Aww, Michelle Obama went to help out at a soup kitchen for homeless people on Thursday! And while she was there, the AP took a photo of this guy taking a cellphone photo of Michelle’s very famous arms. So now America’s conservative pundits are very upset that this supposedly homeless man has a telephone, so poverty isn’t actually a problem, and we’re even “blessed” to have such rich homeless people in the United States.

Voice-of-her-generation Kathryn Jean Lopez chimes in with unusual modesty at first, before reverting back to the standard “the Poors are actually rich and God hates them in his own passive-aggressive way” rigmarole:

I don’t envy this man’s situation, whatever it is, and don’t mean to make light of it. But we are a blessed people when our poor have cell phones.

…Ronald Reagan. Reagan.

Here’s Kathy Shaidle, whom we’d never heard of before reading this Salon post. Starting today, we are all Kathy Shaidle readers:

Today’s “poor” are the rich Jesus warned you about: fat, slovenly, wasteful of their money and other people’s…

He spends all his (our) money on cellphones and, most likely, tattoos and drugs and booze and other crap, and has no money left for a home and food. And why should he bother? We pay for his shelter and food anyhow…

What’s really funny in that news story by the way is what they’re serving at the soup kitchen: risotto with brocolli. Obviously some rich white liberal did the cooking that day, feeling all proud of herself, and what thanks did she get? Some lowclass loser going, “You expect me to eat this weird crap?!”

As Salon‘s Alex Koppelman notes, the “weird crap” is simply “rice cooked in chicken stock with some vegetables.” Jesus, this Shaidle person is a night terror. WHO IS SHE?

A Children’s Treasury requires at least three (3) examples, and Malkin wrote something, but we are still too scared of Kathy Shaidle and will have to end this post now, so we can go cry in dark corners of our basements.

Michelle Obama serves food to D.C. poor and homeless, but… [LAT/Top of the Ticket]
Conservatives angry over Michelle Obama’s trip to homeless shelter [Salon/War Room]

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  1. This photo highlights the difference between a Third-world county, like Sudan, and a Second-world country, like what the Bush Crime Family has turned the US into: here, even poor people have (crappy, poorly-serviced, pay-by-the-minute-so-you-use-it-only-in-emergencies [like when you run into The First Lady]) cellphones…

  2. Don’t these people know that Boost Mobiles are going to $.32 now? They sell them in 7-11, for fcks sake. Buy one and get a free taquito.

  3. The real money is in the Malkin comment thread.
    “They are the cleanest homeless people I have seen for a while. I smell a setup.”

    If that was posted here I would think it was a funny joke (ha ha) but seeing as this guy is serious I’m just disappointed.

  4. Amazing comments on the Salons this day. Drudge must have linked to Robert Reich’s “Is Obama to Blame for the Meltdown” article – no other explanation for such a heavy wingnut turnout. I thought I only spent 45 minutes reading all the idiotic replies to get-your-liberal-panties-in-a-bunch Salon articles cause I’m a loser with a worthless advanced degree and no job, but my indignant rage apparently needs an anonymous object or ten.

  5. These people need to realise that having a phone does not mean you are not homeless. Having a home means you are homeless!

    And if the guy needs a job, he needs a fucking phone!

  6. So the cellphone then, is the 2009 version of the 1980s Color Teee Veee?

    Remember when we were all supposed to be incensed that people on public assistance had the audacity to at some point in their lives go down to the pawn shop and drop $25.00 on a used color TV? Because, honestly, man… if I’m being asked to help you buy food for your kids, you’d better be all covered in rat bites and bird shit and living under a bridge in a cardboard box. You got a color tee vee? You’re living the good life. Now tell your little brat kids playing with that dead bird in the street to get the fuck out of my way before I run then down with my Infinity G35.

  7. Stupid dingus types: “Today’s “poor” are the rich Jesus warned you about: fat, slovenly, wasteful of their money and other people’s…”

    Yeah, I feel you, sista. The equivalent outrage of a poor black man with a $150 cellphone vs say, a “responsible” RICH WHITE person like Mo Greenberg who once ran AIG who created the biggest fiscal bomb in history and helped suck off $150+ BILLION US America taxpayer bucks to keep their motha-fuking sorry asses afloat.

    Yup. Poor people with cellphones are tomorrow’s AIG, Lehman, WaMu, NYT, Global Crossing, Enron, IndyMac, BoA, Shittybank, Icelandic Banks, and Bank Scotland.

  8. Dear God,

    Thank you. We are so blessed that we don’t have working poor people, poor people with relatives or charities that shell out $20 for a pre-paid cell phones for them either…because the conservatives need this, God.

  9. “He spends all his (our) money on cellphones and, most likely, tattoos and drugs and booze”

    Funny, he doesn’t look like a My Chemical Romance fan.

  10. I have no snark here. That cell phones have become ubiquitous and a necessity has nothing to do with his not being able to afford food, you vapid, conservative whore. Fuck off and die. Or better yet, go to that shelter. See if those people look like they feel lucky.

  11. As someone who is “fat, slovenly, wasteful of [my] money and other people’s” I am deeply offended at the suggestion that I spent money on tattoos. I have no tattoos. And, Ms. Kathy should know that eruca sativa is not drugs. It is arugula, fancy rich people lettuce, which they don’t serve us at the shelter. Also.

