Yeah man I MEANT TO DO THATHave you heard about the hot new craze sweeping the ranks of marginally employed basement-dwelling Pajamas Media devotees? It’s called “Going Galt,” and it refers to when the owner of a small haberdashery in East Tennessee has to lay off employees because nobody wants hats anymore, but the owner says they are voluntarily withdrawing their productive labor from society because Barack Obama is a “looter” and a socialist.

Once upon a time, this gal who Alan Greenspan knew wrote a book about rich industrialists retiring to a secret valley in Colorado where they could all fuck each other in peace and not have to pay Social Security taxes. A bunch of Libertarian Objectivist types have now taken up her proud banner and decided to recreate this paradise in real life, even though there are basically no rich industrialists anymore, just bankers selling worthless derivatives to each other, and of course haberdashers.

Anyway, the head of the Ayn Rand Institute is urging the handful of nuts on the Internet who have solemnly vowed to withdraw their valuable contributions to the free market (doing customer service calls for Dell) to resist the temptation to “go Galt.” The world needs them to fight!

In a press release sent out this morning, Yaron Brook says that “It’s not time to go on strike, to leave and go to Galt’s Gulch. It’s time to fight. What I would call for is a moral revolution. Let’s get rid of the morality that says ‘your moral responsibility is toward your neighbor,’ that ‘you are your brother’s keeper.’ Ayn Rand presents us with a new morality, a morality of rational self-interest. There is a lot of fight left in us, and I think it’s too early to give up on this world.”

In other words, do not use Ayn Rand as an excuse for losing your part-time job at the meat counter.

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  1. I read “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” in my twenties, and they changed my life. Then, three months later, my mainstream Protestant upbringing reasserted itself, and I was cured.

  2. I love the ‘Silent Majority No More’ rhetoric. Did these fucktards even bother to read Atlas Shrugged? The people John Galt led on strike were a distinct minority and their strike was decidedly silent until that terrible 200 page “This is John Galt Speaking” chapter that Ayn Rand spent seven years writing and no one ever actually reads.

  3. So these folks who are going Galt — does this mean they’ll stop yelling “get a job!” at homeless people and protesters? No, of course not. They have principles.

  4. [re=267719]BillyClubb[/re]:
    Yes. Go deep into the bowels of any IT dept or where ever R&D engineers congregate. I’d worry lots if the manager of said dept is a Randian (met a couple in my time, asshole ^3).

  5. [re=267719]BillyClubb[/re]: Yeah. They still read Joseph Campbell too.

    I’m tired of flogging this particular horse but the “integral politics” people are right there at this weird intersection of neoliberal economics, intelligent design, the “Eckhardt Tolle on Oprah” scene, the Manichean us-vs-them “we’re more enlightened than you cuz we got values” trip that the right wing laps up… that’s one possible future for the the Ron Paul Revolution.

    Creepy creepy creepy is my America today.

  6. [re=267718]Min[/re]: I wouldn’t necessarily brag about a mainstream Protestant upbringing. Doesn’t that mean that you have sex through a sheet with a hole in it and can’t properly dance?

  7. I’m going to write a novel about how one day, upper management in a large corporation decides they’re fed up paying taxes and decide they’re going to “go Galt” to punish the undeserving American people who don’t recognize and reward the extent of their considerable genius. So they just get up one day and leave… and then something unimaginable happens: middle management moves up, takes over the vacant jobs, hires a bunch of new executives to take over for them, and everything keeps rolling pretty much as it was before.


  8. Let’s get rid of the morality that says ‘your moral responsibility is toward your neighbor,’ that ‘you are your brother’s keeper.’

    Good. So when you suffer a massive MI on the sidewalk and drop to the ground, I just Go Galt all over your ass as I walk on by.

    I assume they don’t condone all these people who are taking unpaid days to keep their friends and co-workers from getting laid off.

  9. The funniest part of all this is that though these people (and I use that term loosely) want to avoid all Christian rhetoric regarding helping others, most will still fight tooth and nail to prevent abortion and gay marriage because it is an affront to the Christian God (xenu), in whom they place their deepest faith and regard. I call bullshit!

