Axis of Weasels.Oh boy oh boy the GOP Death-Fart Ultimate Fighting Murder Match continues! David Frum, annoying former George W. Bush speechwriter but generally inoffensive conservative, uses the pages of Newsweek to kick a couple of new assholes in Rush Limbaugh, because why not? Frum’s mouth-breathing detractors will note that he’s no longer officially a wingnut because he left the National Review after acknowledging that Sarah Palin is a moron and John McCain is a loser. And the Republicans continue to hilariously finish themselves off in a bitch fight over the grotesque carnival pig Rush Limbaugh, the end. [Newsweek]

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  1. It’s an attempt, but FAIL.

    All Rusty Limbaugh just has to do is point out that David “Little Shit” Frum is really a furriner from some place called Kanata-Canda-Cannuckistanand his momma was a notorious big bad librul journo for the gubbiment propaganda network called CBC.

    It’s not like a REAL US AMERIKUN listens to furriners let alone anyone edumakated.

  2. This Just In: Late April, 1945 (Berlin): In an interview with Allied leaders earlier today, captured Reichfurher Henrick Himmler conceded that Hitler “might have gone a bit too far with the whole Jewish thing,” and suggested that Germany “needs new leadership” to deal with the “new issues the country now faces” . . . .

  3. Frum’s mistake is to think that the
    “dittoheads” really care about
    reason and logic.

    If they DID, they never would have
    been addicted to that bloviating
    blowhard in the first place.

    Rush’s retards are the same people
    who thought that George W. was doing
    a great job, right up to noon, January
    20th, 2009; they are the same people
    who saw nothing wrong with a backwoods
    beauty queen going apeshit in Saks
    and Neiman’s on somebody else’s dime;
    they aren’t rational, and Frum’s
    rationality will have NO effect on

    The real story is that Rush’s retards
    are like the relative hand full of
    southerners who donned sheets and
    terrorized blacks in the south 50
    years ago. They disgraced the majority
    of southern whites, and that majority
    EARNED that disgrace by being too timid
    to disown them.

    So too will the “rational” Repubs who
    shrink from criticism of the bloated,
    bloviating blowhard, AND that demented,
    desiccated dyke Anne Coulter. Fuck em all.

  4. The picture on the Newsweek article of Rush is truly frightening. If you showed it to a little kid, they’d probably run off crying. But it is a perfect photo for the next round of scary political ads.

  5. [re=260278]hockeymom[/re]:
    I think the caption of the photo would be a quote from The Spy Who Shagged Me:

    “I’m not happy. Look at me, I’m a big fat slob. I’ve got bigger titties than you do. I’ve got more chins than a Chinese phonebook. I’ve not seen my willie in two years, which is long enough to declare it legally dead.

  6. Frum is a thouroughly discredited mincing nancy-boy. He tried to punk Rachel Maddow on her own show by playing gotcha. How did he get a job at Newsweek.

  7. It’s too late, Frum. The sans-culottes wing of the Neverland party is now purging everyone who lacks 100% ideological purity. And your constant pleading to deal with reality and not some imaginary 1988 election have put you on the wrong side of that line.
    “So, you worked for the real Ronald Reagan? Hmmph. I wonder what the idealized, Mt. Rushmore Ronald Reagan would say to that. Into the boxcar, bitch.”

  8. I loooooooooooove this infight so much it’s making me slightly moist. Three and a half more years of this shit and we’ll all get to watch Megyn Kelley on Fox News utter those six words that will make her mascara run

    “We’re now calling Texas for Barack Obama.”

  9. Never trust a man whose lips are the same color as the rest of his skin. Or always trust him. Or just try not to look at them. Whatever, it’s creepy.

  10. [re=260283]KTHXBAI[/re]: You know what, I’m willing to bet on it. Not in the next election maybe, but possibly in 2016. Population stats don’t lie – Texas is going blue, baby!

  11. This is not good at all. We can’t have Republicans or conservatives making sense. First they talk about getting rid of teh Rush, next thing you know, they’re good Americans again.

    This is dangerous.

  12. Is calling Rush a carnival pig really fair? Carnival pigs can be kind of nice; I think Rush would be more accurate as a carnival warthog.