  12. How dare these homeless people have cell phones! I mean, how dare they try and have some form of communication that would allow them to give a ring back number for an apartment or a job! The nerve! This is America. You’re supposed to stay poor and homeless. Guess that last round of tax cuts didn’t work well enough. More tax cuts for the rich! More tax cuts for the rich! The poors can buy cell phones!

    Kathy Shaidle, a.k.a., Slim Shaidle, sounds to be the most vile bitch in the world. She and not Oxycontin Jabba the Hut Limbaugh should be the spokesman for the Rethuglican Party.

  13. These twats. Maybe the guy bought the cellphone before he lost one of the two million jobs this Republican economy shed in the last couple of months.

  14. And who is this Jesus guy, with his “when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you . . .” Obviously a Socialist.

    Ronald Reagan.

  15. Perhaps it’s her phone and she handed it to him so he could take a quick picture that she could post on her Facebook page and show to all her friends. That’s what I woulda done.

  16. The guy is looking at his insulin meter. When he goes into diabetic shock, he thinks it’s a camera cell phone.
    However, upon reflection, one must ask: how dare he have a medical device?? Who did he steal it from? Is our new socialist government paying for his insulin? Why does he own clothes?

  17. [re=259909]Bearbloke[/re]:

    Actually, the US is a First World country. First World refers to countries that allied themselves with the US and it’s allies during the Cold War, Second World were countries that allied themselves with the USSR, and Third World aligned themselves with neither. The term Third World has become associated with poverty because neither the US nor the USSR courted or tried to rally poor countries to their cause, so typically the only countries that weren’t aligned with either power were the poor shitty ones that no one cared about.

    Sorry bout the rant.

  18. I appreciate the service that Wonkette provides: reading the insane rantings of overprivileged sociopathic assholes so that I don’t have to. One more ‘writer’* to add to my list of people to never click through on when their name is bylined on an article.

    *to quote Robin Williams quoting Truman Capote: That’s not writing, that’s just typing.

  19. You’d think a writer as talented as Kathy Shaidle would know how to spell broccoli. Or maybe she’s just trying to show off her conservative street cred, Michael Steele style.

    She also says this:
    I’d rather be right than “nice” and “polite” — and so would any intelligent adult who values the truth.

    …in the same blog post where she assumes that the guy at the shelter blows his money on tattoos, drugs and booze. Way to stand up for the truth, Ms. Dumbazz.

  20. We should be grateful to live in such a prosperous nation that 2% of people get to keep their jobs. I bet this “homeless character” was once a fawmew, or a crafffsmin, but when the bowl dried up he went out Caleefoornay-way but teh jawbs wur all gon.

  21. I’ve read some stupid shit today but this is the stupidest shittiest shit of all. #1 – Soup kitchens rarely serve only homeless people. The poor and the working poor and now the rapidly former lower and middles classes are being forced into soup kitchens, too. #2 – How the fuck are the unemployed supposed to find a job without a phone? Because that would be the standard conservative line, isn’t it? “Get a job, you bums”. #3 – Fuck you, Kathy Shaidle. Just … fuck you.

  22. People, people, people. Your thinking is way to complex for these people. Let me try to guide you through their mental world.

    1.) He is black, therefore he is homeless.

    2.) He has a cellphone, therefore he is wealthy.

    3.) OMG, he is a black, wealthy, welfare cheat! THERE ARE NO POOR! Hysterics, unmonitored volcanoes exploding, geese flying backwards, teabags everywhere, Santelli for President, etc. etc.

    He is a volunteer, or a passerby, or an employee, or engaged in a cellphones for the homeless program, or recently homeless, or picked up a cheap cellphone and a pay-by-the-minute plan are not even options that occur to you, ever. You are simple creatures and respond only to pre-determined visual cues, Rush Limbaugh rants, and cheetos.

  23. Jesus was a socialist, morans. Remember all that camel through the eye of a needle stuff. Anyone?

    If Jesus approved of today’s Republicans, with their SUVs, spitefulness, close-mindedness, and complete lack of anything even remotely resembling a shred of humanity, then He would be Satan.

    Speaking of Satan, that sounds a lot like this ignorant, mouth-breathing hatesack Kathy Shaidle. After all, the favorite accessory of the evil is a cloak of self-righteousness.

  24. [re=259928]The Cold Sea[/re]: Right on point, The Cold Sea. I used to do a lot of church-based charity runs into Manhattan for much of the 1990s, before cell phones were ubiquitous, and I got to know several of “the guys” who were regulars on our food and clothing line distributions. Out on the streets, late at night, week in, week out… Whatever “we poors” don’t have, it’s nothing compared to the sliver of existence the truly homeless eke out… and these guys were truly homeless.

    Living under a bridge overpass, on a church front-step, beneath a construction scaffold over a sidewalk, or in a cardboard box means no ready address for mail delivery or a telephone connection. Cell phones are truly valuable mechanisms for the homeless who want to be contacted about a job or need to be in touch with an agency for housing or other support services.

    I give HEAVILY to a Soup Kitchen in my Ol’ Hometown (you know where I’m talkin’ ’bout, bitchincamaro and to an organization there that tries to find housing for the destitute. Anyone using the services there who might have a cellphone I can almost certainly guarantee needs those services.

    I could go on… but there’s no need ‘mongst this group. Sorry, no snark here, just truly righteous indignation on behalf of the least of us…. As that Jesus guy said, “What you do for the least of us, you do for me….” a concept that Msses. Lopez and Shaidle seem to have forgotten. And I don’t even do that church/believer thang anymore, but the precept still holds.

