb motherfucker shoplifted when he was 21, and got caught. [DCist/Washington Times/NYT Caucus]

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