  13. Too little & too late, Frumkenstein. You wait until your party has already dug it’s grave & is standing over it waiting for the bullet in the back of the head. You tried to jump ship after Sarah Palin but what did you do before that, when Billy Kristol was jacking off over her for six months? Nothing. What did you do when Bush was shitting all over the middle class with those bizarro world tax cuts and 20 years of real wages declining? Nothing. You wanna wait until the smoke has cleared and play kingmaker, but that ship has sailed. It’s rudderless and lacks a captain and has a huge hole in the side taking in water. And now you speak up? What a courageous man you are, Frumpkin. And by courageous I mean chickenshit donkey-fucker. You lose. It’s too late to pretend to be moderate after cheerleading the past 8 years of greed, war and planned incompetence designed to destroy the credibility of the federal government. So go fuck yourself and your pretend seriousness. You’re a bad joke soaked in flop sweat. You’re a coward who signs up when the war is over. Enjoy your and your party’s irrelevance, motherfucker. You’ve earned it.

  14. Its all women and college-graduates fault. Never should have given them the vote.

    “Ronald Reagan was a great leader and a great president because he addressed the problems of his time. But we have very different problems—and we need very different answers. Here are mine.”

    I wrote that in spring 2007. But you can hear similar words from bright young conservative writers like Reihan Salam and Ross Douthat, and from veteran Republican politicians like Newt Gingrich. Gingrich told George Stephanopoulos on Jan. 13, 2008: “We are at the end of the Reagan era. We’re at a point in time when we’re about to start redefining … the nature of the Republican Party, in response to what the country needs.”

    See, he gets it; Reagan, Gingrich and Douhat. That’s truly the future.

  15. Ha-ha, the Frump is right and he will be burned at the stake because of. That just means better lighting to watch the GOP implode. Couldn’t happen to a nastier gang of self-loathing closet-case douchebags.

  16. [re=260298]assistant/atlas[/re]:
    Another Canadian. His father is a dentist turned real-estate developer millionaire named “Murray”.

  17. I didn’t read the Newsweek article beyond the first couple paragraphs. The guy just blathers on about his resume. My take: he’ll write any article right now and use that as a job pitch. Well, at least that’s more relevant than what Gonzoles is capabable of.

  18. I forget, is it Limbaugh or Frum that is the tool that the White House is using to distract the public from Obama setting up the re-education camps?

    It is amazing how cunning Obama and company are to get all the Conservatives to keep bad mouthing each other.

  19. But I’m getting tired of Rush’s sweaty grimace being the face of the Conservative movement. Isn’t it about time that Satan just step up and take charge once and for all? Or, failing that, Sarah Palin?

  20. And the winner of the Funniest Phrase I Read Today Award goes to:
    “GOP Death-Fart Ultimate Fighting Murder Match”

    Frum is like Princess Leah and Limbaugh is Jabba the Hut. Frum’s gonna strangle Limbaugh with his own chain, and then find something more appropriate for a man to wear. [well baked the brain-a-might tonight has gotten]

  21. [re=260276]magic titty[/re]: Well yeah, mr. titty – “innofensive conservative” – pretty much of an oxymoron. Other than that though, Ken’s descriptions capture it well.

  22. [re=260307]davesnothere[/re]: That’s exactly what I was going to say, but I would have spelled it oxymoran. Keeping up with all of the internet traditions, such as. Also.

  23. After greasily presenting his conservative bona fides (“I invented the ‘Axis of Evil’!! I blew Ken Starr! I supported Contragate!”) media-whore Frum tries to tsk-tsk himself back into political significance by oozing onto the nationally televised Limbaugh trainwreck, as a far-from-first-responder. Displaying his dazzling grasp of the bleeding obvious, Frum sagely advises that Rush doesn’t appeal to moderates! Yikes. What enormous testicularity that must have required! He and David Brooks can now adjourn to the little boys room, to compare the microscopic differences in their shrivelled sacs, high-fiving eachother in the comnforting knowledge that Jabba the Rush only demands obeisance from GOP officials…

  24. “After Iraq, Katrina and Harriet Miers, Democrats surged to a five-to-three advantage on the competence and ethics questions. And that was before we put Sarah Palin on our national ticket.”