    Sorry once more for the rant, but this wound my stem.

  25. He has a cell phone but does that mean he has a plan.
    Maybe he takes the money he gets in front of 7-11 and saves it up to buy minutes.

  26. OK, I’m calling a lawyer NOW! The homeless are getting tattoos and eating rice? I’m taking this all the way to the Supreme Court. This can’t be legal.

  27. [re=259936]P Drizzle[/re]:
    Throw in lapsed Krazee Katholic with agoraphobia living in Toronto.

    Unfortunately, some of the more noteable stupid that infects US America RW rags is made in Canada City.

    Fake englishman Mark Steyn
    Federal Prisoner Conrad Black
    Lumpy Sack of shit David Frum
    Wife of Frum Danielle “Snaggletooth” Crittendumb

    Note, we from Canada City don’t really want them back either.

  28. I think the problem with most poor people in this country is that they don’t look poor enough. Now if they looked as poor as the kids in Slumdog Millionaire, maybe they’d get more support from conservatives.

  29. Kathy Shaidle obviously doesn’t listen to NPR where every day as I drive home from work I listen to middle class americans, with homes, AND CELLPHONES, going to food banks because they can’t make ends meet.

  30. [re=259935]The Unfairman[/re]: point missed, entirely….

    The US had been, and still thinks of itself as, at or near the top of this planet’s industrialized societies, in the same way and for the same reason most Americans call themselves ‘middle class’… but it’s not true anymore,and hasn’t been for about a generation. Real wages have been in a steady decline for 30 years, and the other industrialized societies are moving past us in a number of ‘real prosperity’ metrics, like infant mortality rates, and per-capita poverty. This is why we have such a relatively huge population of working poor (an American phrase) who can afford a crappy cellphone, but not a car, a junk-free diet, or medical insurance. Those tales of Americans being one or two paychecks from disaster are real, as proven by the fact that medical costs are the top cause of bankruptcy. The very real industrial and infrastructure decline we face now is an indicator of ‘Second-World’ status, where our outdated technology still sorta works, mostly, but is clearly in decline – sorta like East Germany in the 1980s – a classic example of a ‘Second-World’ country. Additionally, if the Bush Crime Family had been *completely* successful (as opposed to their partial success as evidenced by Anti-Constitutional buLLshIT like the Telecom Immunity Act) in their Total Information Awareness plans, they world have created something in the US very similar to the East German Stasi, and the similarity would’ve been perfected.


  31. [re=259970]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Sadly, “Anus of Evil” Frum sounds pretty rational these days.
    In an unbearably douchey David Brooks sweater-vest way, of course.

  32. [re=259974]Gopherit & Colander[/re]: Chiming in again from my ol’ do-good days. We distributed clothing donated from parishoners, and some of that stuff was darn nice. Interestingly, it was the clothing that “the guys” lined up for first, before food – because getting a chance at selecting a shirt or a pair of pants or a sweatshirt gave them choice. That opportunity to say “I’d like that one, not the other” was a wee shred of dignity offered to them, as well as a bit of dignity and respect. Most of the guys’ duds were certainly donations, not something they bought in a retail establishment.

    Oh, shut me up; I’m on a soapbox here….

  33. [re=259974]Gopherit[/re]: Hey, y’all, I wasn’t jealous of the homeless dude (it may have been a woman actually). Just sharing my true experiences. BUT THEY WERE NICE SHOES, MAN.

  34. I’m going batshit crazy right now. I was just at a meeting with HIV agencies where we discussed how cheap cell phones are. We also talked about how important having your own phone number is to getting a job and a place to live, which will help solve that pesky homeless problem.

  35. I guess this alleged “Kathy Shaidle” — who would use their own name to spread such slime all over a keyboard? — is now the poster girl for the “GOP — Party of Hatred”tm.

    Somebody must have pissed into her gene pool, long and hard.

  36. The comments to the Washington Post story were equally soul-crushing. A lot of ranting about what a horrible person Michelle Obama is for using this as a photo-op, then trotting back to her mansion with her cushy chairs and warm J Crew sweaters and what-not. Oh and then someone called Barack Obama a gorilla.

  37. [re=259991]Colander[/re]: I recently saw an immensely wealthy person NOT living off the labor and savings of a poorer person. Just sharing – don’t know what it means.

  38. i hate cell phones, and tend to think they are a killing offense. but say you are working poor, or recently laid off, and/or recently evicted. you live in a shelter, but work 15 hours a week. or work 35 and live with your brother, and his family. or work 60 at $5 an hour at an illegal job, while sharing a nastly hotel with 6 other guys, because you love your kids and all your spare money goes to them.

    but you want a better job. or you don’t have an steady address. what do you do with your “spare” $40?

    well, if you HAVE ANY FUCKING SENSE you make sure you have a steady phone number, so that when work calls (day work, week work, steady work), you can fucking show up. so your kids can call you, wherever you live or wherever you are while everything else falls apart.

    having a fucking phone is more important than anything for day laborers or any other working class human being.

    i don’t know if this guy is a saint or a pig, but his humanity isn’t measured by his fucking cell phone, and anyone who thinks that is, is a fucking pig. also probably a republican. are they all dead yet?

  39. i am calmer now. having read the that apparently the reporter is the only person on earth who doesn’t understand how life works. most of the commenters were very sane.