  10. Now I have this fierce urge to dress up like a socialist Robin Hood and sneak into these people’s houses at night and just kind of loom over them until they wake up in a total panic.

    Of course, I always have that urge, so the above revelation may indeed not be responsible.

  11. No, please Libertards, go galt. We’ll keep up the struggle on this end. It’ll be hard to get by without all your invaluable contributions to society but we’ll muddle through somehow. Don’t let us hold you back. Toodleoo. Bye. Dosvidanya. Take care. Drive safe. Bye now. Seeya wouldn’t wanta beya. Adios. Byebye.

    Just go. Away. Also.

  12. Tips to help you keep from going Galt: Desire thy neighbor’s wife, covet thy neighbor’s house, his field, and his manservant, and his maidservant, his ox, and his ass, and any thing that is thy neighbor’s. Fuck that moral responsibility shit.

  13. Me thinks the typical follower of Ayn Rand’s “philosophy” understand it about as much as wingtards understand socialism. Which is to say not at all. It merely legitimizes the “I got mine: Fuck You” attitude they probably learned from their parents’ trying to keep up with the proverbial Joneseseses.

    It should be cock-suckingly obvious that anything denigrating the idea that your moral responsibility is toward your neighbor, and you are your brother’s keeper, is the attitude of supreme fart-huffing assholes. Unless you are 18-years-old, in which case hopefully a good friend will beat the shit out of you until you shut the fuck up and start reading Kurt Vonnegut.

  14. You know, I have a degree in philosophy and remain an adherent of the philosophy of ethical egoism, i.e., that people should act in their own rational self-interest. However, what the Randroids miss is that cooperative societies are generally stronger than the dog eat dog type, kind of like the old story about the guy breaking a stick and not being able to break a bundle of sticks, over Ayn Rand’s head.

    Cooperative societies which create a strong middle class, have progressive, graduated income tax systems, care for the sick and poor, and don’t pollute the environment ARE in my rational self-interest.

  15. [re=267726]Internally valid[/re]: We should encourage them to exercise their rational self interest and go Branch Davidian. Only this time we can just build a wall around thier little section of south-east Utah and let them be.

  16. Wait. They’re going to remove their valuable contributions. For stock brokers, investment bankers, and CEOs, what are their skills exactly? Stealing from the working class, crashing the economy, creating misery. Well, by all means fellas, get on out of here. I’m pretty sure that we don’t need your contribution anyway.

  17. “Ayn Rand presents us with a new morality, a morality of rational self-interest.” Well, no. Ayn Rand presented the “new morality” over 50 years ago. So far, it’s attracted a fringe amount of interest, but by and large it’s not really taken seriously – except for fucktards like Ed Snider (owner of the Philadelphia Flyers, who was nonetheless happy to take government money to build the Wachovia Center) and Alan Greenspan.

    Oh yeah, according to the Wikipedia article, Ayn Rand plagiarized Atlas Shrugged from a “Little Orphan Annie” storyline, for realz.

    I think Encylopedia Dramatica summed up Atlas Shrugged best:

    “Atlas Shrugged is a 10,000,000-page brick of a book whose supposed climax is a 60-page speech by the main character, who doesn’t actually show up until page 600. In it, Rand outlines her utopia: men are men, women are subservient, maniacal bitches, and everybody who has ever disagreed with her, faltered in their agreement with her, or just not agreed hard enough dies a horrible, slow death after the fall of civilization.”

  18. And, this “Going Galt” stuff has already been tried by the Free State Project, which tried to get 20,000 Objectivists, Libertarians, and other basement-dwellers to move to New Hampshire to make it MOAR libertarian – interesting because NH is arguably the most libertarian state in the country.

    In eight years, they’ve convinced a whole 675 people to move. Epic win! Also.