    You left out Terri Schiavo, Valerie Plaime . . .

    Unfortunately for you, Mr. Frum, many of us are not anti-conservative as much as we are anti-stupid. And you and your friends, sir, have been the party of stupid for a long time.

  25. [re=260282]El Pinche[/re]: You don’t have to wait that long. Hidden in the article like a tampon: “He [Rush] plays an important role in our coalition, and of course he and his supporters have to be treated with respect.”

  26. [re=260312]zhubajie[/re]:
    Beats me. Ask Mark Steyn. My guess, no one listens to them in their own country, but mercins are gullible sops.

  27. My plan to totally destroy the Republican Party is starting to evolve…not quite as I envisioned since Frum is not a “real American,” but let’s see where this takes it.

    Actively foment chaos in your enemy…watch them fragment…mwaaahahaha!!!!!!

  28. David Frum, generally inoffensive conservative. Huh. Maybe the kind that “voters have long associated … with personal integrity and fiscal responsibility.” Gosh.

  29. It’s too early for clever comments, but let me say, “grotesque carnival pig” is the most apt description of the man ever.

  30. [re=260325]WeirdInWimberley[/re]:
    If you are interested and involved in the wonderful political process and want to have your voice heard in the new carnival pig conservative movement, you can sign up and comment here-

  31. I’m glad I didn’t hit the submit button last night (after 6 shots of anejo) . I said things about Limbaugh that would get me banned from the tubes.

    [re=260320]S.Luggo[/re]: wow, you’re right. that was a preemptive boot lick. Frum is so efficient!

  32. In Limbaugh’s home town of Cape Girardeau there is a gigantic floodwall holding back the Mississippi from totally douching 37,000 loyal Jabba fans (and some college kids, but who’s counting?) that features…wait for it….a huge picture of Rushbo grinning benevolently down on his flock. His brother also holds forth in a fancy sub-water level bar downtown on most nights in an unbelievably loud imitation of Rush, while diners either gaze adoringly or mutter into their jambalaya. Dissenters quietly disappear or discover their homes are in the right of way of that new freeway going through town. I have never seen a place more ready for a few sticks of well placed dynamite and the ensuing wrath of the big Muddy. All the good folks back east have no idea what sway this gigantic jizzball really holds out in the heartland. No matter what Frum’s motives, anyone willing to take on this clan and face the night of the long knives that will surely follow gets a temporary hall pass. And if he can’t help padding his resume a little along the way what the hell? It is a national pastime here and he is just another border jumping Canadian trying to fit in.

  33. Let’s see…I should listen to a guy that arbitrarily pissed off North Korea just so he could satisfy the literary Rule Of Three in “Axis of Evil”? Yeah, right.

    Shitferbrains Frum is still busy rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  34. Laugh now, y’all, but the Frumster’s article is about the most intelligent thing from a conservative I’ve read about their Rush problem. If all Rs were to actually sit down and think the way Frum does, they’d toss of Limbaugh. Which is change neither you, nor I, nor Rahm “You Motherfucker” Emmanuel can believe in.

  35. Dangerous: Too bad the wedge demographic is people who think that (a) the Earth is 200 years old and (b) looking at dildos gives you V.D.

  36. It’s easy for Rush to make goons like Frum sound like the voice or reason. Fatso is an easy target, and though I would give Frum points in advance for not apologizing in the sure to ensue diarrhea storm from Rush & co, I’d give him more points if he chose to take on the real power in the party of red: the evangelicals. They still breathe.

  37. As ManchuCandidate has pointed out, the Frumlet is the spawn of the sainted Barbara Frum, Canada City’s best known, most liberal TeeVee journalist. He couldn’t stand living in his mother’s long shadow, so he turned tail and slinked off to the states. You can keep him, we kicked him out long ago. Little Shit™ Conservatives are not welcome in Canuckistan

  38. [re=260331]Jazzman[/re]: Would it be a federal levee? Built to the same standards as the ones in Louisiana? If so, I’d just wait a few months.

