FOOD/BOOZE NEWS!  1:50 pm March 18, 2009

Experience Mexico City Without Getting Kidnapped By a Drug Cartel And More Food Events

by Malaka Gharib

ha ha it has a face!

  • Thursday, March 19: There will be delicious cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres at Bread for the City’s big fund raising event, “Art with a Heart.” Simply pay the $200 ticket, and you’re in. 6PM at the Capitol Hilton. [BFC]
  • Friday, March 20: Don’t bother going to Mexico City; you’ll probably get kidnapped, murdered, shoved into a pit and sprinkled with acid by some drug jefe named El Pozolero. Instead, let the city come to you. Chef Patricia Jinich will highlight the best of Mexico City cuisine in tonight’s cooking demonstration at the Mexican Cultural Institute. [Mexican Cultural Institute]
  • Saturday, March 21: Rossyln restaurant Domaso Trattoria Moderna is throwing a book signing for Domenica Marchetti’s newest cookbook, Big Night In, one of Food and Wine magazine’s top 25 cookbooks of the year. There will also be wine and food pairings and a cooking demo. 1-4PM. [Domaso]
  • DC Metro Food Tours is back in session starting this month. Guides will take you on pub crawls and culinary tours in Old Town Alexandria and the Capitol Hill neighborhood (but shockingly, not to U Street — sorry, Ben). [DCMFT]
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feressea March 23, 2009 at 9:01 am

I’d like to say that three weeks ago, I listened to the Splendid Table program, “Trip to Mexico” The complete crew spent a week visiting every corner of the city and it sounds like they had a great time

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