  19. I’ve come to the conclusion that Libtards are more of a personality type than a political ideology. In utero they refuse to feed off of the placenta. As children they won’t share their toys. In high school they read Ayn Rand and grow greasy ponytails and fail to get laid. In college they grow facial hair annoy everyone with caffine-fueled “debates” at the coffee shop. In adulthood they get a beer gut, buy thousand dollar security systems for their worn down shacks, start an unsucessful small business, develop bizarre conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, and begin collecting guns. By middle age they begin fearing minorities (particularly jews who are after their gold). And their twilight years are lived out drawing social security that they’ve always railed against because they lost their nest egg in a stock market they don’t understand.

    Fuck em.

  20. [re=267750]hobospacejungle[/re]: “…Unless you are 18-years-old, in which case hopefully a good friend will beat the shit out of you until you shut the fuck up and start reading Kurt Vonnegut….”

    Randists don’t have any friends. Because they suck. So this valuable beatdown service is not provided and they gbecome parasites living off their mother/girlfriend’s social security check when they are thirty.

    Really, I know some.

  21. I’ve come to the conclusion that Libtards are more of a personality type than a political ideology. In utero they refuse to feed off of the placenta. As children they won’t share their toys. In high school they read Ayn Rand and grow greasy ponytails and fail to get laid. In college they grow facial hair annoy everyone with caffine-fueled “debates” at the coffee shop. In adulthood they get a beer gut, buy thousand dollar security systems for their worn down shacks, start an unsucessful small business, develop bizarre conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, and begin collecting guns. By middle age they begin fearing minorities (particularly jews who are after their gold). And their twilight years are lived out drawing social security that they’ve always railed against because they lost their nest egg in a stock market they don’t understand.

    Screw em.

  22. [re=267780]gjdodger[/re]: As a former Randroid, I can tell you that the cult of personality around Ayn Rand is only marginally less scary than the LRH cult.

    I knew the train really went off the rails when one of her disciples wrote a book called Ayn Rand, My Fiction-Writing Teacher. Srsly, Rand wrote some of the worst prose in the history of the English language.

    “I had to save you, to clear the way for you, to let you find your city – not to let you stumble the years of your life away, struggling on through a poisoned fog, with your still held straight ahead, still looking as they had looked in the sunlight, struggling on to find, at the end of your road, not the towers of a city, but a daft, soggy, mindless cripple performing his enjoyment of life by means of swallowing the gin your life had gone to pay for! That was what I saw and that was what I couldn’t let them do to you! Not to you, not to any child who had your kind of look when he faced the future, not to any man who had your spirit and was able to experience a moment of being proudly, guiltlessly, confidently, joyously alive. That was my love, that state of the human spirit.”

  23. So then Dagney quits her job as secret mountain ski lift operator and invents pure laizee-faire prostitutionalism and takes everybodys’stimulus money.

  24. Hmm, just so’s I understand this:

    – The idea is, that a group of participants in the capitalist system will join together in solidarity and withhold their services in order to obtain a fairer share of the division of labour and/or total control for their class over the means of production?

    Sounds kind of Marxist to me. Welcome to the revolution my socialist brothers!

  25. You guys are so yesterday

    I too thought that I had to “go galt” and disapear or something….

    Now I learn I have to slouch around muttering about the “9 principles” and “12 values” with tea bags attached to my truckers hat


    Can’t I just lay on the couch and watch TV?

    Turner Classic Movies is featuring a month of Ronnie Reagan flicks

  26. Rand would be a horrible writer, even if she weren’t a selfish asshole with a worthless philosophy. At the same time, she’s a marketing genius. Her philosophy benefits only extremely rich and talented people, but somehow she managed to convince lots of poor, untalented people that it’s how the world should be. In other words, she’s the GOP of “philosophers” (I’m using that term in a very loose sense). In reality, all Randians (the intellectual precedents of Paultards) really want is a pass for being a selfish jerk.