  39. Too little, too late. Limbaugh personally may not have been seen as the figurehead of the GOP until recently, but the flavor of politics he represents has long been the image most people have had of the Republicans since the 2006 election or so. Painting Limbaugh as the face of the Party isn’t some genius, mastermind stroke by Emmanuel, just the vague notions held by most of the electorate finally getting a face (or at least one other than Bush or Palin). And since it didn’t happen overnight (despite what they may think), I don’t see them fixing it in time for 2010.

    Also, cocks.

  40. This is just so freakin’ hilarious. I used to be a Dittohead in the early Clinton years, when Limpballs would start his show with the voiceover: “America Held Hostage: Day X”, X being the number of days into the Clinton administration. The way he portrayed it, you would have thought Clinton took power in a military coup. Then I met my wife who, of course, convinced me that he was a total idiot. Well, that and actually having to live under a Limbaugh-approved President for 8 years. So, yeah, it’s cracking me the hell up to see Barry and Rahm giving him the old Chicago treatment… which at this point mainly consists of sitting back and letting the GOP consume itself in a huge blaze of fire.

    [re=260331]Jazzman[/re]: Said floodwall, of course, was totally NOT built by the gubmint and is totally NOT monitored by the
    gubmint, because that would be all anti-liberty and shit.

  41. Each time one of these idiots opens their mouth, Rahm, Gibbs and Axelrod must fall all over themselves giving each other the “high 4 1/2.”

  42. [re=260281]SayItWithWookies[/re]:
    LOL. My mind’s eye sees a railyard in the cold, dark night. The impure are labeled with TruckNutz instead of the Jüden star, then herded onto the railcars by Mossy Oak-uniformed slobs. Faces and fingers poke through the spaced boards of the boxcar walls as the train slowly leaves the yard and creeps into the darkness.

  43. [re=260348]President Beeblebrox[/re]: See, ya get laid, and then you start seeing the world as it is, and that Rushbo is just a big turd. As soon as Jonathan Krohn loses his virginity, he’ll be stone cold nationalizin’ banks and stockbrokers, and stumping for Barry H. Obama. Just a matter of time.

  44. [re=260339]DangerousLiberal[/re]: Even if they did that, they’d still be deep in the woods and headed the wrong direction. Frum admits (yes I read the whole damn article) that he and Limbaugh don’t really differ on that many issues — and most of them still think that they lost the last two elections because they didn’t cut taxes enough.
    Whichever side of the party wins the power struggle will continue to substitute tax cuts for fiscal responsibility, McCarthyism for patriotism, threats for diplomacy and schoolyard bullying for bipartisanship. That’s why it’s so much fun now watching them duke it out over which brand of failure is better.

  45. GOP Death-Fart caused me to have a disturbingly vivid image of Rush having an oxycontin-constipated fat-fueled crack explosion. The horror…

    Also. And teh gheys.h

  46. [re=260358]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Oh, believe me, I agree. But if people like Frum take over and write in complete sentences and wear ties and leave the white sheets at home eschew the opiates, the Dems will have to engage ideas, rather than on just pointing out that Rushbo is a big, fat, stupid jackass. And given that the congressional leadership has so distinguished itself in the “market place of ideas” (Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? Fuck me) the Dems will have a harder time of it than they/we do now.

    Of course, the ideas that the G(r)OPers have unleashed over the last 29 years have led directly to the colossal fuckup we’re living now. But the G(r)OPers are really good at making people forget this by waving shiny objects like cheap gas, big cars, and locked up Messicans in front of the mouthbreathers that still, god help us, have the franchise. And they may see no shame in the Frum line even if they feel a teensy bit weird about following the ravings our our age’s bloated, dope-riddled version of Father Coughlin.

  47. [re=260272]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Actually, his momma wasn’t as Librul as some people think they remember. She was a decent enough journalist, though.

    As to Li’l Dave, if Rush is the Jesse Jackson of the Rethugs, then Dave is the Dukakis. Also, he resembles nothing so much as a penis wearing a toupee.

  48. [re=260360]DangerousLiberal[/re]: True, the Democrats aren’t great at getting their ideas across. But two things give me reason to hope. First, the Republicans are floundering and leaderless right now. The only thing most of them know how to do is follow orders, and now that there’s no Tom Delay or Bush/Cheney/Rove issuing directives from on high and punishing the disobedient, many of them seem just plain lost. Granted, that might not last for long.

