• Stocks rallied on Thursday, not because of good news for investors, but rather because news was not quite as bad as people had feared. [New York Times]
  • Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer boyfriend and her doctor were both jailed because they helped her get so many pills. [CNN]
  • China’s looking for some assurance that the US will not default on its massive debts. [Bloomberg]
  • Now that Bernie Madoff is in jail without a plea deal, investigators are turning their attention to all the people Mr. Madoff failed to rat out. [BBC News]
  • Michael Steele will not be leaving his RNC post because Republicans hate drama and needlessly self-defeating hijinks. [Washington Post]
  • Barack Obama’s new President of Computers, Vivek Kundra, is on leave after the FBI raided his old office yesterday. He is not a part of the investigation but a couple people who worked in his old office most definitely are. [AP]
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