    Also, psychology has decidedly refuted the “rational man” argument. Human beings are too dumb to be rational. Or the world is too complicated. One of those two, you decide. In any case we need lots of heuristic shortcuts to survive, which in turn make us systematically nonrational (not irrational)in many situations. Experiment after experiment shows that our rationality is bounded and we’re semi-rational beings, which explains a lot, including Randianism.

  27. I remember during my younger “cool” days, i had begun to read her, and thinking..hmmm…something off here. Then before i could try to trudge through more of that awful prose, i came across her kooky anti-homo “theory”. And guess what? I shrugged that book in the trashcan, and have been bad-mouthing the bitch ever since. Alan Greenspan no less. What a surprise.

  28. Yes! Finally someone is challenging that Christ-guy’s communist “brother’s keeper” nonsense. Jesus, why did anyone ever believe him to begin with? Blessed are the poor? How many poor people do you know who could pull together a multi-billion credit default swap?

  29. [re=267807]americanscandoanything[/re]: don’t you love that Beck is becoming a second rate Stephen Covey? is there something about mormons that makes them think it’s okay to tell other people how to be happy using habits, principles and values? Who the hell are these ass clowns?

  30. There is absolutely no way that “Going Gault” is a new term, and I’m tired of this kind of…Oh, wait, I thought that said Oy gevalt. Never mind.

  31. Once we toss South Carolina and their soon to famous for putting down violent food riots governonr out of the union, the Randroids can all move there. We’ll wall them off with copies of the Fountainhead and Rush CDs.

  32. Can you imagine a bunch of stockbrokers, investment bankers, derivatives traders, and ex-Bush administration hacks trying to build their own society in the wilds of Colorado or a desert island somewhere? It would be “Lord of the Flies” in cheap suits. Half of them would be dead in a week, with the other half feeding on the corpses.

  33. I like the part of her bio where Rand is totally cool with her extra-marital affair with a younger, married man until he in turn hooks up with a younger and (presumably) better looking woman. She pulled all of her support for the very foundation that he started to promote her philosphy/screed, and did everything in her power to discredit him. Hell hath no fury like a jealous, self-righteous whore.

    Ayn Rand = Right Wing PUMA.

  34. If I’m reading this right, going Galt is “going on strike”. this from the same fuckers who want to break unions and oppose the EFCA? Please, please Go Galt, then as your asshat business (haberdashery?) folds, all the laid off workers from former Union jobs will start-up their own businesses to take your place. And maybe the first to go Galt will be Bernie Marcus of Home Depot. DOW would probably double if most of those Galt-boys went ahead. Unless its the owners of Trucknutz.

  35. [re=267739]Serolf Divad[/re]: Postscript: And the former executives starve to death after realizing that they relied on Hispanic immigrants for literally everything, the end.

  36. Jesus, you have to do this, just a couple of days after I first read about “going Galt” and launched into a lengthy, Deadwood-ian rant about Ayn Rand and the fucking brain-dead narcissistic sociopaths who claim to follow her incredibly retarded philosophy, such as it is, to rationalize the fact that they are selfish assholes who don’t give a cocksucker’s damn about anybody or anything and how, in my experience, these dumb fucks are usually colossal fuck-ups who couldn’t hold their shit together with Super Glue and always look for someone else to blame for the completely fucked state of their own lives.
    My wife made me promise not to do that again.
    And then you go and do this…

  37. [re=267724]norbizness[/re]: [re=267837]Botswana Meat Commission FC[/re]: HEY! Read the Wonkette Terms of Service! You must be aware of all pithy comments using homonyms at all times!

  38. Only in America will we have an actual protest movement in which a bunch of working to middle class people protest in support of the rights of the very upper middle-class and the rich.

  39. [re=267817]Links[/re]: Her philosophy benefits only extremely rich and talented people, but somehow she managed to convince lots of poor, untalented people that it’s how the world should be. In other words, she’s the GOP of “philosophers” (I’m using that term in a very loose sense).

    She’s the GOP itself!!!