    Second, the Democrats have the presidency, which is the greatest vehicle for getting your ideas out. Right now Obama and Rahm are doing a great job of that — so they don’t have to depend only on Reid and Pelosi. Even with far more Republicans on tv and talk radio, the Democrats are winning the populace. It’s clear that at least they’re doing something, and the Republicans have nothing in their arsenal but stalling and complaining. Oh, and waving the boogeyman of socialism, which even they don’t understand.

    Maybe all this will be different in the next year and a half — but for now I think Obama and Co. can handle the war of ideas too.

  49. Rush looks like a blimp. He slimmed down while he was on oxycontin, an appetite suppressant. But his current appearance convinces me that he has kicked. Of course, there is no such thing as an “ex” drug addict. One day at a time, Rushbo!

  50. “Our party seems to be running to govern a country that no longer exists.”
    -David Frum

    Ya THINK!? Perhaps your party is the reason we’re so far behind the real world. Also.

  51. The bad thing about this article is that even though Frum wrote the article, it’ll lead to a few more days of “Why is Obama Bashing Rush Limbaugh and Not Making the Stock Market Shoot Up to 13,000” debates on cable news. For some reason, by the end of last week, all this Rush stuff had been blamed on Obama despite the fact I don’t recall ever hearing him mention his name.

  52. [re=260361]chascates[/re]: But as reasonable as Newt tried to be, he sounded like a run of the mill rightwing hack that the average American can see now. Even if Obama is not completely successful the first four years, or say the economy crashes bigtime, do the Republicans think the average American is going to say, “Oh yeah, let’s go back to the greedy pigs that got us into this mess in the first place. No, we will all be standing around squirming like we’ve all got to pee and Obama is trying to fix the toilet and we’re all saying “Barry, hurry up! Do something in this next cycle already!”

  53. [re=260364]President Beeblebrox[/re]: If Flavor Flav took over the party, it would be improvement. Wait… has anyone ever seen Michael Steele and Flavor Flav in the same room together?

  54. [re=260380]El Pinche[/re]: That was great. I agree with every word of it, except maybe the use of “women” at the end of his subway metaphor, where I would’ve substituted “boys.” Same basic idea, though.

  55. Speaking of big-mouth radio personalities from South For-id-ia, what the fuck happened to Randi Rhodes?!?

    Did Rush eat her as an hor devore? An evening snack?

  56. [re=260280]Mr Blifil[/re]: ” Rachel Maddow on her own show by playing gotcha.”

    I remember that one. He looked angry/glum and accused her of making current events funny. And let’s be fair, here, fellow liberals: Conservatives will never be accused of being funny–in an intentional way.

  57. Frum talks about a coalition. There is no coalition. There are the mindless devotees of Rush and everyone else in the R. party is irrelevant, even if they do use bigger words than the dipshits who listen to hate radio.

  58. [re=260360]DangerousLiberal[/re]: “Father Coughlin.”

    Thank you. I always forget this guy’s name. Wasn’t he a 1030s demagogue? OF the KKK wing of the demogogues?

  59. [re=260392]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I wish someone would do an expose or analysis of what kind of mind becomes a Rushbot. What holds it together? How does it “reason”? What are the Rushbots real values underneath the facade of blustery traditionalisms.

  60. [re=260396]DoctorCulturae[/re]: It starts with mama dropping the baby dittohead head first onto the floor of the double-wide. Then its elmers glue paste for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s full retard mode from here on.

  61. Pretty well-thought article. Shit! Muthafuckah is onto us. He found out we’re propping up old Rush to make the Repug Party more unpalatable than it actually is (I know a few decent Repugs).

  62. [re=260358]SayItWithWookies[/re]: FTW, SIWW. What’s different now, like you say, and what fills my heart with blood (and hope) is that Prez Barry gets it, and can explain it in a way that others get it, and believe it. If we only had Reid and Pelosi, we’d be on a one-way trip to loserville. Maybe the olds can learn something from our younger whippersnapper of a president.

  63. [re=260378]comradepaulson[/re]: The difference is that Flav always knew what time it is. Steele, not so much.