  40. For crying out loud:

    – Maybe the guy is an EMPLOYEE of the homeless shelter, meaning he earns his very own moniez to buy his very own camera-having cell phone.

    OR, even MORE unlikely —

    – Maybe he WASN’T ALWAYS HOMELESS. Or is it an unwritten rule that when you lose your home you have to immediately cast your belongings to the four winds and roll around in bird shit?

  41. [re=259975]Dreadful Gate[/re]: She is, unfortunately, Canadian. FWIW, though, her racist diatribes have rendered her virtually unemployable, and she is reduced to begging her blog’s readers to support her. Foul-mouthed Canadian blogger Canadian Cynic has more.

  42. The poor with the cell phone should use the same argument the broke banks use: yes we’re buying luxury boxes at the ballpark and paying ourselves outlandish bonuses, but we’re not using taxpayer dollars to do it. So this guy would say: yes, I have a Treo 755P with unlimited voice, text and data, but I didn’t use welfare moniez to buy it.

    So fuck off, Canadian whore Kathy Shaidle. It’s not even your country!

  43. It’s true, Jesus prophesied that one day the meek would inherit all our stuff. I didn’t know it was a warning, but it’s all right there in that picture. My stuff is in the hands of the meek. Couldn’t we have done something before it came to this? What’s it called? Oh. Class warfare, anyone?

  44. We are, indeed, truly blessed when our poor mop up their risotto with morning glory muffins served up by the First Lady of this great land….

    K-Lo: Peggy Noonan for the Thomas Kinkade krowd.

  45. Here is what Malkin actually said (and, yeah, I would think this was a joke if I hadn’t seen it myself):

    Some folks are wondering where the cell phone bills get sent.
    The answer is obvious: ACORN headquarters.

  46. Here’s a gem from the Malkin comments:

    The story, IMHO, is the very issue that Dems blame Republicans for: they are “out of touch” with the common citizen. Serving on the soup line during the day, while wearing designer digs that show of your “I-can-spend-3-hours-a-day-at-the-gym” upper arms, before heading home to enjoy tax-payer-funded $100/plate beef at home, is pornographic.

    Yes, pornographic! Not obscene, but pornographic!

  47. Conservatives want their poor to look like something out of central casting, like Oliver Twist. Loved the line, I don’t envy this man’s situation… Sweetheart, you don’t know a damn thing about this man’s situation except that he’s black and he’s in a soup kitchen with a cell phone. (*dissolves into spitting, sputtering curses*) Loved the picture of Michelle and loved that she was doing this. Mad props, lady!

  48. [re=259949]Suds McKenzie[/re]: “I just assumed this guy stole this cell phone when he mugged someone…”

    Yes, what kind of half-assed RINO-republicans don’t even come to the logical racist conclusion that the man is clearly a phone-stealing criminal because he’s black? The GOP really is dying on the vine.

  49. [re=260024]V572625694[/re]:
    For some reason I can just imagine the deleted lines of the comment:

    “The RW way is so much better. Offer them $20 to blow them. I get what I want and they got something good. Win Win. Bob Allen FLA.”

  50. Do that many people really not know that one of the first things social services does for clients is arrange for cell phones because the homeless don’t exactly have land lines (or homes)? And that cell phones might be handy for someone trying to find a job?

    It’s really something when K-Lo is the least offensive and even almost within spitting distance of self-awareness.

  51. When I lived in Latvia, even the unemployed, alcoholic, still mentally-living in the USSR Russians tended to have pay-as-you-go cell phones. Does that mean Latvia is a society of bountiful wealth just like America, conservative commentators?

  52. [re=260024]V572625694[/re]: And one Malkin commenter has already created an airtight philosophical argument against any of the librul criticism of this interpretation of “Homeless Cell Phone Gate”:

    We are conservatives here. We don’t have a problem with pre-emptive critique of moronic posts that you and your ilk will undoubtedly make. It is a given that your posts will be incoherent so it is a bit redundant.

    Whether you are here or not is no reason not to state that any comment you did or didn’t make is not stupid and incoherent. And it is never wrong to question the sanity of a leftist.

    (I was going to comment there but I know now that I have been preemtively defeated. It’s the Bush Doctrine of blog commenting!)

  53. [re=260046]Neon Trotsky[/re]: Reads like a tax form. “If your exemptions in 2007 were not greater than the lesser of 20 percent of the amount you failed to claim when filing Form 1023X, or the sum lf Lines 23, 17a….

  54. Guess What…Kathy is ALSO a poet!
    I took the liberty of copying part of one of her poems for your reading pleasure.
    (I also saw a picture of her. Mousey Church Lady with non-ironic bad glasses)

    Contacts With Trotskyites

    I discovered one hundred dollars too late that
    my round wire glasses
    attract a certain type of man
    attracted to an uncertain type of woman and you know
    the least they could do is conceal their disappointment when,
    to quiet their drunken insistence, I finally do remove them.
    They mumble their “You really should get contact lenses” party line,
    then suddenly have to go home

  55. Except for the clothes on his back that phone is more than likely the only thing on this planet that he actually owns and he is damn proud of it. And they want to take that away from him too? They took his dignity, but please leave his only connection to humanity alone. Phuckers. I know a lot of very unwealthy humans who care for their cellphones like precious jewels.

  56. [re=260011]cranky[/re]: yeah, the reporter must be someone who doesn’t get out much. The “Shaidle” person does seem to be crazy and Malkin … well.
    It is a great pic of the First Lady though.