  40. [re=267760]Darthhippy[/re]: That would be the perfect bible hybrid for the wingnuts. They should seriously consider it. Angry, vengeful Old Testament god who hates gays and menstruating women + “Fuck the poor, I gets mine” god to replace ol’ porky socialist Jesus god.

  41. [re=267847]Leopolt[/re]: Absolutely. Can you imagine all these Titans trying to build something? Or grow a garden? The thought just doubles me over.

  42. [re=267822]tiger[/re]: To remix shamelessly from Dorothy Parker, Ayn Rand’s books are not to be set aside lightly. They should be thrown with great force.

  43. I was first exposed to Randroidism when I went away to college (in 1974). “Entrepeneurship” was very popular there, then. I don’t remember much about it except that it turned me off as, essentially, selfish assholism. But then, I was something of a laid-back DFH-type who hung out with other DFH-types, even to the extent of smoking pot not only in the halls, but in some lectures…

  44. [re=267873]iolanthe[/re]: And that’s the irony of this whole “movement:” They don’t “produce” anything. They fancy themselves to be Tony Stark-ian billionaire industrialists, but they’re more in line with the Ignatius J. Reilly glove-abusers by and large.

  45. Hey! I want a hat.

    I like hats. Maybe one of them snappy Frenchie-looking black berets, or a straw boater, or a Carmen Miranda fruit-salad, maybe? Something that expresses my individuality.

    And then some facial tattoos.

  46. [re=267817]Links[/re]: Are heuristic shortcuts a brand of truck nutz? Also, did Sarah Palin learn how to speak semi-rational, semi-gibberish by reading (ok, having read to her) Atlas Shrugged?

    And also?

  47. This guy’s name is Yaron? Isn’t that the word the used for ‘year’ in the original ‘Battlestar Galactica’?

    I seriously bet that he has never been laid.

  48. [re=267740]tootsieroll[/re]: You kidding? The Rand Institute once famously sought volunteer interns to staff its initiative opposing volunteerism.

  49. [re=267824]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Thanks…I have an inside knowlege of Randians; I was a libtard till I got to college and began reading books by actual smart people.

    [re=267848]Aloysius[/re]: Damn straight. Both Pumas and Objectivists have political “philosophies” completely isolated from pesky ol’ reality.

  50. [re=267862]The Helvetica Scenario[/re]: I heard 2k released a patch that maps Michelle Malkin’s face on all the female thugish splicers. Good taste, however, prevailed and they did not include the rapid fire ping pong ball attack.

  51. I learned two important things from Atlas Shrugged. 1) You can’t die from boredom no matter how much you wish it. 2) I must name all of my children, male or female, Ragnar Danneskjöld.

  52. [re=267878]lumpenprole[/re]: Yeah, like it’ll never happen that the long-term Chairman of the Federal Reserve would be a long time acolyte who was put into office by another longtime Rand acolyte. Which is a shame because I’m sure it would have worked out swell.

  53. I’m embarrassed to admit that I too had a 6-week infatuation with Ayn Rand as a college freshman in ’65. Considering how bankrupt the “philosophy” is I think this just presents another argument for one of my hobby horses: put all teenagers onto Donkey Island (from Pinocchio) to work in the mines till they get some sense.

  54. Until I watched a Daily Show last night (I get to them all a week late, after I finalize the DVR disc. Sorry) I didn’t know who this fucker was. Ayn Rand was a dipshit. She inspired Frank Lloyd Wright to design unique buildings with pathetically leaky roofs because, you know, function was meaningless to an artist.

    The imaginative lengths to which conservative logic will go are truly awe-inspiring. And dangerous. Very dangerous.

  55. [re=267848]Aloysius[/re]: The best thing about that affair was that both Rand and her boy-toy, Nathaniel Branden, did it openly right in the faces of their spouses. It was a total “fuck you, I’m an egoist and I’m going to screw anyone I want” type of thing. Branden even changed his name from Nathan Blumenthal to make it sound more Objectivist – oh yeah, and so his last name would contain “Rand” in it.

