Your Wonkette loves its small-town Republican mayors who overshare their dumb little Obama jokes, so here’s some guy named Boyd Austin. A Wonkette Facebook troll operative claims that Austin is the mayor of something called “Dallas, Georgia.” And in his spare time, Austin likes to update his Facebook status with some of those wacky n***er jokes. Well, who knows what this really means.

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  1. Is Dallas, Georgia a sister city with Miami, Ohio?
    Also, I can’t say that’s racist. Menthols would’ve crossed the line, but Camels are okay.

  2. Georgia’s not really that bad, except for the Atlanta exurbs. They’re full of the worst people in the world, next to the Sudanese government: smug, racist fair-taxers who think Rick Warren is spiritually profound. Most of them were born out of state.

  3. [re=263030]NoWireHangers[/re]: The Schlitz Malt Liquor bull. The negro’s India Pale Ale. He really should have said “a 40 of the bull.”

  4. it’s clear he meant the red bull (putting “the” in front of the wrong things is the only adorable grammatical tic shared by both foghorn leghorn southerners and my soviet immigrant parents) and physical camels. like the kind that muslins have. so you drink some red bull then go out and do something to some camels. because obama is a muslin. guh.

  5. Jim, I like to bring to your attention something better than an illiterate republican mayor – thrashing of your least favourite author – David Denby by a too bit critic from Toronto. During my visit to my parents in Toronto, I was sitting in one of those pretentious café’s in Toronto’s Yorkville when I came across the Eye Weekly – it is a free weekly paper hat usually has nice reviews and information about art scene in Toronto (you should ignore the classified pages). Here is the review: Snark is FAIL:

    I didn’t want to send you this in an email lest I be labelled David Deny troll or Eye Weekly troll.

  6. Silly rabbit, everyone knows black people smoke Kools, or some other menthol-rich brand, not Camels. The gentleman’s xenophobia has become so overpowering that he is unwilling to learn enough to construct a proper stereotype

  7. Now if this had come from Dallas, Oregon (oh yeah, there’s a Dallas here too) I could understand, since it is a distinct possibility that the mayor of Dallas, OR has never met a black person. But Georgia? Unlikely.

  8. I’ve just done some extensive research (googled brand obama smokes) and it seems to be Marlboro reds, not the stereotypical menthols.

  9. Section 5-3 of their alcohol control laws states the following is not allowed where alcohol is sold :
    (3) The displaying of any portion of the female breast below the top of the
    areola or the displaying of any portion of any person’s pubic hair, anus, cleft of
    the buttocks, vulva, or genitals.

    Redneck crackers have to do their inbreeding and buttsects outside in their pick up trucks

  10. Since they’re my brand, I’LL take the Camels, thanx.

    But Hopey, a word of caution. No open car motorcades in Dallas, Georgia, OK?

    Time to spin the Blues Magoos “Never Goin’ Back To Georgia.” It became something of a theme song for me after cops in Folkston, GA threatened to kill me and dump my body in the bush back in late ’70. My crime? Hitchhiking. I’m sure little has changed.

  11. [re=263039]Mustang[/re]: [re=263040]Lazy Media[/re]: O I C

    [re=263035]NoWireHangers[/re]: So it is horribly racist, muddled, but still horribly racist.

  12. [re=263040]Lazy Media[/re]: Yeah, I get the feeling Boyd don’t be chillin with the brothers all that often. Although he might be right about the Camels–didn’t Camels have a brand Kamel or some shit that came in a packet that looked like something that would have been issued to the Red Army in the 1930s? Clearly, that would be Comrade Obama’s smoke.

  13. [re=263064]Canuckledragger[/re]: Ha. Blues Magoos. My first rock show! Dont’ make me get my scrapbook out, I’d have to find my glasses in order to find my walker.

  14. Is there anyone south of the Mason Dixon line with a normal given name? Are there southern Tims or Roberts who are picked on for being weird and not being called “Boyd” or “Saxby” like normal crackers?

  15. [re=263122]Numbat Dundee[/re]: Tim would have to be called ‘Tim Roy’ or ‘Tim Bob’ or such. Nicknames are applied otherwise such as ‘Boots,’ ‘Pockets,’ or ‘Stretch.’

  16. Obama at gift presentation: baby, you gonna walk a mile for a camel… or you gonna make like mr. Chesterfield …. ?

    And then Mrs. British PM swoons just at the thought.

  17. Big friendly waves from a former Washingtonian! Dallas, GA is a VERY white NW burb of Atlanta. Think “Thurmont,MD” and you’ll be fairly close.

  18. [re=263096]johnnyrocket94158[/re]: are you serious? he is talking about Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull, and you can get the Red Bull or the Blue Bull but not the red bull these kids today like to drink. In college our hangover description of choice was “hoofprints on your forehead”.

  19. This is in reference to the state gifts that were exchanged recently–the English Prime Minister gave the President a pencil holder carved out of the wood of some historic ship, apparently the sister ship of the one they used to carve the White House desk (the HMS Resolute–an American whaling ship found it after it had been abandoned off Baffin Island & they gave it back to Queen Victoria as a show of good will. When the ship was decommissioned, she had the desk made and presented it to Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes in gratitude). The President gave Gordon Brown a set of 25 DVD’s selected by the American Film Institute in return.

    Anyway apparently some people thought that this cheap gift was a bit of a snub…the Daily Mail wrote that it was “about as exciting as a pair of socks.” As far as what the Bull refers to, I have no idea…is it a reference to some cheap beer, say Red Dog? A case of Red Bull? A burning effigy of John Bull, perhaps…? No idea what a Southern congressman will come out with next, but I wouldn’t read too much into it.