  57. Shaidle is clearly a Kenyan name, hence a lawsuit must be filed for her CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH production… Tennessee Rawks!

  58. Quimby: Are those morons (22-percenters*) getting dumber or just louder?

    Assistant: [checks his clipboard] Dumber, sir.

    * The percentage of people that supported Bush as he exited the Presidency a miserable failure, and are therefore technically impervious to reason but populate the comment sections of the linked, reactionary sites.

  59. [re=259991]Colander[/re]: We’re all a bunch of uppity libruls around here lookin’ for a fight, donchaknow.

    But seriously, rich people donate really nice stuff sometimes for the tax write-off. We have the best looking hobos in the worlds. You think if they had any class, they'[d try to be dirtier or something.

  60. Gotta’ say, on Lexington in front of Gloomingdale’s Bloomingdale’s today, I was impressed with the visual acuity of a guy dressed in fresh duds, including sharp Timberline’s, (properly improperly laced), a big puffy beige L.L. Bean fur-trimmed hooded down coat, and stylishly faded and fallin’bout his ass, Levis. He spotted a smokeable butt in the gutter and with one, swift, bus-avoiding move, snatched it, fired it, and continued cruising uptown. All was well, at least for the remainder of the smoke. Clothes horse, or nicotine fiend?

  61. [re=259936]P Drizzle[/re]: That bitch is Canadian!?!!?! So there IS one evil Canadian that balances out the fact that the rest of ’em are so damn nice. I knew it!

  62. Yes, what could possibly be a more wasteful investment, if you’re without an address or regular employment, than a cell phone? I can’t think of a single way cell phones might expedite finding work, shelter, or other opportunities to get your shit together.

  63. [re=259911]StephanieInCA[/re]: She’s also a total c*nt. Sorry, I cannot bring myself to use the whole word. She’s trying to be Ann Coulter, but with half the wits (which is not very much, of course). In fact, I wonder if she’s just a big put-on, trying to rile up the lefties. Sorry, I ain’t gonna bite.

  64. Kathy Shaidle is a dystopic cunt who thinks that owning a handgun will finally make her a man. She’s the kind of bitch that Iggy Pop shits on for amusement. And she’s a blogger!! But be nice to her otherwise she’ll post your fake email and clit-twiddle herself into a revenge-gasm.

  65. [re=260076]assistant/atlas[/re]: She is apparently the only person north of the border who doesn’t smoke the hydro. Seriously there are more potheads per capita in Canada than anywhere else in the (developed) world.

  66. Holy shit, I am alternately crying, laughing, whiskey sipping on this thread. One of my fave Wonks. Is anybody else wondering if we get to kick the sand out of the sandbox this weekend while the nannies are sleeping?

    [re=260082]DangerousLiberal[/re]: Use it, or lose it.

  67. This five feet of fury is a Canadian, which is cool, but she also is some sort of free-lance writer. I still don’t know if this is a big put on, but, if not, maybe some of her clients, like United Way, might like to know that she’s turned into a raving she-nazi:

  68. And yet more, and my apologies (sincerely) for bogarting ths space. Dig her profile at

    Apparently she was a poet which is code for commie. On her home page, she claims that being short-listed (that is, a loser) for the Governor General’s Award for poetry (and for proroguing parliament, also) is an award. Finally, enjoy this tantalizing tidbit:

    “Catholic New Times asked Kathy to write “a couple of articles” about her life with lupus. These pieces proved so popular that Kathy continued her saga in almost every issue of CNT for the next four years. During that time, she received four Canadian Church Press awards in three different categories, as well as invitations to speak, and dozens of enthusiastic calls and letters.

    After spending those four years on government disability, Kathy returned to the work-force as Marketing Co-ordinator at Novalis, Canada’s oldest and largest Roman Catholic publisher. She is also enrolled in the Publishing program at Ryerson.”

    Slacker! Ward of the state! Socialist! If she was such a rugged individualist, she would have pulled herself up by the bootstraps, without a cell phone. I don’t mean to mock the disabled, but I do mean to be annoyed with the hypocrisy of some one who was once helped by the state turning around and mocking poor people who are helped by charity and the state.

    Let her be disabled in the United States and see how she likes it.

  69. This just kills me, they have NO idea who this man is – he could be a volunteer, he could be an employee. How DARE he have a cell phone!! And whoever he is, this is Michelle’s fault…how?

    Also, Ms. Malkin? Couple things: It doesn’t take three hours a day in the gym to get Michelle’s arms, which you would know if you spent a y time in the gym as opposed to starving yourself/throwing up three times a day. 15-20 minutes with weights, 2-3 times a week regularly will do it. Secondly, as an event coordinator, let me tell you that no one is paying $100 a plate for their beef. Nothing that they’ve served so far would be even half of that through a catering company, even with the usual mark-up. The food is most likely being bought wholesale and prepared in-house AND they don’t even have that many guests, so Malkin has once again shown herself to be an ill-informed jackass. FAIL.

  70. The top posting on that Shaidle bitch’s blog is entitled “Compassionate, love filled and obviously irony-deficient liberal email of the day!” Whoever wrote this to her must immediately be crowned royalty of something librul:

    i just visited your website… wow, just wow. where does all that hate come from? then i looked you up on wikipedia. then i saw that you have lupus erythematosus. and then i realized there is justice in this world.


  71. [re=260013]kentuckienne2[/re]: Yeah, I agree – there’s no indication that this guy isn’t another volunteer.