    After Ayn ‘n Nate had their breakup, there was a gigantic schism within the ranks, and those who thought Nate was treated shittily – after all, he and his wife wrote a biography/worship piece about Ayn called “Who is Ayn Rand?” – ended up being kickbanned from the Inner Sanctum. Those folks eventually coalesced into a group called The Institute for Objectivist Studies, which was less hardcore and cultlike than the Ayn Rand Institute. Eventually, though, the Grover Norquist/Americans for Tax Reform/Heartland Institute types got ahold of IOS and turned it into “The Atlas Society” and moved it to Washington – and now it’s just another shill for the GOP.

    So now there are two dickweed Randian groups out there, each attempting to outdo the other in douchebaggery. I think for their next step they should encourage women all over the world to allow themselves to be raped by strong, handsome, blonde hero archetypes who bow to no man or government, whose cigarettes burn like fading embers in the black night, like the dying of a thought, all the while reveling in their submission and admiring the bruises on their arms after a night of rough, forced sex.

  56. Min[/re]: “And don’t diss the Methodists. At least, they’re trying.”

    Thanks! I’m proud that I belong to a denomination that Jerry Falwell once described as “followers of the anti-christ.”

  57. [re=267942]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Wright was designing buildings years before Rand wrote The Fountainhead. She tried to base the character of Howard Roark on Wright, except she left out the murders in his studio and the extramarital affairs. And the leaky roofs, the crumbling pre-stressed concrete flying buttresses, and the mildew & mold creeping in from the waterfall that Fallingwater was built on. Also.

  58. [re=267724]norbizness[/re]:

    This is Speedy Willie, and I’m world class.
    I like runnin’ but i love to get the pass.
    I practice all day and dance all night,
    I got to get ready for the Sunday fight.
    Now I’m as smooth as a chocolate swirl,
    I dance a little funky, so watch me girl.
    There’s not one here that does it like me,
    My Super Bowl Shuffle will set you free.

  59. [re=267737]WadISay[/re]: Ha! Win. Wasn’t one of the “renegade industrialists” in AS running his own diner in Galt’s Gulch, flipping burgers? Dignity of labor, etc.

    But what role does the RAND Corporation play in all this?

  60. are we sure that came from the Ayn Rand Institute?

    to be convincing it should sounds a bit less earnest and a bit more self-involved.

  61. [re=267919]Hooray For Anything[/re]:
    Yeah, but I haven’t met Alan Greenspan or traveled in his cricle. It doesn’t surprise me at all that plutocrats would (sincerely) embrace Rand’s worldview.

  62. [re=267899][/re]: I think you mean “Libertard”, not “libtard”. WE’RE libtards! For simplicity’s sake maybe we should refer to them as “Randtards” or “people who better not be driving their cars on public roads because that would be philosopically inconsistent”.

  63. [re=267817]Links[/re]: Its not so much that she is a master of marketing as that she wrote at a time when capitalism needed a philosophy to give it some kind of moral impetus over Marxism. Bear in mind that at the time Rand was writing the FBI mistook “Animal Farm” for a pro-Communist novel. People were deeply paranoid and not inclined to think very deeply about much of anything, which is why they settled on the most nauseating of the third rate philosophers to carry their intellectual banner.

    I read Atlas Shrugged, Anthem and the Fountainhead when I was in high school and even then they struck me as retarded, especially Anthem. When people would “discover” Rand in college they could be assured of cruel and instant mockery. Also, wtf is Rand’s rape-fantasy hang-up?

  64. [re=267899][/re]: I think alot of people have a flirtation with Rand’s philosophy in high school or college but move on, provided that they aren’t morons. And then there’s Glenn Beck who discovered he just lurves Rand in late middle-age and makes a jackass out of himself and gets clowned by Shep Smith, in perhaps the only watchable 2 minutes and 52 seconds on Fox.

  65. In the wake of the negative economic situation which began in September of 2008, sales of Atlas Shrugged sharply increased, according to The Economist magazine and The New York Times. The Economist reported that the fifty-two-year-old novel ranked #33 among’s top-selling books on 13 January, 2009….Wikipedia

    Who’d-a-thunk it? The collapse of the capitalist system makes people want to buy the most pro-capitalist novel of all time.