  20. I am aware of all blackamoor traditions, and have it on good authority that those of the ethnic persuasion prefer Colt 45 over The Bull, The Tiger, The Saint and all of the other various fine malt-based liquors chiefly because it “Works Every Time” (insert knowing wink).

  21. [re=263032]Vanity Smurf[/re]: I am familiar with the place and you are correct. I swear I heard banjos playing the few times I went. And as I am a negress, I never went at night.

  22. [re=263043]Dreamer[/re]: ZOMG.

    “The whole book is a documentary demonstration of dramatic irony, in which what is obvious to the audience is a mystery to the narrator, with tragicomic results.”

    What if Denby’s entire book is actually snark? In the sense that it’s an irony-filled look at what snark is NOT? And all of these appearances on NPR whining about how mean everyone is are just performance art?

    Denby might be a genius?

  23. Quart of the Bull = Court of the Bull = Night Court reference (where Bull Shannon was bailiff).

    Pack of Camels = this guy’s obsessed with camel dick.

  24. [re=263032]Vanity Smurf[/re]: it is a shithole to the nth degree , i can vouch

    plus the mayor is a nitwit. everybody knows you drink the Bull by the 40 and Obama smokes Newports.

  25. [re=263180]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: I think he was just annoyed with Maureen Dowd and wanted a way to slam her without appearing he was targeting her, so he group together bunch of people that had nothing in common.

  26. Numbat Dundee: We’ve been in Texas many generations and you have to go about that far back to find funky names like Drusilla and Cinderella (I’m not kidding). Nowdays, my family tends to go with classic Anglo-Saxon/Irish stuff: Katherine, Kelly, Brian, William, James, etc. No weirdo names here.

    I know people like this mayor. They are hateful motherfuckers and I happily ignore them every day of my life. One good thing about Obama: just by his very existence and the office he has been elected to, he seems to be flushing out the assholes for public mocking. Yay!

  27. [re=263064]Canuckledragger[/re]: Had a similar experience as a teenager walking down a Texas highway a couple years later. Ah, redneck death threats! Takes you back, doesn’t it? Or not.

  28. I know Wonkette isn’t a techie blog but here’s my problem: I wrote a web bot to crawl Facebook looking for racist wingnut smack about Obama and the 14 terabytes per hour I’m pulling down keeps crashing my system. Any suggestions?

  29. [re=263270]Giant Robot[/re]: Rewrite it to look for well-argued, fact-checked commentary on topics of genuine public concern. 500K, tops.

  30. hope he gets trampled by a pack of camels.

    furthermore, why all the places called dallas? they trying to attract debbie? if you name it she will come?

  31. Speaking of redneck threats, when my husband and I went to Iowa to canvass for Dean back in 2003 or thereabouts, we were assigned with a gay couple to start canvassing streets in some teeny town outside of Davenport. A truck came roaring by and the two guys in it yelled at the couple with us, calling them all sorts of slurs. One of the guys yelled “HEY WE’RE FROM TEXAS!” They stopped the truck and the driver yelled “so WHAT?” The guy waited a beat then said “So, even the FAGGOTS have guns in Texas! Don’t you know that?” He just gave all four of us a weird look and drove off. Then we laughed hard. I loved those guys. And they probably really did have guns.

  32. He was working on some really hilarious material but then he crapped his pants. Anal leakage. Fecal urgency. Explosive diarrhea. The Big 3. Damn swamp water.

  33. I keep saying that we Georgians aren’t stupid, but then another redneck comes along… I give up. I’m leaving Atlanta soon enough, God Willing, and I’ll abandon this city and state to the stupid.

  34. Do you think Saxby Chambliss looks at his daughter’s bewb below the areola before he gives it a big ol’ Georgia-style squeeze?

    Areola, another good Georgia name.

  35. Has dude’s account been deleted? Can’t find it anywherez….

    Also, totally been to Dallas, GA. Drove through on an early Sunday morning and four little girls where on all four sides of a four way stop selling krispy kremes at like, real early, alone.

  36. The fellow has a quote from Gene Talmadge on his profile!!! Talmadge was one of our more “colorful” drunken, racist idiot governors.

  37. [re=263050]Gallowglass[/re]: I knew a guy from Dallas, Oregon. Crazier than a sack of rabid cats, also. Yes, he was a christian.

    But to get a big blast of the crazy in Oregon one once had to visit Klamath Falls, aka K Falls, aka KKK Falls, said to be a center of Klan activity in Oregon. Not so much any more: Eugene and Ashland ran out of room for hippies, and they’re all moving in.

  38. Well, he’s only half black, and only 80% an alcoholic, which explains the non-kosher cigarettes and 32 ounces instead of 40 ounces of sweet, nourishing Schlitz.

    And seriously, I expected better of the 6 Million Dollar Man’s son than this.

  39. I’m shocked! I work 20 miles from Dallas GA and let me tell you, the racism here is INCREDIBLE. Because

    A. It’s constant and unending


    B. Most of the racist shit I hear never makes any sense, like what this rebel assclown said.

    Literally, the first week at work, my coworkers were using terms like “Blue-gummed monkey” and “high yellow nigger” and other shit to describe the blacks. IN FRONT OF MY BLACK COWORKERS.

    Seriously, the South? It’s like civil rights never happened.

  40. “high yellow nigger”? Is that a light-skinned mulatto or an Asian smoking dope?

    Sounds like basic good manners, along with civil rights, never happened.

  41. You people need to get off the internet and go out IRL a little more. “The Bull” is a reference to Schlitz Malt Liquor as it has a bull (usually blue) and until recently only came in quarts. It’s more of a ghetto thing than a southern thing (which shows the subtle racism of Boyd’s status update). Very popular with the crackhead/urban/thug community.

    The amount of reverse racism is astounding here you wigger yankees. If Boyd’s racism was a monster it just spawned little babies.

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