Ken Salazar is a Wolf Furry.President Obama told the Interior Secretary, a comical desert elf in a bolo tie, to review the Bush administration’s removal of the gray wolf from the federal endangered species list for certain areas of the US. The Interior Secretary Salazar reviewed and decided to uphold the decision. So basically, the answer is that Barack Obama hates gray wolves because they do not stimulate the economy. [AP]

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  1. RE: The usage of the word “furry”
    My mom asked me about CPAC last week and I said “nothing but furries.” She now believes that “furries” is slang for foreigners and everytime I talk to her, she mentions just how many furries there are in Houston.

  2. Were there words to go with… the gayest picture of all time? I tried to read the words… but my eyes kept turning back to the gayest picture of all time… How does one even find the gayest picture of all time? Is Sara a witch?

  3. Gay wolves are always looking for special treatment. Like we owe them something for 10,000 years of brutal repression of self expression. Get over it girl. Have a cocktail and a Ketamine.

  4. Great — lesbian endangered species slash fiction. And the article states that wolves will still be protected in Wyoming. Is Lynne Cheney somehow behind this decision?

  5. If the economy was into bestiality, this would help stimulate it. Unfortunately, the economy is into milf scat bukkake gang bangs – a place no one can save it

  6. So I guess that puts the human-wolf ratio in this country at about 1 wolf for every 10 miliion people? Too bad that wolves seem to fair the best in the states that most want to shoot them.

  7. [re=259958]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Protection in Wyoming means shoot, shovel and shut-up. Only when these idiots get their shit together enough to come up with a good management plan will they be allowed to kill wolves publicly and with pride [i.e., necessary photo of dead wolf next to grinning douchebag).

  8. [re=260000]randomsausage[/re]: Sadly, this isn’t that disturbing, considering that it shows two members of the same species AND they’re only embracing.

  9. I am a wolf or a big cat depending on how much I lie about my antisocial personality. I was secretly hoping to be a republican bear furry like Andrew Sullivan.

  10. Ha! I’m a lion furry. And if you go by the graphic, I’ve got a pretty nice set of tits, and “I’m excited as a little giiiirrrrll.”

  11. [re=260129]Tommmcatt[/re]: I’m a wolf furry too, but I have NO affiliation with those two pretentious beasts portrayed in the above picture. “Most compatible with herbivore…” indeed, like what wolf ISN’T going to say that?

  12. I like canines, including wolves. I live in a heavily populated city and have been exposed to leather bears walking arm in arm in the gay districts. I regard them with complete equanimity on those moments when our paths cross.

    But that picture is just wrong.

  13. [re=260146]StupidGeek[/re]: Actually she’ll be quite disappointed once she realizes it’ll cut down on out-of staters coming to Alaska to hunt wolves. Although there’ll still be those sporty types who like to hunt their wolves the good old frontier way – by plane or copter.

  14. Furry interpersonal relations: “You are most compatible with herbivore …” WTF? Isn’t that what a wolf, gay or straight, would eat? Do you fuck it first or after? CPAC should have had a panel on that. Furry Sex and the Food Chain: Questions of Principle.

  15. Salazar is a “Blue Dog Dem” from Colorado. As a rancher, he never a met mammalian quadruped that he wouldn’t want to run to ground, corner and shoot, that includes the neighbor’s Black Lab, his grandkids’ whimpering, faggot golden hamsters … and the local postal worker crawling under his barbed wire to get to his mailbox.
    Enuf, enuf of this “bi-partisan” shit.

  16. [re=260171]S.Luggo[/re]:
    “..his grandkids’ whimpering, faggot golden hamsters”

    Hahaha! Yes, enough of this bipartisan horseshit. Stomp repug guts out NOW.

  17. Judging from the above answers the quiz is designed to maximize the number of wolves and cats available for fucking. Protect yourselves people; always dress as a lizard person if you will be around large numbers of Paultards or Republicans. Elmer Fudd is a good choice also.

  18. I still don’t get what furries are? I took the quiz – apparently I am a centaur-type thing with a buck deer’s head and torso, with two man-legs?

  19. Has Sarah Palin been secretly lobbying Salazar to end wolf protection? Guess that’s why she’s been so quiet of late…she was fellating him in his office.

  20. [re=260231]Colander[/re]: Not really……..I’m a bird/girl, not a (John) Deer(e) Man……..also the legs on my furry were in this provocative, Playgirl type of pose. Highly disturbing.

  21. Actually, this is part of a broader appeasement issue. Salazar figured it would be a good idea to let the good folks from Idaho blow off some steam by by allowing them to freely kill their SECOND most hated nemesis.

  22. Yowza, I’m an Herbivore Furry, which isn’t surprising given that it was by far the hottest version.

    Ew, I just grossed myself out.

  23. 4,000 wolves in the North Woods, no hunt planned; 1,600 in Cowboy Nut World, and they want to shoot the Big Bad Wolf on sight. When did cowpokes turn into such wusses? Perhaps they are worried that the wolves are Jewish (“Dollface, are they the Yonkers Wolf’s?”).

  24. [re=260267]decora[/re]: When you say “any of you” – are you insinuating I have multiple personalities? Yeah, we’ve all been to Wyoming. Even lived there a short while. Years later I’m still trying to scrub the red off my neck and the blackness out of my soul. Talk about furries – if you want to know what the offspring of sheep and cowboys look like you really have to visit there sometime.

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