    [re=260395]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I suppose you mean 1930s, but 1030 might be closer to the truth. Coughlin was this anti-New Deal (after he was for it), antisemitic isolationist nutbag who had the radio show for a while, although the way he was forced off the air is not really change we can believe in. I had to refresh my memories at

    On reflection, Rush is about a billion times worse than Coughlin.

  64. [re=260401]Brendan M.[/re]: thanks. Good talk, and I figured out a better way to ‘incorporate’ dittohead and flatearthers back into our society.



  65. [re=260331]Jazzman[/re]: Hahahaha. I remember thinking the same thing when I saw that part of the wall. But then I realized it’s Cape Girardeau, and as much as I hate dislike Rush, flooding that town is kind of like tripping a blind kid.

  66. I’m growing weary of this Rush-as-GOP-Moran-destroyer-of-his-own-party. He’s been first string for too long and he’s getting, well, boring, frankly.

    There’s fresh GOP faces we haven’t even heard of yet, ones who can come up with new batshit stuff we haven’t even anticipated. Stuff that makes Michelle Bachman look like Frances McDormand in Fargo. So lets just have the old carnival pig killed and set up some exciting new entertainment.

    I’ll set up a PayPal account, call the guy who knows the guy who does this sort of erasure cheaply and discretely, and then we’ll find a much crazier and far more sexeh wingnut to villify.

    Rush is a dinosaur, and not one who’s big and scary and exhilarating, either. Just lumbering and heavy and slow and boring. Too predictable. He’s been saying the same old shit for at least 20 years. I’m bored.

  67. [re=260331]Jazzman[/re]: Who would want to live in Cape Girardeau? The US Navy made spend 6 months in Memphis, TN, ca. 1972. That was enough of the South for me for a lifetime!

    Zhu Bajie

  68. [re=260366]SayItWithWookies[/re]: About the “boogeyman of Socialism”, a younger friend (mid-thirtyish) who manages a large group of twenty-somethings points out that the “S-word” just does *not* deliver the mean semiotic punch to folks under forty that it packs with Greatest Generation and Boomer folks who grew up with the Cold War. Her sixtyish CEO was spouting off to the whole office about Obama and his “socialism”, and the youngsters just blinked and shrugged.


    These kids just haven’t been properly programmed to recoil from the word and realize it describes some Lovecraftian Horror Unimaginable, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    Unless a younger American grew up listening to Batshit Crazy Grandpa’s Horror Stories about the Commies (or lives in the South, which is the same thing, pretty much) or is from some disgruntled greedy immigrant family who fled the Soviet bloc, it means about as much to them as “peanut butter”.

    Less scary, actually. Many of these kids believe themselves to be *allergic* to peanut butter.

    But Socialism? Has a nice positive ring to it, like “socializing” or “social networking”.


    Many of them have *been* to France. They thought it was cool. Case closed. Oogaboogaboogascaryscary no workee on young urbanites.

    We can hope, anyway.

    BTW, a commenter on HuffPo, when detecting a shameless Repug troll, said, “I think I smell irrelephants around here.”

    I’m so stealing that.
    Y’all should, too.

  69. Rush’s mouth has become so big that he has swallowed the entire Republican Party and is ejecting it from the other end in small, smelly poops. Each dollop has a name, like Sarah or Newt or Porkulus. To him, the total excrement looks like the future. To the rest of us, it’s just a load of crap.

  70. Keram 2: You’re right of course. Flooding Cape Girardeau would be cruel. Not unusual, just cruel. Besides, if it weren’t for that town I would never have seen a gomer try to make it into Ripley’s by putting a stun gun in his mouth. There is a lot of money to be made off people like that, and any good capitalist system depends on them.

    Beeblebrox and Guppy 6: There hasn’t actually been a flood since they built that thing, but I’m guessing it was built by a government, most likely the previous East German one. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the Berlin wall…….or Supermax. Just not quite as many machine guns. On the Berlin wall I mean.

  71. Rush (Limbaugh) Limburger is Archie Bunkers resurrected idiocy remake joke for conservative hick bigotry entertainment. View how he is the sabotage of the Republican party. The uneducated, the pinko-commy accuser, the misinformed, Rush Limburger- son of Archie Bunker, *Boss* Hog of the GOP. Death of the Conservatives. See the remake at

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