    When I saw that they were serving risotto I knew there would be backlash. Never mind that it’s more substantial than serving plain rice, but not necessarily terribly expensive. I suppose they think that soup kitchens should serve nothing but government cheese and maybe, on a good day, soup.

    Finally – looks like it could be this phone – – Net10 lets you recharge your minutes as little as once every two months, too.

  72. Did you know that many people living in remotest Africa have cell phones now? Also, sometimes people eating at soup kitchens are not comical hobos, with tattered top hats and shoulder bundles. Sometimes they are just poor!

  73. [re=259909]Bearbloke[/re]: Actually, the US is rather backwards in the cell phone department, compared with China. In China, you can get a phone for 2-300 rmb (around $45), then buy little card to put in inside for 50 or 100 rmb, and you have a phone and SMS, too. SMS is the main thing, since it’s cheaper than talking. Last time I visited the US (5 years ago, it’s true), I looked into getting a cell phone for the length of my visit. I was far less convenient, what with year long contract, big extra fee for SMS, etc.

    This guy may have found his phone in a dumpster (rich folk throw out amazing things) or he may have bought it 2d/3rd hand. That happens, too. Chinese phone shops do major repairs on cell phone, even replacing chips. Americans throw old ones away, buy new ones.

    Zhu Bajie

  74. [re=259914]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: When did Michelle Malkin come into close contact with poor people? Somehow I doubt she’s involved with the St. Vincent DePaul Society.

    Some Catholic charities do offer free showers, haircuts, shaves. On the other hand, some stingy people eat at soup kitchens, even when not really, deeply, poor.

    The worst thing about being poor in the USA is being insulted and patronized by the better-off. That’s one reason my year teaching in China has turned into 12 years.

    Zhu Bajie

  75. [re=259916]P Drizzle[/re]: Well, I used to be a loser with an advanced degree but employed as a parking lot attendant. Now I’m an English teacher at a university in Kunming, China, with an advanced degree. It’s fun! You can laugh every time you hear US news on the radio!! You can do it too, if you have a degree and a passport. Go with universities, not private schools. They will be easier to work with.

    Zhu Bajie

  76. [re=259917]SpikeLeee[/re]: He could have gotten it from a dumpster. Lots of well-off Americans will throw an old phone out, buy a new one, rather than repair or up-grade it. And, yes, it might well allow him to get a job, a cheap room to live in. In my unemployed days, affording a phone for job interviews was not easy.

    Zhu Bajie

  77. [re=260021]Dave J.[/re]: No she din’t! Really? Really.

    I am sorry, it’s hard to snark about this. It appears obvious to me that she & her ilk expect/want the poor to just go away.
    i.e., just go & die. Why give them any chance to bring themselves up?
    Nope, even a cheap, pay-by-the minute cell phone providing a lifeline for possible places to live, or a job interview, any chance of a decent life, is somehow wrong.

    What happened to “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps”? Isn’t this an example of that? Someone trying the best they can to better their situation?

    Apparently, to these Beyond Dimwitted Twatwaffle RushFatOxyCrazyBrain Fuckwads, pulling oneself up equals reaching beyond Daddy & Mommy’s trust fund to get a sad “writing” job..quacking on re shit they obviously have no true knowledge of.
    Not to mention, also lacking any background/intelligence/knowledge/compassion/simple human decency to give them the right to even quack like they are quackin’. Also.

    Are there no orphanages? Are there no workhouses?

    Yes, I am furious.

    Sorry ’bout the soapbox standing, ya’ll. This kind of blind evil-thinking drivel drives me literally insane.

    Guess that means it’s time to make another drink.
    Oh, alcohol. The solution to, and cause of, all life’s problems.

  78. [re=259916]P Drizzle[/re]: A lot of them will be people trying desperately to persuade themselves “it can’t happen to me!!!” To see a poor, homeless, person who is not totally degraded is disturbing to them. It reminds them “you might be next!!!” To know that people in China, for example, are not totally degraded disturbs them, too.

  79. [re=259946]Colander[/re]: You can get good shoes at second hand stores. Army/Navy clothing is good, if your job as parking lot attendant stands between you and homelessness. Again, the well-off are disturbed oftentimes if poor people are not totally degraded. The well-off don’t want to think “that could be me in 6 months!” Of course, there’s the old Puritan idea that wealth is a sign of G-d’s favor, poverty of His anger. (One reason why I fled the born-again ghetto.)

    Zhu Bajie

  80. [re=259951]assistant/atlas[/re]: Their TV evangelists tell them that Jesus was rich. They don’t actually read the Bible for themselves.

    Zhu Bajie

  81. K-mouth-breathing fart-sack would have been mollified had the guy only said, “Yo, mama, Missus President, bee-otch, some rock with dat creamed spinach. And hold da Universal Healthcare.” But the poors never live up to our low expectations. That’s why they are poor.

  82. [re=260115]valet_of_the_dolls[/re]: Lesson: it’s OK to haz gubmint health care as long as you hate yourself for it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, a self-hating Canadian.

    “But if I were in Amerka I’d have teh insurance.” Bullshit. If she’s a self-employed writer/artist/poet, her group health premiums will be sky high, she wouldn’t have insurance, and she’d be on the dole, or in the ER, or both. What kind of fuckwit writes this “if I were an American” bullshit, anyway?