    What else can you show me?

  66. Going … Going … Galt!

    Actually, will the AIG people be going Galt before or after they get their bailout money?

    The Republicans did not lose the Presidency, they just went Galt.

    The Romans … still there just Galt.

    The ancient gods … Galt.

    Adolf Hitler … uber Galt.

    Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? You guessed it.

    They are all just biding time in a pretty valley waiting for you to need them. I like that thought. I think I will start a religous cult around it.

  67. [re=268033]Aurelio[/re]: At #33 I’ll bet it still lagged behind “Chicken Soup for the Libertarian Soul.”

    Also: I can’t wait to see “Going Galt!” painted on the side of a blimp.

  68. [re=267833]Johnetic[/re]: it is interesting how Beck (and some other Mormons) are trying to revive the John Birch Society by promoting the forgotten works of W Cleon Skousen.

    Skousen was so batshit (and so antisemitic) that he was disowned by both the Birchers and the Mormon establishment.

    Afer watching one of Beck’s clips and seeing that mosiac in the background, while he is being more histrionic then Meryl Streep in a really bad lifetime movie, makes me think that it will only be a short leap to decking himself out in some wacky robes and declaring himself as some sort of divine messenger.

    then the good times begin.

  69. [re=268097]americanscandoanything[/re]: I’m thinking Beck is only a short leap away from being committed. Either that or buying a few guns and going postal in the CNN offices for firing him a few months back.

  70. [re=267724]norbizness[/re]: Actually, when choosing which Galt/Gault to go, it’s no contest.

    John Galt: Insufferable Prick
    Willie Gault: Smooth as a chocolate swirl

    Also, should I be ashamed that I knew Gault’s “Super Bowl Shuffle” line without resorting to google?

  71. It’s funny that these are the same people who spent 3 decades whining about how the “60’s”, with the emphasis on self actualization and the crazy insistance on individual rights, made people engage in behavior contrary to the sacred scrolls.

    Now they seem to be saying “fuck dem scrolls, let’s get selfcentered”

    then again, they never hasve been able to keep their story straight

  72. [re=268033]Aurelio[/re]: I do hear that sales of [i]Communist Manifesto[/i], [i]Capital[/i] and Isaac Deutscher’s biography of Trotsky are through the roof. People are looking for any intellectual alternative they can.

  73. If the nature of the opinions expressed on this page are any indication, then Objectivism faces no intellectual opposition and the road ahead is clear.

  74. [re=268645]ObjectivistProfessor[/re]:

    Haha! Really?

    You adhere to an intellectually bankrupt philosophy that subscribes to a view of human nature, and human reasoning in particular, that is at odds with nearly fifty years of social-cognitive research. You and your rand-tard brethren are no different than the intelligent design asshats in your complete ignorance of the current state of scientific knowledge.

    Go eat a giant bag of dicks. also.

  75. King of Pants- The hole in the sheet thing is right from the Mormom playbook, along with holes in trees, bike pumps what have you.
    I know because I can see Utah from my backyard.

  76. Didn’t Yaron Brook have some life threatening illness a few years back? Wherein, his insurance
    and personal resources combined couldn’t pay for the treatment and others chipped in to help?
    Curiouser and curiouser.

  77. Amazing. Simply amazing. .02- Idr if this site has some type of gravitational field that sucks in people who like to flame and diss shit but who have no fu– clue what they are talking about. I went out and looked up stuff Rand wrote in the last 20 minutes and there is no fu– overlap btw her stuff and what u r wanking about. Ex: Rand’s Objectivism and Libertarianism are completely incompatible. She told people at every opportunity that the Libertard’s whack-jobs would co-opt, undermine, and discredit what she was actually trying to say. Maybe all the gurus here could put in 5 or 10 and actually read some of the non-fiction stuff that is comprehensible to people w a 140 char attention span. ATB

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