    I’m surprised that a Canadian would be driven to bat shit loony right-wing politics by 9/11. I mean, yeah, I was upset by it, a lot of us were upset by it, but we didn’t all come completely unhinged. But her politics are dime-a-dozen, although not in Toronto. She needs to move to Alberta, Texas’s furthest north suburb, stat.

    What’s really most bothersome about this sad sack of protoplasm is her unbelievable know-it-all tone and righteous indignation about a problem about which she knows nothing, coupled by her smug rejoinders and her pussying out and not having a comments section on her blog, so we can’t really see what sort of hellishness she’s stirred up. At least we know Michelle Malkin is the class clown, even if a crazy winger. But this woman seems to have no shortage of bile built up. What a twit.

    Also. After thirty years of this “I saw a guy buy steaks with foodstamps” bullshit that has been proven demonstrably wrong, over and over and over again, why does this shit persist? And why now, when “capitalism” has created the biggest fuck-up since 1929? Do these nutters think they are persuading anyone. Fuck, that pisses me off.

  83. In addition to having a cell phone, he has a housekeeper who buys him Oxycontin so he can get downed out and enjoy child pornography and chicks with dicks at home.

  84. I guess now you have to actually be one of those 10-year olds making Nike shoes by hand to deserve being tagged as “poor.” Everyone else is just slummin’.

  85. Actually, this man buys cell phone time from the local owner of the cell phone, who bought the phone through a Kiva Loan. The man plans to upload the pictures to his kid’s OLPC laptop, that he purchased through the borrowing of a micro-loan from the newly created “Grameen Bank of the USA”.

    See, capitalism does work!

  86. Note to conservatard columnists: A cheap cell phone is cheaper than a decent pair of shoes, a bottle of Tanqueray or your last lunch at Ruth’s Chris. And to a homeless person, more utilitarian.

  87. [re=260194]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: “A cheap cell phone is cheaper than a decent pair of shoes”
    I wrap discarded cell phones about my feets. The ringing from CitiGroup bank auditors massages the toes. Better than a stinky pair of socks any old day. Plus, I can call Zermat anytime I want.

  88. I know I’m late to the party, but: I work in a Latin American country where a lot of my colleagues make the equivalent of US$1-3 a day, and about a quarter of them still have cell phones. It clearly does not reflect how “blessed” they are, unless you count their being “blessed” to live alongside/inside a garbage dump. Amazingly, even The Poors know how to save. Some even have the foresight to make a wise investment that might open up new job prospects.

  89. [re=260217]MrsNateSilver[/re]: Fucking win. On a side note, did anyone see that she has 3 years of “Philanthropy” listed on her resume? Indeed.

  90. Oh shittums. My post has a thousand typos, like a stoopid conservative wingnut. I should not try to type before 10 AM, until the coffee kicks in. “Curiosity”…”photo”…anyway, Ashley Todd and Kathy Shaidle are from the same family tree. ACTUALLY, UM, PROBABLY, um Also, stump that just goes straight up with no branches since inbreeding causes utter stupidity, and these “women” creatures are astonishingly dim.

  91. [re=260105]zhubajie[/re]: $45?….my cell phone cost $12 and came with 100 free minutes…

    when i run out of minutes, i buy $30 phone card from the quickie mart across the street..

  92. alright, serious time now:

    in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, there is no running water, no phones, no electricity, not much of anything…except for cell phones and cell phone towers. That’s the only development they have. And generally, even in the poorest of poor villages, most remote of remote (and yes i was there to witness this), there are always a few people with cell phones, as this is there only way to contact the outside world, call distant relatives or call into town for help if someone gets hurt. That isn’t irresponsibility, it’s just life. Same basic deal here – just because you don’t have a home doesn’t mean you can’t spend $30/month on the cheapest possible cell phone plan so you can assure your brother in NYC or wherever that you are still alive.

  93. [re=260164]Schadenfried[/re]: I’m a poet too!

    Kathy said in a Coulter-ite lather,
    The following conservative blather:
    “The poor are to blame,
    For more of the same!”
    And truly, the US can have her.

  94. Ugh. My father recently passed away and before his hospital stay he had estranged himself from me years prior. When I found out about his illness and visited him I also found out he had been homeless for years, bouncing from shelter to shelter, staying in and paying for a room in a YMCA (it’s not as cheap as you’d think) when he was doing well. He was an ambulance driver that entire time but work steadily decreased due to cutbacks. He did this for years and was unable to actually get to the point where he could have a home. His car, which he struggled to make payments on and which drove him to the work he actually got, was packed with all his belongings including multiple throwaway cellphones that he no doubt struggled to keep minutes on to keep in touch with his family and work.

    My point is YES our homeless aren’t Sudan refugees. And YES we are lucky that we aren’t a third world nation swatting away flies from our malnourished and slowly dying children. But NO our homeless aren’t lazy or fat and any number of them are more qualified to write the columns these pieces of shit have been handed despite their complete detachment from reality.

  95. More clues for the observant. The cell phone guy also has a shirt…and a hat! Deduce from that he probably was wearing pants, too…and perhaps even shoes! So where does he get off being poor? Sob.

  96. [re=259909]Bearbloke[/re]: I can’t speak to the conditions in Sudan, but in Morocco everyone had a cell phone. I was only there for six weeks but it was more cost-effective for me to get one than to use the payphones. The whole setup, including the phone and like 200 min cost me about $17. It was a more solidly constructed phone than my Verizon PoS and the service was both better and cheaper. I think the real crime in this country isn’t that poor people have cell phones, its that we’re all, rich and poor alike, being screwed for the service.

  97. How do we know he is homeless? He may have heard the First Lady of some terribly sexy arms was serving and rushed over to take a pic.

  98. Wait until the conservatives catch wind that if the guy was poor and homeless, his cellphone services was probably subsidized by the USF fee all the Republicans pay monthly on their two year contract crackberries.

    Oh no! Mobile phone service has been given over to Socialism!

  99. The real story here is a repeat of George H. Bush shopping for a gallon of milk and some socks. These people haven’t got a shit’s clue what anything costs anywhere or how it might be possible that a guy with no food would have a cell phone. Why don’t they go to their default logic and assume that he probably stole it from one of them ? It’s like being shocked the poor folks in ghetto hoods have huge t.v. sets that they pay for by the month and end up paying about 500 % of owning one of the goddamned things. The conservapeeps don’t know dicks about it because they never set food in the hood let alone in one of the houses.

  100. [re=260099]DangerousLiberal[/re]: looking down on someone else makes her feel less of a loser, like the classic Redneck line: “I may not amount to sh*t but I’m still better than a n*gger!” Really they’re are not, of course, and mean-mouthing poor people won’t solve Shaidle’s problems.

    Zhu Bajie

  101. I am thinking how funny a picture of Cindy McCain serving up the rich homeless with cell phones in a soup kitchen would look in Bizarro America now

  102. [re=259973]Hooray For Anything[/re]: The kids in Slumdog Millionaire had cellphones. Cellphones are how sh*t gets done in the world nowadays, especially if you live in a cardboard box. Only someone who has never experienced poverty could be out of touch enough to think of cellphones as a luxury.

  103. [re=260225]anabellum[/re]: Well, the cheapest Nokia cost me about 250 rmb. Divide that by the exchange rate; maybe my math was wrong. I get a 50 or 100 rmb phone card for it every so often. SMS is standard.

    Zhu Bajie

  104. One more ironic Simpsons-related quote, directed at Homer by Frank Grimes, but generally applicable to the useless, corpulent reactionary columnists at National Review and elsewhere:

    “I’m saying you’re what’s wrong with America, [Golberg/K-Lo]. You coast through life, you do as little as possible, and you leech off of decent, hardworking people like me. Heh, if you lived in any other country in the world, you’d have starved to death long ago.”

  105. You know, stuff like this is the reason Republicans have come to ruin themselves. A few years ago, this would have driven me to madness, but now I just shrug it off and feel glad that I am not these hate-filled, bitter people.

  106. You can buy a Virgin Mobil cell phone that can take pictures for $10. A top up card cost $20. It has been about 15 or 20 years since you had to be “rich” to have a cell phone. You can walk into any Target or Walmart with cash and do this. You can buy top up cards at many gas stations. We have found that “real” cell phones are cheaper than the fake cell phones that you buy for babies as toys.

  107. [re=259909]Bearbloke[/re]: This photo highlights the difference between a Third-world county, like Sudan, and a Second-world country, like what the Bush Crime Family has turned the US into….

    Er, Bearbloke?

    The term “Second-world” was devised to describe the countries of the old Soviet Imperium, the Warsaw Pact.

    Not that I wouldn’t be interested in discussing how Dubbya has laid the groundwork for turning America into an undeniably communist country, you use of the expression “Second-word” is completely head-up-the-ass.

    “Government is doing the exact opposite of what really needs to be done. George Bush and Barack Obama have pumped trillions more in counterfeit currency and credit into an economy already deathly ill from such treatment. If it goes on, we stand to suffer hyperinflation (all inflation consists of, no matter what they told you in Economics 101, is government generation of phony money) followed by another, very possibly terminal depression. Before it’s over, the country — if not the whole world — will be locked down under brutal military rule, and our species likely will never again know freedom, progress, or prosperity.”

    — L. Neil Smith
    ( )

  108. Hold on, just how expensive do these people think mobile phones are? Actually, I’m not sure how expensive they are in the US; you can maintain a pre-pay one for about 10-20 euro a year here, plus the initial 30 euro purchase price.

    Anyway, how very dare the poor have a mechanism for contacting people. Why, if they have phone numbers, there is a very real risk that they’ll be able to get JOBS, and that wouldn’t do.

  109. “He spends all his (our) money on cellphones and, most likely, tattoos and drugs and booze and other crap, and has no money left for a home and food. And why should he bother? We pay for his shelter and food anyhow…” – hmm. Doesn’t that give the photographer a decent libel case?

  110. I’m going to guess none of these people have ever heard of a Pre-Paid cellphone or considered that the unidentified man is…say maybe…a fellow volunteer?

  111. A Kathy Shaidle/Limabaugh ticket is exactly what the GOP needs to appeal to the Mr. Burns-Scrooge “I hate everyone who isn’t rich” demographic.

    The only drawback is that she turns anyone who looks at her into stone.

  112. Hey, I just looked at Shaide’s Web site and she’s a CANADIAN. I didn’t know Canada could produce assholes the big. So much for her being the new rising star of the GOP.

  113. Know what’d be funny? If that guy wasn’t really a poor dude going to get food at the soup kitchen, and he was just a guy who know Michelle Obama would be there and wanted to snap a photo.

  114. They give out cellphones to hobos and serve broccolli rissotto at soup kitchens in DC ??? Someone needs to alert Bubs about this. ASAP

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